Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Forgive my last post. i'm prone to ranting on my blog. i'm actually a very angry person. hee hee.

Well the past week has been rife with regards to the Cambodian Tragedy.

Although i do not know them, i feel sad that these guys were taken at the prime of their lives. And to their family and frens. My heart goes out to them. Yesterday i read a tribute blog to one of the guys. and Sarah McLachlan's Angel was playing. I was reading a particular post about how he and his fren were supposed to do alot of things but now they cannot.

At that moment i lost it. I started crying and singing along to Sarah. Yeah ok i know it sounds silly and stupid but it was so touching and i was sad about it too. i am but only human.

i guess this tragedy has made alot of people, especially youths, really think about life and wat are the important things in life. In other words wake up their idea. these men taken in the prime of their lives. sighs. how fragile is life and so uncertain is the future.

I guess i should appreciate my frens more eh? and my family....

Familia - Loves ya! although i get irritated sometimes. vice versa

Frens - i may be moody and bitchy or abit of an ass... sowwie. And even though u guys always make me wait long long at train stations and wandering around random stores awaiting ur arrival. (oh u know who u are) i not that angry. i guess u guys more than made up for it by all the laughs and bitching we hav afterwards.

But we have to move on.

Theory.... Has Become Law

Just like my Law of Time Dilation, another thoery has officially been proved by me to become a Law of the universe unto itself.

Law Of Ignoring People On Msn.

this Law takes effect wen u want to irritate the hell out of me. U know just get me started on a really nice conversation and den just stop. Just mutha fucking stop. replying on msn.

evolved from Theory of People Ignoring You On Msn. this has the irritation factor of 100 million.

usually a msn conversation revolves around msgs being pased back and forth and only stops wen someones says he/she is logging off or he/she has to do work or his/her com is gonna be blown up. its only polite to say that not gonna reply or that u have work to do.

and pls use ur status properly if ur busy put busy if not den don't. i used to put a fake "busy" status but not anymore coz even if i don't have the status... ppl aren't really interested to talk to me anyways. i wonder why. must be coz i'm irritating.

but i nvr take a fucking half hour to reply on msn. thats just wrong.

if u got attacked by rabid bats while on ur com den i would understand but seriously ppl. ignoring ppl is just irritating....

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Plush For MAAD

Plush For MAAD, originally uploaded by KookyPlum.

I did some Plushies for MAAD.... They are having a plush toy exhibition called Are You Soft ver2... Come down to MAAD @ redDot Traffic at Maxwell on 1st and 2nd December....

Come visit me! 11am-7pm

More of each individual plush see here>>/

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Its Your Fault.... Another Music Post......

Well this time Joons is the one to blame....
Got me all melancholy in the middle of the nite... hahahahha....
but nvm thanks Joons for intro-ing this song to me... LOVES LOVES....
here is Ken Hirai or Hirai Ken (whichever) video to the song Even If...
there is english translations so u will get the meaning of the song... see i'm so thoughtful until i go find vid that got subtitles for you to read ok...

so anyways its a farking heart breaking song.. about "i like you but u like someone else and i'm bursting inside but i can't say anything" type of thing...
so story of my life rite? hahahha go listen!! so worth it...

Ken Hirai - Even If

Friday, November 23, 2007

All Ur Fault...... Psychic Fruit....

Well went out with a certain PSYchic fruit yesterday... but before that i had to work, went to Arab Street to get stores and then went to RedDot to send my plush toys and den went to Stevens Rd to settle my uni stuff and then went to kino @ taka to browse and den went to Library@Orchard to read 3 books on poetry... all in the span of 4 hours... yes i too am amazed at myself...

So anyways met up wit PSYchic Fruit (for lack of a better name coz i dunno if he wants to be known or not) to walk walk and to hunt for the SPICE GIRLS BOX SET. so anyway that was a failure coz apprently they don't have the box set... yet in spore...
after that we went to do wat we always do...PEOPLE WATCH... gosh people watching is such a guilty pleasure... all the bitching and criticizing... my past time... had alot of fun yesterday...

saw someone who i didn't expect to see...sighs... i was very unglam you know at that time.. how can!? well things happen at the most unexpected moment...

anyways Spice Girl Fever has rubbed off on me... coz someone kept singing a certain aprt and all taht Spice Girl talk and Spice Girl CD hunting has got this song stuck on me.... so enjoy The Spice Girls new song...hahhahaa.. Headlines...

On a sidenote: Look at Geri Halliwell's abs!!! LOOK AT HER ABS... GOSH... GORGEOUS ABS... i want abs like that...hhahahaa.....

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Really Meh?

Lets101 -">Free Online Dating

OH Come On... Someone loves me rite now? I sure wanna know who the hell that is.....
Kinda True, Kinda Not...
You Decide...
But still Bored...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

All I Do Is Work And Laze Around In Bed...

today is sat. the weekend is here. how fun! NOT!

today i worked till 3pm. went to shop for a prezzie for my nephew and went to GrandAunt's house. well by the time i got there the cake was already cut and all the hoo hah was over and done with. haiz.

so went back home and i decided to clean my room up. coz my room is in a uber mess and i need to clean it up coz apparently thigns get lost in the mess. i lost my gold and silver markers. i know they are in there somewhere but i dunno where. thats why i have to clean up my room.

so i got back how changed and guess wat i did? i lazed around in bed and fell asleep! WOW! and wen i woke up an hour later. i LAZED around somemore and stared at the ceiling and my pillow for 2 freaking hours! i know! i amaze even myself.

so den i got thirsty and went to get myself a drink and ate a few grapes. and..... wait for it........ wait for it..... went back to ROLL around my bed some more. and den that brings me to here.... blogging....

serious i am that pathetic. imagine staring at the ceiling for 2 hrs. how can my life get that pathetic? i have no mood for anything. i've given up asking ppl to go out. coz i know very well wat the answer is. i've given up. on life. there is just no point. (just a side note. No i will not kill myself. thats just stupid.)

my life this past week has centered around my bed. wen i come back from work i laze around on my bed. even wen i do my art i do it on my bed. i like to roll around on my bed and fall asleep out of the sheer boredom. gosh i love my bed. my room is in a mess. who the hey cares. mom nags but thats about it. i can't be bothered. at least i still bathe. i have to observe some amount of public decency.

but then again i might just be lazy to do even that. give me a few more weeks we'll see how it goes.

Lets see the agenda for tomorrow would be wake up at 12noon or later. eat. laze around in bed for a few hours and draw or do wateva in bed. maybe i might jsut take a nap. watch tv. eat dinner and laze around in bed again. go online and talk to nobody. maybe blog and sleep.

wow i love my life alot really i do. AS IF....

Friday, November 16, 2007

The Value Of Money

Ok i feel better about my self today... or rather.... i have resigned myself to my fate...

anyways u know wat i did wen i came back from Chinatown? i went to sleep till dinner. oh yeah such a lazy slob i have become. i have like an unfinished painting and a few more art pieces to do but who the hey cares. just sleep!

next time i mention that i wanna go chinatown please please stop me. everytime i go there i overspend, like seriously overbudget... which brings me to my blog post proper....

I was Q-ing up at my bank to do a transaction/statement thingya few days back... so there i was waiting and waiting... den i noticed this old uncle also Q-ing infront of me.... he was old like 60 plus...ok so here is the thing... he was holding his passbook...

but this is the thing or rather the image that was stuck in my mind for the past few days was wen he was checking his passbook, he opened it and inside were a bunch of $10 notes and $2 notes. i was quite struck by that image. of him holding his passbook and going to deposit wat could be less than $50 dollars into his account...

it affected me quite alot and got me thinking about the value of money... here we are throwing money away at frivolous things while there are people who scrimp and save every bit of money they can...

i not saying that one should live like a beggar but instead live within ur means.... its ok to indulge once in awhile and if u can afford it.. just make sure ur concious of the fact that other ppl are less fortunate than you.

i find it ridiculous to be spending a few hundred dollars on a freaking t shirt no? or a polo T for that matter... call me old fashion hippie but comfort is most important to me... don't come telling that a cotton T worth a hundred bucks is more comfy that a cotton T worth 20 bucks... its damn freaking cotton...

but some things are worth the money like shoes or jeans... or a laptop... somethings are worth the expense that is paid.

but one must understand the value of money.

i still dunno why the image of the old man is stuck in my mind. i dunno wat i just ranted in the above post but i just wanted to tell you the thing thats been in my mind for these few days....

The Old Man and his Passbook wit his $10 notes.....

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I don't even bother to think of a title for my blog post. sighs. maybe wen i'm feeling better bout my self and the situation i'm in. maybe. ppl can enjoy my blog post title. AS IF!

well i shall attempt a post before i go to sleep and wake up to another morning of cursing god about why he/she makes traffics jams to spoil my attempts to reach work on time.

i shall gallavant around chinatown tomolo. not coz i feel like it. its more of work related. so i have to get my lazy no mood ass to Chinatown tomolo. its no fun going shopping by urself. really it isn't but i have to do it. sighs. i wanted to go to arab street too but i'm really lazy and its hot. so only chinatown den. i shall make it fast and chop chop so i can go back home and sleep and not actually do the work that is required of me. work that made me go chinatown in the first place. sheesh.

there are soo many things i wanna do. but hey everyone is working. apparently much harder than me. so ppl are tired. so here's alist of things i really wanna do.

  • Go Singapore Art Museum. Apparently they hav a really good exhibition there. i think its called the Big Picture Show. or sumthing.
  • New National Museum just coz i've been there before.
  • Watch tons of movies. Namely Stardust, Beowulf and Golden Compass and maybe Enchanted
  • Go exploring Arab Street and Haji Lane and Emerald Hill properly.

Some of the things. i really wish ppl would help me at Maad in december oso. but hey wishful thinking.

Off to sleep.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wats the point really. No mood for anything. Wake up. Another bored to death day. Go work. At least the kids are a distraction. Go home. Log on. All the buddies are busy. Go sleep. Cycle starts all over again.

Nothing Special. Nobody Special. Life like has no meaning all of a sudden. Wat is there to live for? There's nobody special in my life. Or rather the feeling isn't mutual. Sighz.

Bored. and Ignored. And Lonely.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

I Feel Really Ignored.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Like Seriously

I shall complain about the mundane-ess of life.
Life in general is getting v boring.
Ok i like going to work, the kids are fun.
But i just need to hang out.
Bitch about stuff.
People watch.
U know that kind of thang.
Ya ok. I do go out by myself.
But it isn't much fun.
Its irritating.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Here I Am Again

Once again i turn to you, My Most Boootifulsoup Ever, for comfort. coz once again. i'm bored shitless and hav come here to rant.

Rant like the raving lunatic that i am.

Ok i dunno wat to rant about. should i go into the dreadfully boring details of wat i did today? most probably not. ppl don't love me enuff for me to blog about my daily habits. seriously. except maybe i will say this. My back is freaking sore.

so i know why back is sore? goodness no. its just very sore. like i feel sorta pregnant or growing breasts. i overworked my back. like wat from sleeping? maybe i had some gymnastic dream that that required me to do like sternous excercise or sumthing. like i woke up today feeling really sore.

and actually it has been going on for a few days now. it started from my lower back and now its moving up. i thinks its some imbalance somewhere and that my spine is shifting. oh yes how very holistic hippie approach. but i think thats wat is it. time to eat more veggies and fruits.

in the meantime. shall do some stretching and sit up straight.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Not Gonna Happen

So it seems i will be blogging alot more these few weeks. for the very reason THERE IS NOTHING TO DO... ok there are things to do. ok today i spent the whole day or rather the whole aftertoon sewing my plush toy. which i must say, i am quite plesed wit the end result.

but other than that was just eating and and watching tv. my version of busy.

like everybody is busy. even on msn.... refer to my theory a few posts down. i dunno why i'm not busy. i work yes. but i don't take my work home. if i did den the police would catch me. so wen i reach home basically i'm free as a bird. also i don't work much so the amount of time i spent not working outweighs the time i spend working.

so u see i much free time. much. oodles and oodles of it. time which i tot would be spent wit my frens. u know before i dissappear from their lives for ONE FREAKING YEAR. but i didn't factor in the part where would work or be super uber tired. of work and of me.

so here i am. a victim of my own mis-planning. its ok. i shall use this time that i have to like. do my other work and create new stuff for my lil' art shoppe. so i shall be busy. in my own way.

how very frustrating.... a seriously pointless post just coz i got nothing to do.

there are many things i wanna do. mainly watch movies. but u know usual la whole busy busy agenda.

like i really really wanna watch Stardust. which almost happened but didn't and now its almost happening again but its pending.
i also really really wanna watch Beowulf. which is based on an epic poem.
and i really really wanna watch the Golden Compass. which is some fantasy shitz.

a very big part of watching a movie is who is sitting next to you. like i wouldn't watch movies wit jsut anyone. strange eh. its jsut as important as the subject of the movie itself. very very important.

i dunno why i jsut said that but who cares. like anybody cares. like seriously. if u did care you would like place a comment. but no ones does. ok one or 2 ppl. they care.

so all this blabbering....
i don't think i will watch the movies anyways. like fate has always a cruel suprise up her sleeve. the thigns i want soooo badly usually do not happen but things i do not want happens all the time.
for example. i wanna watch the abovementioned movies. by some cruel twist of fate. i will not watch these movies. like seriously. and also like tomolo there will soooooo be a traffic jam wen i do not want there to be a traffic jam. but it happens. fate. oh and don't get me started on love.

so anyways enuff ranting. toodles

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Between 2 Worlds

So today 2 very different events were happening. First was Singapore Regatta 07 & secondly was November MaAd. these events were both as different as night and day like seriously u could see and feel the difference. ok u can't really see or feel coz u weren't there but u get wat i mean.

Singapore Regatta 07.
Not gonna blog about it much coz the blogosphere will be rife with ppl blogging about Regatta. how they lost, how they didn't row fast enuff. blah blah. so anyways.....
first of all i had to wake up early early to go and catch my fren whose race was supposed to start at 9.30. but u know things draaaaag and his particular race started at 10 ish. fine by me except for the fact taht it was super duper hot. like seriously the heat was like erm... hot. if he wasn't rowing i wouldn't be there i think.
Also the throngs of bronzed hunks and babes walking around in their tight tight singlets and short shorts didn't help either. i feel so small/inferior and ugly.not a good feeling i tell ya.
but i was amazed at the team spirit and energy of the whole thing. like wow! the energy and discipline of it all. amazed.
but somehow i felt kinda uncomfortable being there. it wasn't just coz of the inferiority complex but also i felt like this atheletic stuff wasn't me. like it felt kinda wrong being there. i didn't belong. i dunno felt weird.

So.... i said my goodbyes to fren... who was to busy (i hate that word) to entertain me... coz gotta concentrate on rowing and team spirit things.... so anyways... i ran to the place where i belonged...


This month i didn't set up a stall there. i decided i need a break. so no stall for KookyPlum. but no stall means more time to chit chat wit my MaaD frens. so i spent the afternoon like talking to ppl. i guess time well spent. made a few more new frens. i heart heart MaaD. Felt like home. hahaha. and got aircon hahaha.

So anyways i guess now i know where i belong. not among the pretty ppl but among the creative ppl.

Ok so i leave you tonight with Alanis Morissette - Ironic
Why? Coz i'm slightly pissed (ok wait i'm like always slightly pissed) but anyways...
i realised this most ironic of ironies. like on the day i DONOT hav a stall at MAAD... everyone of the people i usually hang out wit is not free. Like work la, study la, tired la.... so i was like left alone. wat an irony... enjoy....