Sunday, November 02, 2008


Oh yes this blog is slowly becoming a place for me to whinge andcomplain about life. oh wait.... it has alway been a palce for me to whinge and complain lol.

anyways i'm annoyed at my shoulder. my right shoulder. my left one is fine and i love my left shoulder. muacks.

but the right shoulder annoys me.

after some serious thinking i rather have mind blowing pain than this annoying small pain. but i'm sure if that were to happen to me i would wish the opposite but anyho.
the pain in my right shoulder is annoying as it only happens when i move my arm up or forward. and its not that painful so sometimes i forget and move it anyways and it hurts. lol. and it clicks like something is loose inside. and when it click it hurts. annoying.

my leg/back/sciatic nerve/muscle pull/what the fuck is annoying also. i can't bend down or bend over. and it only hurts in certain positions. and in the morning especially. grrrr.
ah feels much better. after a good rant.

more to come don't worry.


Psyfig said...

both my shoulders give me problems...

I'm getting old yes?

kOoKy pLuM said...

its just ur muscles that are growing but ur frame is small.. so its fighting for space.

Knotty Bicsie said...

iyo... what happened?? y aching like an old man down under?? hey, show some of fabulous sewing on this blog too leh... :)

Markie said...

What've you been doing with your right hand?!

Psyfig said...

LOL@ markie