Monday, January 26, 2004

oh dear darrrlings!

i haven't been blogging much these days coz my comp has this bug! serious! it one of those spammer bugs which sends out emails to unknown peeps from my com! gasp! it starts everytime i go onthe internet! so i'm sneaking this entry before it starts up. toodles. gotta make it short and sweet.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

ok sorry. the pissyness has come already. too bad.
ok nothing much happening these few days. Went shopping, eat, sleep, shit and went to skool. Oh you noe all the usual stuff. Except for:

I have noticed that some girls behave in a very funny way when they are around male ang moh lecturers. Especially the young ones. They go out of their way to giggle and laugh at their everyword. Even though it is said in plain English and its not funny at all. I am not trying to say that ang moh lecturers have no sense of humour. But these girls don not have to laugh at every single action. Why never see an ang moh before issit?

Next ah.

I was in a good mood juz now. Then certain people in my house had to spoil it. Soo irritating. Its not my brother. Tomolo is gonna be a pissy dae I can feel it. Not going out tomolo. I am just gonna go home and sleep. Tired.

Friday, January 16, 2004

first of all.

a blog is a blog. no matter how you try not to tell people about it. someone will noe. it on the bloody internet! or at least put it as a private blog. or better yet if you don't want people to read it write your thoughts on paper. no one will read it that way.

if you play wirh fire be prepared to get burnt

thats the nature of the web. i am not trying to be bitchy or anything. just a piece of advise to future bloggers and present ones alike. oh you noe who you are.

next is.

i saw my old skool fren. Arron! hahahaa. i was so shocked to see him at ngee ann. or was it really him? looks like him.

dunno lah. if you happen to read this. hi!

thats all. toodles.
ok ok. i hav not been blogging for quite a while. i dunno. lazy lah. or can't be bothered. with skool and all. ok will promise to blog during weekend or during the chinese new year hols. ok.

note: sometimes the tagboard does not really work. it takes a long time to load. so either be patient or buzz off.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

ok ok.. juz now i tot my phone was spilt... coz the damned wallpaper cannot change. but then my brother did something and now its all well.

my brother has magic hands.

ok too tired too blog more stuff. juz now muz wake up so early. its idoitic.

Monday, January 05, 2004


before skool stuff

i can only report one thing that happened on my way to skool. i got off at dhoby ghaut station and was going up the escalator. and there was this lady infront of me. she was wearing this really light skirt. the flyaway kind. u noe the sorta made from silk or satin or some thin fabric.

ok the the thing. you noe how the escalator shakes and vibrates as it goes up. well as the escalator went up. the lady's butt started to jiggle with the escalator. and she was standing right in front of me! it went boing boing boing both cheeks. how irritating.

skool stuff

first day of skool was fun. ya da ya da. drew some stuff. some people changed looks but most stayed the same. boring. but overall was ok. don not know how ngee ann campus was like though coz did not go to ngee ann. overall it was great. wat do you expect i am excited about going back to skool so anything that comes out of my mouth will be great!

after skool stuff

ok after skool i went to eat wit frens (whom i shall not name for they might sue me for defamation and i am too lazy to give them all nicknames) then went toshop shop for awhile. then some of them went home and stuff.

then comes the good part. i went on a shopping rampage wit Ah yi ( she has a ncikname coz it was given a long time ago ) bought a

A BAg: namely a converse bag. i like. alot!

Perfume: from body shoppe. lavender. yum yum.

A PHone: nokia of course! see me around ngee ann and find out wat model.

i must admit this is not much stuff. but for a person who does not shoppe alot. this is alot.

ok lah thats all. tomolo shall be a continuation of todays events. i am dead tired.

Saturday, January 03, 2004

ok ok. It was a very terrible day at work.

First of all this little girl puked all over the floor. Maybe it was becoz she was nervous. It was her first lesson. But back to the part where she PUKED all over the floor. The stench was revolting and we all felt like puking. Duh! But luckily her mom mopped it up.

Then ah. ok I will not elaborate. Or lets say I wont air my dirty laundry. And lets just say again that I became so pissed that I was scolding the students more than I should. I was Mr PissyPAnts. It was very stressful just now.

Ok den I did something. ok I did not do sumthing. And I regretted not doing it. But before you guys start cracking ur brains, lemme tell you that this thing was a very simple thing. As simple as getting into a lift. And the motivations for it was for purely shallow reasons. No nothing moral like giving up my seat or anything like dat. But I regretted not doing it. I should have done it and now it is eating me from the inside. Sheesh. I wish I did it. Well its to late now.

Friday, January 02, 2004

ok first of all the beach was fun but fun things always come with strings attached. this time its my hair. it damaged. it is like coarse and hard. even worse than my usual coarse and hard. sadness!

next thing is just noe i got off the bus and this guy walked in front of me. he was wearing office clothes and carrying a briefcase. and you noe wat he did. HE WAS LIKE DIGGING HIS BUTT CRACK! like digging his crack in front of me! and the worst thing was he did it twice. TWICE I TELL YOU. disgusting.

Thursday, January 01, 2004

ok first of all happie new year! Second thing xiaxue decided not to close her blog! Third this may be my last post for a very long time.

Lemme tell you why first of all that day someone used the internet to check my cousins exam results. Without me knowing. Ok I am not being rude or possessive. Anyone can use the internet all they wants. But I noe my computer, my baby, very well. And if sumone uses the internet and does not know the tricks and stuff the thing is gonna get spoilt. And then the very next day I had a Trojan horse in my com. And the stupid internet keeps showing this MSHTML error thing and varius kernel errors and wat have you. that’s coming up everytime I try to access certain sites. And wen it comes out the internet explorer will close. I mean its irritating the hell out of me. I cannot surf properly. And if this thing goes on I may not even blog.

So anyone can tell me how to get it fixed? Anyone? Any suggestions? Please? Oh for the love of god! (in a figurative sort of way ) Please!

Oh and juz noe I went to the beach! And noe my shoulders hurt. Maybe gonna get sunburns. I will update you wen the skin starts to peel. I luv peeling skin.

But I am more pissed about the internet thing.