Saturday, August 20, 2005

I'm Disturb....

aren't u disturb by something thats been showing on tv lately? i noe i have... its very outstanding.. oh u all noe wat i'm talking about... its TAufik Batisah and his very pink and shiny lips on that shooting stars show.... personally i haven't seen the show coz i'm camp but i've seen the trailer and advertisements.. and don't u think his lips a little bit too pink and glossy..? pink lips and tanned skin just seems weird to me... maybe its just me...

another thing i'm disturbed about is mens preoccupation with fitness and working out.... i'm sorry but is that all men think about... there are like other things to think about like world hunger and poverty... pollution and the environment... but then again maybe its just the hippie new age person in me....

i'm ranting.... time to slp....

Saturday, August 13, 2005


Saanti Mantra (Prayer for Peace)

Aum Dyauh Saantir Antareeksham SaantihPrithvi Saantir Aapah Saantihr Osadhayah SaantihVanaspatayah Saantir Visvedevaah Saantih Brahma SaantihSarvam Saantih Saantih Reva Saantihi.

Meaning: May there be peace in heaven. May there be peace in the sky. May there be peace on earth. May there be peace in the water. May there be peace in the plants. May there be peace in the trees. May there be peace in the Gods. May there be peace in Brahman. May there be peace in all. May that peace, real peace, be mine.
TAken From.... Vedic Chants

HEy YAh!

So i finally decided to blog after such a long time.. nothing to say lah except that i'm very tired and sleepy NOW.... maybe tomolo i'll be fresher.. sianz.... so in the meantime here something for u to read.... from friendster...

Bored on a sick day...
1.Call me
- PlumZ

2. What color of pants are you wearing right now?
- Black and Green

3. What Are You Listening To Right Now?
- Maar Dala frm Devdas

4. What Was The Last Thing You Ate?
- Longans ( and now i'm coughing... blah )

5. Do You Believe In Karma?
- Totally!

6. If You Were A Crayon, what color?
- Moss or Sage Green

7. How Is The Weather Right Now
- ITs Dark i cAn't Really tell

8. Last Person You Talked To On The Phone?
- umm.... My Mom...

9. Do You Like The Person Who Sent You This?
- Technically i found it... but ok lah....

10. How Are You Today?
- Just PEachy

11. Favorite Drink?
- Heaven & Earth Gui Hua Tea

12. Favorite Alcoholic Drink?
- NEver Tried....

13. Favorite Sports
- Does Shopping Count?

14. Hair Color?
- Black lah...

15. Eye Color?
- i would like it to be green but its sadly black

16. Favorite Brand?
- no specific brand

17. Favorite Actor?
- None Actually...

18. Favorite Months?
- August and December

19. Favorite Food?
- Too Much Too List....

20. Last Movie You Watched & With Who?
- Gosh.. it was Ella Enchanted and wit my gang

21. Favorite Day?
- depends on my mood

23. What Was Your Favorite Toy As A Child?
- My Imagination

24. Summer or Winter?
- Summer

25. Hugs Or Kisses?
- Both at the same time

26. Chocolate Or Vanilla?
- VAnilla

27. What Is the favourite thing u do?
- Oh... Thats a tricky one....

32. Friend You Have Had The Longest ?
- Lots lah...

33. What Did You Do Last Night?
- clean Bunk

34. Favorite Smells?
- flowers, fried food....

35. Who Inspires You?
- No one At the moment

36. What Are You Afraid Of?
- Life....

37. Plain, Buttered Or Salted Popcorn?
- totally buttered

38.Favorite flower?
- i love all flowers...

39. Number Of Keys On Your Key Ring?
- F.I.V.e

41.What's the Color of your shoes?
- Brown and beige

42. What month is your Birthday?
- August!

43.Do you smoke?
- Second hand smoking...

44.Whats the brand of your cigarette?
- depends on who is smoking near me.. hee hee

45.Whats your height?
- around 1.65... shorty...

46.Do you watch Cartoon?
- yesh!

47.Cartoon Network or Disney Channel?
- i prefer Disney

48.Whats your collections?
- Frogs!!!! and Stones!!!

49.Last 5 digits of your mobile?
- Why u wAnt to noe

50.Whats your favorite snack?
- oh... Lao Chang i guess....