Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Possession

see, i've been thinking... i think i may have taken the first month of university a little to lightly.... slowly i'm being possessed... being possessed by the Report Writing Ghost... its terrible.. suddenly i'm caught up with writing a report.... and an impending exam on monday next week....

somehow i'm still having a hold on myself and trying not to freak out. which i dunno is a good thing or a bad thing. i dunno. its freaky how alm i am still about all this. i should be freaking out.

like how blogging instead of like writing my report... which is terrible....

ok better continue writing my report and being possessed!!!!


1 comment:

Appletoe said...

oh my god i tin u really are possessed the fact tt u're not freakin out. yea, and i wouldnt noe whether it's a gd or bad thing to not freak out.
well, i'm sure u'll be doin better then ok for reports and exams la. u're doin somethin u LOVE for heaven's sake.