Tuesday, March 31, 2009

He Pulled me In i Was Disgusted With Myself.....

Damn that Katy perry song.... i guess it strikes a chord with everyone wether or not u've been in a relationship or not. u must have liked someone and sort of keeps thinking and regretting taht u let them go or didn't tell them that u liked them sorta thing. nice song.

anyways i realised that for the pst few posts or so its been very dull coz got no peektures. so i will give u some pictures! lalalalala here goes!

so this my frens is a shot of old books. yes old journals to be exact and the Uni of Qld library has tons of these just lying about on the shelves.the oldest i found was dated 1852. like super old rite? and they are just lying around and nobody reads them anymore just crumbling away. and they are not even conserved or anything. these are very old things! and nobody really cares! lol

and i was walkign to skool as i often do. and this girl caught my attention. look at her "backpack". its actually a slingbag that she has cleverly strung up wit the strap and made it into a back pack. clever innit? so kool.

ok so i could tell you whats been going but the same thing has been going on so i see no point in blogging about it. but i can tell u about this magical place called Paddington.its a suburb just beside Milton in Brisbane and its magical. truly it is magical. it has so many kool shops. has Retro Metro which is zomg so magical. i wasn't a big fan of vintage wear but now i'm converted. CONVERTED i tell you. oh and there was Endos this thrift store which has 5 rooms of magic vintage clothes, homewear, old books and accesories. went wit JX and Bryan on sat afternoon. not much time coz Paddington needs to be explored for one whole day!! i tell you one whole day!!!

didn't take much pictures coz we were too busy criss crossing the road and trying not to get hit by the cars and exploring the shops. too kool la that place. burned alot of cash but considering i got 3 items of clothing for around 50 bucks i would consider taht a bargain. and its vintage!! look look.

Left: some long sleeve shirt thing which i assume is from the 70s. it has that old smell. needs to wash it. Right: purple vest from the 70s aswell. gorgeousness.

Left: checkered? blue/green/purple vest from 80s with gold buttons. tree brooch blogger's own. Right: not from Paddos but from WestEnd. i figured its vintage too, so why not include it in here.

so theres my shopping trip to Paddington. not to be confused wtih Paddington in London or Paddington in Sydney. or even Paddington the bear. Paddington, Brisbane is the SHITZ. wow. amazing. on after thought the vest should look better with a body in them aye. well not my body lol. but nvm.

well my frens thats about it. i think i should excercise more before winter comes and it will be too cold to run or sumthing. but i'm just a lazy asshole. lol ok we'll see. taa...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

No, No, No....

Currently listening to Amy Winehouse's Rehab. that song is so catchy.

so tues again. well i guess taht tues is the only day i really decided for myself that i will not do anything. lol. yes a day of rest and doing nothing productive. coz the rest of the week i'll be trying to do my work or going out or stuff like that. and yes i pondered this last post but i was thinking about it again jsut now.

so in riveting news. i realised that my keyboard is oily. and sticky. i guess its time for me to clean it. and no don't think naughty things. its just coz i like to eat and use my computer at the same time. and my grubby fingers although as much as i use a tissue to wipe my hands, still touch the keyboard. lol. so i'll clean it later. after this post. riveting isn't.

well i've been really out of touch for the past week. i dunno why. its like i've been feeling blah the whole week. i need to focus and i need a reason to go on? i'm not suicidal but u get what i mean. i need that drive to do work and live. haiz i dunno. it seems gone. i was so pysched about it then somehow its gone. poof jsut like that.

i think not having internet didn't help. like the modem died and we didn't have internet for like 3 to 4 days. it was terrible. felt terribly cut off from the rest of the world. well thats fixed now lol.

oh i went for my tarot card reading the other day wit the old lady at West End. and voila lo and behold she said i need to focus in my life to attain my goals. which is represented by the Star card. there was some things about rebirth and new beginnings which is true coz its the new semester which was in the fool and death cards. and there was a moon card which represents someone hiding the truth from me. which i think i know who that is. interesting this reading coz it reflected wat i was feeling at the moment. i like this old tarot lady wit her purple and maroon curtains, her crystals and her old deck of cards. compared to the other tarot card readers which talk about angels and light and white curtains. pish posh. the future is unknown and mysterious. not all fluffy white angels.

well life so far in good ole brissy is fine i guess. its simple. but i dunno. seems different. i wasn't meant to come back. maybe i'm testing fate? who knew. or knows.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I realised sumthing

i realised for the past few weeks i have been blogging on a tues. how interesting. maybe coz i dun blog on a monday coz i'm in skool on monday. and i dun blog on the weekends coz i'm out and about and rushing reports and presentations that are due on monday. and the rest of the days of the week i can't be bothered about. coz i'm just lying in bed and watching Gilmore Girls. yes that my week for ya.

i need to do sumthing about it.

well anyho. i spent 12hours in skool yesterday. how crazy. yes very crazy. didn't get much sleep in sunday night coz iwas preparing for a presenation on monday but in the end didn't get to present it after all coz FREAKING PPL TALK TO MUCH AND GO OVER THE 15MINS ALLOCATED FOR THEM. so freakign annoying. so yes i prepared for a presentation that i didn't get to do. but later on in the day had to do a presentation that i wasn't prepared for at all. it was terrrible. WTF. srsly WTF.

so i decided to walk home in the rain. well it wasn't planned and it was already raining and i didn't wanna stay in skool to wait for it to stop. so i walked home in the rain. it was kool. there were tons of toads hopping all over the paths. and it felt good. the pitter patter of raindrops on ur head. thank god it wasn't winter though lol.

umm thats about it. my life is pretty uninteresting. its shit actually but i make do. there are people out there with shittier lives than me. so i guess i can't complain. ah well.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hallowed Halls

its really quiet in UQ at night. really quiet and peaceful. except for the odd security dudes taht walk around. but it makes u feel safer that there are security ppl around. but yeah quiet and peaceful. especially last night, when the wind was blowing and the night was cool. the rain had just stopped and the ground was damp and the air was moist. its just one of those nights.

one of those nights that good for thinking about stuff. u know...stuff.

i'm gonna start whinging now. about skool. the pressure is mounting and the workload increasing. but i'm not complaining...much. i think i'm finally getting the hang of things in the arts faculty. i guess arts handles words and ideas in comparison to science which handles facts and things or stuff. but its all good. getting better. just have to be more focus-ed. likes siriously. i just need to be more disciplined. unlike now. ok i'll do my readings after i blog okay!!! i nvr did so much reading in my undergrad lol.

so far wat has been going on.... besides school....

well had a night out at the quintessential brisbane asian uni student party.... .Reiji.... lol. if ur an asian student studying in brisbane, u need to go there at least once. its where all the asians are.word. lol. but yeah had a blast. it was good to see familiar faces. and new faces as well....

and i set up my volunteering work at the Insect Collection. yay pinning bugs!! all the pretty pretty bugs.....

so yeah i'm updating u on all the boring stuff lol. wat about the scandals and gossip!! umm dun have lor. if have also i cannot tell you. hee hee hee.

thats all folks for now.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

So Far

So far i have had classes and seminars for my new course. and well i've nvr felt more dumb. lol i'm serious. its like i go into class and go "wat the fuck" is going on. i mean i was expecting this. like i'm moving from a science background to a totally different arts program.

but hey use such big words like didatic and provenance and such. i dun even know if i spelt them correctly. gah!

i guess i have to change my way of thinking and get into the flow of the course. like wateva happened to "there is only talent and hard work" ? so yeah i better get my ass off and start working. hard.

other than feling in adequate in skool lol. life's pretty ok. its just hot. very hot. and sweaty. which is good kinda if u had a partner but just annoying if ur alone lol. oh yeah kinky thoughts please.

i'm just rambling. i better get my ass out of the house to go to skool tomorrow and get some work done coz even though i dun have that many classes. i sure as hell have alot of things to do. lol