Monday, October 30, 2006

Alanis Morisette - Uninvited (Live)

One of my most favourite song by Alanis... Happie Halloween...

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Shirley Bassey - LOVE STORY

i love this song.. had been waiting ages to find it.. finally....

Saturday, October 28, 2006


i have no topic to write about at this present moment... no gripes about work.. no whining about my emotional life... no complaining about my looks... no bitching about the jock and the rest of the beautiful people... okay come to think of it.. that will come along later but at he present moment thats not the case we'll see ok?

so just now was channel surfing on cable (i seem to be doing this alot these few months.. sigh...) and happened to be watching the show One Tree Hill.. so here's the deal, there was this scene wen this blonde gurl was in bed (i duno who, i don't follow this show much) and i think she was aboutto have the night of her life with the hot dude man person.. instead of paying attention to the show i was FREAKING MORE INTERESTED WITH HER BEDSHEETS!!! which were in a wonderful shade of green with lovely paisley prints in pinks and purples... very very pretty... but any ways how shocked was i wen i realised that i was looking at the bedsheets! hah! oh by the way they didn't do it coz the gurl or guy had a baby and the baby cried so he attended to the baby... if you wanna know...

"Being sexy is not about how you look, its about how you carry yourself..." blah blah... i'm sure you have heard of this before...but have you noticed that all those people that say the abovementioned sentences are all goodlooking people? like Justin Timberlake and all that.. well its easy for them to say innit? they llok fab so they don't have to worry bout how they llok and can concentrate on other things... but enuff berating on the unfairness of life...

Below is a an excerpt of George Harrison (you know from the Beatles) song, Inner Light, which was taken from the Tao De Ching (you know, ancient chinese book of wisdom), think about it.. its kinda interesting if you think about it.... but i know most of you won't lah.. but do try...

Without going out of your door
You can know all things on earth
Without looking out of your window
You could know the ways of heaven
The farther one travels
The less one knows
Arrive without traveling
See all without looking
Do all without doing
Well have a nice week end all.. or wats left of it anyways...

Friday, October 27, 2006

Anoushka Shankar - Concert for George (2003)

If i could play one tenth as good as her than i would be a happy man...

Monday, October 23, 2006

Its Funny...

Its funny really that all of you read my blog and then when you meeet me outside in the real world we all pertend to be laa dee daa whoop pee doo alright... its weird lah.. i do mind that wat i write here is not discussed out in the real world unless absolutely necessary.... if you have too pls test the waters before you jump right in.. there might be crocs.. anyways...

wat i write here is a form of release, an escape, a place to vent my frustrations and an outlet for all those whirring ideas that i have in my head.. if i don't express myself here i would burst into a million globs of fats (thats wat basically constitutes Kookyplum)... this blog is not my whole life, its just a facet of my very non interesting existence.... thats why wen you see me outside i'm all smiles unicorns rule the world kinda person... in general i'm alright but its just a part of me that is how to say... missing or incomplete... like an apple with a worm... like a can of fruit cocktail with a dent.. like a shirt with a button missing.. like.. ok you get the picture right? good, if not then well ur slow... we all are imperfect, its just that some are more aware of their imperfections than others... then again nobody cares.. hah ah who am i kidding...

that said pls do not share your happiness with me.. it will just make me feel worse about myself... my silly pitiful sad self... heh.... i dunno i rather not know about it... ok i know about it but lets not discuss it... its a silent acknowledgement.. you know how bad it makes me feel... so i take wat i said in the previous post back... okay... (ps: no... i'm not refering to you.. if you must know)....

ok tomolo is Hari Raya (yay!)... cleaned my room, vacuum/dusted/tidied my room! (not so yay!)... going out visiting tomolo (yay yay!)... meeting all the cuzzins (yay!) den book in weds morning (totally not yay!)... help cook and arrange the kuihs (ummm yay! me thinks.. ok the cooking part but the arranging kuih thing gave my arm cramps).. Raya clothes ready, in green no less( yay!)... but less raya money if any this year (not so yay! coz i'm old.. i feel wrinkles setting in.. gasp!)...

urrghh... off to sleep to hopefully dream of nice things... i love dreaming.. that my frenz is a tale for another day... speaking of tails.. do not eat canned ox tail soup, its disgusting..

So Selamat Hari Raya to one and all.... Maaf Zahir Batin....


Sunday, October 22, 2006

christina aguilera - hurt

general mood of the moment

The Most Depressive Blog Ever

Each day i feel i am turning into Daria or some other angst ridden teenage character.. my heart is turning to stone or ice... slowly.... slowly the hope is leaving... jealous? maybe.... but i still hang on to the stupid thought that my time will come... but for now i try to pour myslef into my work... thanks god my work involves having a heart, if not i would be long gone...

as Raya comes it seems that its the season for love.... people are getting wat they want, getting their happiness...

its sad really, wen they are hurt emotionally or physically, they come to me for solace and comfort... to find the solution to their problems, for a ear to listen to their problems... but wen they are happy nobody shares their happiness with me... well i've said it many times over i know... well let me share this story wif you..

in Greek Mythology there was a princess, she was named Cassandra, she was so beautiful that the god Apollo granted to her the power of prophecy.... Apollo loved her but she did not return his love.. thus he cursed her. Her curse was taht her prophecies would all come true and see the light of day BUT no one would ever listen to her, no one would ever believe her... thus her gift has now become her constant source of pain.. as she would predict tragedies in her life that she could not prevent or change as nobody would believe her...

Nobody listens..... Nobody really sees...

Saturday, October 21, 2006


i have a confession to make...

for the past 3 months or so i haven't been going out... out to town to walk walk and talk cock.. enjoy myself wif frenz (hmm..)....

i've been recluse, a hermit.... i have this strong urge to get a bunch of cats and be a spinster... i dunno i just don't have the mood to go out and ppl nvr ask me out (unless they have a personal crisis or they just broke up, just so happens to be a recurring theme in my life)... most of the time i end up going to Cold Storage and spend crazy amounts of money on groceries... note to self: stop buying groceries.. moving on... or books buying books!

wat exactly have i turned into? i have become such an anti social bitch.. am i really? a bitch that is... really i think i am...thats not the way to rise up the social rank is it? or maybe i'm not outgoing enuff.. lotsa ppl have asked me to go clubbing but nah i said... clubbing is so noisy and crowded.. why would i want to go there and get drunk in public? wen i could do it the comfort of my own home (not that i drink but if i should drink that is wat i would do).. instead of making a fool of myself in public... Clubbing just not my cup of tea.. by tea i mean Ginger tea please, it releases internal gas which is not for you. farting and all that....

bah actually i wanted to write summore but then the stuff that i was about to write about would paint me as a desperate attention seeking whore... okay a more desperate attention seeking whore than i already am.. and also it would offend quite number of ppl.. so there...

go sleep already...

Friday, October 20, 2006


All Things Change, sister. Its sad but Heaven, Hell and the World move on. Its fate.
The Lady of the Lake to her sister Queen Mab
(i posted the video in august go see!)
My course has finished. i miss it greatly. i miss all the people there i miss you guys if you read this! i think the very fact that we didn't have any entertainment like tv or things like that meant that we spent alot of time talking to each other. which was good. i miss it so bad. the colourful people and all that studying. darn.
CAmp.... back to camp this week, to find tha many things have changed. fot the better or for the worse i do not know. i do not wish it to change. i wish it could have the way it was before i left. things were much happier then and much simpler. the responsibilities that i have still remain but the expectations that people have of me has been greatly increased.
i feel way more lonely now than i ever was. maybe it's because i was away for 2 months and need to reconnect back or maybe i have now officially stepped out of the ranks of men nad have crossed over to the commanders? my heart is still with the men but the 3 stripes will force me to change to something i do not. because of my work and my duties i have to change into something that i would not want to. i dunno and kinda confused and lost at the moment. i need to give myself to absorb all this fully.
anyways this week people have said the strangest things to me. so i'm gonna share it with you guys. for the sake of.... oh just for the sake of it.... and it shall be in list form for i love making lists (colour me virgo)
  • Somebody told me that i changed since i came back from course. he said i was more quiet, less the noisy person that i used to be. my reply to him was. well... i didn't coz i was being quiet you see. but in my mind i was thinking: "its not me who is quiet, it is you who is making much more noise." and also i was quite stressed at that time.
  • another one told me i was handsome and i had the face that girls would like. in the middle of a conversation about ghosts. it was a guy. i said thank you and moved on to other topics.
  • this conversation happened a few week ago but its worth mentioning. someone (it seems that someone seems to be the operative word to use to protect someones oops! indentity but hat besides the point. back topic please) told me taht truly intelligent people do not fall in love. coz they would see the illogical things that being in love makes you do and not fall for it. and yes love makes you do silly things, i'm sure any of you can vouch for that. the doing silly things part. but it struck a cord with me. that his reasoning that really clever people do not fall in love. interesting innit?

on the emotional non existent love life front (which i do not know why i keep blogging about), okay lets just say this, the less you know the btter you feel. ignorance is bliss i guess. thats all for now folks. it gonna be raya soon and happie deepavali to all hindus out there...!

Sorry if this post seem squished. i dunno, blogger's acting weird.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Sabah & Rola~yana yana

SAbah is an 90+ year old entertainer extraordinaire from lebanon. she's the blond one. 90 odd years still singing! god bless plastic surgery! check her out on wikipedia...

Sunday, October 15, 2006


i'm not 3rd sergeant ppl.. not yet.. anyways... don't come up to me calling that... other than that nothing much to talk about... another week has passed... Paramedic lvl course is coming to a close... and back to camp it is for me..... rrggh... another 7 more months for me....

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Random Thoughts

  • I didn't have a 21st birthdae celebration. how pathetic.
  • My plants are all dying on me.
  • I have no social life to speak of.
  • You spend so much time to improve your body. To get that six pack/bulging biceps/nice pecs. To get that dream girl of yours but for wat? When you get married it will go to waste. Think about it men usually lose their looks wen they get married.
  • I have a fat fuzzy tummy.
  • I need to re-string my sitar.
  • I don't have time/lazy to practice on my sitar.
  • I need new shoes.
  • The haze makes my neighbourhood look like a scene from Jack the Ripper. All foggy and mysterious at night.
  • The haze is a pain in the ass.
  • I should get drunk or be on an acid trip.
  • My life is an acid trip.
  • I don't have such an interesting life.
  • I lie alot.
  • That was a lie.

Its just one of those days....

It gets very lonely being me.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Um Kulthoum - Enta 3omree

A Legend in the arab world.. apparently she can sing for hours and hours just for one song.. amazing!
Ashtiko mino-nancy ajram

i guess the arab world isn't as conservative as we would like to think it is...

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Nothing muCh to Say

okay, heard thru the grapevine that All Saints are making a return to the music... whoop dee doo.... All SAints were the girl group of the nineties.. i like their style... tank tops and baggy pants and all... can't wait or rather can wait (coz i really can't be bothered with all these CD launches) for their new album..

the world is such a superficial place.... and i'm fat... nuff said need to excercise...

anyways i', having a case of Lake House Syndrome again... like i wanna go see the Cartier Exhibition at the National Museum... Pretty pretty diamonds and jewels.. its not a sappy love story people... my usual museum buddy has exams... sigh...but alas coz i have leprosy or SARS or some infectious flesh eating, ball rotting, pimple inducing disease only found in the remote mountains of South America or some really bad restaurants.. people do i smell? really wat is it with me that people don't want ot go out with me... rarely people go out wit me or ask me out.. i noe i'm silly and weird and loud but do i really embaress you in public? really do i? if i do then by all means tell me... i'm sorry i was ranting... dismiss that, oh wait i'm sure you already did...

i am so unstable...