Friday, April 25, 2008


Well haven't been blogging much..or rather nothing at all.. Not much inspiration seeing that my life pretty much the same everyday... skool and stuff... and even the times wen i do go out there pretty much nothing to blog about.... unless u want a riveting account of how exciting it is to go grocery shopping.. guess not...

Thats the moon from my window. was trying to get a good pic but u get the idea.

Well... i suddenly realised one night that moonlight shines into my room and onto my pillow. it was so magical. ok lame i know but sadly thats the most exciting thing i can think about thats worth putting up on my blog. but my window is truly a magical thing. i spent a good hour or so today just looking at the clouds roll by. and i was supposed to prepare my presentation but i was takign a break.... if u were wondering why i was staring out my window :P
ok la skool wise i have sudddenly been unspired to be a curator of some insect collection or herbarium. its seems that there aren't many taxonomist to fill in the void coz everyfuckbody is doing some molecular genetics shit and there isn't anybody left to take over the taxonomist when they retire or die. so it has inspired me to have a new passion in taxonomy even though i know its gonna be tough.
finally there is something to blog about... how i hate the fact that genetics is used for every single small thing.. like ooo lets do a DNA barcoding or ooo lets clone a gene.. but wat does the gene do? dunno just clone...
i mean yes DNA and genetics stuff has its pros but slowly its killing the other biological sciences.. whole departments are being shut down and merged in wit other departments... just coz they have no use anymore... taxonomy and entomology, among others, are slowly being killed by genomics and molecular biology.. OLD SKOOL SCIENCE IS SLOWLY DYING. apparently it has no application anymore wit the advent of genetics. sad but thats how i see and feel the situation is now. so thats why insect collections are crumbling and herbariums are moulding coz there isn't much market for those anymore coz everything now is in eppedorf tubes.
oh well so much for ranting about skool. its good to rant once in awhile aye?
lets see wat else is there to say... got work to do, report to write, presentations to present blah blah....well nothing much...
got to know my new frens more.... thats always a positive and a plus... hmmm wat does a positive and a plus make? oh it stays a positive... ok i shall stop now before i die from my own lameness..

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