Saturday, April 26, 2008

Moving On...

I've always said that its amazing how songs come into my life that cerrespond to my feelings at that present moment.... like i will just stumble across a song and go wow it sings my life...

i was thinking to myself today while randomly, ok fine not randomly, surfing facebook albums and i was thinking to myself its not worth my time and energy to hold on to something that might not be there at all in the first place... and i should move on....

i think the feelings are still there but wat the point if its just a one sided affair? hahaha i think my answer is the same as urs...

So anyways here's LEONA LEWIS - BETTER IN TIME

It's been the longest winter without you
I didnt know where to turn to
See somehow I cant forget you
After all that we've been through

go in, come in thought i heard a knock
who's there? no one
thinking that i deserved it
now i realize that i really didnt know
you didnt notice, you mean everything
quickly im learning, to love again
all i know is, imma be ok

thought i couldnt live without you
its gonna hurt when it heals to
it'll all get better in time
eventhough i really love you
im gonna smile cause i deserve to
it'll all get better in time

how could i turn on the tv
without something there to remind me
was it all that easy
to just put aside your feelings

if im dreaming
dont wanna let, hurt my feelings

but thats the path, i believe in
and i know that, time will heal it
you didnt notice, you mean everything
quickly im learning, to love again
all i know is, imma be ok

thought i couldnt live without you
its gonna hurt when it heals to
it'll all get better in time
eventhough i really love you
im gonna smile cause i deserve to
it'll all get better in time

since theres no more you and me
its time i let you go so i can be free
and live my life how it should be
no matter how hard it is ill be fine without you
yes i will

thought i couldnt live without you
its gonna hurt when it heals to
it'll all get better in time
eventhough i really love you
im gonna smile cause i deserve to
it'll all get better in time

Friday, April 25, 2008


Well haven't been blogging much..or rather nothing at all.. Not much inspiration seeing that my life pretty much the same everyday... skool and stuff... and even the times wen i do go out there pretty much nothing to blog about.... unless u want a riveting account of how exciting it is to go grocery shopping.. guess not...

Thats the moon from my window. was trying to get a good pic but u get the idea.

Well... i suddenly realised one night that moonlight shines into my room and onto my pillow. it was so magical. ok lame i know but sadly thats the most exciting thing i can think about thats worth putting up on my blog. but my window is truly a magical thing. i spent a good hour or so today just looking at the clouds roll by. and i was supposed to prepare my presentation but i was takign a break.... if u were wondering why i was staring out my window :P
ok la skool wise i have sudddenly been unspired to be a curator of some insect collection or herbarium. its seems that there aren't many taxonomist to fill in the void coz everyfuckbody is doing some molecular genetics shit and there isn't anybody left to take over the taxonomist when they retire or die. so it has inspired me to have a new passion in taxonomy even though i know its gonna be tough.
finally there is something to blog about... how i hate the fact that genetics is used for every single small thing.. like ooo lets do a DNA barcoding or ooo lets clone a gene.. but wat does the gene do? dunno just clone...
i mean yes DNA and genetics stuff has its pros but slowly its killing the other biological sciences.. whole departments are being shut down and merged in wit other departments... just coz they have no use anymore... taxonomy and entomology, among others, are slowly being killed by genomics and molecular biology.. OLD SKOOL SCIENCE IS SLOWLY DYING. apparently it has no application anymore wit the advent of genetics. sad but thats how i see and feel the situation is now. so thats why insect collections are crumbling and herbariums are moulding coz there isn't much market for those anymore coz everything now is in eppedorf tubes.
oh well so much for ranting about skool. its good to rant once in awhile aye?
lets see wat else is there to say... got work to do, report to write, presentations to present blah blah....well nothing much...
got to know my new frens more.... thats always a positive and a plus... hmmm wat does a positive and a plus make? oh it stays a positive... ok i shall stop now before i die from my own lameness..

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Random Post

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Room Pics

well as i promised i cleaned my room during my friday ritual of being a Desperate Housewife.... i did my laundry and mopped the kitchen floor and cleaned my room and vaccuum the carpet and took a nap and ate some ice cream... isn't it fabulous ;P well so anyways here are my room pics as promised. its not very big but its cosy and i like it coz the bed is comfy and springy and got big window. be amazed at the green-ness!!

Half the room... nothing much to say aye...

Table. i can't even do my work properly coz i can't put my legs in the table to sit properly
so i do most of my work on my bed :)

Bed!!! no action here but its comfy.. i love my green doonah!!! they calls quilts, doonahs

the mess that is my clothes.. i dunno why iput this picture here but oh well who cares i'm a person who practice organized chaos... as long as i know where my things den its alright.
and also i've been listening to the new Madonna song wit Justin... i love the beat but somehow the meaning of the words excape me... why do they have 4 mins to save the world? is it coz uneed to make more babies coz they keep asking people to grab a boy and a girl. presumably to have sex and make babies to save the world but i dunno... anyway tahts my current playlist.... just one freaking song... oh wait still got leona lewis and pink...
hah so anyways till next time!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Finally Freedom......... For Now......

Hey hey...Finally i have freeedom from assignments and exams.... for now that is after some crazed studying and typing and gettng only like 2 hours of sleep after my USB thumb drive giveing me problems and deleting my whole 3 pages that i wrote in skool and i had to re-type it again. haiz. but its ok its finally over..... although more coming up....aaarrrrggghhh... the perils of being a uni student!!!!

so lets focus on random things this blog post... with things such as....

This!!! Don't u think its yummy? its a beef steak sandwich.. ok rather its a beef english muffin. i wanted to put an egg in it but i was thinking maybe that would be overdoing it. hahaha. it was yummy. it looked sooo goood that i had to take a picture of it... yummy....

This my fren is heaven... its a staple in our house and anybody that comes to our house must eat a pack of meepoh. its sort of an initiation thing. meepoh rocks!!!!!

Look at my babies..... they shed their skins once already and well on their way to becoming big big stikies... so cute la.... but meet my other fren...

this is my Australian Spiny Stick Insect. Insn't she a beauty. i got her at a pet expo. she's like 2 moults away from being and adult. she so cute la. to give u a gauge of her size.

this is how big she is now.. she is gonna be about twice that long and even fatter coz she will start to lay eggs.... haiz i love stickies... second only to froggies but i can't keep froggies so i keep stickies... so cute la..

And finally the stunning view outside my living room window... isn't it gorgeous? it feels like we are surrounded by nature. with that big tree and dead branches hanging off it. lovely.

hey hey i realised that i've never posted a picture of my room! how could i... so that will come soon. coz u see i have to clean it up for me to show a pic of it and its not exactly the showflat standards yet. well till next time. which would be soon....


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Possession

see, i've been thinking... i think i may have taken the first month of university a little to lightly.... slowly i'm being possessed... being possessed by the Report Writing Ghost... its terrible.. suddenly i'm caught up with writing a report.... and an impending exam on monday next week....

somehow i'm still having a hold on myself and trying not to freak out. which i dunno is a good thing or a bad thing. i dunno. its freaky how alm i am still about all this. i should be freaking out.

like how blogging instead of like writing my report... which is terrible....

ok better continue writing my report and being possessed!!!!


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Skool Starts... Again

ahah so i'm sitting here typing this blog post in the library once again.. no i still have internet at home but i'm just taking a break from researching my project. blah. so i decided to blog since i had a few minutes...ok fine an hour to kill...

so the mid semester break is over and well skool has started again. means attending lectures and having prac reports to write and stuff like that.. but in addition there is a freaking exam coming! and its the subject i dread the most which is Plant Molecular Bio.... Yay-ness!!! NOT!!! sure die one la sure die....

lets see it seems that life is going to get abit tougher and i can't bum around as much as i am doing now. i have to get off my butt and do work for gods sake! my degree is at stake! but u know at the moment it hasn't sunk it yet. i'm sure it will sooner or later during the week.

so anyways this post has no picture coz its an impromptu post but pics will coem soon to a computer screen near you...

but anyways its already april!!! i've been here for about almost 2 months! its amazing. although thinking about it i still have about 9 months to go and that a bummer...... well have to slog thru it...

i'm ranting and writing down random thoughts. it crazy.... i'm going to be possesed soon by the Ghost of Report Writing... yeap i'm going to be a crazed report writing person. its crazy!!!

ok la ok la better pretend to study lest they kick me out of the library for using the computer for un-studying purposes...ahahhaaha...