Thursday, July 26, 2007

Things i Love and This That Irritate ME!!!!!!!

ho ho... i guess i'm back eh darlings? i feel the sudden urge to blog after reading a certain actor's blog, which shall be elaborated on later on in the post.. so anyways i shall list down, as i always do, the things that are taking my fancy nowadays.... so here goes....
  • since me and family have gotten back from Australia. we have a sudden surge of lovely delicious Chocaltey goodness... the things is we buy and buy all these chocs and nobody eats it except me. so it struck one rainy day to pile up a few blocks of chocolates and put in the microwave and Voila!! u get gooey and mushy and warm chocolatey goodness... seriously addictive melted chocolate is... cannot tahan.... but i'm doing my family a great cause coz i am finishing up the chocolate!!! wakakaka!!!
  • MaAd!!!!!! i sooo excited!!! and fearful of going for MAaD.... wat have i gotten myself into.. of course i've been to MaaD but as a consumer and visitor not actually taking part in MAaD it self.... now i worry that i don't have enuff stuff to sell and my stuff is crappy... haiz.... unknown territory eh? we shall see next month....

ok only 2 things taht i dare post in public.. the rest shall be my guilty pleasure.. tee hee hee.. but lets move on the fuck things taht irritate me...

  • pretty boyS... note the use of the plural instead of the singular. i can stand one pretty boy but i cannot for the love of god! stand a whole bunch of them. especially wen they get together and pose for pics in blogs (yeah the current sentiment is coz i read this actors blogs wit all his pretty boi frens) i HAVE NOTHING AGAINST U PEOPLE BUT ur pretty boi-ness makes me feel insecure and un hot about myself... haiz.. the perils of genetics... i'm sure ur are all nice people...
  • oh my god... this really irritates me... good looking and cute guys who say they are not cute... so irritating.... if ur cute just say so.. don't have to pretend ur not and invade my territory of uncuteness.. sheesh...
  • the Taleban and all those islamic "freedom" fighters... like please come on get a real job... wat they are doing is only destroying innocent lives and creating more trouble.. aren't we supposed to be humans and are more evolved but all we do is fight fight fight.. cannot reason out like proper people? wat happened to basic human decency? and basic compassion for other living beings? u think ur life is ruined wat about those people who have no food to eat? have no homes and have no families because of the fight for Islam? i'm ashamed to be associated wif such people. enuff is enuff.

ok i went a little political on the lsat point but people wake up! lives are lost and families are broken... we have to realise that...

ok thus ends my blog post for today... hope i gave you something to think about...

You Are Storm
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In Love:
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Hi People!

Ok this is the longest i have gone without blogging. more than a week can u believe it?!? Apparently most of u can coz well nobody reads this... ok fine very little read this...

Anyways, have been real busy of late. And for a Bum like me thats saying alot. Lets see wat have been going with me....
  • Last Thurs went out to watch Asian Boys Vol 3: Happy Endings wit Juns and Ehrman (Emphasis on the E and roll the R). Loved it! My first play. Play Virgin no more... imagine to have been deflowered by Asian Boys... Not just a boy but boys!! wakakaka... The play made me laugh and almost cry (almost coz just wen i wanted to cry, the scene will move on.. sheesh)... and it made me oooooohhh and ahah! alot too.
  • Den i got accepted into mAaD! Market For Artist And Designers!!! Yay! Thats the mai reason i have been busy. coz now that i have been accepted, i have to actually get off my butt and do my stuff. so i have been busy weaving and drawing.... spraying and shopping... so exciting rite? any ways do come and visit me on 4th and 5th August @ Red Dot Design Museum. i'll be there all day.. ok not all day but untill 8pm. its near Tanjong PAgar MRT... Come to MaAd and be mAaD!!!!

another reason that i have not been blogging much the fact taht there is nothing much to blog about. of course there are things that i would love th blog about but then the respective parties might not want it to be published on the WWW. so yeah. i have to tell you the life of a Bum can be very boring. but anyways i shall get my creative juices flowing and give you a post tonight ok? till den... toodles....

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Being Invisible

This a song by Elissa. my Favourite kick ass Arab Singer.
Its called Law Basset which means If Only U Looked.... Its a sad song about not being noticed. i have been thru it many times. Countless times especially wen people sort of ignore you and push one side and pay attention to ur other frens. or wen people pay more attention to ur more good looking frens. i know wat it feels like to be not noticed and be a wallflower.... but oh well we have our moments. but sometimes don't u wish u were noticed?

Law Baseet Odamak T3raf (if u look in front of u you will know)
Lao Baseet Odaamak (if u look in front of u)
T3raf Meen Bet7bak MeenElly Shayfha Fe A7laamak x2 (u will know who the one u love is the one u see in ur dreams)

Lee Mantaash 3rfny (how come u dont know me)
Leeh Mantaash Shayfny (how come u do not see me)
Lao Fakrt Fia Shoya Hat7s Be Hoaaya (if u think abt me for a while u will feel my love)
Bybaan Mn Salaamy (it shows in my hellos)
Bybaan Mn Kalamy (it shows in my words)
Basht2lak We Kol Mafia Byshta2lak M3aya (i miss u and all that is inside of me misses u as well)

El Ayaam Ya 7abeeby (the days are going by my love)
BetgryWe Lessa Ana Mestanya (and i am still waiting)
Khyfa La Yekhlas Ganbak 3omryWe Mentash 7aases Biax2 (afraid that my life with u will end without u even feeling my presence)

Lee Mantaash 3rfny (how come u dont know me)
Leeh Mantaash Shayfny (how come u do not see me)
Lao Fakrt Fia Shoya Hat7s Be Hoaaya (if u think abt me for a while u will feel my love)
Bybaan Mn Salaamy (it shows in my hellos)
Bybaan Mn Kalamy (it shows in my words)
Basht2lak We Kol Mafia Byshta2lak M3aya (i miss u and all that is inside of me misses u as well)

Law Baseet Odamak (if u look in front of u )
Law Baseet Odamak (if u look in front of u)
Basht2lak We Kol Mafia Byshta2lak M3aya (i miss u and all that is inside of me misses u as well)

Law Baseet Odamak T3raf (if u look in front of u you will know)
Lao Baseet Odaamak (if u look in front of u)
T3raf Meen Bet7bak MeenElly Shayfha Fe A7laamak (u will know who the one u love is the one u see in ur dreams)

Lee Mantaash 3rfny (how come u dont know me)
Leeh Mantaash Shayfny (how come u do not see me)
Lao Fakrt Fia Shoya Hat7s Be Hoaaya (if u think abt me for a while u will feel my love)
Bybaan Mn Salaamy (it shows in my hellos)
Bybaan Mn Kalamy (it shows in my words)
Basht2lak We Kol MafiaByshta2lak M3aya x2 (i miss u and all that is inside of me misses u as well)

Monday, July 16, 2007

Coming Soon....

That is if i can get my lazy hands to start typing it. i mean i have the idea already but typing it is sooo daunting. sigh.

So here was wat i was going to blog about.....

The Zodiac Signs according to me. sounds good doesn't it? i mean i have been observing ppl thru out the years and realised that people do share certains traits with people of the same star sign. i just wanted to share my observations with u people. but the problem is out of the 12 signs, i have mainly really observed a few. i have not met people of certain star signs or rather i did really observed them and noticed their behaviour.

So out of the 12 i can really comment on the following:
  1. Aries: i have alot of experience wit Aries people
  2. Gemini: My brother is a gemini and so are some frens i have. so yeah.
  3. Cancer: i know a few Cancerians and their crabby ways
  4. Leo: Peculiar bunch.
  5. Virgo: thats my star sign. so i should know.
  6. Libra: I know a few librans. my mom is one.

So So star signs:

  1. Taurus
  2. Scorpio
  3. Pisces

The rest i really cannot say anything about them. people in my life tend not to be Sagittarius, Capricorns and Aquarius.

So we will see how lah ok? its a good idea for a blog post eh? i know it is so bloody helll ppl better not steal my idea! but to tide u over the my absense of a real blogpost here Dame Shirley Bassey.

Don't know who Dame Shirley Bassey is? Shame on you! Anyways she a singer from the good ole days. and the Queen made her a Dame, so she must be something eh. so here she is doing her version of Pink's Get This Party Started. Originally an ad for Marks and Spencers but they made it into a full video. Its Rocking! love the style of it.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

How Wrong Can The World Become

its has been a topsy turvy time for the world nowadays eh? let me count the ways.....

firs t of all there is that LIVE EARTH concerts. i mean a 24hr concert all round the world? how much energy is needed to power all those lights and sound systems? i mean they say it is fro mclean energy sources. that may be true but it can't be all from clean sources. and there is the question of the people who came to watch the concert and those watching it on tv and internet. those people coming to the concerts some of them must drive? are their cars using clean fuel? and those watching tv and internet, are their sets powered by clean fuels? surely not. and not forgeting the amount of rubbish that is generated from the concerts. sheesh.

and the main aim of the concerts were to promote awareness for climate change. but let face the facts 60% of the people who came to the concerts were just there fora good time, to party. do u really think they will change to make the earth a better place? i think not.

and there is the question of the new 7 wonders of the world. its just silly. like the Christ at Rio? its not even old or amazingly constructed. its just Jesus. Sheesh.

Lets not forget the continous bloodshed that keeps going on around the world. its terrible isn't it? is violence the only answer? Surely it cannot be?


Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Song For Trying Times

Will blog later.. in the meantime heres a song that i love alot... enjoy darlings... By Mariah Carey...

Friday, July 13, 2007

I can never....

seems friday the 13th has gotten off on a bad start for me.

i came to realise that i can never ever be angry or sad. i mean really angry or really sad. i can never ever show the full blown effects of my emotions.

everytime i try too i feel bad that other people have to put up with it wen they are just innocent bystanders. i want to throw a tantrum! i want to be really depressed and lock myself in my room for days.

but the thing is... i can't.... i have others to give my attention too and i would feel real guilty....

i need a proper breakdown seriously....

Lavender Sunset

Lavender Sunset, originally uploaded by KookyPlum.

A lavender sunset for you. it was pretty. really pretty. too bad it only lasted for a minute or 2. at least i got it captured on my camera. so enjoy the lavender sunset.

Life is Abit too Short

Life is abit too short eh?

i realised taht today... maybe the things that are happening in my life were meant to be? i really dunno man its really confusing now. my current phase of my life that is.

maybe coz i watched Stories of Love today. abit sentimental lah but i loved it.

The Greatest Gift Someone Could Give Is Love....

Is that true? i dunno... i've never been in love ( well... that shall be a secret.). but it sounds nice.

haiyah don't feel like blogging much anyways.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pictures!!!!! Cam Whore Time!!!!

Time for my holiday pics.... i didn't take much pictures but thats coz i don't look that good in pics and i had a cold sore which totally ruined my face... sigh.. but still anyways... pictures!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

@ backpackers in Surfers Paradise... abit Sick...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

@ Toowoomba (coldest place on earth) with Samantha LOOK CAREFULLY AND U CAN SEE THE GNOMES IN THE BACKGROUND!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Eunice and Garth and ME!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Orgainc Garden is in the background.... stunning isn't it....

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

@Steve's in Beenleigh

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

@ Roma St Parklands

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Acting Cute

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Wild BushWoman in the tree!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I Like This Pic...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Cam Whoring on the wall...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Regina and Samantha and me pimping.... ;P

Hee Hee... thats just abit... more here....

Monday, July 09, 2007

I'm Back!

i won't blog much about my trip. i realised i prefer to blog about things wen they are fresh. now it seems that i have lost the moment. it has passed. but anyways heres a expansion of my previous post.

  • crazy immigration at Queensland!: Ok i realised how fast the singapore immigrations after standinf for close to an hour at the Queensland one. i seriously dunno wat takes them so long. taht goes the same to getting on the bus and waiting for my tray to be cleared on my Qantas flight. seems like aussie like to take it slow.

  • Different kinds of asians: Brisbane is crawling with asians. and i realised u can sorta pic kout the different countries out quite easily from wat they wear and how they speak. like for example how u can easily pick out a Singaporean wen they open their mouth or a Hong Konger for that matter too. and there are those fashionably quirky Japanese and the very practical China chinese with their windbreakers. it was fun guessing.

  • crazy asian tourists!: Asian tourist. Camera. Nuff said.

  • Gnomes! Real Gnomes!: Haha. this is cute. i was a garden/park wit my frens and we spotted this 3 elderly folks in sweaters and all taht. the cute thing was they were wearing matching brown beanies! soo cute. they look like garden gnomes coz there they were walkin around the garden sniffing flowers and looking at the plants. so cute i think i have a pic of them somewhere. they are soo cute.

  • Super Cold Weather: i was up at Toowoomba. apparently it s this city/town somewhere up on a hill near Brizbane. i and tell you. its fucking freezing. the winds chill you the bone and it even worse at night. after that wen we returned to brizbane, the weather there was nothing. heh.

  • Snoring And Sneezing : oh my god. i snore. and i sneezed like no ones fuck buisness for the fisrt few days. acclimatization is shit stuff.

  • Bloody Backpackers & Bloody Nose: due to the fact that i sneezed quite alot and the weather was dry, my nose bleed quite abit. that wasn't very interesting was it. heehee. and i was a bloody backpacker lugging my big bag around gold coast and surfers paradise. sheesh.

ok you may think that my holidays were kinda boring. it not. just that i decided not to post about the more interesting bits lest they be used againset me in the future. hahaha.

oh my god. the stupid things i did. ok rather one really stupid thing i did. one really super duper stupidest thing i did. which might end up making me lose a fren. sigh. don't get drunk thats all i have to say.

till next time, which i think will be later, see ya. i'll upload the photos soon.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Greetings!!! From The Land DownUnder

I Missed You..... Did You Miss Me?

Anyways!....i saw gnomes in australia! can u believe it? really i did. 3 of them! in a garden smeling the flowers. they were so cute...i'll post pics soon ok. anyways i'm blogging from UQ Gatton eh. Not a bad place.

it seems i missed a great deal whle i was away... the medics bbq and all... ya i think it was a miss planning on my part... i soo miss u guys... i'll be be back soon...
soon to come on BootifulSoup!!!
  • crazy immigration at Queensland!
  • Different kinds of asians
  • crazy asian tourists!
  • Gnomes! Real Gnomes!
  • Super Cold Weather
  • Snoring And Sneezing
  • Bloody Backpackers & Bloody Nose

Oh and so much more. so far it has been good. but i really miss guys more than you guys know.

see ya soon.... i'll be back, if this is how i feel going on holidays and being away for 10 days, god knows how i'll survive going away for my studies... hee hee...

See ya soon...