Saturday, November 27, 2010


time to move i guess. this blog will still be up but its moving time! new start!

my new address so to speak will be here >>>> Plomme&Beurre

sees ya

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Still Alive :P

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Museological Ramblings Part Un.

Why do I like museums. I can’t really say it’s a passion but it might evolve into that as time goes by I’m sure. That is unless it fizzle out and dies. Bah.

Anyways, my love story with museums begins with, as with any good story, an introduction. And my introduction starts off with my morbid fascination with pinned insects. The kind u see in, well, museums. I find it utterly enchanting and strangely beautiful that these insects are somewhat frozen in time, displaying their beautiful exoskeletons for all time. A snapshot if u will. Although the process of making these specimens is less than enchanting.

First u have to catch these little buggers. This involves getting into the bush and being all stealthy like a panther. And if they notice u creeping up on them and fly away, then u start the chase. Which consists running around the field or bush with nets like a mad men ( especially if u are in the business of catching butterflies). I’m pretty sure that expert bug catchers don’t spend their time running around in the bush or fields after bugs. But there is something quite childishly satisfying about running around a field with a net and laughing and screaming ur head off. Highly therapeutic. I must add though that this is only for flying bugs. Jumpy and crawly bugs are way easier to catch.

Once u do eventually catch them, u must be gentle and not damage them coz who wants a damaged butterfly or a 4 legged grasshopper? I dun think so. So once u caught them u have to kill them. Basically u can either kill them on the spot or kill them later. If u plan to snuff them on the spot them u have a killing jar which is basically a jar with a tight fitting lid with plaster of paris at the bottom with a few drops of ethyl acetate. That’s a lot of “withs” phew! Entomologists used to use Potassium cyanide but I guess some people died so they stopped. Another method used for grubs and beetles and other such tough insects is a bottle of alchohol. No not vodka. Although that would work just fine I think.

Now if u don’t access to lovely noxious insect killing chemicals or alcohol then u are left with sticking them in the freezer. Yup in the freezer. Put them in a container and stick them in the freezer. For ooohhh and hour or two. If u really wanna make sure that they die I would put them in there over night. There have been hilarious scenes of insects waking up as u pin them. Horrific but also hilarious.

Well once they are dead then u spread em out and pin them. There are various different ways to pin them according to what type of insect they are and u can find that out by googling. I must say that I only collect specimens when it’s necessary, in this case for my class assignments. I don’t pin insects just for the fun of it.

Oooh seems like I’ve rambled on for quite abit. Next post shall be a continuation of my love affair with museums. See ya.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Can't be arsed

well its one of those periods where i can't be arsed to blog. so i shall leave you with my awesome Roast Chickens.

Yes they were delicious.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

oh noes.

i fear i might be going thru a quarter life crisis. urgh.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Things that Inspire me now.

 My Revamped Cardi... lahv lahv lahv...

 Mangosteens.... so yummy....

You have to click on this picture of Chris Fine Pine to get the full effect. How amazing is his grey cardi/jacket? Damn amazing i tell you. Its just wow.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Julie and Julia and Kooky?

Yes i must finally admit that i finally watched Julie and Julia... i found it an utterly enchanting movie and Meryl Streep is a legend. 

i find the whole movie quite inspirational... i dunno it moved me and also made me very hungry... they portrayed eating very well in the movie. The actors and actresses looked as though they were thoroughly enjoying eating all the yummy food. maybe they truly were really enjoying the food. although one thing bothered me. it was that whenever she pulled anything out of the oven i notice that the food was hot. As in there were no bubbling juices to be found as often is when u pull a hot tray of baked goodness from the searing oven. i dunno i notice things like that. other than that it was quite an inspirational movie.

Little Mr DayMoth visited the 18th floor today

It inspires me to do thing that give u joy. For Julie and Julia that would be cooking. for me. i dunno yet. there are many things that give me joy but i haven't found the definitive one that give me "Joy". you know. or maybe its a combination of things. i dunno... i guess i haven't found it yet. 

i hope i will soon. anyways. cheers.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Things that Inspire me now.

Top to bottom: Moss, Vintage/Retro Cloth, Catfish, Charles Devoe.

Friday, April 09, 2010

new Beginnings

Well i must say that it is quite late for new beginnings. it is April after all... but i say better late than never. so this is a new beginning for this blog.

i do wish i had a life to blog about. i am still a statistic. a number on the unemployment tab. yes life is harsh.

Pretty flowers by the roadside

oh well. might as well use the time i have to do productive things such as baking.

That's the Lime Meltaway Cookies i tried to make. Except they weren't very lime-ish and they weren't very meltaway-ish. seems this recipe needs some tweaking. MORE LIME JUICE I SAY.

ok so anyways i'll try to update this space more often. with exciting things? and happening happenings? yes yes? lol ok till next time.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Museum Studies

so basically what happen to me for so long? why did i disappear? well nothing really... nothing happened nothing to say.... so on to the topic at hand....

after doing some online research i realised to my suprise there are not many asian universities... or dare i say it no, with one exception, asian universities offer Museum Studies in their courses. HOW TRAGIC!!

well that explains the dismal state of many asian museums. sad to say. for a region of the world so rich in culture, heritage and natural wonders, we dun offer museum studies to our people to equip them with knowledge to manage our museums.

i find it quite perplexing. especially in Singapore. with the whole " I <3 Museums" campaign. seems like a marketing ploy to me. but like if we extol our museums to the public so much wouldn't make sense to offer a course of study that deals with museology and curatorial issues in the local universities? maybe even in the regional universities. but no. sadly no. this is just like how Singapore is a Garden City but we dun offer Horticulture or Botany degrees in our universities. Even a horti or botany major does not exist. but back to Museum Studies. So without local or regional Museum Studies program we have to travel across mountains and oceans to learn from western universities. i don't think this is wrong. in fact its good that we learn from other universities. but i dunno seems weird to me that after so many years of ppl going overseas nobody thought of creating a Museum Studies program? ok i could be wrong in all of this maybe there is an Asian University with an obscure Museum Studies program but to my knowledge now at this moment there are none. sure there are internship programs at museums but no established Museum Studies program in any well established asian university. hhhmmm yeah... well that my rant for tonight.... till next time! ps: YES I GOT HUGS OKAY. LOTSA LOTSA HUGZ. this is for you! you know who u are *bleah* hee hee..THANKS!