Thursday, November 15, 2007

I don't even bother to think of a title for my blog post. sighs. maybe wen i'm feeling better bout my self and the situation i'm in. maybe. ppl can enjoy my blog post title. AS IF!

well i shall attempt a post before i go to sleep and wake up to another morning of cursing god about why he/she makes traffics jams to spoil my attempts to reach work on time.

i shall gallavant around chinatown tomolo. not coz i feel like it. its more of work related. so i have to get my lazy no mood ass to Chinatown tomolo. its no fun going shopping by urself. really it isn't but i have to do it. sighs. i wanted to go to arab street too but i'm really lazy and its hot. so only chinatown den. i shall make it fast and chop chop so i can go back home and sleep and not actually do the work that is required of me. work that made me go chinatown in the first place. sheesh.

there are soo many things i wanna do. but hey everyone is working. apparently much harder than me. so ppl are tired. so here's alist of things i really wanna do.

  • Go Singapore Art Museum. Apparently they hav a really good exhibition there. i think its called the Big Picture Show. or sumthing.
  • New National Museum just coz i've been there before.
  • Watch tons of movies. Namely Stardust, Beowulf and Golden Compass and maybe Enchanted
  • Go exploring Arab Street and Haji Lane and Emerald Hill properly.

Some of the things. i really wish ppl would help me at Maad in december oso. but hey wishful thinking.

Off to sleep.

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