Wednesday, November 26, 2008


just look at that! just look. isn't that the most beautiful pair of undies ever? its GREEN!! STRIPEY GREEN. i love it. its my prized posession. i feel like i don't wanna wear it coz its just to pretty.

anyways my motherland and fatherland and brotherland are coming in the morning!! how exciting! haven't seen them in months!!

and i'm graduating next week. also exciting but...aiyah must dress up in the fuddy duddy shirt and tie....eeeewwww...

umm ok la got nothing much to blog except to show off my pretty undies. so pretty.....

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Piriton Makes U Happy...

la la la la la.... i am abit drowsy from taking piriton for my flu. wheeeeeee.....
well tahts why i'm not operating heavy machinery....

dunno why i'm havign the flu now. maybe i never go out of my house. but thats not entirely true. i do go out to the shoppes and to skool so i dunno. ah well. sick sick lor.

so wats been happening since the last time i blogged. pretty much nothing. although i got my offer letter from the uni. so i'll be doing my postraduate studies in Museum Studies. yayness!

yes people, its museum studies.

so anyways besides that. nothing has happened. lol. still bumming around. and waiting lol. but my family unit is coming this thurs!! whoopee!! thats sumthing to be looking forward to...

umm yeah, like that lor. that how life has been. like that lor. dammit. i wanna go home lol...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

You Reckon?

i reckon i should blog. since its a lazy hot sunday and i also got nothing to do. and also i need to recove after almost killing myself wit bleach fumes while cleaning the shower. yeah am abit woozy......

anyways my days are spent lazing around at home doing the odd chores and stuff liddat. while waiting for my parents to come for graduation and holidays and also waiting for MY STUPID ACCEPTANCE LETTER FROM THE UNI THAT HAS NOT COME YET!! i should really get some excercise but i can't coz of my injuries. damn back and shoulder. although the shoulder is getting better. but the nerve thing is not. i reckon i could just go and run. i figured if i could walk why can't i run? i'll give it another week.

yeah and after i graduate and my parents leave..well another week or so of bumming around and den i'm flying home. unlike the throngs of people already leaving St Lucia (thats the suburb i stay in, if u don't already know).. its like the Ten Commandments or sumthing wit all the jewish people leaving Egypt. lol.

some of them were just here for a semester and some went back home during the winter hols. buti never okay. i've been here since february. i should miss home more lol. ah well since i've waited this long might as well wait abit longer rite?

truly i have nothing to blog about. i shall put up pictures for ur entertainment. no they are not pictures of me in the shower. sheesh. just random things. Random!!!

mr stick insect in the process of changing its skin. now it can fly!!! whoopeee!!!

A sundew. carnivorous plant. lives on my windowsill.

this is Miss Sticky. u don't know how much pain these things can cause with their claws. especially crawling on ur face lol.

notice anything different?

okay okay 4 pictures only coz i hate posting pictures on blogger. coz it always somehow manages to muck it up. like seriously muck it up. till next time when i actually ahve something substational to blog about. toodles.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Do Unto Others As You Would Have Others Do Unto You

Its a strange world out there when America decided to elect their first president of colour. which signifies a great change in social prejudice and discrimination but at the same time the residents of California voted to take away the right of same sex couples to get married.

some change that is.

watch the video for a special comment on a news show from the US. Most of u readers won't watch it. like ur not a US citizen why should u bother? well its about humanity and basic human right to love whoever they choose.

its to bring awareness thats all.

like what he said it the video. its not about politics or religion or sexuality. its about the right to love another human being. and to celebrate that love.

if u didn't know which most prolly u didn't. the state of California legalized same sex marriages a few months ago. shortly after people who opposed the move created Proposition 8 which asks the residents of California to vote to keep legalised same sex marriages or to overturn the Supreme Court ruling. and recently the ruling has been overturned and same saex marriages are once again illegal. this is weird coming from California one of the most liberal states in USA. a little bit of background info.

the world has enough suffering already. so voters in California decided to take away other people's right to a little happiness? i find it quite.... sad.

anyways. till next time.

Sunday, November 09, 2008


wat an apt title for a blog post that will not happen. lol. i had grand ideas about this blog post. oh yes the grandest of all ideas. complete wih a circus and clowns in a car. oh and lets not for the flying pigs from airpork. and fireworks! have to have fireworks!


anyways i think i'll just blog tomorrow. or later. in the day seeing thats its already 3!! but it may appear as 1am. oh well u catch what i'm getting at don't you?

just that when u actually sit and want to blog it down. u just feel lazy. and such is life.

and i'm hungry. but i'm fat. can't workout coz of injuries. so how? so how?


Thursday, November 06, 2008

Yma Sumac

Well frens and countrymen and fellow earthlings. i have officially finished my degree course... now comes the sickening part of waiting for my results... for those who are still doing their exams good luck and don't despair.. and why are u reading this if ur supposed to be studying? lol.

anyho i have realised that sitting in the exam hall, many strange things go on in ur mind. or at least in my mind. like its so quiet and its jsut you and ur paper. and my mind starts to think wild things. that when i have nothing to write about or just wasting time since u can't leave 30mins before the paper ends. so u tend to day dream.

like it dawned upon me that i am a graduate now. or soon rather lol. its like wow i going to have a degree and it hit me like a ton of bricks.

and also i went to the Uni Physiotherapy Clinic. Coz u know i'm cheap and they need subjects to test their skills on. but it was good i think. my shoulder feel more sore than it did before coz he did some pulsating massage thing.i dunno i'll give it a few days. apparently it gets fluids moving and helps in healing. hopefully.

they did spend a good deal of time trying to figure out wat was wrong wit my shoulder. and they and yes they coz there was my physio and his supervisor and another student. wow a whole team just for me!! i'm touched. lol.

anyho apparently i strained or pulled a strange useless muscle that doesn't do anything. and its under the clavicle or collar bone. which i guess makes sense. or it could be a nerve thing. but yeah i'll give it a week or rather another week.

i stumbled upon this AMAZING singer.. her name is YMA SUMAC... she a peruvian singer and she has an amazing vocal range of 5 OCTAVES... thats even better than Mariah Carey... take that!!

sadly she passed away on 1 nov this year. but her music lives on. she was famous in the 50s as a singer of Exotica music which has no words just sounds and imitation of nature noise. and when u listen to some of her songs its just INSANE and CRAZY!!!! but somehow strangely alluring... that youtube is one of her more conventional and mainstream songs its Gopher Mambo. there is a remix of it out there on youtube but dammit can't post it up coz embedding disabled. but i'll LINK YOU TO IT. the remix ROCKS its AWESOME...

this one may sound familiar coz it was used in the Magnum Ad in Australia... u know the one where the hot babes are worshipping this giant Magnum? lol. in this she sounds like a bird and like seriously its super high pitch.

and yes my frens i am currently obsessed wit YMA SUMAC pronounced eeema suuu-mack. i think she's awesome. may she rest in peace. hope she's smiling somewhere in heaven know people still rock out to her music.

so besides rocking out to Yma Sumac... i'm just being a desperate housewife u know cleaning stuff and packing stuff.... i'm also jsut waiting for acceptance letter for my post grad work... when will it come!!! i need to apply visa u know!! lol...

any hooo ha... i guess thats enuff ranting from me. lol. super long post with 2 youtube videos!! thats major. congratulations and u can relax for getting to the end of my long post. w00t....

till the next time.toodles.

Sunday, November 02, 2008


Oh yes this blog is slowly becoming a place for me to whinge andcomplain about life. oh wait.... it has alway been a palce for me to whinge and complain lol.

anyways i'm annoyed at my shoulder. my right shoulder. my left one is fine and i love my left shoulder. muacks.

but the right shoulder annoys me.

after some serious thinking i rather have mind blowing pain than this annoying small pain. but i'm sure if that were to happen to me i would wish the opposite but anyho.
the pain in my right shoulder is annoying as it only happens when i move my arm up or forward. and its not that painful so sometimes i forget and move it anyways and it hurts. lol. and it clicks like something is loose inside. and when it click it hurts. annoying.

my leg/back/sciatic nerve/muscle pull/what the fuck is annoying also. i can't bend down or bend over. and it only hurts in certain positions. and in the morning especially. grrrr.
ah feels much better. after a good rant.

more to come don't worry.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face - Leona Lewis Version.

one of the most beautiful love songs ever. its simply amazing and wit Leona Lewis singing it. its just magic.

ah love. sighs.