Tuesday, March 24, 2009

No, No, No....

Currently listening to Amy Winehouse's Rehab. that song is so catchy.

so tues again. well i guess taht tues is the only day i really decided for myself that i will not do anything. lol. yes a day of rest and doing nothing productive. coz the rest of the week i'll be trying to do my work or going out or stuff like that. and yes i pondered this last post but i was thinking about it again jsut now.

so in riveting news. i realised that my keyboard is oily. and sticky. i guess its time for me to clean it. and no don't think naughty things. its just coz i like to eat and use my computer at the same time. and my grubby fingers although as much as i use a tissue to wipe my hands, still touch the keyboard. lol. so i'll clean it later. after this post. riveting isn't.

well i've been really out of touch for the past week. i dunno why. its like i've been feeling blah the whole week. i need to focus and i need a reason to go on? i'm not suicidal but u get what i mean. i need that drive to do work and live. haiz i dunno. it seems gone. i was so pysched about it then somehow its gone. poof jsut like that.

i think not having internet didn't help. like the modem died and we didn't have internet for like 3 to 4 days. it was terrible. felt terribly cut off from the rest of the world. well thats fixed now lol.

oh i went for my tarot card reading the other day wit the old lady at West End. and voila lo and behold she said i need to focus in my life to attain my goals. which is represented by the Star card. there was some things about rebirth and new beginnings which is true coz its the new semester which was in the fool and death cards. and there was a moon card which represents someone hiding the truth from me. which i think i know who that is. interesting this reading coz it reflected wat i was feeling at the moment. i like this old tarot lady wit her purple and maroon curtains, her crystals and her old deck of cards. compared to the other tarot card readers which talk about angels and light and white curtains. pish posh. the future is unknown and mysterious. not all fluffy white angels.

well life so far in good ole brissy is fine i guess. its simple. but i dunno. seems different. i wasn't meant to come back. maybe i'm testing fate? who knew. or knows.

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