Tuesday, December 30, 2003

its been a long time since we met on this lonely road. And many things have happened. First of all Anita Mui died. That was sad. Then Xiaxue had to close her blog. And I gained weight. So depressing right. Oh sadness.

But today shall be the New Years Edition of Bootifulsoup! Ok nuff of the depressing stuff! It time for new year cheer.

First I will be spending New Years Day on the beach! Wit my family! The beach! Family!

Ok now for my NEW Years Resolution Publication! It time for what I shall do for next hopefully.

1) To be Fitter. Ok it is kind of a long stretch but I will try. But do not ask me to run or play some stupid sport. I am a solitary exerciser.

2) To have less pimples. A hard task I must say but it is worth doing.

3) To not slack so much. I have been slacking too much.

4) To be a bitch. I feel I need to bitch more next year. so there.

5) To suck up to people more. You cannot get anything done in this world without sucking up to people.

6) Oh ok. Let see this is to save my eternal soul. It is to be a better person. Hahha. Its clich├ęd.

Ok lah 6 is enuff. The rest are my private resolutions.

Note: I never actually get to doing my resolutions. So worry not.

Saturday, December 27, 2003

you noe wat? due to the very little number in my arts class they are moving it to 3 - 5 pm? ok fine it doesn't really clash with my other IS. but now i have to meet the rush hour traffic which is like so bummer. i mean rush hour traffic ! and the bloody bus stop is like soo crowded.

sigh. wat to do. its fate.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

things I saw today:

while I was waiting for the bus at the interchange I saw this man. This man was no ordinary man. Oh no he was not handicapped. Instead he had really hairy fore arms. I mean really hairy. Can you believe really hairy fore arms! It was like a few cm long. Maybe I am exaggerating coz I did not really measure it but it was sure long.

This is another thing I saw. But first lemme ask you this question. If you went fishing what would you wear? For me it would be something comfortable like a old but still presentable T-shirt and Bermudas or track pants. Or even a old pair of jeans.

But have you seen people going fishing wearing clothes that look like they came from orchard? Well just now I got on the bus ( going to work ) and this bunch of guys got on. Ok lah they looked as though they were going to Orchard. With their mesh caps and adidas shoes and Bermudas. But then they were carrying fishing rods! For gods sake fishing rods! They looked out of place. Seriously. Weird looking.

Things I did today:

I only did 1 thing worth blogging.

I bought undies! Hahaha! I bought undies! No not the lacy kind. Boxer briefs. A weird miture of boxer shorts and briefs. Ok nuff of my lingerie habits.

Till next time.

Monday, December 22, 2003

there is one thing that I find particularly irritating about men who wear polo T-shirts. It is when they put up the bloody collar. I mean it looks terrible and it does not make you look cool. Instead it makes you look like the Count in Sesame Street, you noe the one that counts a lot and whenever he laughs lightning and thunder strike. Its idiotic. Please for the sake of all sane people in this freeking earth. DO NOT PUT UP THE POLO T-SHIRT COLLAR!

Saturday, December 20, 2003

have you ever had this feeling? It is when time slows down and your surroundings become fuzzy. And when your breath becomes shallow and your heart beats faster. Have you ever had that feeling? Well I did, yesterday. It was quite strange. It reminds me of the song Gorecki by Lamb.

Ok that day at work we had this training session and my boss gave this pep talk and I felt inspired to do a better job. But the very next day, she had this weird attitude and started to scold the staff. Scold is such a strong word. Ok not really scold but point out things to us. I realized that her expectations of us staff members has gone up a notch just because we had the training session. But people take time to change as all things in this world. Us staff cannot change so fast, we need time to adjust. I understand.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

oh oh.. my fren gave me candles. how sweet of her. no ordinary candles are they. these are french candles. yes they are. thanks SAmmy.

ok people have been asking me to write testicles for them. ok ok getting to it. i am a busy busy man.

ok gonna watch tv will blog tomolo ok. i have lotsa stuff.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

i wrote this yesterday but i was too lazy to post it so here.

things that Irritated Me Today

number 1. this kid at work. He was pretending to be dumb so I will give him the answers and it is quite irritating coz as a teacher I am inclined to help him but he is acting dumb. Sheesh.

Number 2. just now as I was going up the lift this lady came running up to the lift. I did not noe she wanted to get on the lift and when the doors closed she gave me this look. It just this look dat cannot be described. Before you ask the lift has those glass things on the door so I could see her. But the thing is right she did not even shout out to me to hold the lift for her. So if she didnot give me the signal how was I supposed to respond?

Number 3. this old man sitting beside me on the bus. It was like night time and he was sitting on the inside and I on the outside. He was constantly intruding on my personal space as he was trying to see where to stop. Like he was elbowing me. Turning his head left and right. Ok I get that he was trying to see where he was going and he is old but could ya at least ask for directions? Thats men for ya.

Number 4. oh oh this has to be the magnum opus. The highlight of my irritating encounters. I got on the bus home from work and lo and behold I was standing next to a bunch of minahs. And they were soo noisy and obnoxious. One of them was singing some malay songs. Not quietly but very loudly. The whole bus could hear her. And they were toking so loudly. I was hoping someone would kill right there. Or at least knock me out cold. I could not take it anymore coz we were stuck on the highway and there was no bus stop for a good five minutes. I got off at the next stop.

Things That Made My Day

Eating Kinder Bueno Chocolate. I Am Addicted to them right now.

Eating Ritter Sport Yogurt. This Chocolate has been eluding me for a long time. And I finally found it. A perfect blend of choc and yogurt.

Seeing Alan Tern in Popular at Compass Point. Well this did not actually made my day but it was a pleasant surprise to see an actor in Compass Point. maybe he lives in Sengkang? Oh you don’t noe who is Alan Tern? That guy who played Vernetta Lopez love interest in that doctor show. Oh nvm.

Ogling at hot people. Yup it seems there are plenty of those to go around.

Oh and signing up for my Understanding Arts class. But I could not actually get my time right. Meaning I have a 1 hour break between my Arts class and My PQS class. And the PQS class ah I do not know the lecturer. It some Indian lady. Lets hope that she is nice. I only recognized one name in the list of lecturer but I am guessing that his class is gonna full of girls who are gonna sit in class and ogle at him. Not that ogling is a bad thing ut you cannot get any learning done if your lecturer looks like dat. I noe I am being very vague but you will see wat I mean.

Monday, December 15, 2003

ok now I am quite free to blog.

There is this article in the Sunday times about how to handle difficult party guest and one of the difficult ones is the Kaypoh. And the article advises the people who come into contact with this Kaypoh to stay clear coz gossiping is not good for you.

Oh please. How can one say gossiping is not good for you? It is like the best thing in the world. And lets face the acts here. Almost every single person has indulged in gossip be it in the form of the people around you or gossip bout celebrities.

Let me get this clear, there is a clear line between gossip and rumours. Gossip contains truth in it. For example, if A and B are going out. And people start whispering about it. I find that there is nothing wrong with it coz it contains some truth in it. To speak the truth is ok rite? so what is so bad about gossiping?

It is stated somewhere that gossiping is good coz it establishes where you are in the social ladder. If you chance upon a piece of juicy news then you can use it to your advantage. And well climb the social ladder however trivial the news maybe. As they say knowledge is power.

Next on the agenda is Focus On Family ( that stoopid group promoting virginity ) and groups like it.

It has gone too far. It has come to my attention that Abercrombie and Fitch has stopped publishing it magazine. A&F is famous for its scantily clad models (male and female) in compromising positions in its catalogue.

The reason for this closure of the magazine/ catalogue is that these so called family groups have called a boycott on A&F products so long as the thing is in print. And this has somehow worked.

There are so many wrong things on sooo many levels.

First. We want to see scantily clad models. Beauty is a good thing. Its not that they are ugly. They are models for crying out loud. They have to be beautiful.

Many top models started out as A&F models in the catalogue. I can’t name any coz I lazy too research but there are a few.

It a matter of choice. If scantily clad models make you feel dirty then why the freaking first place did you look at the pictures?

If the boycott continues then wont a lot of people lose their jobs? All those people in china or somewhere that make the clothes. They will lose their jobs. What will they feed their families? So instead of working in the factories making clothes. Which is decent enuff. Now they have to work the streets as prostitutes, gigolo and drug runners coz some people can’t bear the sight of skin?

So called family groups do not think this far do they. If they wanted a pure way of life where teen learn and experience sex only on their first night and there is no crime and all is good and well. I have only this to say. go live with the Amish!

Oh but before I say any further. I don’t mean sex workers are a bad bunch. Instead I commend their work. I think being a sex worker means you are very brave. It takes a dedicated amount of courage and commitment. This is meant for those who choose the profession by choice. Not forced.

Enuff ranting.

That day this girl peed in her pants in my work place. Damn hilarious. But hey she was only 5 and new. But haha.

Oh oh and that day I saw a very funny sight on the bus. There were 2 guys. One had nice hair but a very wrong face. Whom I shall call BlueTint, you will noe later. The other guys had a nice face but oh so very wrong hair. He shall be called CurryPUff.

BlueTint had very nice hair. It was soft looking and styled in your usual japonese pop star hair and he tinted his fringe blue. I was like how kool is that. But then the face was another story. It was full of acne and booth his cheeks were like red. It is worse than mine. Darling, if you have such nice hair it will draw attention to you face. And you noe the rest.

CurryPuff on the other hand had nice skin and quite handsome lah by my standards. But the hair. Oh the hair. He had too much gel on and the he styled his hair in such a way that the fringe is looking much like a currypuff. It was high and eww. And the thing was he was sitting with this hot girl who I think should be his Gurlfren by the way they were acting. Like Hello hotgirl! Are you blind? Look at his hair! Well they say love is blind.

I will be working again so I doubt I will be blogging tomolo. But I doubt anyone will miss me.

Friday, December 12, 2003

i have much too much too blog now. being drained of my energy. work is stressing me out. more on that next time.

i tought of putting up a web counter but then i realised if i did then the result would shock me. so i decided to leave the number of people who read this to be a mystery.

time to sleep.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

oh yes I am back. Yes I am.

Did a little thinking ( I think a bit too much thinking coz I have a splitting headache now ) I came upon the realization that I have this one act that I regret very much doing. I had much control over it and yet I went a head and did it. No it is not some illegal sex act or drug stuff.

It is just one stupid thing I did that I regret very much. It was funny when I did it, it seemed fun even daring but now on after thought it seemed very stupid. Very very stupid.

I am not gonna tell you wat the thing is! If I did it would like open a Pandora’s Box and my secrets will be revealed.

Monday, December 08, 2003

Are you damned?
Brought to you by Rum and Monkey

You're coming back! And if you are a Hindu you are going to have very specific characteristics:

"The slayer of a woman and the destroyer of embryos becomes a savage full of diseases; who commits illicit intercourse, a eunuch; who goes with his teacher’s wife, disease-skinned. The eater of flesh becomes very red; the drinker of intoxicants, one with discolored teeth...." (Garuda Purana)

Which Evil Criminal are You?

Which Historical Lunatic Are You?
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You are Form 3, Unicorn: The Innocent.

"And The Unicorn knew she wasn't meant to
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inside and bled silver blood.. For her
misdeed, the world knew evil."

Some examples of the Unicorn Form are Eve
(Christian) and Pandora (Greek).
The Unicorn is associated with the concept of
innocence, the number 3, and the element of
Her sign is the twilight sun.

As a member of Form 3, you are a curious
individual. You are drawn to new things and
become fascinated with ideas you've never come
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like getting to the bottom of things and
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Which Mythological Form Are You?
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i'm depressed! i need my fren who listens to my problem fren:(

but she is in France:(

Saturday, December 06, 2003

Did a little visiting today and came upon a realization.

I am not close to any of my cousins! Gasp! The Horror!

I have two sets of cousins. Ok everyone has two sets of cousins, one from the mothers side and one from the fathers side. Well the cousins on my mothers side are all either too old and wih family or too young like in primary skool.

The cousins on my fathers side. And oh I have tons of cousins on my fathers side. Ok neways, most of my dads side cousins are too old and they have kids. The ones that are important are a few and they are in my age range. I should be quite chummy with them rite?

Well not! I dunno why but we all are not close. Maybe coz when we were young we didn’t really hang out wit each other. Weird rite. I have this sudden urge to be family oriented. But seriously I want to get to noe them better. Hey cousinz of Hakim I wanna get to noe u! find me on friendster ya.

back to more crappy matters.

I came up with this sentence which I find very very beautiful. Ok here goes.

Possessing a delicate whiteness bordering on pale

I dunno it just speaks to me. Thought of it on the bus on the way to work.

Speaking of work. I am now working five days out of seven. Tiring but I gonna be
R_ _ _!

No idea of what to add but will blog later.

Friday, December 05, 2003

oh joyous day! Calloh! Callay!

It such a joyous day. That is because today I ate the Mc Pepper burger. After like so long it has come back. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Management of McDonalds for Bringing back the Mc Pepper Burger. And if ur reading this please please do not take it off the menu. It is like the single most delicious burger ever. Just meat and pepper sauce and bread. What more can a man ask for. Sigh. I sing of praise for the Mc Pepper.


another joyous occasion! I have to report. I have gone down to my original weight. As it was the festive season, my weight ballooned. It went up a few kilos but now it has gone back down to what it was before.

Ok I shall leave you now with something I came across on the Internet.

“When a man has a high belly button. Mother Nature has been very kind to him.”

I find it quite interesting and amusing. Toodles.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

I got my exam results back!

And I am mighty surprised at them. my results I mean. I did not expect much and I even expected to fail a few. But to my surprise I got Bs. Every single subject is a B. except for Exploring Comtemporary Issues. For which I got and AD! Ok I had to brag. But I was quite shocked at getting an AD for Issues. I mean I was not even that good in creative thinking and I suck at public speaking. There were people in my class who talked more cock than me. Oh well.

I am surprised I got B for Plant Maintenance. I hated the lecturer. But I got a B.

I am surprised at Structural Drawing. I liked the lecturer and I thought my drawings sucked and after being treated unfairly for not being neat. I got a B.

I am surprised at Nursery Management. I slept through the whole thing. Well most of it. And I got a B.

I am surprised at Plant Biochemistry. I thought I was going to die during the exam. I got a B.

I was surprised at Financial Planning. I slept thru most of that too. And I didn’t noe shit during the final test. But I got a B.

I was surprised at Plant Pest and Entomology. I thought the paper was a killer. But I got a B.

It seems my new favorite letter is B. Congratulations! The exam results are finally known!

I am happie! Time to go shopping! Take that as a hint you guys. Wink wink
it seems the computer is acting up again. it loads so slowly. should i get broadband? one reason i should not get broadband is that i will use it to much and get addicted to the internet. a very good reason i should think.

so i think it is settled then i shall stick to dial up.


today is the last day of my freedom. ok the today i am toking bout is gone so let me rephrase that.

today is the begining of my work month. from thursday onwards i shall work 4 days a week. working with insanely annoying kids. i just noe my boss will put me with the insanely annoying kids. i just feel it in my bones. i love my job but don't put me with those anoying kids. stress the love and annoying just in case my boss reads this. :)

i have a suprise. but it will have to wait till school reopens and depends on certain other factors. but i will try to make the suprise. just wait.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

ok as of now i have 4 testi (cles) ok i had to make that joke. only friendster people will sorta get the joke.

and am i really that funny? i mean really i am asking you web surfers out there who noe me.

am i really funny if so wat is it about me that is soo funny?
ok I am back more determined than ever.

I just watched the movie Never Been Kissed. The one with Drew Barrymore being this geeky reporter and going back to school to do a story and in turn find the true path in life.

The message of the movie is good enough. Which is not to be a poser and be yourself but hey in reality it is not like that. Even in the movie Drew Barrymore becomes this beautiful babe as she stands at the baseball pitch. Notice that she is not the unfashionable geek that she was in the beginning of the movie. If the movie message was to say true to form then she would have reverted back to her old self.

I am sorry but it seems to me that the topic of Popularity has become one of my Pet Peeves. Because just like Drew in the movie, I too have Never Been Kissed. Take that in any direction you want. So I think this blog will be full of stuff like this.

Speaking of blogs.

A blogger has posted its last blog and now will blog no more. You will be greatly missed unnamed blog.

Sunday, November 30, 2003

ok I don’t fuckin care anymore. I need an outlet to vent out my frustrations. I don’t fuckin care if anyone reads this shit.

I realize im a nobody. I’m not in a band, I don’t even play a musical instrument. And whatever musical training I had seems to fall on deaf ears. I have no special skills in arts. Nor do I play any sport.

I am no social butterfly, I do not socialize. I have bad people skills. I cannot hold a conversation. I am not funny, whatever funniness I have stems from the fact that I have a very comical appearance. I do not know how to lick boots or suck up. I am not kind or caring. I give nonsensical advice should anyone ask.

I’m like the most useless fuck on the face of the earth. Sorry correction, I am the most useless fuck on this earth. Wherever else my interests lie only I enjoy. People don’t understand my poems or stories.

Even a rock has a more interesting life than me.

Thursday, November 27, 2003

and dat said there is sumthing wrong with the blog. it would not load. fate.
At first I wanted to write about the life of a pornstar but after writing sum of it (which incidentally was good, despite the sleazy title) I realized that it wasn’t suitable for the readers, whoever u may be, or non readers. Not that it was full of erotica, I noe u peeps or non peeps can handle far raunchier stuff. It was scrapped coz it didn’t feel right.

There is this feeling u get after u rite sumthing. And this one felt not right. Maybe it was fated to be in my mind only.

That said.

I have nothing to blog anymore. I’m taking a temporary hiatus. I guess I should concentrate on working and other stuff and not dwell on the unrealistic life on the internet. Serious.

baby boi u stay on my mind, fulfill my fantasy
i think about u all the time i see u in my dreams.

i love this song. baby boi! Beyonce!

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Ok just telling you that. I luv MTV VJ Utt’s hair! Like dat is wat I call nice hair. If u have cable then go check him out.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Ok todaes topic is all bout SEX SEX SEX!!!

So if ur squeamish bout how u were made. Or one of those people who think dat sex is dirty. Just go and play with ur dolls (respective to your own gender please, we don’t want to get dirty thoughts)

First of all

I got this from Xiaxue and Julius’s blogz ( both of whom I consider great bloggers in their own rights) and here the link to the article, I think it will disappear after 3 days so I think I’ll copy and save it for further mocking.

Ok this is wat it think of the bloody thing. HAHAHAHA!! Dat done lemme get to the gritty bits.

Point one: They say having pre marital sex is immoral. Oh my I say! if dat is so, then like like close to a billion people(a rough estimate) all over the world have no morals! Oh my god!! How how!?

Point two: they say homosexuals are not normal people and homosexuals are made not born. Oh dear! I say again! That means I’ve been wearing clothes design by gay people! And have my hair done by gay folks! (not dat all the occupations have gay people) Im dirty now! I have to go burn my hair and clothes!

Point three: the use of peer pressure to their advantage.

What I have to say to all of this: Bullshit! Like sex outside marriage is immoral. Im thinking dat sex when ur married is the same as sex outside marriage. You do the same thing right? Except when ur married u may not use condoms coz u want babies.(oh sex for babies is another matter) so basically it’s the same, so if I follow that kinda thinking sex in general is immoral? Another load of bull.

I think homosexual people are nicer than some hetero people. They are normal and do even better than ‘normal’ people. The only difference is dat they have different preferences than others. It is as though u like fish while I hate fish. Dat makes me like wat not normal? In a more sex related analogy, its as though u get off by letting someone piss and crap on you while I on the other hand I like to do it the normal way( the way god designed, yeah right! Rolls eyes) so that makes u like seriously screwed? Same thing, it their own choice. Deal.

Oh and the use of peer pressure to sign their STUPID pledge is basically evil! If they are so SUPERIOR in their morals then why do they have to resort to peer pressure? Bah bah bah.

Basically I’m pro Pre marital sex. Oh yes I am. I mean sex is just sex. It is the derivation of pleasure from two consenting people. If 2 peeps wanna have sex then who are u to say? I think sex is ok if u consent and if u luv that person at that moment. U may love ur husband/wife but when u don’t love them anymore then is the marriage considered null?

Yes all people who love sex regardless if ur a virgin. I ask you to lend me your ears. If they are planning a Virgin March then we should plan an I Love Sex March to counter them. if they have a right to voice their opinion then why can’t I?

It’s absurd. If god wanted us to have sex when we are married then he/she should have made us have late puberties or sumthing.

Pornstar thing for tomolo. I’m too frustrated.

Monday, November 24, 2003


In theory, being tall is sexy. Well IN THEORY. Coz some tall peeps are just tall and lanky. Short people rule the world! Yeah!

I mean isn’t short easier to handle, where everything is easier to reach and well you noe wat I mean. Wink wink. In short, size doesn’t matter. Short!!

Degradation of Society

If getting older means ur supposed to get wiser then I thin the old people of Singapore should just kiss their own ass.

I was appalled at the behaviour of our supposed older and wiser citizens. This is wat I observed. This one observation convinced me that getting older means ur gonna be an ass.

This old man was sitting o the train and well he wanted to get off the train. The train just going to reach the station and there was ample time to walk to the door and he was sitting near the door. Then this old man (late 60’s) got up and pushed this poor young boy out of his way to get to the door. And the poor guy was like stumbling back.

I mean you could say excuse me in at least Chinese or some dialect. People will understand that u need to get off the train. Who in their right mind would stop and elderly man from getting off the train?

The next one happened to me. It was at the interchange. I was getting on the bus and u noe there are 2 EZ link thingies on the side. I got on first and tapped my card and proceeded to walk to get a seat. And then this old lady came from behind and pushed her way in front of me. That was one thing . she den moved to the middle of the bus and stopped right there mumbling something. Most probably dunno where to sit.

There were clearly other seats to sit on. And she had to stop in the middle of the bus and block ppl way.

If we are to respect our elder, im toking bout elderly ppl in general, they have to show us a minimum amount of respect. We are human too. Not all old peeps are bad just these few bad eggs.

In some cultures old people of the tribe are killed because they are of no use to the tribe and are considered a burden. Think bout it.

Festive Season
Oh Hari Raya is here again. This year I don’t feel like celebrating. I mean after eighteen or so years of celebrating, it has sum how lost it’s luster and shine. It’s not as exciting as it used to be. Maybe on thru the years ppl have died and families got broken up. On that note.


Tomolo if I have the time! Shall be a pro and con list on being a pornstar! If you should ever consider being one.

Sunday, November 23, 2003


Ok dudes and dudettes! I have learnt sumthing todae. I learnt how to weave a ketupat.

Other than dat I did spring cleaning although it’s kinda autumn now. Anyways cleaned my room and wiped and dusted like no ones business.

And u noe I got new pets todae, while changing the sofa covers I stumbled upon a colony of silverfish. Those things u find in old books and stuff. U noe those worm like thingies. I saved a few and the rest were sucked up the vacuum cleaner by my dad. Hey at least I saved a few. Now they reside comfortably in a plastic container.

Oh did ya find the How to be Popular Instructions helpful? Well don’t worry there’s more to come.

Ok tots dee doo. Gotta go sleep.

Saturday, November 22, 2003

hey! wats the deal. i STILL only have one testimonial in frenster. see im not popular. sigh. dat a sad sad fact.
Ok peeps it’s gonna be a long long blog. So bear with me.

First of all lemme tell u this story that happened to me just this morning while I was waiting for the bus to go to work.

The Attack
Ok I was sitting down at the bus stop minding my own business, waiting for an insanely slow bus (dats another story). As I was sitting I glanced downwards and lo and behold there at my feet was a swarm of ants. It’s the black ones that scurry about, not the red ones thank god. But newayz, these things like came from nowhere and were like gathering around my feet.

So I was tapping my foot trying to scare these bugs away but they kept coming and they started to crawl up my foot! I was like, the hell?!? Like they were psycho ants or sumthing. So I did wat any self respecting person would do. I gt up and stood on another corner of the bus stop. But the bloody buggers followed me and came like trailing after my foot! Like I didn’t step on any sweet things or anything dat could attract ants! I smelt perfectly fine.

So then I started to step on them coz they were irritating me. Oh den I got on the bus. Hah. Ok my strange encounter of the day.

Next on the list.


Ive been thinking bout death as of late. Keyword here is DEATH not DYING. Like I noticed humans are really preoccupied bout death. If u didn’t realize religions were created so ppl could feel better bout death. Think about it, u do some things according to some god and u go to heaven or paradise or nirvana. Religions give u somewhere nice to go when u die. And to make things either complicated or easier (depending on wat ur view is) oly certain ppl can get in to the “nice place.” Pardon me for being blunt but I’m just trying to get a basic point across. The point is people are afraid to die. Well so am I but who isn’t.

Old buddies

Ok.. I found one of my buddies from primary skool from frenster. I dunno brings back a sense of nostalgia. Thinking bout all those carefree days when we caught insect and lizards. Ahhh those were the days. Where innocence abound, ok I wasn’t dat innocent but hey mostly. Hehehe. I smile.


Ahh ok on to the main topic.

Do any of u remember this show way back in 2000 I think, called Popular? It was like shown on Channel 5 on weds I think. Here’s a link.

But I’ll give u a recap anyway. It about this group of teens in Jackie Kennedy High in the U.S of A. Its mainly about this two groups of kids the popular ones and the unpopular ones. The series chronicles the their lives and how they cope being in their respective groups. It also shows that the popular kids want to be normal and the unpopular ones want to be popular.

Popular kidz

Brooke McQueen (Lead CheerLeader and wet dream material of many in the skool)
Josh Ford (Head of the Football team & singer n Drama Enthusiasts )
Nicole Julian (head Bitch and second in command to the cheerleaders)
Mary Cherry ( Cheerleader and Rich, spoilt and campy Texan Woman!! Woo!)
Sugar B ( just a best fren of Josh, popular by association)
Popita Fresh (Cheerleader and latino representative)

Un Popular kidz

Samantha McPherson ( Underdog Representative & journalist)
Harrison John (quiet shy boy)
Carmen Ferrera (Fat and sassy Dance enthusiast)
Lily Esposito (activist and campaigner extraordinaire)

Back then in sec skool I tot this show was really relevant coz there was popular kids in sec skool and well I was one of the unpopular ones. But now in poly, it seems more relevant!!! There are 2 kinds of popularity, at least in my books:

1)popularity in the sense that everyone loves u and u are well known by the adoring public.

2)Popularity in the sense dat ur famous for some reason or another, regardless of nice or not nice. Kool one might say. No one really noes u but the mere mention of ur name brings awe!

I’m toking bout number 2. hey maybe these two reasons are one and the same to you but to me they are different.

Ok do this when skool reopens and just look around and u’ll see these popular kidz. U’ll just noe them coz well they’re popular. I’M NOT SAYING POPULAR IS BAD N I DON’T MEAN TO OFFEND. Dats not the point entirely.

I’m writing this not to diss the popular ones coz popular is good! We all wanna be popular. And Dats true. I’m just speaking for the underdogs who are oppressed by not being popular. And I offer u a way out!

Steps to Being Popular. Kinda works, take with a pinch of salt.

Step 1

U have to be vaguely good looking or chio. Doesn’t have to be drop dead gorgeous just a pleasant face and look. If ur not good looking consider a make over. But choose ur ‘look’ properly, it can be sweet, punk, rock, skater, posh, rebel or hippie. Whatever it is choose wisely. Coz it’s important.

Step 2

Live up to ur image. If u choose the hippie look, then live up to it. But but don’t go overboard with it. Subtle is the word here. Less is more. Be normal but with a pinch of difference. Get it?

Step 3

This works especially well with guys. Will work with girls too. The step is. Play a sport, ppl love sumone who is sporty and fit. Choose a sport that the majority likes. Sports like soccer or basketball. Or even those offbeat ones like fencing. Not chess please. And water sports a big plus.

Step 4

Choose an art form. It may be drama, poetry or painting. Philosophy is good too. Everyone admires a brainiac. U don’t have to be an expert in it just be interested in it.

See. there ya go. 4 BASIC STEPS to being popular or at least get noticed. But NO ONE EVER TRIED IT YET. So if ya do tell me so I can be famous and popular coz I told u how to do it. Haha…

Basically it is to be one big contradiction. It’s ur into sports but ur also a painter?! Like wow! Dats the reaction ur loking for. It will attract people like bees to honey. And u’ll be popular. I think.

Hahaha ok… I’ll have to try it out myself before I go on…. Toodles… told ya it was one long blog. CONGRATULATIONS IF U MADE IT THIS FAR. Here ya go have a smilie :)

Ok lah nitez…

Friday, November 21, 2003

whoop dee doo....

damned tired after working today... and my hand hurts... alot... dunno why.... ok lah gotsa lotsa thingsa to say so i'll just tell u now and also to help me remember them tomolo.

death, old buddies, POPULARITY!

dats want i wanna say tomolo, but for now i'm going to sleep.

but before i go.... does anybody noe how i can get rid OF THE FUCKING NOKIA POP UP ADS!!!!! like it's really irritating... shhesh...

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Lady Galadriel send her greetings and welcomes you to the golden forest of lorien….. will you now take a rest from your weary journey and have an audience with the lord and lady of the woods?

Hah… I just love Lord Of The Rings… I only like the first one coz the whole story of the first was soo pretty and magickal.. the other two was just about war war war…. Ok just a random thought…..

On to the more serious stuff…..

It seems my HLM class has lost many things… was discussing it wit xL the other day. the class has lost 3 things:


We lost all these elements in the class and now we’re very plain. And if ur clever u noe who they are. They all went off to pursue their dreamz and we miss them dearly.

Ok dunno where that came from. I have all this things in my head.

Next on the agenda. A rant! Yes a well deserved ranting is at hand!

Have been lurking around frensters again and reading ppl’s profiles and found sumthing that made me think. I have observed that in peoples twestimonials a lot of them say that so and so is a friendly person. (heh so scientific) but this is not the problem. The problem is this thought that comes to my mind.

If a person looked like Frankenstein or The Hunchback Of Notre Dame would this person still be regarded as friendly? Would he or she?

I mean it’s all relative to how u look. Think about it.

On a sadder note. One of my great aunties has passed away. Jus got to noe bout it as I was typing the above. How fleeting is this mortal life. Well wasn’t really close to her but hey she was my family. Heck she IS still my family. She shall be greatly missed. She had lots of children though and she was really talkative. Hehe. I shall remember her for that. Consider this her eulogy. Sigh. She had to go soo near to Hari Raya. Ok lah time to reflect. Nitez . don't feel like bloging anymore.
oh my god!!!! have got the greatest idea for tonights blog!!! stay tuned ppls!!! if u read my blog tag me ya... jus to feed my insecurities.... toodles...
hey hey daarrlliinnggs.....

i'm feeling a bit british today. so jus imagine me talking with a really fake british accent. yes yes.

oh today is nephew's birthday!!! he's like 3 years old and really hyperactive! and cute! going to his house laterz... ok brits don't really say laterz...

ok finally sumone sent me a sms msg.. so cute summore... thanks ah yi....

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Hey hey…

Once again I speak in rhyme
I may try even longer this time
Some may find this irritating
Well join the line many waiting
Today an oracle I shall become
To read all fates all, fates as one
So pose me a problem
And I shall try to read em
So ends my rhyming ways
Heck it shorter than the shortest day

Ok todae not much inspiration for poetic inspiration….

Not much happening these days. Especially todae……

Yah todae seems very boring no one sends me msg.. no one calls.. no one sends me mail, oh seems I’m a hermit in a cave….or maybe I’m like some sacred virgin waiting to be sacrificed….. going to sleep lah it’s boring….. boring boring boring…


Oh but then got sumthing to say lah. Has anyone noticed how wooden is Vincent ng’s acting? Got looks but no talent… he should just stick to wushu or was it sumthing else before he went into acting? Its terrible watching dat police show. Dunno wat show lah.

And oh the bloody tree is till not growing… damn…
yoz yoz ppls!!!!

it's night time here where i am
where i sit there and eat some yam
if you find the way i talk a bit strange
than you right as plain as rain
i've begun to type in rhyme
maybe till the end of time
why u might ask do i type this way
so this is wat i have got to say:
on the world wide web i tread
many things read and many things said
one thing in parcticular interesting i find
one thing, sumthing that has touched my mind
a string of words and images splattered
things dat tell me life mattered
changed my view and showed me hope
and maybe fun wit some dope
i have myself a muse
one dat i will rarely use
for a muse is an object of distance
inspiring all within it range
so close to you it may be
but it will never be yours to gain.......

ok dat my dear peeps was a moment of poetic inspiration!!!! yes poetic inspiration!!! come on say it with me now!!! POETIC INSPIRATION!!

ok.. so i have found a muse. not gonna tell u who it is.....no it's not anything else just a muse....

on other fronts.....

the damned tree is not growing at all... trying to find a suitable link to show u all but.. grr....

my boss wants me to work more days now.. dat means more hours working with those damn kids but don't get me wrong.... i love the kiddies at work but it only takes one bad seed to spoil the soup.. or watever u get wat i mean... ok time now is like 12 plus plus... i'm not much of a time person... oh there's a good story to tell... but i'll leave that for tomolo... time to tidur.... thats sleep for those un malay folkies...........

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

good Afternoon. ok got nothing to do so decided to blog. when i got here i didn't have anything to blog.... blah blah. thinking of wat to blog....

oh ya ok! got sumthing to blog....

remember the miracle tree i bought yesterday... miracle my foot! it doesn,t grow. they said it would grow after 12 hours but well it jus look like a pile of wet cardboard to me. it may be all the humidity we have here in sunny singapore... i will wait for 2 days since it said in 2 days the tree will be complete!! HAhahaha! evil laugh!

dats all folks till later tonight...

Monday, November 17, 2003

Whoop pee dee doo!

Todae me went for a shopping trip. To SPEND SPEND SPEND. Basically went to bugis junction and bugis street and queensway shopping center to buy buy buy... Now we shall chronicle the events that have unfolded...

left the house.. went on a train ride...

reached bugis to wait for Rachel, rahimah and xiuling (not their real names, hhaha) it seems I have miscalculated my journey and arrived there really early..So I stood there and read terry prachett’s book, Science of Discworld. And managed to finish the remaining chapters.quite nice about quantum physics and evolution, really not kidding.

12. sumthing pm
Xiuling, rahimah and Rachel arrived and started to shop

The rest of the time. Shop shop shop till our feet hurt.. if you think I’m going to type out every single thing dat happened then your crazeeee!!! But iam going to tell wat I bought..

Vans Rowley xl2 Skater shoes:
Pretty amazed I bought these shoes.. Kinda nice.. Click on the link.. Bought at queensway..

Two T-shirts from bugis street:
This two really el cheapo T-shirts for 18 bucks.. from some thai guy and his shop.. The T-Shirt oso from Thailand.. Thailand happiness.. It’s very cute, watch out for me wen I sport it around skool..

Two Giodarno shirts from OG (I noe it’s an auntie place but there was discounts!!!)

And this $1 toy from those vending machine.. it called a miracle tree.. Well it was well time to indulge in some kiddie affairs.. to relieve my childhood so to speak..

My feet hurt and I’m dead beat and tomolo have to work.. But first my rant of the day!!!! Ok lah todae no rant but I will give u a poem by the great poet William Blake.. it called Augeries of Innocence.. it’s actually really really long (I don’t understand how he could write so much but I guess long ago he had a lot of time) but I’ll give u the part I like best but if u wanna read the rest go use google. blah!

Here goes:

Augeries Of Innocence

To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour.

A robin redbreast in a cage
Puts all heaven in a rage.
A dove-house filled with doves and pigeons
Shudders hell through all its regions.

So how was the excerpt? Goodnight kiddies!!!!!

Oh but wait! There will be another shopping adventure coming soo.. wooo..

Sunday, November 16, 2003

ok good morning peeps!!!!

much calmer and less pissy than last night i have returned to update u on wat i wanted to write yesterday....it's highly reduced for that moment of inspiration is gone....

so it shall begin...

bout frenster testimonials: i irritates me so for those people who say things like "he/she's a good catch" seems so corny too me....

bout names: oh ok like i don't have a kool nickname ppl!! i only have my name.... i need a kool nickname!!!!

bout me: ok it seems that people have been having a media blackout regarding moi.... like no one contacts me or anything. at least send me a stupid sms msg or just irritate me soo.....

see how short it is... damn u computer!!!

other things to add.... it seems i have only one loyal reader reading my blog... LOYAL READER!!! whip out your Public Relation Skills and whip up some publicity for me ok?

sems like my prediction a few weeks back was true.... no reads this rambunctious ramblings!!! ahhh... but i will keep it going for the sake of it and also for the glimmer of hope dat some one on the web reads this and makes me famous or better yet make my life into a movie using my blog!!!!

on to another thing..... i'm not popular!!! ahhh such sad truth... blame it all on frenster!! like browsing browsing and realised that all those ppl with like 100 plus plus frens are either really popular or they are desperate to get frens or they are like reel pretty on their pic and ppl are just compelled to add them to frens..... i'm not popular ahhhhhhh!!!! sad sad truth...... time to conspire with the dark forces hehee

such is the way of the world....

Saturday, November 15, 2003

ok i'm really pissed!!!! time to type in capital letters.



Friday, November 14, 2003

hahaha.. hi. some things to say:


i don't get those ppls who are connected to singapore.... i mean do you noe singapore as ur fren? like wats the use of having frenster if ur already frens with the bladdy country?

sheesh.... ok lah dats all for EXPT 001
oh dear fellow peeps!

i have decided to join friendster!!! call it peer pressure... i don't lke to be left out..... abd i'm bored....

yayaya... i'm a big contradiction!!!!!!

hahaha... anyway come find me ok in frenster!!! hahahahaha!!!!

hakim's inner voice(voice of reasoning and truth): oh dear u really went and signed up for frenster?

hakim insecure voice(childlike and innocent voice): : yes i did so wat?

hakim's inner voice(voice of reasoning and truth): nevermind it's all a fad.. it will go away soon... just like the tamagotchi.... i have the precious gift of patience i shall wait....

hakim's insecure voice(childlike and innocent voice): wait all u want u ass hole i'm joining frenster!!! i'm joining frenster!!!

hakim's inner voice(voice of reasoning and truth): sigh....

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

ok fret not i have resolved the blog archive issue....

it's on another page, not that i didn't know it was on another page just dat before when i clicked the link the page didn't show up... now it does except dat it's in white but dats ok.. as long as it's there.... heee.... nights....
ok something has to rain on my parade!!!! i have no archives!!! like i don't have my past post on the site!!!! how how??? do i have to revert back to my my old orange template? but i like this green one.... damn it....

hey hey... changed the template!!! into a green one!! hahaha i luv green.. dunno how the heck i did it but hey i changed the template and een put the tagboard properly!!!

yeah for me..

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

loo dee do dah!!!!!

bored out of my fucking head.... i mean two month of holiday oso for wat? i mean i love skool.... go to skool and see alll the people, speculate scandals and ogle at all the eye candy!!!
now hols got nothing to do.. except work and work and work and go out.... lke wat kind of life is dat?

ok i admit it.... i actually like going to skool... i dunno why.. maybe it's the atmosphere or maybe i actually like

actually i have stuff to do...
like make kueh for hari raya ( yes i can bake! quite well actually)
clean up my room (a life long goal this one, heehee)
read books (oh i'm reading anne rice and this terry prachett
book, quite nice)
take care of my fishies

quite lot of stuff to do ar... but don't really feel like doing any of them... i feel as though i'm missing something.... i'll sleep on it...

oh i came up with a list of things to do when skool reopens! here goes:
study: yes must study! after the super lack semester i must study
do projects: same as above
seduce some people: i tot it would be fun to seduce people, we'll see how it goes.. evil laugh
create scandals: due to the small size of HLM, i shall strive to create scandals in BIOTECH, CE, BMS...hehee
gossip: it's been a long time since i had a good gossip thus the reason for the above.
slim down: this is a life long goal! getting there.....
get straight hair without rebonding: another one of those goals....

so far this is wat i want to accomplish for next term... ambitious i might say... the list shall grow..

toodles folks

Monday, November 10, 2003

Ok hi…. Ppls….

Ok todays new favourite word is IDIOTS!!! I luv the word idiot.. I have been using it like for an infinite number of times today…. It’s like u walk around and u see idiotic ppl… and wat do you call these people? Dats right… IDIOTS…. And besides it rolls off my tongue quite nicely…

And one more thing a few ppl commented on me being vulgar on my blog (you noe who u are ppl…) those ppl who noe me well noe dat I’m not soo vulgar in real life.. I do curse and swear but most of the time it’s damn or shit…. I have been known to spout the occasional fuck…. The reason I’m vulgar in my blog is sorta a release for me. Why would I be soo vulgar in reel life? Absurd.. I tell ya…. I have an image to protect noe…. And there are always two sides to a mirror….

Ok I dunno if dat made any sense but who gives a fuck!

Next on todaes agenda is the this thing called friendster.. I really don’t get friendster… here’s wat I think of friendster…. Friendster is a place where people put on the web how many frens they have and wherether or not they noe their fren’s fren…. And then they see how many people they noe… then all those people write nice things about each other called testimonials…. And if you don’t like wat they write, you could reject it…. So basically all the nice things u accept and wat u don’t want to hear u reject…. So basically it baseless coz when other people read the testimonial they only read nice things bout u. if u are a really super duper nice person then it’s ok but let’s face it no one is perfect…. And those people who write the testimonials have to say nice things bout you coz they are ur frens. So I think the entire concept of frensters is whacked….

Well I dunno maybe dats just me.. I don’t noe wat ur doing in the frensters website.. maybe u have cool online parties or get discounts on stuff….. I’m sorry I’m just one of those ignorant people who don’t keep up with the lastest trend… I can see it now on the headline news! A SHOCKING REVELATION!!! BOY DOESN’T KEEP UP WITH FRENSTER TREND!!!

Hahaha the irony is I blog! Blogging is kinda a fad but here I can bloody hell say what I want and no one can stop me! Well the blogger admin staff can but what they hey…. To each his own….

I shall end off with this….

To be haunted is to glimpse a truth that might best be hidden (James Herbert)… dat is soo true… not in a ghost kinda way but to be haunted in another sense like by a memory or an event.. think bout it….

Saturday, November 08, 2003

oh my god.. was doing some research on trucker caps and found out they were out of fashion!!! oh dear trucker boys... seems ur passe.... but fret not.... no ones noes bout it.... hee hee

but i guess the above story happens in the big USA and well fashion news travels quite slowly and beside who wants to follow US fashion? we are singaporean!!!

ok dat was dumb... but i guess if u are a hardcore fashion follower of people like p.diddy, 50 cents or some other rapper then mesh caps are ur staple... but the end of this this phrase to each his own or this one another mans meat is another mans poison whichever ya prefer....

so after this i realised dat fashion commentary is hard work and a pain to type.... and i'm the lazy type sooo now onwards i shall just report to ya the most ridiculous things i see...
Hi hi I’m back from like a one week hiatus!!! Or was it one week? Or wateva…. So it’s time to blog..

first of all let me tell u bout this story bout this person.. let call this person H… so H is fasting during the fasting month and thus for the lack of fibre and weird eating times and exam stress… he got constipation.. so he decided to take some laxatives to move the constipation… so he took some and guess wat the next day got diahorrea… like serves him right rite? Ok story ends….

How was tat? A good story right? But K is ok now…. The diahorrea has subsided and H can go to work tomolo…. H is such a stupid boy…..

Ok todays topic of the day is not soo much a topic but a sort of commentary… on the fashion in the ngee ann campus… it’s the campus is a hotbed of fashion do’s and don’t’s and people don’t really care… such sadness befalls my heart…. So I’m gonna start regularly writing bout fashion…. And since skool’s out I’ll just rite bout wat I see when I go out… but when skool starts be careful wat u wear…

So let me start bout wat I saw when the exams were going on.. first of all have u guys noticed the trend for guys to wear those trucker caps? trucker caps are caps with a mesh back…. So yeah so dat day I saw a whole bunch of guys wearing em. Ok maybe not all of them but quite a few of them to make them quite a sight to see…. Well u noe caps come in a variety of colours and they coupled it with Bermudas and ur average t-shirt or shirt and I must say look quite good… I guess if u wear cargoes or jeans with the cap it doesn’t look quite good coz, well lets just sat we asian don’t really have the height…. So I name thee trucker boys!! And i’ll keep an eye on ya…..

Next… in the exam hall… there was this guy who was trying to look like takeshi kaneshiro in turn left, turn right… right down to the oversized sweater in grey…. The hair was the same, in dat half ponytail.. I mus say can make it lah…. With they height and face oso can lah….they say imitation is the ultimate form of flattery. And I guess it worked coz many girls ( I shall not name them) were talking bout him… I shall name thee takeshi wannabee… but I guess I can’t really keep an eye on ya coz I don’t even noe wat course your from… I keep my eyes peeled…..

Next is not really sighting but sorta a trend… I can’t figure why u girls wear a sweater but you wearing a skirt at the same time? Isn’t it cold when u expose ur bare legs? Then wats the use of the jacket/sweaters? Strange….. maybe u all thick skinned? Oh well I guess it’s one of those things that guys will not ever fathom…

Ok lah tired lah wanna sleep and tomolo got work… I’ll blog tomolo promise… toodles…

Saturday, November 01, 2003

hey kiddies!! the tag board is like at the bottom of the page!! hopefully it works! tag me!!
hi hi!!

i'm back if only for a short while... don't ya miss me...? i noe u do!!!! aww thanks...

oh ho i'm in the midst of my exams now and i clearly hate the french club right now.. yes thats my complaint for todae even though i have much to complain about like ppl who suck up and apeks who are not funny and hopeless fashion victims!!!! lots to bitch about!!!

but for now it's the french club.. u noe soo irritating..like in the middle of the exam then a mail comes to me saying dat the student union needs 10 ppl for flag day! OKAY I DON'T HATE THE FRENCH CLUB......as they say don't shoot the messenger...

ok now i hate the student union!!! like hallo ppl busy with their exam and them u snd a mail to all commitee members to say u need 10 ppl for flag day!?? like WTF (What The Fuck! for those who don't noe) and it's like on 11 nov which is like what? next fucking week!!??? IDIOTS!!!! sheesh u think i'mgonna entertain them?? no freaking way!!

u noe sumtimes i just feel like quitting the commitee...like seriously....sheesh damned pissed.....

ok lah go study.... stupid nursery managment!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2003

ok it's been a long time... but i have been very very very busy with the fucking vector works and all the other the projects... vector works especially... and my com is like sooo slow already and i have to restart my com a few times.. don't wana say anymore lah....

it seems to me no one reads this stuff anyway... it was sorta a failed attempt... this blog is not wat one of the great interesting blog dat all of u read about... no one wants to read bout boring ole me.... seriously.... everybody reads bout the sweet ones or the rebelious ones but no ones wants to read bout the weird boring ones... no one gets me anyway... i'm an outkast.

we'll see next week..

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

hi hi... not much too say todae... ok i got this to say...

it seems dat i noticed dat people treat me as though i'm the stupidest piece of shit on earth.... oh soo wat if i don't go out often and watch movies and i'm not familiar with the bus system of singapore... it's like i jus come out of some cave and i don't noe wats going on in life... lemme tell you i hav experienced life in a stranger way than you.... so shut up.. i'm not dumb...

ok i duno where that came from.....

on a brighter note! the damn tag board is not visible.. at least on my screen it's not.... boon come to the rescue!!! but tag board is not important now.. so it can wait.....

moving on... tomolo muz do lotsa things leh... like lazy to come but mus come. hahaha.... ok gonna sleep lah..


oh hallo....

ok did the presentation already and well wat can u expect.. i didn't do too well. i suck at presenting in front of a class. i jus shy maybe. haha.. well jus now the ppl did the presentations n plastic surgery, racism, artificial intelligence and se toys just name a few. well actually dat was all there was... it went ok lah...

more interesting news... u noe wat jus now as i was going to work... i saw a chinese mat!! for all off u who dunno wat a mat is then listen up.

MAt: usually dressed in tapered jeans, those jeans that are very tight around the calves (those who duno wat calves are should fuck off) and usually wear quite big t shirts.. accesories can usually go from nothing to trucker hats and kool shades. foot wear can be sandals or those white slipper things and for the hardcore ones wear high cut sneakers or boots. usually of malay origin

ok that is the definition of wat a mat is... for those who dress like this i'm sorry i mean no harm.. dat jus the way u dress... but anyways jus now as i was on the bus i saw this chinese guy wear ur typical mat clothes. like i was shocked to see a chinese wearing those clothes... shockeD!!

ya ya i need to go noe... so many fucking things to do... like dat stupid veCtor works project (don't make me go there coz there are soo many things to say bout dat project!! so fucked up man!) and do lab report and do projects and study for test and !!!!!!!!!!

i'm so screwed!!! serves me right for slacking this semester.. shut up to those woh agree to that statement like you are soo perfect??? shut the fuck up... i noe your notreally saying it but i noe wat on your mind

YOUR MIND: "oh hahhaa serves hakim right for being sooo lazy. i'm better than him coz i did all my projects and reports. i'm little miss/mr perfect..."

well shut the fuck up......

ok i'm going to sleep now... i'll study tomolo..... an screw the vectorworks...

Monday, October 13, 2003

oh hi... i'm back after a long hiatus and well i'm ready to post lots... u now after reading some other ppls blogs ifeel motivated... yes u heard me motivated... now onto buisness..

ok seee now i duno wat to do.. i feel like dissing all the people who irritate the fuck out of me but i'm a nice person (yes you heard it, nice) so i don't feel dissing them in public... and beside u noe how dissing people can lead to another and then ur whole network can be lost.. you have to noe the right people....

and oh ya jus now rite i took the financial planning test and it was like i'm soo screwed... like all the things i study never come out and yes u heard it again, yes i do study. shocker! but anyways like wateva he told us to study never come out... and when the test started and i was like stting at the fourth row. oh oh by the way LT 24 has the coolest seat ever of any LT. it like those swivel seats and like wow u jus hav to see it to believe it and prefably sit on it too. so where was i? oh ya, i was seating at the 5th row and some people below me were like writing like some crazy idiots. like they were writing such long paragraphs that it was as though they were writing compositions like dat.

and i was like sitting there going " o shit i'm soo screwed!" and i started banging my head on the table. and scrunhing my face into funny positions! and then after a while hope came! people started chittering and asking each other for ans. right in front of the lecturers!!! oh how brave they were... i of course did not cheat.... although i did let my fren peep at my ans..

the aftermath:
and after an hour or soo... i gave up and left.. i mean wats the point of staying if ya can't do anything else about it right? no use squeezing ur brain when u noe there's nothing left to squeeze. so i guess it means i have to take the restest on tuesday. bummer... i jus noe i have to take the retest on tues!!! i noe coz i'm the oracle!

ok lah ok lah....
gotta do my issue presentation... this one is even more screwed up then the financial planning test... ok so juz wait for the post tomolo detailing all the events dat will unfold at tomolo's presentation.....

till tomolo... toodles and this is one ridiculously long post....

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

oh hoo... a late night post... and by late night there's nothing much to say.... coz i'm tired and can barely keep my eyes open....but i'm still on the net....and oh ya i had sex jus now.... ;P

Monday, October 06, 2003

woo... the tag board is up!! all thankz to Boon !!!! YEah !!! Boon!!!!

but i'm still pissed bout the marks.....

but yeah Boon!!!!! thankz again!!!

and yeah one more thing.... some comments stipulate that this blog is very crappy... well it's MY BLOG AND I'LL PUT WATEVA I WANT ON IT..... nuff said.... this blog is not gonna be bout my personal life or rants or gonna be kool or explain why ppl are crap or detailing the very minutes of my life.... this blog is bout wateva i wanna say.... period....
hah!! i'm incested and pissed.... like i got 51 mark out of 100 for not being neat!! like wat!!! ppl draw wrongly and they get higher marks than me!!!! the world is fucking not fair!!! I SAY IT AGAIN !!!!! FUCK!!!!. LIKE WAT HAS NEATNESS GOT TO DO WITH STRUCTURAL DRAWING! IT'S STRUCTURAL DRAWING FOR HEAVENS SAKE.....
like lines and to see if it's straight or not...... like my lines are straight and all angles are correct! hah....

Sunday, October 05, 2003


i dunno.. like dat line seems like the most touching line ever... it jus makes me "feel"... i seem to identify wit it but dunno on wat level...

now moving on....

u noe how some ppl say they don't like hypocrite and ya da ya da.... i think these ppl are weird like duh! everyone is a hypocrite even u don't like hypocrite person... hypocrisy is sumthing dat makes the world go round... with out being 2 faced the world would be sooo boring...hah! my weird rant of the day....

ok toodles then and nitez....

Friday, October 03, 2003

oh hooo... i'm back... it seems that i am even more lamenting the fact that i am a worse blogger than every single fucking person in this whole bloody world. like wow.... i was soo lazy to put up a tag board and change my template.... i read the thing and went "whoa" thats too complicated....tired lah....

and u noe sumthing... the blogging thing has changed.. like the other day it was different and the next it changed. like wow! changed can't u believe it!!!?? like i noe!! changed!

ok was jus being lame... i m the king of lame....

oh oh... question of the day!!!
what is in singapore?

tune in tomolo for the answer!!!
moving on... i jus realised i jus wasted line space by paragraphing a few lines.... it's amazing how the world works... oh and one thing don't u think cows would be prettier a kooky shade of blue.. like really blue cows!

it seems the lack of sleep is getting to my lil' head... but before i go off for my beauty sleep (sleep is indeed beautiful) i have piece of advice:
do not go running after butterflies at 12 noon...u will regret it....

with dat i shall go off and say goods nites..

Thursday, October 02, 2003

Woo Hoo!!! hi i'm back.... u noe wat i wrote so much on the blog and the most fucking thing happened!! the com crashed..... like wat the fuck!!!! i type like a few paragraphs and like frozen.. so damn... pissed... like noW i noe why i'm so techno backwards... technology hates me!!!! ARRGGHH!!!

so sumone told me patience is a virtue, so i must remain calm. actually no one told me but then i can't remember who the hell. so moving on....

ok lah not gonna blog anymore... so pissed u noe... like i had so many things to say but now like no mood... but look on the bright side i can say more in my next blog!! speaking of bright. are ya a fan of everwood the new wb drama series on channel 5. i dunno all this small town dramas have sumhing that draws me to them. like gilmore girls and smallville. smallville not so much but the GG and everwood are like my soo fav dramas. these are like after Charmed. coz Charmed is like my super duper fav show ever.... how i wish i had magical powers. life would like be soo easy then...

oh oh ok... time to watch tv... like i'm the world's biggest PROCRASTINATOR... have i ga zillion things to do and i still have time to watch tv.... i'm like so doomed... so so doomed.... but any way i live life for now... at least for todae i'll see bout tomolo... goods nite....
ok... i juz realised sumthing.. upon embarking on this truly ambitious mission to make the best blog ever...i do not shit bout blogging... all i noe is to post stuff on!!! i don't even noe how to link stuff and put some other stuff.... i'm so techno backwards... but all hope is not lost!!! i shall prevail and find out how to do stuff!!! yes!


WEll hallo this is the new blog of me and all bout me!!!! and the ppl around me!!! whoops!!! hi ppl out there!! this is gonna be short and sweet coz it's late and i wanna sleep so... this is to declare the official opening of the most beautiful soup blog....