Sunday, January 30, 2005

I'm Very Tired....

Lets face it... for most of us, life didn't turn out how we expected it to be. on the threshold of adulthood and to find out the truth about the world comes as a big shock. to realise that ur dreams and ideals are so hard to achieve , it would be better to give up. and thus is the reality of life.

and somehow people who are older and so called wiser ( they noe who they are) are settled into this fate. to me, they seemed to have abandoned their dreams and passions for the mundaness of every day life. the only reason they do wat they do is for money. life isn't always about money, there is so much that i want from life. namely, its being happy and doing want i am good at.

time to get my priorities straight!

in the meantime, do watch Desperate Housewives. this is wat i might turn into after 10 years or so.. not a housewife! but an unhappy soul stuck in an unhappy situation. look at lynette (the one with the babies), she was a corporate climber but she has babies and look at Gabrielle ( the one having sex with the gardener) she was a model but shes now un-happily married. oh sadness. its not that they don't love their children or their husbands respectively. it just that they could be happier doing other things. same here with me... i love my course but now if i stay on i'll be unhappy and i know could do other happier things.

straying off topic abit: don't any of u realise that lindsay lohan's breast look very fake? like they jiggle and bounce much more thatn they should... just a thought....

back to topic..

sometimes i wonder why i joined thsi course.... i love plants thats for sure but the industry is not wat i expected it to be.... and the things i learned in skool are rarely used in daily work.. it weird lah.. i dunnno...

time now to worry bout the coming week.. the week end is almost over and i haven't do so many things sigh... gotta go water my plants now.... but before i do here a song!

Moulin Rouge- Nicole Kidman

I follow the night
Can't stand the light
When will I begin
To live again

One day I'll fly away
Leave all this to yesterday
What more could your love do for me
When will love be through with me
Why live life from dream to dream
And dread the day when dreaming ends

One day I'll fly away
Leave all this to yesterday
Why live life from dream to dream
And dread the day when dreaming ends

One day I'll fly awayFly fly away

Sunday, January 23, 2005

How Fast CAn Life Fly PAst...

it sunday and the three day weekend is coming to and end... how much faster can the weekend fly past.. are they late for a party somewhere?

i went back to skool for open house on sat... it seems soo right and soo perfect to be back in skool... its like an old fren... i have sad fact to report.. the old Blk 56, the one where so many memories were made and good times were had... has alas... been turned into a carpark... a damned freaking carpark.. i was so shocked... a carpark...

i was at the convention center and i was pleasantly surprised at the number of ppl that ask about Horticulture and LAndscape MAnangement... just a fair warning though to whosoever happens to read this... its not wat u expect... even though its called the Skool of Life Science and Chemical Tech, u won't be wearing a lab coat or work in a lab when u go out to work... i'm juz saying...

i should be starting on my report but nah.....

Sunday, January 16, 2005

I'm Beggining To HAte the Colour Pink....

Have u woken up one day and felt that something was utterly going to be wrong to day?
well i had such a day.. it was weird.. the wind was blowing so fiercely that i was afraid that the windows would that break. and if u opened the window all the pictures in the house woud just fly off the walls... the wid was very strong and i live on the 18th floor....

winds bring change... especially when it comes from the sea...

the i kept seeing shades of pink... creeping up asthough someone took a pink torchlight and shone it at wherever i set my eyes on... really i'm not joking... white things had tinges of pink and i keep noticing pink things and ppl... the sunlight had pink edges and so did the flourescent light from the mrt... and the strangest thing was that i got really sick when i saw the pinkness...

i got clammy and felt like vomiting... there was strange feeling in my hands.. i had to close my eyes the whole time i was in the train... seriously.. when i reached city hall i had to sit down and eat a bar of choc.... i had a head ache and my tummy hurt..

and the worst thing was ah.. my fren wore a pink top... actually two of them wore pink tops... great...

i wonder wat was going on... was i supposed to be in love? like the old saying goes "seeing the world thru rose tinted glasses" i has not at the moment... and i wasn't feeling great i wa feeling really crummy... i dunno.. i felt better after toking and toking with my frens..

now i'm alright.. i dunno why i had a pink related sickness.... and i don't even noe why i'm telliing u readers bout my dizzying pink spell... i dunnoo... my head is in a spin...

Thursday, January 13, 2005


i noe i noe... i haven't been updating for like ages but den i'm really tired from work and well wats is theer to say really?

but i'm back but i dunno wat to say... next week is such a fun week! there is HAri Raya Haji! which is a holiday!! yeah yeah!! and then there is the above open house!

that just goes to show how much i miss skool.. I REALLY REALLY MISS SKOOL....

let me list wat i miss:
  • i miss setting my alarm at different times each night.
  • i miss taking the bus to the interchange
  • i misss the train most of all.. big spacious seats of NEL
  • i miss DRESSING up for skool in different clothes
  • i miss gelling my hair nicely
  • i miss putting on my vanilla perfume
  • i miss getting off the bus and scanning for frens
  • i miss walking to class
  • i miss lecture.. even though i sleep thru most of them
  • i miss the greenhouse
  • i miss the library
  • i miss the canteens and the food
  • i miss shopping at the Co Op Shop
  • i misss my FRENS from Mass Comm, Building, Logistics and wateva else
  • i miss my LSCT MAtes as well
  • i miss waiting outside the classroom
  • i miss breaktime between hours
  • i miss the slacking we did when we had a few hours to spare between lectures
  • i miss the labs
  • i miss choosing the cleanest toilets in campus
  • i miss the lecturers.. really....
  • i miss wearing nice clothes
  • i miss reading books from the library
  • i miss the Atrium
  • i misss sitting at the Atrium
  • i miss the Deli
  • i miss waiting for lecture to end
  • i miss crossing that god damned bridge
  • i miss waiting at the freeking hot bus stop
  • i miss shopping after class
  • i even miss the pest control.. u noe wat i mean...

i miss it soo badly... its wen the thing is gone that u miss it.. really right... its the little things...

thus i am going back to OPen House next week... i shall relieve the good ole days once again! anyone wants to join?

Monday, January 03, 2005


i realised taht my blog is becoming some wat emotional and sweety pie... i dunno lah... we evolve and learn...

u noe wat! my dreams of joining the the MERCEDES BENZ FASHION AWARD WEEK!!!! has sadly been dashed... one the criteria for joining is that i must have credentials and industry experience of at least 2 to 5 years or sumthing... u go read ur self lah.....

how sad and unfair... how bout amateur designer like ME!!!! life is sooo unfair... sigh.. but i will persevere.. keep a look out for design competitions ok...

another snippet of fashion related new.. u noe how they have America's Next Top Model for female models? well now they have one show for male models... how interesting... its called Manhunt: The Search for America's Most Gorgeous Male Model ... Haha wat a title... i wonder if they would bitch alot like the girl models... hmm.... its coming soon to Starworld... {side note: they did't call me for the casting.. sadness } heh...

and i wanna join the sitar class! but all so expensive like $100 dollars at least per month... and i dunno how long the coursees are for.. and i have no time... i wanna keep my week ends free so i have to squeeze it into the week but den i can only make it for night classes and the places are all so far away... stress stress...

New Year has started to go down the drain.....