Sunday, December 28, 2008

Interesting clip from The West Wing....

i found this clip interesting...
the bible says that homosexuality is wrong...
but it also says that u can sell people into slavery and be put to death for working on the Sabbath...
and i'm not makign this up it is really written in the bible...

so ponder this interesting clip will ya...

I think my soul is Damaged

in the previous post i said that SG depresses me... but now i think its actually damaging my soul... lemme explain....

well before i left for my studies i was often sad and melancholy..well heck i might have been very well having bouts of depression.... having depressing thoughts about small things..insecure about myself and my abilities... oh yes i'm admiting it right here and now... i have problems and issues...

but when i left for aussie i sort of healed my soul... i became more confident and i think the word would be content with myself... i was smart and confident.. i didn't fret about what i wore... i wore what i wanted... i didn't worry that much about my weight... i was cool and i liked it...

i was happy....

but within days of coming back to my homeland the vibe of the country began to wear down the pillars of happiness and confidence that i built when i was in Aust. i began to worry about how i looked, was i too fat? look at everybody having nice leaned toned bodies.... smooth flawless skin... look at the couples enjoying their love. when is it my turn? whats wrong wif me? why can't i be in a relationship... thoughts like these flooded my mind for the past few days...

cumulating into a battle with my thoughts last night... boy did it last a long time... it seemed like hours... trying to hold back those negative thoughts from taking over my mind.. they are still there in the back of my head gnawing away at the walls of my soul....

The society in Sg is a shallow one..especially the one that i have catergorized myself into... in SG i'm not cool and interesting... no matter if i'm smart or can hold a conversation or make u laugh... if i don't go the gym, have nice arms, a good tan, short hair, V-shaped bod.... i am nothing... in people's eyes i'm jsut a strange person... nothing....

sad isn't it? this is how i see it... nothing has presented to me otherwise to change my mind...

i dare not go clubbing in Sg... i fear that it will destroy the last bits of my self esteem... all the bronzed gods strutting their stuff in their size 29 jeans... i can't take it...

is taht what it takes to get noticed? to trugde down to the Temple of Vanity a.k.a the Gym and work my ass off to get a somewhat nice body and get noticed? like seriously... is it? your body and ur youth can only take u so far....

oh so many thoughts to think over and i need to do alot of soulsearching.... maybe instead of building walls to shiled myself and should just embrace it and be destroyed utterly and completly... but rising again stronger and better equipped?

in the still of the night i face myself in battle... for the survival of my soul....

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Singapore Depresses Me

well my dears i am back... although taht in itself is not much reason for celebration.

i came back well knowing that my boredom in Brisbane would acoompany me here to Singapore...and yes my worst fear has come true.. now on hindsight maybe i shouldn't have come back.. maybe i should have jsut stayed in Brisbane in the heat.

well the thing is.. the frens u hung out wif before u left for ur studies have replaced the time that they spent wit you wit sumthing else in ur absence... geddit? like u used to hang out wit them on fri night. but when ur gone there is a missing chunk so they replaced it with sumthing else... like oh work or studies or just other frens... so when u come back its hard for them to make time for you. geddit?

oh and after living abroad for a good part o the year and experiencing the Aussie No Worries lifestyle the general vibe of Singapore depresses me...its so doom and gloom. everybody is soo moody and tired looking and haggard. the general mood of Singapore is WORK WORK WORK.. and that goes hand in hand with MONEY MONEY MONEY...

its depressing i tell you. people try to be happy but they look so tired from work. so so tired. its makes me depressed.

i understand now why people wanna live overseas. Singapore has everything but it lacks life and after tasting wat life really is... Singapore doesn't seem like the best option to live in. ah well...

thats life....

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Real Hakim Has Returned

Well if ur wondering who is Hakim...well thats me... lol... and i'm coming back...

anyways the moment that i hav been waiting for has arrived....


remember there is only one me and i'm coming back... so make way and clear the streets!!!

coz Kooky Plum is coming to Town!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


so the aforementioned moment of complete boredom has dawned on me and i bring you this post as a result of that...

so what has been happening to me of late... lets see i have graduated.. thus i am now a graduate whooppee dee doo... and also the parental units and my brother came down for it and had a little holiday.. in which we drove up and down the coast both sunny and gold coast... coz u know there is nothing much to do in the immediate area of brisbane anyways..

the highlight of the trip would have to be the trip down to see the Glow worms down at Springbrook National Park... which is way down south of brisbane near the border to NSW.. anyways i tell you i t was magical.. truly magical.... its like wow... if u are ever in the queensland go and see the gloworms.... or if ur in New Zealand or NSW or anywhere that has Gloworms go see them... Glow Worms Rock! and the dude even passed me some glowing fungi.... which at this point of time is not glowing anymore. but who cares!! there was glowing fungi!!! or mushrooms!! but technically there were no mushrooms just fungi but lets not get into the technicalities.... jsut note that the leaf litter was glowing... UBER KOOL CAN....

so after my parents left.... have been bumming wit J and JX.... and doing stuff getting fat and watch movie like Twilight...

which btw is an alright movie not fantastic but alright... the only reason to watch Twilight is Edward Cullens and Jasper Hale... u listen to the skools of giggly girl laughing every 10 secs at things which are not even funny... just coz they are so cute...

but i wanna have sparkly shimmering skin like the vampires although i don't want to be one.. like wahlao cannot eat man.. only blood... thats crazy... i love food too much and never sleeping... thats crazy too.. i love sleeping alone or otherwise.... so taht my 2 cents on Twilight...

so big news is.... i went to DIAC and i got my visa B which means i ca leave the country which means i'm officially coming home!! woo hooo.... yeah la all u kids who came home before me all stale already rite... but its my turn to be excited wheeeeeeeeee....

so i'm coming home finally after like days!!! more than 200 days!!!!thats crazy!!!! yes very excited although i think i will be bored in singapore just as how i'm bored here.... like ppl will be busy to hang out wit me... so i'll be bored la...

but who cares i'm coming home... whoopeee....

Sunday, December 07, 2008


if anyone cares there will be a mega post coming soon...

just have to wait until i'm bored enuff to type out a post... which i think will happen very soon lol..

so anyways... umm nothing la... lol

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


just look at that! just look. isn't that the most beautiful pair of undies ever? its GREEN!! STRIPEY GREEN. i love it. its my prized posession. i feel like i don't wanna wear it coz its just to pretty.

anyways my motherland and fatherland and brotherland are coming in the morning!! how exciting! haven't seen them in months!!

and i'm graduating next week. also exciting but...aiyah must dress up in the fuddy duddy shirt and tie....eeeewwww...

umm ok la got nothing much to blog except to show off my pretty undies. so pretty.....

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Piriton Makes U Happy...

la la la la la.... i am abit drowsy from taking piriton for my flu. wheeeeeee.....
well tahts why i'm not operating heavy machinery....

dunno why i'm havign the flu now. maybe i never go out of my house. but thats not entirely true. i do go out to the shoppes and to skool so i dunno. ah well. sick sick lor.

so wats been happening since the last time i blogged. pretty much nothing. although i got my offer letter from the uni. so i'll be doing my postraduate studies in Museum Studies. yayness!

yes people, its museum studies.

so anyways besides that. nothing has happened. lol. still bumming around. and waiting lol. but my family unit is coming this thurs!! whoopee!! thats sumthing to be looking forward to...

umm yeah, like that lor. that how life has been. like that lor. dammit. i wanna go home lol...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

You Reckon?

i reckon i should blog. since its a lazy hot sunday and i also got nothing to do. and also i need to recove after almost killing myself wit bleach fumes while cleaning the shower. yeah am abit woozy......

anyways my days are spent lazing around at home doing the odd chores and stuff liddat. while waiting for my parents to come for graduation and holidays and also waiting for MY STUPID ACCEPTANCE LETTER FROM THE UNI THAT HAS NOT COME YET!! i should really get some excercise but i can't coz of my injuries. damn back and shoulder. although the shoulder is getting better. but the nerve thing is not. i reckon i could just go and run. i figured if i could walk why can't i run? i'll give it another week.

yeah and after i graduate and my parents leave..well another week or so of bumming around and den i'm flying home. unlike the throngs of people already leaving St Lucia (thats the suburb i stay in, if u don't already know).. its like the Ten Commandments or sumthing wit all the jewish people leaving Egypt. lol.

some of them were just here for a semester and some went back home during the winter hols. buti never okay. i've been here since february. i should miss home more lol. ah well since i've waited this long might as well wait abit longer rite?

truly i have nothing to blog about. i shall put up pictures for ur entertainment. no they are not pictures of me in the shower. sheesh. just random things. Random!!!

mr stick insect in the process of changing its skin. now it can fly!!! whoopeee!!!

A sundew. carnivorous plant. lives on my windowsill.

this is Miss Sticky. u don't know how much pain these things can cause with their claws. especially crawling on ur face lol.

notice anything different?

okay okay 4 pictures only coz i hate posting pictures on blogger. coz it always somehow manages to muck it up. like seriously muck it up. till next time when i actually ahve something substational to blog about. toodles.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Do Unto Others As You Would Have Others Do Unto You

Its a strange world out there when America decided to elect their first president of colour. which signifies a great change in social prejudice and discrimination but at the same time the residents of California voted to take away the right of same sex couples to get married.

some change that is.

watch the video for a special comment on a news show from the US. Most of u readers won't watch it. like ur not a US citizen why should u bother? well its about humanity and basic human right to love whoever they choose.

its to bring awareness thats all.

like what he said it the video. its not about politics or religion or sexuality. its about the right to love another human being. and to celebrate that love.

if u didn't know which most prolly u didn't. the state of California legalized same sex marriages a few months ago. shortly after people who opposed the move created Proposition 8 which asks the residents of California to vote to keep legalised same sex marriages or to overturn the Supreme Court ruling. and recently the ruling has been overturned and same saex marriages are once again illegal. this is weird coming from California one of the most liberal states in USA. a little bit of background info.

the world has enough suffering already. so voters in California decided to take away other people's right to a little happiness? i find it quite.... sad.

anyways. till next time.

Sunday, November 09, 2008


wat an apt title for a blog post that will not happen. lol. i had grand ideas about this blog post. oh yes the grandest of all ideas. complete wih a circus and clowns in a car. oh and lets not for the flying pigs from airpork. and fireworks! have to have fireworks!


anyways i think i'll just blog tomorrow. or later. in the day seeing thats its already 3!! but it may appear as 1am. oh well u catch what i'm getting at don't you?

just that when u actually sit and want to blog it down. u just feel lazy. and such is life.

and i'm hungry. but i'm fat. can't workout coz of injuries. so how? so how?


Thursday, November 06, 2008

Yma Sumac

Well frens and countrymen and fellow earthlings. i have officially finished my degree course... now comes the sickening part of waiting for my results... for those who are still doing their exams good luck and don't despair.. and why are u reading this if ur supposed to be studying? lol.

anyho i have realised that sitting in the exam hall, many strange things go on in ur mind. or at least in my mind. like its so quiet and its jsut you and ur paper. and my mind starts to think wild things. that when i have nothing to write about or just wasting time since u can't leave 30mins before the paper ends. so u tend to day dream.

like it dawned upon me that i am a graduate now. or soon rather lol. its like wow i going to have a degree and it hit me like a ton of bricks.

and also i went to the Uni Physiotherapy Clinic. Coz u know i'm cheap and they need subjects to test their skills on. but it was good i think. my shoulder feel more sore than it did before coz he did some pulsating massage thing.i dunno i'll give it a few days. apparently it gets fluids moving and helps in healing. hopefully.

they did spend a good deal of time trying to figure out wat was wrong wit my shoulder. and they and yes they coz there was my physio and his supervisor and another student. wow a whole team just for me!! i'm touched. lol.

anyho apparently i strained or pulled a strange useless muscle that doesn't do anything. and its under the clavicle or collar bone. which i guess makes sense. or it could be a nerve thing. but yeah i'll give it a week or rather another week.

i stumbled upon this AMAZING singer.. her name is YMA SUMAC... she a peruvian singer and she has an amazing vocal range of 5 OCTAVES... thats even better than Mariah Carey... take that!!

sadly she passed away on 1 nov this year. but her music lives on. she was famous in the 50s as a singer of Exotica music which has no words just sounds and imitation of nature noise. and when u listen to some of her songs its just INSANE and CRAZY!!!! but somehow strangely alluring... that youtube is one of her more conventional and mainstream songs its Gopher Mambo. there is a remix of it out there on youtube but dammit can't post it up coz embedding disabled. but i'll LINK YOU TO IT. the remix ROCKS its AWESOME...

this one may sound familiar coz it was used in the Magnum Ad in Australia... u know the one where the hot babes are worshipping this giant Magnum? lol. in this she sounds like a bird and like seriously its super high pitch.

and yes my frens i am currently obsessed wit YMA SUMAC pronounced eeema suuu-mack. i think she's awesome. may she rest in peace. hope she's smiling somewhere in heaven know people still rock out to her music.

so besides rocking out to Yma Sumac... i'm just being a desperate housewife u know cleaning stuff and packing stuff.... i'm also jsut waiting for acceptance letter for my post grad work... when will it come!!! i need to apply visa u know!! lol...

any hooo ha... i guess thats enuff ranting from me. lol. super long post with 2 youtube videos!! thats major. congratulations and u can relax for getting to the end of my long post. w00t....

till the next time.toodles.

Sunday, November 02, 2008


Oh yes this blog is slowly becoming a place for me to whinge andcomplain about life. oh wait.... it has alway been a palce for me to whinge and complain lol.

anyways i'm annoyed at my shoulder. my right shoulder. my left one is fine and i love my left shoulder. muacks.

but the right shoulder annoys me.

after some serious thinking i rather have mind blowing pain than this annoying small pain. but i'm sure if that were to happen to me i would wish the opposite but anyho.
the pain in my right shoulder is annoying as it only happens when i move my arm up or forward. and its not that painful so sometimes i forget and move it anyways and it hurts. lol. and it clicks like something is loose inside. and when it click it hurts. annoying.

my leg/back/sciatic nerve/muscle pull/what the fuck is annoying also. i can't bend down or bend over. and it only hurts in certain positions. and in the morning especially. grrrr.
ah feels much better. after a good rant.

more to come don't worry.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face - Leona Lewis Version.

one of the most beautiful love songs ever. its simply amazing and wit Leona Lewis singing it. its just magic.

ah love. sighs.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Life just Shit

Life, my frens, is truly shit.
just came back from the doctor regarding my shoulder and leg and basically i need rest. for a few weeks. and i asked him kind of excercise can i do in the meantime. and he said anything that doesn't involve the injured parts.


urgh. for those not in the know i injured my shoulder and pinched my nerve in sports related incidents. i hate it. every freakign time i decided to get up off my ass and excercise i get stupid injuries. previously it was my knee which went wonky and that silly pinched nerve again! which plagued me last semester. if its not an injury it will rain. or i sudden have the cold. LIKE WTF.

like its so freaking irritating that i cannot do anything and jsut laze around my house and get fat. like fucking hell. FUCK FUCK FUCK. FUCKING HELL. urgh.

and also besides being shit. life is also unfair. i do believe there is a god or a higher power. yes i do and he/she is havign a great big laugh at my expense. like i'm sure i have a greater purpose in my life that i will fulfil but in the meantime lets give me some injuries and stupid shit things so he can't be fit and healthy or attempt to have a nice body coz u know its funny. hardy har har!!!!!!! laugh all u want dudes upstairs!! so sick of it.

am i not a nice person? i don't steal, rape or murder. i might lie abit and gossip but thats jsut being human. i listen to my parents and i'm not rude. like i'm just a normal guy. i'm not a bad person. at least i think so. i'm sure somebody out there thinks i am. thats why my life is jsut unfair and shitty.

i'm just kinda sad and dissappointed at the not so enlightening diagnosis from the doctor. maybe i need to sleep. take my mind off things. i tend to think too much.

sleep. wake up to another shitty day.
happy fucking halloween.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Perfumed Path

i should be studying for my exams instead of blogging but need a break.. yes another one after the coffee break, toilet break, snack break, tv break, lunch break, tea break, shitting break, dinner break, facebook break... life's hard isn't it?

well on my way to library to study after dinner..yes study... i was amazed at the amount of perfume there was in the air.. no sadly there were ghostly ladies wanting to suck my blood and other bodily fluids..but instead the heavy perfume of the flowers permeating the night air...

its was almost magical and i dare say it was... the cool night air and the perfume air.. truly magical... i would include a pretty picture but my phone memory card is whacked... need a new phone it seems...

any ho ha.... its study break... SWAT VAC dum dum dum!!!!!! Happie Studying Ya'll... and GOOF LUCK fer yer exambiminations!!!

till the next time i need to ramble on about stuff.. toodles...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Its over...

So semester is finally over... like really finally over... i only have exams to do and most prolly and hopefully graduate...sighs how time flies.... lol... oh well.... time waits for no man.

time to rest...had a tiring last week of skool.... maybe i should do laundry lol...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Oh my how time flies

here i am sitting on the floor of my room wit my laptop infront of me... supposedly tryign to do my report... but i decided to blog.. lol... who cares rite?

thats the sight that greets me for the past few weeks when i come back home from the library at midnight... ah yes me being a hardworking boy... staying in the library till it closes. well i need to get things done and if i stay at home i'll do thigns this..blogging lol...
time flies this semester. my last semester here. i can remember it as though it was yesterday when i was walking to skool in the middle of winter. sighs. where does time go? oh well... no use regretting things that i didn't do... time to look forward and thinking about joining the workforce.. a grim prospect i msut say. seeing this day and age. sucky time to be graduating aye? lol....
oh well... back in singapore in 2 months time... i have the same feelings i had before i left to come here.. i guess u would feel that way after u sort of settled somewhere and made new connections. time to let go again and start anew.
well enuff ranting... time to continue my report. urgh. till next time.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Its Fridae

lol its friday... skool is gonna end in 2 and half weeks... lol...
i have nothing to blog la.. just bored i guess... so here another arab singer.. oh yes i love my arab pop lol!
i might have featured her on my blog before.. she is MIRYAM FARES...
sexy kitten she is... like to jiggle her body lol... and she has GORGEOUS CURLY HAIR...
she is so pretty... music is alright la... have listen lol...

Waheshni Eih (I Missed You)
nice car chase scenes. and with subtitles.

live version plus Hahglik Rahtak ( i'm gonna give u trouble)
this one got hot belly dancers lol

anyways widen ur horizons and watch and listen to the youtubes lol!!!
off to club... hee hehe heee

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Maybe i should blog.

i dunno i've been checking my blogs and blog hopping for a week now and i felt the need to blog. well i do. i do have alot of things to say. but i just can't bring myself to edit stuff and format things. i already am doing too many essays. but i woke up early today and decided what the who hay...
this is me being stupid with the wardrobe door. nasty. my left side hip/tummy is scarred!! and look at how white i am. lol. that makes me half hot apparently.

anyways. like that lor. doing and trying to finish up all the essays. and i'm going back soon. well seems like yesterday non? that i came here all sad and lonely. but now somehow leaving would be bittersweet. more on that some other time.

actually i dunno why i'm blogging. its seems that i'm full of random blogs that have no meaning except for me to say that i'm blogging about nothing in particular. geez. i'm sure there is a better way to spend my morning. well there are but urgh. nvm.

well one thing for sure. life is FRUSTRATING AND ANNOYING most of the time. really it is. maybe its the weather. like people have their individual thing. i seem to get annoyed easily at alot of things. and i don't care. lol.

LIFE IS TOO SHORT to bother about all these things. like that seems to be my motto recently. like i dunno i had an ehiphany somehow or rather during the past week or so. and well i realised that life is short to be worrying about little things. like i won't be sky diving anytime soon but its a different outlook to life. oh don't worry i'm still as pessimistic as ever. its just that i'm abit more daring. lol.

oh to skool toodles

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Updated 5 Truths of Life By KookypluM

ok so i wrote the truths of life way back in 2006!!! HERE!! lordy!! tahts a long time ago. hahaha. so back then it was 4 truths coz i didn't what to put for the last truth. so after 2 years have passed, gathering wrinkles and wisdom it shall be so.

note the use of MEN instead of MAN. of course a single man is charming and intelligent but when a group of guys get together they do silly things no?

pretty self explainatory. no need to say much.

also its true on so many levels. lust is easy to satisfy but finding that one true love is hard. heck even finding love is hard.

i think this actually came from Ally Mcbeal. but anyho its true. every single thing u do is somehow sexually related. think about it.

ok some of u might argue that its not all about the looks, its what on the inside that count. umm oooookay. that might be true but it sure hell gives u a big advantage if u do look hawt or the very least good.

well anyho how... i found this video while going blog hopping... it was on a certain someone's blog. and i think its just beautiful and ehchanting and powerful video. its AMZING!! YES AMZING!! without the A!!! must see/watch/listen.... trust me on this one...

1:55 >>> worry wen ur late... amazed wen ur early....
2:05 >>> be sorry when i'm wrong... and happy when u forgive me...
4:20 >>> i'll tell u the worst of me... and give u the best of me...
5:00 - 5:30 >>> THE BEST PART OF THE VIDEO.... makes my heartache and my eyes tear abit...

ok the whole video is wonderful... just have to watch it...

oh and should i put up a tag board again? lol.. i've been toying wit the idea for awhile now... but its very troublesome... so how? i shall meditate on this..

till next time..toodles...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Letter To Queensland Premier

well i did a silly thing today. i sent an email to Queensland Premier Anna Bligh... yes i did it!!
why u ask? well its a reponse to save my beloved West End Market... Its being threatened wit its very existence and it would be very sad to see it go... for those of u who dunno what the West End market is well den ur missing out on alot. and for those of you who do know wat the market is, then u know how much i love it...

thats why i shot an email to the Premier. it maybe in vain but hey i can't be standing around and doing nothing while they try and close or change my markets can i? my first act of political activism!! here's the email i wrote:

Dear Premier Anna Bligh,

thank you for your kind attention in reading my email. i am a student in Qld and have been here for quite some time. i love it here and found Brisbane to be a wonderful palce to study. it has come to my attention that the Brisbane City Council is making changes to Davies Park in the WestEnd and in effect this is affecting the Green Flea Market that takes place there every Saturday.

I do not know what the specific details are but all i know is the market is being threatened with its existance and that has spurred me to write to you to look into this matter. i may not be an Australian citizen nor a long term resident of Brisbane. my time here is only for a short while. but in my time here i have fallen in love with the Green Flea (West End) market. the ambience and the people makes it one, if not the best market in all of Queensland.

the magical (for lack of a better word) mix of characters that pass through the market is really unique. From the delicious although artery clogging Hungarian bread sold by the cheerful old man in his funny hat, thomas the hairdresser in his fabulous boudoir... the shouting salmon man selling his smoked salmon.. and the fudge man with his variety of handmade fudges and handbags. and many more wonderful characters of the market. and thats just the colorful stallholders. don't get me started on the regulars that frequent the market.

with the stallholders comes the wonderful mix of wares that they peddle. from fresh organic produce to fabulous vintage clothes and items and jewellry and acessories from budding designers. mom with babies in tow selling baby clothes alongside "Save Tibet" activists.
As u walk through the market you are transported through time and cultures. music from the lands of the gypsies fill the air and within a few steps you will be in medieval europe with harps and fluttering flute music.

basically i'm trying to say that Green Flea market is special. i don't know why but its special. maybe its due to the location and the way its structured. or maybe it could be due to the small size of the market, making it an intimate setting to get to know the community amd people from other cultures.

essentially i do not want to see the markets change its management nor do i want to see it dissappear from existance. doing so would make it lose its magic and charm.
the markets besides being a haven for alternative cultures and good ole fashion fun, is also supporting the farmers and independant artists that are making a living from the market. the market also supports the large student population that resides in St Lucia, Toowong and West End. Making a trip to the markets is a somewhat a weekly experience to get fresh vegetables at affoerdable prices.

i do not know what you are able to do but it would be great if u could help preserve this institution for the current generation and the future as a jewel in the monotony of life and the pride of Brisbane's market culture.

So Mdm Premier Bligh u are invited to spend a Saturday morning out of your busy schedule to feel for yourself the culture of the Green Flea Market. Before the Brisbane City Council changes it forever. i hope my email is not in vain and not to late.

thank you for your attention
Abdul Hakim

i hope it makes a difference.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm Beached As Bro...

Ok i've done my assignments and my technically i'm done for this week... ok i'm not actually done wit ALL my assignments and project but i'm just taking a break.... for 2 days maybe. ok maybe for the weekends aswell... oh and maybe the next week as well lol... hahhaha

so last weekend i was feeling baker-ish and it was strawberry season so.. I MADE STRAWBERRY CUPCAKES!!!!
they look so PRETTY rite? it so pretty and its so yummy... i amaze myself... lol.... i made like umm alot... and i made cupcake rounds... nothing exciting la... i just like to spread the love...
oh my god... last week i was sneered at by this asian chick... i was wearing my black cardigan and a black t-shirt and black fitted bermudas and my black Converse shoes.. yes i was feeling good.. i was walking by the library and this asian chick gave me the stink u know she sneered at me..
i was like wtf.. SHADDUP ASIAN CHICK... f.y.i. she was wearing a girls polo tee and ill fitting jeans and SPORTS SHOES... oh one thing i cannot stand is sports shoes wen ur not doing sports... in short she look normal and forgettable... and how dare she sneer at me... i was kinda pissed... that day la... now i'm alright...
so anyways here some farking funny youtube videos...
Beached As.. is about a whale who beached himself on a New Zealand beach.. its making fun of how people in NZ speak... its freaking funny...
another one is a classic..They're Taking the Hobbits to Isengard.. so funny....

well anyways i sudden dunno wat to blog anymore...hahahah ok... till next time... i'm beached is bro...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Lum Dee Daa Doo

This is an prelude to my proper blog post... but come to think of it.. most people would read the proper blog post coz the prelude blog post would be underneath the proper one... taht defeats the purpose no? lol.

so this shall be a proper blog post by itself, i have concluded...but.. wat do i write to make this not prelude prelude blog post a proper blo post? oh! woe is me! oh the conundrum!

ok i shall post a song!! since later i shall post some pictures... it shall be an.... arab song of course with subtitles la.. i wonder how many people listent the arab songs i post on my blog.. i mean if u don't give it a listen how do u know u like it or not?

this is Assala Nasry.. Amazing singer wit a unique voice...
the song is Arod Leih (Why Should I Answer)
Come on give it a listen... broaden ur horizons...

another post coming soon!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ode to Genomics... a poem

Genomics is Boring Sleepy
How do people Stay awake? How? How!!!??
Microarrays kool meh?
god its sooo boring
very Dry Super Super Dry
So sleepy..Farking sleeepy
Like seriously why Are people
I Shouldn't have Come God save me!!
its so hot. so freaking hot. next
one i'm not coming
i think people all pretend to listen but i think
all pretend only
is it rude wen people sleep wen u are
presenting? i don't think so. they are
being honest. at least u know the
presentation boring. boring on and on
Blah bLah
Thank God!
Who understands all this nonsense.
oK maybe not nonsense but i don't
i wrote this spattering of inspiration during a Genomics lecture. i don't wat the fuck was going on and i was falling asleep so i wrote down random thoughts that came into my mind... and also to pretend as though i was taking notes. which i can't be bothered to but u know just pretend la. and voila. i'm quite amused wit my writing. lol. maybe i should do more of it.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

So It Shall Be...

So here i sit in front of my lappytop..which in turn sits on a box which sits on the floor... and all of us are happily sitting in a corner of the room.. yay!

ok like seriously here i am on a friday night... i'm not out and about in the city or anywhere else for that matter and it being friday night, nobody is online because u know they have a life... unlike moi... that pic by the way is of "gumticks"..koolest shit ever, they are like sap sucking scale insects which look like shiny whitish pearls stuck to the branch... guarded by ants for their honeydew...damn kool la... i touched them... yes they are hard like real pearls!...

so i went on a walking rampage today which btw was not a good idea after last nights Pilates boot camp!!!.. so after class today i went to the City Botanic Gardens to go hunt for sick and diseased plants for my collection...not much luck there... like wat was i thinking? its the Botanic gardens for gods sake.. of course their plants are healthy and nice looking...

so went around the city, liek really i went round and my favourite Harry Potter bookstore (note: i should take pics of the Harry Potter bookstore) and went to Target and Woolies and Coles... and then i went home...

{my magical plant press for pressing all my plant specimens. crude but gets the work done}
so i got back home and oh boy...did my ass, thigh and legs feel super sore... from yesterday's pilates...terrible... so i hung out by myself for awhile... at home...alone... half heartedly wanting to run some sequencing to get phylogenetic trees for my discussion group and also half heartedly wanting to go sleep... so guess wat i did..
correcto!! i went to sleep... at 7.30pm... well wen u have nothign to do, sleep la... and i had a headache also... maybe not enuff water... but anyhooohaa.... so i had a lovely nap for a few hours... and brings us here... ok wait it doesn't..
i had a little gallivant on the World Wide Web.. blog reading and facebooking... and i did some crochet-ing... thats wen i decided to blog coz u know i had nothing to do...and now it brings us here... hhahaha...

ok that was a very random post and it looks very disjointed and random... which is the whole point innit? coz its a blog post of Randomness and Boredomness!!! ok la i stop already la... till next post....toodles dee syafidoodle...

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Its Been A Week!!

Been having this song stuck in my head for a few days.. yes it is very infectious.... and according to my sources (tomato, thai chilli and BBQ) this song is not played in Singapore for obvious reasons... so enjoy my frens! Aussie and Singapore ones alike!!!

Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It...

Note: i don't think its a lesbian song... maybe just a drunk sexual experimental song... but scandalous nonetheless...

moving on.. eversince the RiverFire i've UBER busy wit skool...non stop non stop....spending nights in the library doing work and umm..Facebook-ing... but very little la..i do more work...

den came friday... went to an Asian Club in Aussieland... well i msut say it was very diferent from a normal aussie club... one major thing is that they never cheer for a good song... liek wen a good song comes up the asian club doesn't go "WWWOOOOOO!!!!" they just keep on dancing...where's the energy! came back at 4am hahaha..then...

i woke up to go to the weekend markets!! crikey!!!! at 7.30!!! and only came back at about 2.30!! coz i had a chat wit my market frens... gosh... and wen i came back i cleaned my room coz it was filthy.ok not that filthy but messy enuff to warant me cleaning it.. den i took about a 2hr nap... which after i had to go to a...

pot luck dinner party.. had lots to eat and watched Red Cliff..some hongkong? china? movie about the 3 Kingdoms... very compli-the-cated and even after 3 hours it was only the first half of the movie!!!!! thats crazy... so went home at around 12 and went to bed at around 2 coz i an MSN addict!!

and i had to wake up again early in the morning to go gallivanting in the forests for my Project... which i got back at around 4 and did some assignment thing until 2am...gawd... non stop aye? but wait there's more... i had to wake up and be in skool at 7.30am for a project meeting for a presentation at 9am... yeah!!!!

and the aftermath of that was...

i was so freakign tired i feel asleep at all my lectures today and even wen i was in the library using the computer i feel asleep... the girl beside me must be think i'm crazy... but anyho ha... i'm refreshed now... had my dinner and took a 5hour nap... and i bring u this post now...

so yeah thats my eventful week... and thats all folks!!!

Sunday, August 31, 2008


so wats been happening... since my birthday... hmmm there was a plot for a suprise dinner which wasn't suprising... yeah i'm a very good detective... hahahaa.. well anyways thanks for the wishes...

wat have i been up to.. well i've been trudging up and down in knee deep mud in Moreton Bay which is always fun i guess..ok wat am i saying IT IS FUN!! other than that been lots of work..okay i wouldn't say that i got alot of work done.. just that i've been doing work and lots of it... its a very intensive process this studying thing... its very exhausting...

spent the saturday morning hanging out wit my West End Market peeps...and trying to sell/get rid of some of my stuff that i made over the months that i am here... it was good.. i pranced around the markets with my tail... yes i have a tail... i should have taken pictures... next week, next week....

oh and yeah.. i went to watch riverfire08 with my frens (oh u know who u are)... it was AMAZING... u couldn't see it from my lousy camera phone pictures... but lemme tell you it is amazing... 30 minutes of amazing fireworks coordinated with music ley... stunning... so thats about it folks... i had some random interesting thoughts about wat i wanted to blog about yesterday but i couldn't remember... hahahha... like seriously i knew i had really kool stuff to blog about but i jsut can't remember it today..weird huh.... oh well i'm sure it will coem to me soon..or never hahaha

i shall leave u wit Lee Hyori... one of..or dare i say Korea's Hottest Female Artist... oh yeah and she is hot as hell... uh huh.. so pretty... and also her music is catchy and naughty... ok la just listen la subtitles so don't worry... can understand one..

till next time..toodles...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Its That Time Of Year Again...

Its that time of year again where i often sit down and ponder about my life... how my life sucks and why i don't have this and that... well i guess that human nature for ya..

ah well... another year goes by...and if anything its a celebration of me not being dead...yet....

i looked back at the previous entries of this day and well its always been depressing.... nothing special... not expecting this one to be any different...

although one comment by a certain Ms Teaser made me smile... here's the youtube of the song...its by Arrogant Worms...

.....Happy birthday!
Now you're one year older!
Happy birthday!
Your life still isn't over!
Happy birthday!
You did not accomplish much
But you didn't die this year
I guess that's good enough.......

but yeah then again... much to be thankful for i guess.... for frens, the very precious few i keep close to my heart and family... and like the song said, to be alive....

Friday, August 15, 2008

I Like My Moments Of Solitude

i like my moments of alone time... coz its nice to be alone... at home or anywhere... i like being myself... no need to entertain people or put up wit their nonsense.. its good i like being alone...

being by urself allows u to think... alot of things... its very therapeutic... and i like the quiet..especially wen i wake up... i HATE to be rudely awakened from my slumber and also i DONOT like people to talk to me wen i jsut wake up... i just liek to be alone wit my coffee and breakfast food things...

basically i jsut like to be by myself sometimes.... and quiet-ness...


Wednesday, August 06, 2008


So i was meaning to upload stuff about my sydney trip but i can't be arsed about it... just go look at my facebook la.. wat!!!??? no have my facebook? how can..... so any ho ha... i have certain thoughts that been lingering in my mind alot... so here goes...

  1. wats with asian guys and skinny jeans and white shoes? like every self respecting metroseksual skinny asian has i'm sure, at least one pair of black skinny jeans and a pair of white shoes... i mean i have no problem wit it but wen u see it every so often it gets abit...umm...daunting... especially here in Aussieland,... i dunno... don' u feel weird wen u see 5 other people wearing the same black skinny jeans and white shoes ensemble?
  2. wats with people and those singlets with the Thai RedBull or some other obscure brand of alchohol...? again doesn't it feel weird that u keep seeing people wearing the same thing as you alot?
  3. again my favourite one of all... why do people always like to take pictures of their feet? like all the time... like they stand in a circle and take pictures of their feet? i don't understand... i just don't understand.. granted i have taken a pic of my feet at bondi but that is to signify me actually being in bondi... but random feet pics i don't understand la...
  4. oh and wats with those random pointing pics? like a group of people will pretend to point in a multitude of directions and take a pic... i don't understand....

umm thats all i can think off right now.... go on and ponder about it those few who are my readers....till next time...

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Anti Spamming Blogger Clamp Down

Oh yes fellow readers and bloggers.. Blogspot has been clamping down on wat it terms as Spamming Blogs... although i dunno wat the hell a Spam blog is...

but anyho ha...

please if u are a blogger and happen to read this please check that ur blog is not locked... coz apparently they will delete the blog 20 days after the lockdown... so if u haven't been updating ur blog please checked that its not locked...


Hallo Hallo

Yeah yeah... i haven't been blogging.... skool is abit much..anyways testing my blog to see if it still works! yee haw.....

Friday, July 18, 2008

PILGRIMS! PILGRIMS! PILGRIMS! a.k.a Sydney 2008 part one

ok fine my internet quota has finished and i have been throttled... I MISS UNLIMITED BROADBAND!!! oh well loooong overdue post about my trippy to SeeDoONee... so here goes...

well so i'm back dear frens from sydney.. i decided to go on a short holiday to the first state Sydney.... that was from 11 to 17 july.... boy was it a wrong time to go.. coz of the world youth day and the pope coming down and all there were ALOT of pilgrims... the Catholicism in the air was so thick u could cut it wit a knife... but anyho how more on that later...

so that my frens is the XPT train that will bring me and my fellow travellers to sydney from brisbane... we were crazy enuff to take it coz it takes 14 FREAKING HOURS... me and my frens were thinking wat the ho hay... when are u gonna take the train cross country? well i can proudly say survived it and NEVER AGAIN shall i do it again. like i was all excited in the beginning but taht lasted all but a few hours. we weren't prepared like the other commuters who brought books and pillows and even dvd players.. so we spent most of the 14 hours eatign and sleeping which my frens is not a good way to spend 14 hours on a train...
Nice view no? so we reached sydney like at night and we arrived at the hotel to the greetings of rowdy drunk men in front of the hotel for u see there was a pub below the hotel... how nice....
The Grand Hotel.. sure looks grand and like a haunted house honestly.. but it was clean and comfy enuff... and had a heater which was good in the chilly winters of sydney.. so thats my journey to sydney...

wat i did there, well tahts another post for another day no?

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Post Without Reason

ok so i over estimated myself... i woke up abit early and now i have nothing to do... thus i decided to post a blog post while the inspiration is still here...

look at the pretty flowers aren't they pretty.. and i think they are becoming my favourite flower.. its called the Blushing Bride Protea.. its just very delicate looking and so so pretty...

AnyHo Hay... i was facebook surfing (as i am prone to do these days and i'm not facebook stalking okay!!) and came across an album from some random person.. its was his photo album for his sending of to where else.... Aussie!!! (bleargh)... but anyways as i was happily surfing through the album and looking for eye candy (ok i'm bored okay) and came across a few pics of him at the gate... and of course there are a few pics of him shedding a few tears.. aahh brings back memories...

it was oh about 4 months or so that i was in that position.... packing up and leaving everything in search for an education in a foreign land... its traumatic.. at least in that very moment in time wen u have to leave... it really did feel painful to leave... i know how u feel random dude!!! its okay to cry... its means u have great love inside and it shows... (that my fren is a post for another day..about crying i mean...)

but we as humans are built to adapt and sooner or later we settle into the new environment.. just the other day i had a deja vu moment.. i was clearing my notes from the first semester to make way for the new semester and was tidying up a few drawers that i hadn't opened since i first landed..

it was a nostalgic moment... i remember the feeling of wanting to go back so badly.. i still do now but now i have learnt patience.. i was thinking to myself that i will open this drawer again in 3 months and then i'll open it again to pack my stuff back into my luggage...

its funny how as students in a foreign land, blogs become such a necessity... ok most students.. there are a few who don't feel the need to blog... to each his own... but isn't it funny how blogs become such an access point for ur frens and sometimes family to get news and updates....

haiz i dunno wat i'm talking about la... i'm just blogging while i cultivate my shit....and i feel it has cultivated enough.... so see ya soons y'all....

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


well frens the agonizing wait for the exam results is over...


i can officially say that i survived Semester One of 2008....and not too shabby i must say...


halfway to my Degree yay!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cold Cold Night

This post is brought to u as i freeze in the middle of an australian winters night...
ok seriously i have been on a yarn buying rampage the past few days.. like how much yarn can a person have? apparently like shoes u can never have enough yarn... i got many many colour and textures and it didn't help that Lincraft and Spotlight were having their year end sale... terrible.. and i tot that my maniacal spending spree would end.. but...
on sat i went to the markets and lo and behold!!

read the label!!! its possum!!! possum yarn!!! can u believe it??? apparently its from new zealand where possums have been declared a pest and they trap and cull the possums to well why not use the fur for sumthing instead of letting it go to waste... and also apparently it only comes by once every 5 years coz the possum fur only can be accumulated in such numbers only after 5 or so years... amazing i had to get some... i got 2 skeins... hahaha

so with this sudden influx of yarn there have been a few problems.. okay maybe just one... my floos has become a trap.. like there are so many random yarn balls, spilling their threads and not helping is my laptop wires and my handphone charger wire... my floor in front of my bed has become a veritable trip trap... if ever there is such a thing.. quite irritating wen wires and yarn get tangled around ur foot... guess i need a clean up!!!
so wats a boy to do with so much yarn?

aiyah very cute or not!!!!???? there are called the U.S.A.M.I.S.A.U. it means...... U Stare At Me, I Stare At You.... and yes they look oddly phallic but it wasn't intentional okay!! but anyways i modified the shape to make it less phallic... pics of the new things soon... anyways thats about it i guess....toodles

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Decided I Should Blog Ah

i woke up today and decided i should blog... yes... and it was thought and so it shall be...

i've been reading blogs and its seems that post are few and far between, well for those blogs taht are on my blog roll at least... maybe they have skool or maybe they have other preoccupations that they have to attend to.. not everyone is xiaxue...

so in the spirit of keeping the blogosphere alive and kicking i shall contribute this post to the overall karmic goodness of the blogosphere... ah yes.. it is a pointless post but nonetheless it should not be treated any different from a meaningful post...

that crappy pic u see is a picture of the tools of my trade.... no not chopsticks u silly... crochet needles..although i dunno wat the resemblence to needles is but thats what they are called and lets not argue with that! those are hand carved crochet needles from red gum (some sort of eucalyptus) from a fellow crafter who sells crochet stuff at the weekend markets i frequent... good stuff... that my readers was the catalyst taht brought into the spiralling madness of yarn buying and crochetting...

yes that is my stash of yarn... amazing isn't it... bootiful and soft yarn..magical colors...oh i love yarn... actually come to think of it... its not too bad aye? considering that this is the amount of yarn gathered over 3 months.. all thats yarn is not going to collect dust!! i can actually make things okay...

yeah man i made myself a beanie.... this was the first of my creations.. and i haven't gotten round to take pictures of the rest but it includes a pursey thing, another beanie, a scarf, a coaster... and various other incomplete projects...

you see wat boredom does to you... haiz.. haha... the winter break holidays officially started like last saturday 21st... and so far it was off to a good start.. i think can survive this holiday... well till then...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Life Is A Stuuuuupid Waiting Game...

Don't u think so? even if we set out to seize the day! or to get opportunities, we would still have to wait it things to come our way and grabbing before it passes. its jsut more waiting and waiting and waiting till we die.... even so we would still have to wait, i'm sure.. to see wether there is Q at heavens gate or the brimstone pools of hell... ah well... suck it up...

well exams are finally coming to an end... which would be quite a relief if it wasn't for the fact that exams comes with grades. So now begins the agonizing wait for the exam results. its a terrible vicious cycle i tell you. see its waiting again.

anyho. i lvoe the way my hair curls in that picture hahaha. i loved it so i'm putting it on!! w00ts!

So the holidays or rather winter break is here. 4-ish weeks of no skool.. so wat is a boy to do? most of the singaporean peeps are heading back to Singapore (duh where else??) so there are only a few of us left here to hold the fort so to speak. well someone has to keep the asian quota in Brisbane, no? hahaha. i figure that i'll be spending most of my tiem at home. going out cost money and i don't really feel like working. so heres a list (oh i haven't done a list in ages!)

  • First i might go exploring the city by myself. i dunno i'll wander around the place although i dunno wats so great about it. Brisbane prove me wrong.
  • i wanna go visit the museums around the city. i'm a sucker for museums.
  • Crochet more stuff!! i've fallen in with crochet!! and after last weekends yarn binge buying yeah i need to finish up my yarn and crochet things!
  • Do random artsy stuff. like draw stuff and make soft toys! i so need to make soft toys. there are so many ideas running in my head about wat things i wanna craft and make. i did this pondering during one of my papers. haha
  • i'm seeking to volunteer my services to the skool's insect collection. i dunno jsut to keep me busy i suppose. the curator hasn't got back to me yet though.

list done! tahts a short list isn't it? well then again it is just a short break anyways. soon i'll be zipping back and forth from skool. trying understand once again wat is going on in the lecture. i guess time passes faster that way.

and soon before u know it!

i'll be leaving on a jet plane back to singapore. yeah i think about that alot. things and people i left behind. i dunno why people say that living overseas is much better than living in Singapore. usually these people are the ones that only visit for holidays and of course holidays are meant to make u feel better. but lemme tell you, after living here... I THINK SINGAPORE IS A MUCH BETTER PLACE TO LIVE IN. in terms of public services and ease to transportation and all that. trust me living in singapore is much better.

eurgh.. i should stop ranting and continue revising for my korean exam. dammit.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Silent Night

No its not christmas sillies.... its just that the night is very quiet plus the odd baby crying/giggling or is it one of those odd australian birds? oh well i dunno who or wat makes sounds in the silence of the night...anywho this post is brought to you after almost 2 hours.. yes u read it right 2 hours of facebook surfing. oh my gawd.... i officially can be declared bored shitless out of my mind. do i get a certificate? well at least i got to see lots of pretty pictures... gosh my quota is gonna go

its officially 4 am in the morning australian time.. eastern.. i jsut had to pen down a few thoughts down coz tis been bugging me for quite some time. and i woke up tonight to see wether my usual msn kaki was around, he was not so that lead me to the facebook binge. but thats another whinge for another day...

ok i would like to say that i've seen many things in my 20 odd years that i've been around.. i observe things and people...i study them in my own way.. i understand the world in my own special way...and there are a few things i have observed... mainly 2 things about people...

most (ok 99.9999%) people only want to talk about themselves. to that extent they want you to listen to their problems. yes me included. but recently i decided that even if i whinge/complain about my problems, people somehow don't really care/listen. so now i've lessen my complaining. there is really no point. yes i still do complain but to a certain extent about trivial things like the weather or exams. but issues concerning my inner being are only reserved for those who truly listen. u know who u are. and i in turn listen to your problems back. thanks you!

second thing about people is...people can make up their own mind. humans usually know wat they want already. they just ask for ur advice for reassurance and confirm their choice and garner support for that said choice because its scary to be alone, even in a decision. once again i do this too. usually if they ask for your opinion, tell them wat u think. if they keep asking you jsut politely repeat ur opinion. but soemtimes it gets to the point that u know they want it, so at that point of time just say "do it" or " yes its very nice". i'm sure people do it to me all the time.

that said. i do not like to give advice all that often nowadays. i feel its no point. also because people don't really take my advice or actually u know process it in their heads. somehow i come off as not knowing anything much about life. "pfft... wat does kooky know" i get that alot. its alright. people learn on their own. i can't impose myself on everyone thats just too tiring. we all make mistakes and learn. i'm not saying that i',m always right. often i am wrong. and there are many people out there who are already "self righteous" so i don't have to be one.

u know. i've been described as neutral. i always try to see the thru the other side of the mirror. i mean its only fair. one single person is not the center of the universe, there are other people u know. they have their own motives and reasons. i try, keyword is try, to understand why something is done in such a way or why. i never really hate anybody to the core (that happens very rarely). i don't find a small piece of a person character that is irritating and condemn them forever. a person is so much more than that. yes he/she might have some less than perfect behaviour but thats just who they are. no one is perfect. hallo! u might just very well be irritating to some people. i know i am hahaha. i guess thats why most people jus stick to one mindset. its so much easier and simpler to just see the world thru your own eyes, in your own way. its very tiring to do otherwise trust me. and ur always against so many other people that impose ur their "ego" on you. so most of the time i keep quiet and secretly keep to myself.

but i'm not saying that i know and understand everything in this freaking universe. although wat i've written so far seems to imply it. thats not the case. i know very little. but the little i do know i value above all else. yeah sounds contradictory, u can what i wrote anyway u want. hey free will!

u know sometimes i i feel that i'm a silent observer of life. constantly looking and learning about humans and their strange ways. i never meddle in people's lives unless they really want me to or are in desperate need of help. other than that i am just my silly self, spouting nonsensical musings and random facts to whoever cares to listen.

KookY... That Is Who i Am...

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Procrastinating Much

well i take a break from my studying to bring you an update...

ok fine i have nothing to update .... just taht i'm tired of studying... :P

i'm sure everyone that has a blog or reads blogs or surfs the internet has a blog roll... a blog roll is a list of blogs that you regularly read. it might consist of ur frens blog or just some random interesting blog that u might have stumbled upon or even a blog belonging someone u think is cute and ur bordering on beign a stalker...

well i have a blog roll and mine consists of all of the above types of blogs. can't say them out can i? its my own private pleasure of reading those blogs hee hee...

so anyways it always suprised me what i can deduced from reading blogs. especially the pictures that people post. first of all i notice things... i would notice where a hand is palced or how close people are in pictures and that coupled with what they write in their blogs i can often tell or suspect that he likes her or she likes him or he likes him or she likes her..... i can't confirm such thigns coz i don't know these people or rahter these people do not know me... but it could be true... its just something i like to do...

so be careful wat u write in ur blog...

that being said i'm sure people are deducing thigns about me from wat i write on my blog... its a vicious cycle i tells you VICIOUS!!! ok i'm starting to ramble and be all delusional... damn exams... if i were to decide if i hated exams more than writign reports.... i would say i hate exams more...


Sunday, June 01, 2008

Stuck In My Head

Ok i woke up today and had this song stuck in my head... like it jsut popped into my head... its THE FABULOUS CHER - STRONG ENOUGH..
its such an empowerment song... so anyways enjoy...EMPOWERMENT! give them what for!!!

I don't need your sympathy
There's nothing you can say or do for me
And I don't want a miracle
You'll never change for no one
I hear your reasons why
Where did you sleep last night?
And was she worth it, was she worth it?'

Cos I'm strong enough
To live without you
Strong enough
and I quit crying
Long enough
now I'm strong enough
To know you gotta go
There's no more to say
So save your breath
And then walk away
No matter what I hear you say
I'm strong enough to know you gotta go

So you feel misunderstood
Baby, have I got news for you
On being used, I could write a book
You don't wanna hear about it

I've been losing sleep
You've been going cheap
She ain't worth half of me
it's trueI'm telling you

Now I'm strong enough to live without you
Strong enough
and I quit crying
Long enough now I'm strong enough
To know you gotta go

Come hell or waters high
You'll never see me cry
This is our last goodbye,
it's trueI'm telling you

That I'm strong enough to live without you
Stron enough
and I quit crying
Long enough now I'm strong enough
To know you gotta go
There's no more to say
So save your breath
And you walk away
No matter what I hear you say
I'm strong enough to know you gotta go

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Storm

Its been raining alot today... The whole day infact and i'm sitting through a storm right now.. well at least tahts wat i would call it... its nothing like the thunderstorms back home with all the lightning and thunder and howling winds... here its more like heavy rain... no lighting no thunder no howling winds.... just alot of rain... this is the first time i've experienced this much rain in australia.

Somehow i like this gloomy weather. its nice and cool... and gloomy.... such a nice day to sleep and indeed it was... i had a pleasant nap for like 3 hours in the afternoon.... how could i afford such a luxury of an afternoon nap???

well frens its the last week of semester... yes u heard me right, its the last week of semester... how time flies eh? it seemed like only yesterday that i was unpacking my luggage and trying to get my life here on track... and now its semester end. before i now it i'll be on a plane back home. exams are around the corner and for the first time in my whole tertiary education i fear that i might fail. most probably its just silly me worrying again... but oh i dunno...

oh well take a look at my socks.. aren't they kool.... i would let u view my kool underwear kollection but i would think that it would be quite inappropriate... so take a look at my socks. hah.

well it seems this rain is not gonna end anytime soon.... and its expected to rain for the next few days aswell...seems i'll be sleeping more...

Sunday, May 25, 2008


i woke up today and had a little moment of revelation in amongst the groggy feeling u get wen u just wake up from slumber. it was like "woah!! and eurggh i wanna go back to sleep" kinda thing...

well anyways it jsut dawned on me that this is my last year to do stuff.... coz after this year i would be working...NO MORE MID YEAR AND END OF YEAR HOLIDAYS!!! NO MORE WAKING UP LATE!!! NO MORE COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF FREE TIME!!!

that said at least i realise it now half a year before i join the workforce rather than like the week before i start work.. so now as all good virgos tend to do.... i'm starting to worry... like wat have i done with life!?? i wanna do so many things... so many things i can't thing off right now... there is this sense of urgency to do fantastical things... i dunno... isn't sad that next year i give up my freedom to be chained to the working life for the next 40 odd years... its like a really big step.... real big, not like NS or coming to uni.. those things last for 2 years max.. but work life is huge... work very single day and only having 14 days paid leave!!! per year!!! how how!!!???

so i guess i need to treasure all the free time i have... even those times wen i roll around in bed or those times wen i have nothing to do between classes for i know these kind of times will never come again until i retire or die...


so i had all these thoughts running around in my head... and i went back to sleep for another half an hour...

doncha think its funny how such revelations come at such weird moments... the mysterious workings of the universe....

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Trinny, Susannah and Carson

Its kookyplum’s take on how to dress well for boys. (as if I’m such a good looking person myself to give advice but those who can’t do, teach so…) anyways Boys always sounds better than men. And there are too many shows on tv that help women to dress. Wat about guys!!! So Lets get going. This is a continuation of the posts I have done before, my fashion rants on how to look hawt. Refer HERE and maybe HERE. So lets see.

So lets talk skin. Gorgeous skin. Goegeous blemish free skin. Gorgeous blemish free hairless smooth skin. Freaking gorgeous skin…. If u have freaking gorgeous skin den ur hotness level just went up a few notches. Like I’m serious. I realize the good skin trumps having a good body. U can have a hot ripped body but ur face like volcano eruption then eeeewww….. so long as u have crystal clear skin ur all set… and it will be good also if u have healthy rosy cheeks. So if u don’t have nice skin, me included den u better get on it….

And if ur hairless den good for u as well… it seems that the general public both straight or otherwise prefer hairless men. Well maybe except for the pubes and maybe some hair on the legs is fine and of course the head. But hair on other places like the armpits or chest is deemed unsexy or rather not preferable. Blame it on the Chinese persuasion. Real men or boys have hair!

Interesting observation : do you think that men are becoming more women like in their quest to look good? Like hairlessness and eye brow plucking… and gasp! Make up!!

Oooo!!! Have I mentioned about velvet skin? Ok I wouldn’t say it’s a rare type of skin but I’ve noticed it quite a few times here and there in Singapore. Usually found on Chinese boys (where else) and usually they are tanned and sporty. And their skin looks like velvet. I wouldn’t know about wether or not it feels like velvet.. I don’t go around stroking people’s arms but I’m sure it feels velvety smooth aswell. Gorgeous skin that.

So here’s the part where I give guru like advice about how to get gorgeous skin. Well I dunno. I’m struggling with my own skin issues but I guess u have to have a good skin care regime and drink many water and exercise because keeping fit and sweating keeps the pores clean. That’s my take on it.

Well so the point is.. one of the keys to looking hot is well having good skin and a smooth hairless body. Most of us have figured that out somewhere along the line so till the next time I feel like telling people how to look their best. Toodles.

Until then. Back to my boring emo posts.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Same Ole Same Ole

it seems nowadays i start my blog posts with the statement that i have not been blogging or updating often enuff. and thid post is no different! hah!

so i shall blog coz i have nothing to do. well i do have things to do but at this current point in time. 2.30 am to be exact i really don't feel like doing anthing sitting here in my room in the dark. so i will just let my fingers do the walking or typing in this case...

lets see...

exams are around the corner... like seriously around the corner... like in june which is like... around the corner... and semester is ending... ending... real soon... like in 1 1/2 weeks... that soon... don't u think its quite boring that everytime i blog i talk about skool? yeah its boring just like freaking plant biotechnology!!

i just deleted a whole paragraph... i dunno why....

the moon is shining into my room again.. i'm not sure why but it seems like it rotated back to shine into my room again. i love it.

I did not decorate the moon upon my palm
I did not make any relationship with the stars
I did not make any accusation to God
I have hidden every sorrow
I have laughingly taken on every pain
I have even embraced thorns
And have taken wounds from flowers
Yes but in prayer when I raised these hands
Oh yes but in prayer when I raised these hands
From God in prayer I asked for you, oh asked for you
anyway now all this thinking of wat to blog has made me sleepy and ihave lecture at 8 in the morning! gasp! i should sleepy now... toodles. enjoys the song...

Friday, May 09, 2008

So Far

i haven't been blogging proper for quite some time... well so i shall on this cold cold night... its like 12 degrees celcius now... can u believe it... yes my frens winter is coming to the land downunder...

its strange that wen i am here i've become slightly obsessive about the weather.. like everyday i would without fail check the weather... i would watch the news for the weather forecast... its weird.. its just one of my strange habits i picked up while i'm here in australia...

so the semester is gonna end soon.. like in 3 weeks or so... one things is yay!!! the other thing is exams...bummer... gahhh gotta get thru this...

actually i have nothing much to report about.. so i shall leave it at taht... hahaha


Monday, May 05, 2008

A Poe Yam

i woke up
my toenails were long
cut them
flew all over

so there is my most fabulous poe yam... basically sums up my morning....

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Random Post

You Are a Witch (or Warlock)
You are deviously brilliant and a perfect manipulator.
You somehow always end up getting what you want - without anyone knowing you're working behind the scenes.
Crafty and cunning, you can work your way out of any jam.
And it's easy for you to get people to do what you want, whether you're working for good or evil.

Your greatest power: Mind control

Your greatest weakness: Making people your puppets

You play well with: Ghosts

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Moving On...

I've always said that its amazing how songs come into my life that cerrespond to my feelings at that present moment.... like i will just stumble across a song and go wow it sings my life...

i was thinking to myself today while randomly, ok fine not randomly, surfing facebook albums and i was thinking to myself its not worth my time and energy to hold on to something that might not be there at all in the first place... and i should move on....

i think the feelings are still there but wat the point if its just a one sided affair? hahaha i think my answer is the same as urs...

So anyways here's LEONA LEWIS - BETTER IN TIME

It's been the longest winter without you
I didnt know where to turn to
See somehow I cant forget you
After all that we've been through

go in, come in thought i heard a knock
who's there? no one
thinking that i deserved it
now i realize that i really didnt know
you didnt notice, you mean everything
quickly im learning, to love again
all i know is, imma be ok

thought i couldnt live without you
its gonna hurt when it heals to
it'll all get better in time
eventhough i really love you
im gonna smile cause i deserve to
it'll all get better in time

how could i turn on the tv
without something there to remind me
was it all that easy
to just put aside your feelings

if im dreaming
dont wanna let, hurt my feelings

but thats the path, i believe in
and i know that, time will heal it
you didnt notice, you mean everything
quickly im learning, to love again
all i know is, imma be ok

thought i couldnt live without you
its gonna hurt when it heals to
it'll all get better in time
eventhough i really love you
im gonna smile cause i deserve to
it'll all get better in time

since theres no more you and me
its time i let you go so i can be free
and live my life how it should be
no matter how hard it is ill be fine without you
yes i will

thought i couldnt live without you
its gonna hurt when it heals to
it'll all get better in time
eventhough i really love you
im gonna smile cause i deserve to
it'll all get better in time

Friday, April 25, 2008


Well haven't been blogging much..or rather nothing at all.. Not much inspiration seeing that my life pretty much the same everyday... skool and stuff... and even the times wen i do go out there pretty much nothing to blog about.... unless u want a riveting account of how exciting it is to go grocery shopping.. guess not...

Thats the moon from my window. was trying to get a good pic but u get the idea.

Well... i suddenly realised one night that moonlight shines into my room and onto my pillow. it was so magical. ok lame i know but sadly thats the most exciting thing i can think about thats worth putting up on my blog. but my window is truly a magical thing. i spent a good hour or so today just looking at the clouds roll by. and i was supposed to prepare my presentation but i was takign a break.... if u were wondering why i was staring out my window :P
ok la skool wise i have sudddenly been unspired to be a curator of some insect collection or herbarium. its seems that there aren't many taxonomist to fill in the void coz everyfuckbody is doing some molecular genetics shit and there isn't anybody left to take over the taxonomist when they retire or die. so it has inspired me to have a new passion in taxonomy even though i know its gonna be tough.
finally there is something to blog about... how i hate the fact that genetics is used for every single small thing.. like ooo lets do a DNA barcoding or ooo lets clone a gene.. but wat does the gene do? dunno just clone...
i mean yes DNA and genetics stuff has its pros but slowly its killing the other biological sciences.. whole departments are being shut down and merged in wit other departments... just coz they have no use anymore... taxonomy and entomology, among others, are slowly being killed by genomics and molecular biology.. OLD SKOOL SCIENCE IS SLOWLY DYING. apparently it has no application anymore wit the advent of genetics. sad but thats how i see and feel the situation is now. so thats why insect collections are crumbling and herbariums are moulding coz there isn't much market for those anymore coz everything now is in eppedorf tubes.
oh well so much for ranting about skool. its good to rant once in awhile aye?
lets see wat else is there to say... got work to do, report to write, presentations to present blah blah....well nothing much...
got to know my new frens more.... thats always a positive and a plus... hmmm wat does a positive and a plus make? oh it stays a positive... ok i shall stop now before i die from my own lameness..

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Random Post

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Room Pics

well as i promised i cleaned my room during my friday ritual of being a Desperate Housewife.... i did my laundry and mopped the kitchen floor and cleaned my room and vaccuum the carpet and took a nap and ate some ice cream... isn't it fabulous ;P well so anyways here are my room pics as promised. its not very big but its cosy and i like it coz the bed is comfy and springy and got big window. be amazed at the green-ness!!

Half the room... nothing much to say aye...

Table. i can't even do my work properly coz i can't put my legs in the table to sit properly
so i do most of my work on my bed :)

Bed!!! no action here but its comfy.. i love my green doonah!!! they calls quilts, doonahs

the mess that is my clothes.. i dunno why iput this picture here but oh well who cares i'm a person who practice organized chaos... as long as i know where my things den its alright.
and also i've been listening to the new Madonna song wit Justin... i love the beat but somehow the meaning of the words excape me... why do they have 4 mins to save the world? is it coz uneed to make more babies coz they keep asking people to grab a boy and a girl. presumably to have sex and make babies to save the world but i dunno... anyway tahts my current playlist.... just one freaking song... oh wait still got leona lewis and pink...
hah so anyways till next time!!!