Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Museum Studies

so basically what happen to me for so long? why did i disappear? well nothing really... nothing happened nothing to say.... so on to the topic at hand....

after doing some online research i realised to my suprise there are not many asian universities... or dare i say it no, with one exception, asian universities offer Museum Studies in their courses. HOW TRAGIC!!

well that explains the dismal state of many asian museums. sad to say. for a region of the world so rich in culture, heritage and natural wonders, we dun offer museum studies to our people to equip them with knowledge to manage our museums.

i find it quite perplexing. especially in Singapore. with the whole " I <3 Museums" campaign. seems like a marketing ploy to me. but like if we extol our museums to the public so much wouldn't make sense to offer a course of study that deals with museology and curatorial issues in the local universities? maybe even in the regional universities. but no. sadly no. this is just like how Singapore is a Garden City but we dun offer Horticulture or Botany degrees in our universities. Even a horti or botany major does not exist. but back to Museum Studies. So without local or regional Museum Studies program we have to travel across mountains and oceans to learn from western universities. i don't think this is wrong. in fact its good that we learn from other universities. but i dunno seems weird to me that after so many years of ppl going overseas nobody thought of creating a Museum Studies program? ok i could be wrong in all of this maybe there is an Asian University with an obscure Museum Studies program but to my knowledge now at this moment there are none. sure there are internship programs at museums but no established Museum Studies program in any well established asian university. hhhmmm yeah... well that my rant for tonight.... till next time! ps: YES I GOT HUGS OKAY. LOTSA LOTSA HUGZ. this is for you! you know who u are *bleah* hee hee..THANKS!