Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I realised sumthing

i realised for the past few weeks i have been blogging on a tues. how interesting. maybe coz i dun blog on a monday coz i'm in skool on monday. and i dun blog on the weekends coz i'm out and about and rushing reports and presentations that are due on monday. and the rest of the days of the week i can't be bothered about. coz i'm just lying in bed and watching Gilmore Girls. yes that my week for ya.

i need to do sumthing about it.

well anyho. i spent 12hours in skool yesterday. how crazy. yes very crazy. didn't get much sleep in sunday night coz iwas preparing for a presenation on monday but in the end didn't get to present it after all coz FREAKING PPL TALK TO MUCH AND GO OVER THE 15MINS ALLOCATED FOR THEM. so freakign annoying. so yes i prepared for a presentation that i didn't get to do. but later on in the day had to do a presentation that i wasn't prepared for at all. it was terrrible. WTF. srsly WTF.

so i decided to walk home in the rain. well it wasn't planned and it was already raining and i didn't wanna stay in skool to wait for it to stop. so i walked home in the rain. it was kool. there were tons of toads hopping all over the paths. and it felt good. the pitter patter of raindrops on ur head. thank god it wasn't winter though lol.

umm thats about it. my life is pretty uninteresting. its shit actually but i make do. there are people out there with shittier lives than me. so i guess i can't complain. ah well.

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