Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Julie and Julia and Kooky?

Yes i must finally admit that i finally watched Julie and Julia... i found it an utterly enchanting movie and Meryl Streep is a legend. 

i find the whole movie quite inspirational... i dunno it moved me and also made me very hungry... they portrayed eating very well in the movie. The actors and actresses looked as though they were thoroughly enjoying eating all the yummy food. maybe they truly were really enjoying the food. although one thing bothered me. it was that whenever she pulled anything out of the oven i notice that the food was hot. As in there were no bubbling juices to be found as often is when u pull a hot tray of baked goodness from the searing oven. i dunno i notice things like that. other than that it was quite an inspirational movie.

Little Mr DayMoth visited the 18th floor today

It inspires me to do thing that give u joy. For Julie and Julia that would be cooking. for me. i dunno yet. there are many things that give me joy but i haven't found the definitive one that give me "Joy". you know. or maybe its a combination of things. i dunno... i guess i haven't found it yet. 

i hope i will soon. anyways. cheers.

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