Sunday, January 28, 2007

Some Things

Ok it seems that peoples' blogs (maybe not Xiaxue's) have started to stagnate and mine is beggining to do just that... it seems that there isn't much to blog about.. all my regular blogs that i frequent are not updating as much as they should... haiz.. so today's post will be just a random smuttering of thoughts of the past...umm week....

ok so i had my ATEC stage 1 evaluation at Tekong. How very stressful.... coz i the beginning it was not me who was to be evaluated. long story. but anyways got a Redcon ! status. which is good. and a quite good timing for IV. 4 minutes is not bad eh? from priming to securing the drip. anyways that was work related.

personally, i've been light headed and giddy for the past 2 days. and always at the same time which is 5 ish. can't be tht i didn't eat. i've been eating and quite alot of that. low BP? maybe. i need to go back and check. it couldn't be that not enuff O2. my breathing seems ok. no nausea just giddy. pregnant? can't possibly be that right? i'm getting quite worried about this.

anyways, watched Pan's Labyrinth. i loved it. very sad endin though. there was Jesus at the end, well it looked like Jesus. the monster were kool. it was magical. go watch it. go watch it if you were supposed to watch it but didn't coz you were too tired or shy to meet my fren. ya go watch it.

ALERT! please please. i've said it so many times. pls do not wear running shoes with ur jeans. i don't mind if the jeans don't fit or not the right length (ok i have a problem with folding jeans) but please New Balance only goes well with running shorts. okay? and also short guys pls do not tuck in ur shirts. it chops ur body up and makes us look short. but that just me. is it just me but do tanned guys really look good in green? really they do. oh am talking bout myself? hah maybe.. haha... and fair guys look good in pastels? and blue? just an observation.

oh and jsut a note. if you fat legs. for gods sake do not wear boots. especially those winter boot things with those fur insides. please do not hurt my eyes.

whoop! these observations were made on a shopping trip. of which i bought shoes! Puma shoes. Green and brown shoes! haha. i like. and also frog fabric! printed frog fabric! really cute. i'm gonna make cushion covers. i'm happy but alot poorer. hah! am still giddy. not giddy from the shopping but giddy from the unknown disease i'm having.urgh. another week of camp! whoop pee doo!

a bonus for those who actually read my blog. the number of which is non existant. its like i'm talking to myself. which is like my real life.always talking to myself. creepy. but anyways here a nice video. Bring ya back to the 60s ish.

Pan's Labyrinth

ok i watched Pan's Labyrinth last friday. ok it was a really super good movie. go watch it. went shopping on sat and bought alot of nonsense things. i'll blog more tomolo. but here's a treat. the theme to Pans Labyrinth. its stuck in my head. don't mind the weird doll thing.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

I'm Worried

the past week has been super stressful and super tiring. i've never been so tired in recent memory. both mentally and physically tired. mon i had duty where there was cock up and i had to extend my work to around 8.30 instead of stopping at 6. tues i had to teach the Scouts fractures.

first of all, i did not teach them fracture management before. i taught them or rather i did IV with them. den dumped it on me. den i read wat the Scouts were going to be tested and got the shock of my life. for fracture management there is alot of freaking things to learn. and i was given 20 minutes per detail. like WTF. so me and my guys taught them all we could. and i spent the whole night photocopying and cutting and gluing diagrams for them. thinking it would be of some use to them since their test would be next week.

weds continued with Buddy aid for the guys and with the diagrams thing. also had to help out with the sudden conjunct outbreak spreading around.

thurs had the mock test for the Scouts. and fri had to go for ward duty. and i worry constantly about the Scouts and wether we taught them enuff and worry a great deal about me and my medics coz all this while we were helping to teach others we neglected to practice ourselves. i'm very very worried for next week wen we are evaluated.

i'm very tired. i've never felt this tired before.given my current mental state i'm suprised i'm still sane. someone said to me that i'm a very care free person with no worries. i told him everybody has problems just that i nvr show thats all.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Trying Times

the past 2 days were trying times. it was a test. at least i think it was. we were all tested. and i must say i really learned alot for the past 2 days and grew alot more. its all abouthelping each other and comforting one another in hard and testing times.

hardest hit of all was my encik. i've never seen him likt that and most probably never will again.

we will better off because of this. the lessons we learnt and the bonds we made. haiz.

My Heart

ok i like this song... coz the mly guys keep singing this song during field camp... hah! got hooked. its really sad... if you watch the video and listen to the song at the same time.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Shortest Weekend

its the first weekend of the year and well was it short. coz i had duty on fri and den went out for a GreenCulture nursery outing (where i bought many things ) and came home. today (which is sunday) had to wake up early to go to Beach Rd to get stuff. and den rush home and do my stuff (which is this) and later muz book in freaking early coz tomolo got filed camp for one freaking week. very very rushed.i don't think next weekend going to be any different. 2007 the year of short weekends.

anyways, i went to the Greenculture Nursery outing on sat right after my duty. freaking tired but since i said i was going well i might as well go. Finally got to see the people behind the onscreen names and bought a ton things i shouldn't have. like:

An anthurium miniature. its those anthurium like the ones you see in stores but this one is mini mini. the flowers are like the size of your thumb nail.

Some polka dotted plant which is wrongly labelled. it doesn't look like wat is supposed to be very very different. anyways its cute and i love it.

Schoenorchis fragrans. an extremely tiny orchid. i think i have started an addiction to tiny orchids. the thing is like only 2 cm long. click here for a pic of the orchid, nor mine btw.

A small pot of gasteria. or tongue plant. well it looks like a bunch of tongues. go to for more info.

Lovely. so now i have 2 miniature orchids. and i think these 2 will have some more frens.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Have you noticed how Secondary Skool kids smell? they do. I'm sure you missed those times in the hot afternoon in a bus crammed full of Secondary Skool Kids. Oh my gosh the pong. yes i was once a teen too but i walked to skool. but i'm sure those of us who were once teens and those are now at present don't really notice the smell at the time. maybe we are immune. but now as i am much older the smell is kinda obvious. the smell particular smell of sweat and dampness unique to Secondary Skool kids. i know cannot bathe in skool but at least after PE can wipe urself dry. and wen u wear ur uniform try not to sweat. but ah the wonders of puberty, hormones out of control that means the one that control sweat too eh? but it was kinda nostalgic in a sick kinda way to smell that on a bus. bleah!

since we are on the topic of smells (bad or otherwise), i shall sing a song of praise (ok not really sing) for my fav smells in the world.

Peaches: i love the smell of peaches. but sadly not the real peaches. the synthetic smells of peaches. oh well the ones you get in peach tea and peach gummy sweets and peach perfume (which i have and love). it smells unique and i love it.

Vanilla: such a pure and wonderful smell. makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and think of cakes and cookies. but sometimes to cloyingly sweet for me.

Lavender: i love lavender. smell of Australia. so calming and yet strong. nice. and purple.

The air just before rain comes: have you noticed this smell? just before rain come there is this smell. its smells clean and fresh. try to sniff it wen rain comes a knocking next time.

Earth: freshly dug earth has this nice smell. old but reassuring and interesting. EAch place u dig or each handful of dirt has a different smell.

thats my 5 most favouritest smells. another things i like do is to smell ppl.... i find it interesting wen ppl walk by and they leave a scent trail... which goes whoosh and u can usually smell their perfume. and its interesting wat u can smell.. most people smell the same as they buy the same perfume but there some stellar individuals which unique scents. ok not those with bo. usually those present themselves before the walk past. go try it sometimes.

Monday, January 01, 2007

First Post of The NEw Year!

as you can tell... i have no life and didn't go out for new year hah! well here some happie yappie songs for you to enjoy...

KT Tunstall - Sunddenly I See

Actually now i see...

Sandi Thom - I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker

i wish a punk rocker with flower in my hair.... the 70s were fun... the 60s was happening.... the world doesn't care... welcome 2007 to a world that doesn't care....