Thursday, December 30, 2004

A Tribute.....

u noe wat ppl... i give up lah.. i have nothing to say about IAP anymore...
it just so stressing me out. i feel so sick every morning just to go to work. i give up lah....

its like being in prison, i would say worse... i can't wait for April 1st... count down starts now... i won't take OT anymore i can't stand to stay at work anymore... 5 o'clock sharp i'm out of there....

i can't stand it anymore...

that said...

this is a tribute to all my frens... in these hard and terrible times we only have each other for comfort. (except those with bf or gf, then u have them) it's only we that know how each other feels and well, we have to stick together... i guess i would have broken down already if hadn't had u guys to complain to...

moving on to some sadder stuff (yes even sadder than my life).. u noe that tsunami on sunday taht killed like 80 000 ++ ppl? well i felt it that sunday morning... my house shakes abit, so much so that the water in the tanks rock from side to side.. well little did i noe such a quake could bring such destruction and death... its sad... no words can describe....

Monday, December 20, 2004


ok first of all... this is not a post of lament! alas it is not...
for this post is about frocks! ( clothes lah)

but but but.. first of all... akima gurl... sms lah.. use tag board a bit too late sorry no change...

oh back to my post proper!

i have realised that this semesters fashion for guys is a spin off from the surf shorts and berm we all saw last season.. seriously i thought those berms would get so colourful and so full of designs that it would blind the whole world...

so without further ado i shall reveal my prediction for mens fashion for semester dec to april!!!!

it is a new sorta jeans berms... i think levis makes it.. it like a pair of jeans but cut off at the knees.. its very Mat tapered jeans but not so tight... couple that with a white tee and sandals... the new look for the semester!

oh who am i kidding... well we'll wait and see...

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Poop Pee Doo

hey hey...

so how is everybody? so once again there is nothing much happening in my life so then i shall once again complain about my so called Industrial Attachment. for those who think its free labour its not. coz u are not an employee, u are a student and u are there to learn. thats a quote by the way from sum one. which i think by the way is BULLSH*T. thats my opinion and i'm entitled to one. haha.

no really, don't u guys think that sometimes (well most of the time) u wonder why u are there? oh well i keep complaining but heck that wat i do best.

time lapsed: 30 secs

wanted to complain alot but then i got a guilt trip. damn you guilt! spoiled my day. i have been guilted.

one last thing, it sunday night and tomolo is another bloody damned week of "work". Enjoy working ah...

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Oh Oh! Drama!

oh dear me... who is this Ass-ley? come ehre and tok tok nonsense... issit sumone i noe? can't be right.. if not he/she noe wat we're toking bout.. thus Ass-ley is not somebody i noe..

come to think of it.. the only Ashleys i noe is Ashley Simpson and my aunts neighbours dog. guess which of the Ashleys is the one on the tagboard...oh who freeking cares...

u noe i wanted to write bout how i get treated like a construction worker and how insensitive they can be to other cultures but then hey, its better to be heard from my own mouth right?

so see u then darlings... haha

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

ok fine....

i wanted to write bout something but i can't remember right now...

so i'll just blog bout YOANNA! isn't she pretty?

well there goes my Tv fix for monday since America's Next top Model is finishing next week... but aren't we glad that YOANNA won? she's so pretty... and to answer some ppl's qn for i am sure there will be... yes i think YOANNA is super pretty and not just that... the way she talks and over enunciates words in perfect crisp english.... and her super story of being fat then not...

oh how i admire her...

ok short post about how i love YOANNA.... go see pics ok?

no words to describe...

my fav photo!

in green sommore! haiz...

pretty prettty pretty.......

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

THey Despise ME......


i have come up with a list of alternative jobs that MOST PROBABLY i will go and try and do....

  • Work in a bookstore. u noe the small kinds. maybe in bras basah or holland V
  • become a teacher! yay! i like kids!!!
  • be in the fashion related industry, model cannot lah. maybe stylist or sumthing.
  • designer
  • psychologist
  • Kumon teacher! yeah 3 year experience
  • Writer, novelist
  • Muse, yes there are such ppl.
  • Anthropologist
  • LEcturer!
  • Technical Service Cousellor
  • Comedian
  • Gigolo? hey they maek lotsa money leh.
  • House Husband
  • TV host
  • RAdio Deejay
  • Shoe Designer
  • Work In the HERbarium!!!

ok ran out of jobs that i would try to do. most probably not wat i'm doing now....

Another Depressing moment....

i've become damn ugly.... ok here the story...

i feel that i look better than how i did when i first entered poly. don't u think so? slimmed a bit, less pimples and better fashion sense. well i do so just go along with me.

so it took me about three bloody years to come to where i am now. and look wat i have become wen i start attachment? wearing BIG crummy shirts and crummy jeans. wat about my look? ie. Cargo pants. green shirts and white crummy skool shoes with velcro straps! and vans shoes! brown no less! and gelled hair!

now i can't do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

like factory worker dress better than me.. don't get me wrong. i understand that the work comes with the clothes! but i'm depressed...

so to comfort myself i went to buy a Destiny's Child CD and a Book! i'm happy now.......

Sunday, November 28, 2004


oh ok recently i have not been blogging.. as some of u have noticed... that coz there's nothing interesting to blog bout... i cut and cut and fertilize everyday wat am i supposed to blog about? so don't expect a post every so often... i'll try to update once a week OKays....


have u looked at the sky recently? i have been and i just realised it is a pretty pretty place. yesterday there was a clear night and the moon was full. it was so beautiful and bright like a pearl. it was so readiant that it made the night sky a deep deep shade shade of blue. instead of black. oddly there were no stars or i didn't noticed any..

today the clouds were fantastic. they were so fake looking and stretched for as far as the eye can see so perfect....

i dunno i just like to look at the sky alot. maybe due to the fact that i sit at the back of the lorry alot.

at this very moment it started to rain and it turned the sky a bit fuzzy... pretty pretty rain....

like the pretty pretty lights in orchard.. especially TAngs.. pretty pretty icicle droplets. We had a great time we shloud do this more often, not only once a month... howz about every 3 weeks? or fortnightly.... don't shop lah juz go eat and talk and talk nad talk until we burst... how? Respondez Sil Vous PLaiz...

till den toodles....

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

ok i'll try

first of all... hallo hallo....
secondly, there was boy in the bus just now who keeps shaking his head after he drinks his bubble tea. i dunno creepy..

ok wat can i say about attachement... except wat i said in the last post... all the studying to be a worker... it like no wonder ppl don't stay in the horticultural buisness... they get put off by the attachment... lets make a list by comparing the attachment to lets say biotech and chemical engineering which is in the same life science skool. and almost the same entry points.

first horticulture:

  1. most of the time in the sun
  2. most of the time do labourous job
  3. work strange hours like 10 to 7pm
  4. work during the weekends
  5. u get uneven tan (some ppl think this is important)
  6. mosquitoes
  7. sweaty and smelly
  8. so tired that u don't want to do anything after work
  9. the list goes on....

The other LSCT courses:

  1. in labs or office thus aircon
  2. not strenous jobs
  3. normal working hours
  4. i think weekends free
  5. sterile environment
  6. and the list goes on...

ok looking at my pathetic list which course would u choose as ur career path if u were a student? hmmm..... i rest my case...

no wonder there are so little ppl in the course... it not coz there is no demand in the industry.. it coz ppl are not interested..

i'm interested in horticulture but then the attachemnt is killer and i have doubts bout continuing.

thus ends my complain about Horticulture and Landscape Management...


A Glorified Labourer

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Promise promises, excuses excuses

ya ya..i said after hari raya but i didn't say when after harii raya....

ho ho...

todae v v tired... and so so hot... i am a bangala...

i studied so hard to get to poly to become wat? a common worker? a labourer? shit man....

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Temporary Hiatus ok darlings?

its been a long time since i blogged.... i'll be taking a tepmorary hiatus and will be back after hari raya....

COZ I AM BLOODY TIRED FROM WORK AND I NEED TO ADJUST... so there.. do continue to use the tagboard coz its still active...

KooKy Plum

Thursday, October 21, 2004


Hello Hello.. One and All....

finally the exams are over... and i am not very happy with this exams.. didn't study much coz i was a bit preoccupied and well just plain lazy. but oh well. its done done and over with.. wait its supposed to be over and done with. anyways.....

cleaned up my room and vacuumed up all the dust. and boy was there alot of dust. my room is just wat you would expect from and old chinatown antique shop. lotsa bits and pieces and lots of dust. seriously.. that and the fact that its green! hah!

i think i specifically said to sumone that this seasons colors are gonna be purple and brown. guess i was right. and i think i changed the color of the text of well....

Actually i have sooo many things to say but its not for the 5 ppl who read this blog. too bad right... i so want to get it off my chest but hey i can wait..

Monday, October 18, 2004

I'm gonna Change the BLog tiTle

how bout
"the guiness world record for blog with the fewest number of readers:5"

ok.. i will not tell you who the person of my oh so fabulous dreams are... it shall remain an eternal mystery.. so keep guessing... ur bound to guess it sooner or later...shhh...

i am currently addicted to Snickers Icecream.... instead of the white thing that is inside the Snicker its replaced with ice cream and its so Divine!!!!

Study hard for exams ya? don't be like me..... haiyah don't say anymore lah...

Saturday, October 16, 2004

OH Powers!

Time: 10.37pm
Place: Kitchen

heard a windchime in the kitchen. u noe windchimey kinda sound.. like Phoebe when her empath powers kick in. something like that. just some random thing...

Friday, October 15, 2004


i had recurring dreams for 2 days straight..... it not the same thing but it about the same person.. i hate dreams like that. i onced dreamt about this person (another one) for about a month.. that was in secondary skool. it would be different dreams but there would always about the same person heh....

now it begginning again... wonder how long it will last...

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Solar Eclipse!




Tuesday, October 12, 2004

We all feel like This Sometimes....

Nobody's Child
Writers: Cy Coben, Mel Foree

As I was slowly passing
An Orphan's home one day,
I stopped for just a little while
To watch the children play.
Alone a boy was standing,
And when I asked him why,
He turned with eyes that could not see
And he began to cry.

I'm nobody's child,
I'm nobody's child,
Just like the flowers
I am growing wild.
I've got no mammy's kisses,
I've got no, no daddy's smile.
Nobody wants me,
I'm nobody's child.

No mammy's arms to hold me
Or soothe me when I cry,
'Cause sometimes I feel so lonesome,
I wish that I colud die.
I'd walk the streets of heaven
Where all the blind can see,
And just like all other kids there'd be a home for me.
I'm nobody's child,
I'm nobody's child,
Just like the flowers
I am growing wild.
I've got no mammy's kisses,
I've got no, no daddy's smile.
Nobody wants me,
I'm nobody's child.

(courtesy of XL)

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Lemon Meringue

No cheating. Pick your dessert, then look to see what psychiatrists
think about you! After taking this dessert personality test,
If all of the desserts listed below were sitting in front of you,
which would you choose? (Sorry, you can only pick one!)

Angel Food
Lemon Meringue
Vanilla Cake/Chocolate Icing
Strawberry Short Cake
Chocolate Cake/Chocolate Icing
Ice Cream
Carrot Cake

OK - Now that you've made your choice, this is what research says
about you!

Angel food - Sweet, loving, cuddly. You love all warm and fuzzy items..
A little nutty at times. Sometimes you need an ice cream cone at the end
of the day. Others perceive you as being childlike and immature at times.

Brownies - You are adventurous, love new ideas, are a champion of
underdogs and a slayer of dragons. When tempers flare up, you whip
out your saber. You are always the oddball with a unique sense of humor and
direction. You tend to be very loyal.

Lemon Meringue - Smooth, sexy, &articulate with your hands, you are an
excellent after-dinner speaker and a good teacher. But don't try to walk
and chew gum at the same time. A bit of a diva at times, but you have
many friends.

Vanilla Cake/Chocolate Icing - Fun-loving, sassy, humorous. Not very
grounded in life; very indecisive and lack motivation. Everyone enjoys
being around you, but you are a practical joker. Others should be
cautious in making you mad. However, you are a friend for life.

Strawberry Short Cake - Romantic, warm, loving. You care about other
people and can be counted on in a pinch. You tend to melt. You can
be overly emotional and annoying at times.

Chocolate Cake/Chocolate Icing - Sexy, always ready to give and receive.
Very creative, adventurous, ambitious, and passionate. You have a cold
exterior but are warm on the inside. Not afraid to take chances. Will
not settle for anything average in life. Love to laugh.

Ice Cream - You like sports, whether it be baseball, football,
basketball, or soccer. If you could, you would l ike to participate, but
you enjoy watching sports. You don't like to give up the remote control.
You tend to be self-centered and high maintenance.

Carrot Cake - You are a very fun loving person, who likes to laugh.
You are fun to be with. People like to hang out with you. You are a very
warm hearted person and a little quirky at times. You have many loyal

I choose Lemon Meringue heh.... Teacher yes... diva? totally... hahaha

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

We Spend So Much Time Looking At Heaven, We Forget The Earth We Stand On.

so true isn't it? in all our wanting to go to heaven and being on Gods side, we forget about Earth. we pollute her and all that jazz.... killing all the animals and deforestation. and we still go up to God and say we are a good person coz we never steal and murder. well aren't you stealing all the animal's and tribal people's homes by deforestation which is a consequence of large scale farming and paper? aren't you murdering the lives of animals by polluting their homes ie. the sea and leaving them stranded with no home and food?

yeah yeah... i noe it flawed. and i not asking you to stop everything and wear nothing and eat leaves and shoots. (that in itself is a crime in a botanical sense) i'm just saying we should be more aware of nature and the things around us. feel the wind in our face, smell the rain in the air. feel the grass between our toes and the sound of crickets in the night air. oh forget it.. no ones really listens anyway...

Friday, October 01, 2004


ok i've been meaning to blog since monday. since i watched the new Americas NExt Top Model!
oh how i love taht show! it makes me feel so pretty and beautiful and i wanna dress up and walk like a model all day! and kick ass of course.. i support Yoanna juz coz she pretty and coz... well for those woh don't noe you will juz have to watch and find out.... oh i wish i was a model...

next is a rundown of Singapore Idol.... i didn't watch todays results as i wasworking but i noe that it was disappointing as shit. like jessea and beverly? granted beverly may be a little akshen but she is one of the better singers. hallo? stoopid people....

anyway here's a rundown of thursday's show for you reading pleasure.

first of all CAndice is from NGee ANN!! haha. but she dropped out.. so why didn't they get a replacement? its quite shitty. i'm sure she told the producers way in advance that she wanted to quit not the wednesday like stated in th e newspaper.

next wat the hell was florence wearing? a black knit cardigan with tomatoes on it? terrible terrible....

gurmit can't pronounce GRoban and MArmalade properly.

  1. first up was leandra. ok but then she looked like a zombie. no expression at all. sad really.
  2. next was jerry. lives in a bungalow or a terrace = rich. like ok better performance but atill not good enuff. he looks like a frog wit the eyebags that just my own opinion. F.Y.I as a frog lover myslef i would say no.
  3. ChrissyPoo. sang a josh Groban Song. goes to some country club. like hallo? upper crust for sure. bad bad performance. just his smile thats gonna bring him thru. trust me.
  4. oh my god. Maia Lee. she has jiggly things if you looked hard enuff. and jiggle she can. and LAdy MArmalade? i can so sing LAdy MArmalade better than her. puhleez. Dick is So so Wrong. and enuff with the 'i have a son' things. sheesh.
  5. Taufik Batisah. better than Maia, way better. but then he doesn't have a child and jigglies so he didn't get enuff praises. but still better.
  6. Beverly Morata. ok some strange tone and pitch thing going on here. weird. only one person can do those strange tone things, and that is Shakira. juz listen to Underneath Your Clothes and you noe wat i mean.
  7. David Yeo. everybody's favourite former beng. cute lah but not very outstanding vocally. just cute with lotsa teeth.
  8. Daphne Khoo. ok lah but no range lah. just one range and taht is Squeaky. can show any MAriah Carey worthy vocal jumping.
  9. Jessea. hot hot. good but abit off key in some places. one of the best vocalist in the competition.
  10. Olinda Cho. So round is her face like a pau. heehee. she like Ella of s.H.e people love tombois (which is a topic for another day) might win gasp! but she playing ti safe with those jazzy numbers of hers.
  11. Sylvester Sim. Hee Hee like some tall thin guy i noe. heh. ok lah. but airy breathy.

then result show which i never watche but felt the pain.

jessea and beverly is out. wat the hell? jerry is still in? i guess they have people with the budget to actually push them thru. (means rich frens) i noe it so idoitic and corny but it is soo bad i need to watch it. call it the Simple Life effect. sheesh. can't wait for next week when maybe leadra or daphne gets the boot. never Maia or Jerry no never. sheesh....

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Shame Shame Shame

no tis not about Singapore Idolz today.

it more about people in todays society. it sad really when i see people who have such strong views about certain things. to them the world is split into 2. black and white good and evil.

it quite strange really to se how they behave.


the chances are if you think you are right then you are. nothing is really right or wrong. everyone is right to a certain extent. no one is ever reeally mean and no body is really that nice. not all plants are green. not everybody was born ith 10 fingers and toes. nature is beatiful yet dangerous at the same time. that kind of thing. it just taht people tend to put themselves into one track of mind coz it easier to work that way. not very complicated you see.

yeah yeah i noe wat ur thinking "i'm being all almighty and such." but please take a look around you and yourself and notice.

lemme leave you with this. if you are a religious person then don't rad the next section. but then again you will still read it anyway. i mean no offence just a pondering in my mind.

God = Good
SAtan/Lucifer = Evil

but if god made every single thing in this universe. then he had to make satan somehow right? so does that make God somewhat responsible for Satan being evil and such? since God
makes everything. does that mean that god has a dual nature? juz wondering.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

woo hoo....

got my NS notification juz now. it for some medical exam and documentation. the medical exam takes a bloody long 4 hours!!! so they say... wonder wat they will do to me... hmm... better wear nice undies for the exam. heehee.

kinda excited bout NS dunno why. strange.

Friday, September 17, 2004

"If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind"
Agnetha Falkstog
former ABBA singer
I would bring you flowers in the morning
Wild roses as the sun begins to shine
Sweet perfume in tiny jeweled caskets
If I thought you'd ever change your mind
I would take you where the music's sweetest
And feed you winter fruits and summer wine
Show you things you've only read in story books
If I thought you'd ever change your mind
I would bring you happiness
Wrapped up in a box and tied with a yellow bow
I would bring you summer rain and rainbow skies to make your garden grow
And in the winter snow my songs would keep you from the cold
But what use of flowers in the morning
When the garden they should grow in is not mine
And what use is sunshine if I'm crying
And my falling tears are mingled with the wine
I would bring you happiness
Wrapped up in a box and tied with a yellow bow
I would bring you rainbow skiesAnd summer rain to make your garden grow
And in the winter snow, my songs would keep you from the cold
I would bring you flowers in the morning
Wild roses when the sun begins to shine
Winter fruits and summer wine
Sweet perfume and columbineI
f I thought you'd ever change your mind
If I thought you'd ever change your mind
so totally digging this song. so sweet and simple.

Thursday, September 16, 2004


bloody fuck! singapore idol! seems i'll be not watching next week.


oh oh!!!!!!!!

wildcard! wildcard!

actually actually! everyone was good to a certain extent.. except maybe haizad and benjamin... wat telah happen? both of you look so dejected. i noe the judges can be mean. like haizad looks like he give up when the comments reached douglas O. so sad.. benjamin oso.. so sad.. sigh...

oh and ken lim poke fun at jerry ong when he told AJ lim the way to get in was to ask jerry ong... hahahaha. i like ken a bit better now.

of note:
Shirin is actually good!!!
Sylvester hor. so kawaii!!! everytime he smile i oso want to smile. note: nothing going on here. don't think anyhow hor.

i dunno who will get in. so exciting. but then again it could be fixed. my prediction is one guy one gurl. maybe beverly and Aj Lim. maybe. or Nana. maybe. my powers are abit low today.

anyway. laterz.

Monday, September 13, 2004

StiLL ReeLing....

heh.. i feel this is becoming like a Singapore idol page instead of a page about me. but hey it my blog right. i noe all the ppl who read this do not watch SI (at least the regular customers here don't with maybe one exception)

but anyway still reeling from the fact that Nana and Beverly did not get in!!!!!! like hallo!!! due to my nature not to intervene and let fate take its course i did not vote for anybody. damn did i regret it. instead Taufik and jerry got in.

taufik i can live with he was good but not as good as nana or bev. so its still ok that he got in. but hello jerry ong. i'm not gonna say he was bad but hey taufik is a 1000 times better than him. ok not that much you get my point. jerry ong puh leez. and that speech at the end? like yikes booring..... and that lord jesus christ thanking thing.... i didn't have to noe. i DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING AGAINST CHRISTIANS but it was just strange to thank jesus. plain cheesy. i hope he get out during the first round of the finals. its not that i hate jerry ong, i'm sure he is a really nice person but hey i think he noes that there are more talented ppl who deserve a place in the final more tahn he did. go read the singapore idol forums where jerry bashing abound!! haha damn farni...
moving on..

Wild card Choices

whoo! wildcards! lets run down the choices.

  • Andy Joshua LIm: hmm... better choose a better song this time hor... ok?
  • BEnjamin Eio: former boyband member. oledi chosne for boyband wat so that means got some talent right. put more oommphh in it boy.
  • Beverly lim morata: stop crying this time yah. it not miss universe noe. miss universe oso never cry like you.
  • MAia Lee: reluctant about this... stop toking bout your single mother status!! already!! without it she is simply another hopeful, nothing special.
  • HAizad Imram Wit the M: ohh didn't watch his performance due to work but caught a glimpse of it and can make it lah. most handsome of all the contestants, males that is. i tot i was the most ham sum.. hahaha
  • NElson tan: soo big brother, da ge can make it meh? i never watch. same reason as
  • NAna: Try ur best Gurl!!! yah like she read this like that.
  • Shirin: never watch coz once again work. but dunno lah get a Minah vibe from dis one. may be its the way she dress but i would noe coz i never meet her before but voice wise i wouldn't noe either coz i never watch!!
  • Sylvester Sim: umm oso never watch but he looks so beng leh. sorry hor. niche audience surely.

oi! that was fun wasn't it? i luv my blog!!! read my blog coz i tok about sex all the time. yeah as if i got any...


Thursday, September 09, 2004

i can't believe myself...!!!! or the damned producers!!!

i was wrong... the producers purposely fixed the votes coz i was on to them bout the way singapore idol was so predictable it bordered on being staged. huh think i don't noe issit? it so staged lah. frm who gets in to wat they say. i don't think the votes get countted anyways. bah at least there is a wild card!


its been a long time in a long while.....

i'm back... but it about to bithc bout singapore idol. ha ha.

first a run down of the contestants for grp 3:

  1. beverly ann. stop crying at everything the judges say. continue and most probably cannot make it.mantain sikit ah. skejap skejap nangis. ish...
  2. Nana. quite ok lah. ps not saying this becuase she is my fren cuzzin. she is actually good.
  3. taufik batisah. alright.
  4. serene koong. hey big spender. oso ok wat. i like the song. hey big spender! spend a little time with me!
  5. Cheyenne. pretty leh. oso i like the song. i feel the earth move under my feet. but singing cannot lah.
  6. jerry ong. uhh... i change the channel.
  7. nelson tum. sad to say reminds me of william hung.
  8. leandra. quite ok.
  9. MAlvin. i change channel again. heh.
  10. maia. i almost change channel. sure go in wan. pls pls stop palying the "ihave a child and i'm single card"


beverly, nana and maybe maybe nelson. just to play the clay aiken card. see i correct or not.

now must watch and to confirm my suspicions bout the judges. cannot make baseless accusations one.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004


i want to blog but then there were some traumatick xperiences just now at skool and very stressed now.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2004

boards back up but the whole layout is abit wonky.... will work on it.. but then again:

  1. i can't bothered to fiddle with the script.
  2. i dunno wat all those words in the script mean.

Bwah hahaha!

eXpressive: 5/10Practical: 6/10Physical: 4/10Giver: 1/10
You are a RPIT--Reserved Practical Intellectual Taker. This makes you a Love Geek.Heh heh -- you love geek! You are weirdly sexy. It doesn't take people a long time to get to know you, but people *think* it takes a long time, because you are as cool and regulated after a year as you are on a first meeting. You don't tend to date casually -- you just suddenly find yourself in long term relationships. Your approach to conflict is your greatest asset -- it complements almost every other type. You don't express yourself or your feelings in dramatic terms, but you will speak up to those who do. You are generally calm, but capable of ramping up, and you don't give up until the issue is resolved -- this means even the hottest temper or coolest conflict-avoider can feel comfortable pursuing their satisfaction with you. And you don't hold a grudge -- you get through it, and it's done. You rock. Sure, you like the sex. And you communicate with your partner well, so you're good at it. But it's not something you would make jokes about or bring up in polite company (not that you don't appreciate that kind of humor). You're no prude, but that's just not your style. You'd make an excellent parent. You enjoy food and can be a ravenous eater. A good cook will get your attention quickly.Of the 18179 people who have taken this quiz, 4.6 % are this type.

Go do iT

Saturday, August 28, 2004


First of all i am not that lucky to get or be doing a real blowjob... haiz... it an entirely different blowjob one which you will understand shortly.

first of all thanks guys for the presents which are:

  • a red frog which expands in water. which it does and now currently resides i a blue bucket under the sink in the toilet. and its big.
  • a can that sprouts some chilli plant. we'll see about that.
  • a dreamcatcher. BoMp!
  • a beanless bag. have anyone heard of that? a bag without beans imagine that. oso very comfortable. spent the whole night blowing it.
  • a roll of toilet paper all wrapped up in black ribbon. how sweet. i just took the ribbon. heavy lah loo roll. and it can better serve other people.
  • and money!

oh and the tagboard still missing coz i lazy go put it so there. and i will change it to pink! hah.

Friday, August 27, 2004


happie birthday to me.. i guess...
oh and the tagboard is temporarily will be back soon.

Thursday, August 26, 2004


oh due to the response frm my one and only loyal reader. i shall try and muster a blog entry....

but wat can i say.. these past few week have been quite hard on my life. its like a hurricane. many details going on but who wants to noe right. tis here is a plae were you can laugh and laugh wat. so i shan't bore you.

so wat now. singapore idol? yes i shall. in point form mind you.
  • first gurmit singh should stop imitating Ryan Seacrest's wardrobe. CAnnot MAke it.
  • Imelda sounded wheezy like cannot take breath properly. F.I.Y she the one in Purple.
  • David De Cruz. nothing to say.
  • DAvid Yeo. Cute. as in Kawaii Cute lah.
  • Jessea Thyidor. Great.
  • The sandy lam wannabe. plunging necklines are not for the flat chested.
  • OlindaCho. reminds me of my fren. exactly.

Nuff bout S.I. (S.I. = Singapore Idol. IF u Abit Slow)

wat else can i say. oh yeah. i still dunno why the Tagboardwhichnobodyuses... is at the bottom. hmmmm..... and i wanted to change my page to pink but them i decided not to coz... well for some reason.. den iwanted to change it to brown but then its to..well.... brown. thus i shall stick to my green. thus ends this particular section.

i'm sorry i have nothing fun or nice to say. i just don't feel like it.

Thursday, August 19, 2004


actually i wanted to blog.... juz blog about everything and anything... from frenster to sex! but then i realised i can't get my thoughts in order so i shall keep that to another day...
yes i always do that... so deal...

on other fronts... why is my bladdy tagboard at the bottom of my blog???!!!!

so there....

Monday, August 09, 2004

OK Fine....

seems i am getting pissed about more things nowadays. dunno why... and seems that i have been blogging alot todae.. dunno why oso. but back to being pissed part. oh one thing i am very pissed about is that...

people don't take me seriously. especially people who juz got to noe me. come to think of it. ppl who noe me for longer oso don't take me seriously.
ppl see me as a strange almost ditzy man with no common sense. oh puhleez. and i hate that. but i can't entirely blame them can i? coz my public persona is like that. thats how i interact with ppl in public ya? i want ppl and myself to feel comfortable so i crack joke and be silly and be nice. would you rather me be all boring and serious and not laugh and be loud?

i dunno maybe you would but i wouldn't. i dunno its just the vibe i get from ppl. its as though they tok to me as though i'm a dumb blonde. irritating...

juz wait and see tomolo.

Shame! SHAme!

i was doing my research on Water Talks Between MAlaysia and Singapore for WISP. and found this HIGHLY INSULTING REPORT. by none other than the MINISTRY OF FOReign AFFAIRS OF MALAYSIA.

Go Read it IF you bother to read a really long report.

but anyway it bout water talks... i respect Malaysia's view on the water talks. they are entitled to their own opinion. but they way the ministry writes the report is just damaging to my national pride. this has nothing to do with national day. i would get the same response if it was the middle of june!

it is just the tone of of the writing that pisses me off. for example.

"Singapore Government officials are very smart people. Did they expect the price of 1.4 Singapore cents per 1,000 gallons to last forever? "

yes we are very smart ppl..... so...

(Malaysia is pleased to inform the island republic that in the future, this "subsidy" will be no longer necessary. Johor will buy no more treated water from Singapore.)

they are saying that they gonna be better than us. good for you.. we'll see in the future if that holds up.

"Clearly enough, even RM6.25 per 1,000 gallons of God's water (as opposed to water form the sewer) is much better than the comparable cost of Singapore's alternative sources of water. According to Singapore, NEWater (Singapore's recycled sewage water) ..."
excuse me? God's water? god gave everyone equal opportunities and that means the brains to deal with a water shortage. umm for example NEWater.. could you have come up with the idea? sewage... oh please...

this blog is going political. yeah.....

Singapore Idol

first of all seen the parade... ya ya same ole same ole.... was expecting to see kitty but then did not instead i saw sumone else. (i shan't name who,i think he would kill me in the most horrifying way if i put his name online. but you noe who you are. ) dancing away and smiling away. wat a good performer. alaways remember to smle my conductor used to say. shaking that boo-tay. not exactly his boo-tay but i always wanted to say

shake that boo-tay! shake it shake it! boo-tay!!!

nuff bout national day.... moving on to singapore idol!

Singapore Idol! Singapore Idol! Singapore Idol! Singapore idol! singapore idol! singapore idol!

ya so wen ppl do a web search on Singapore Idol! they are more likely to stumble on my blog. ya. i'm a fame whore. but not enuff to join Singapore idol!

singapore idol was hilarious... same ole same ole bad contestants....
the eyebrow plucker man who stripped to his speedos reminds me of one of my classmate (before you say anythings the classmate who i am reminded of i s a gurl)

poor rocky from shanghai.. i feel for ya when he cried.. so sad right? haiz.. i felt so sorry...

and that alaister or wateva his name is, aiyah the hensem one with specs?... the one that "pissed off" dick lee... i don't understand why he so pissed off... he just didn't prepare thats all and he forgot his words... like soo? apparently he got Dick (hee hee) pissed coz he was actually good but he didn't put in effort. if i were the judges i would have let him in. juz coz he has the looks and voice. so wat he wasn't prepared? so now he will be coz i let him in! yeah!

oh ya and i don't quite fancy the ken person... the one sitting beside Doug O... no not the woman... the other guy... keeps looking up from his glasses.. is he old? like he tilts his head down and looks up with his glasses low...

and before they ask ppl to go for makeover pls pls ask the ken guy to go for makeover. your a TV person now... so pls cut the hair... Dick Lee is TV worthy..

oklah.. toodles now...

NAtional Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tis National Day! Happy National Day ya'll... i'm being patriotic here.... a day to watch tv and lepak and national day parade!!!!

Hallo Kitty!!!!! i'm watching out for you!

thus ends my early national day morning post in red....

Sunday, August 08, 2004


i'm back after a long time.... go minus it yourself...

eh you noe wat? sumone died like 500m from my block... road accident... biking accident...under the LRT station.... how creepy... i saw the whole thing... well not the whole thing just the part where the ambvulance came and police came and they covered the body with a plastic sheet. thru binocular of course. and it wasn't even reported on the news. i dunno if the fella who died was a guy or girl.

the creepy thing is there is still a big patch of blood on the road where the body used to be. apparently they never cleaned it up. so there it is a big patch of blood on the road. creepy right.

i wonder if the place is gonna be haunted? with the death being so close to the river and all(the LRt station is on one side of the river which is near my house. sungei Punngol). i do wonder................

Sunday, August 01, 2004

excuse me!

yes excuse me? does anyone else reading my blog seen my tagboard? it seems to have dissappeared... i can't see it can you?

but if you can see it how can you tell me coz then i can't see my tag board so how can i noe that you saw it. den again if it is really truly gone then how are you supposed to tell its gone? hmmm....

i swear to god i didn't change my template... WHERE'S MY TAGBOARD!!!!!! WAHHHHHH!!!!! DID SUMONE HACK INTO MY BLOGGER ACCOUNT!!?? WAH!!!!!!!!!!


well that was depressing....
oh well gotta let it out sooner or later....
sleep does wonders...
going to continue with this broken thought pattern...
have to eat breakfast...



Edited due to the fact that i am paranoid and crazy! hahaha...
but i liked this part of the eddited post so here it is...

oh in the words of someone famous.

no one loves me! i'm nobody's child!

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Ella Of Frell

far far away in the dell
lived a girl called Ella of Frell
blessed with a gift by the fairy Lucinda
a gift which would cause ella to find her
for her gift was also a curse
for she must obey or not she would burst!
and on her way with magic book in hand
she ran into her perfect man
anyway to make a long story short
an evil king fell with a snort
and ella married her man
and don't forget the giant with an elf in her hand!

oh yeah ella enchanted.. my life is like ella enchanted... i had to do so many things at work that monday.... coz ppl ask me to... it so ironic.... sad....

anyway on a brighter front.... i found a pair of tongs under my pratas todae... apparently they left it accidentally... how funny..

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

see this kind of jumping? anyone? oh the temper tantrum!


ok ok...
i noe i have a question!
so it bout those bands ya. so this my question:
why is it that when band ppl play and when they reach like a climax then they all jump while playing the guitars or sumthing. i dunno. why?
Poff does it. Shoe Size Nine does it. (yah yah i noe shameless publicity. but hey i'm doing PR ok??) Busted does it. Simple PLan does it. if i'm not wrong. Blink 182 does it also. go figure.
and the pic is from the gurl band The Temper Tantrums. i dunno if they are any good or not but hey i found the perfect example.
so how anyone has any idea why these guys do it? is it to improve sound? or is it that u feel so high that you feel you can fly!
i dunno. ANSWER ME! ( abit of sound of god there)
okyah good nightz

Bored At Nine...

oh yeah... bored at nine. finish all the presentation stuff but in the end did not present at all. coz oh i dunno.. i don't care all already.
got Finance Hw but then i lazy so i will hopefully do it tomolo.
i noe! since i am on the net i shall research the Landscape Deisign Hw! on Hawaii!
bored bored bored... there nothing to watch on tv. and there nothing on the net. except maybe porn. but then i'm not particularly horny now. *wink*
trying not to chat on the net coz
  1. no one wants to tok to me.
  2. if i tok den i will stay up late
  3. or i will tok then ppl will get bored or i will get bored and not tok and have a blank screen staring at me. and thus worsening my bored mood.



Sunday, July 18, 2004

damned hearts

have you been on friendster lately???
if you have... have you seen those heart things that people put in their testi(cles)? oh i dunno ones that look like this:
____##########*________________________ __*##############______________________ __################_____________________ _##################_________**##*______ __##################_____*##########___ __##################___*#############__ ___#################*_###############*_ ____#############take#care#############*_ ______###############################__ _______#############################=__ ________=##########################____ __________########################_____ ___________*####################=______ ____________*##################________ _____________*###############__________ _______________#############___________ ________________##########_____________ ________________=#######*______________ _________________######________________ __________________####_________________ __________________###__________________
well if you do then pls pls do me this kind favour....
i dunno i just don't like em. plus a testi(cle) is from the heart (heh thats why i never type to many testi(cles) hahaha) and that is just plain lazy too go find the heart and cut and paste. and pls don't tell me they go and type in the heart themselves. no one is that bored. sheesh.
don't give me one. not that anyone is gonna give me a heart. i'm just saying.
wait i noe wat ur thinking. "he' s jealous coz he never get a heart" oh puh leez... i rather you give me a ginger root than give me a heart. serious. or a seed of some kind.
ok i'm ranting. i shall go before i start to tell you my sad sad life story where i never got into a skool play coz this popular girl called me fat infront of the whole skool and i ran away, in the process knocked over a few kids and teachers coz i was indeed fat. which was sad then as it is now. for now i am pregnant. 4 months. i dunno who the father is. must be that dude in the mesh cap that day at canteen 3. oh the memories but now you have a baby darling! be a man be responsible. oh so now we have to get married coz i am preggy. it sad, but want my wedding to fabulous! with lotsa white roses and ribbon. oh roses smell nice. i love roses but i love ribbons also. i'm torn and undecided. how how. ribbons or roses? i noe shall put ribbon roses oh you noe the fake roses made of ribbon. but then i;ll miss the smell of roses like i miss the smell of smelly toufu which by the way is damned delicious. but smelly. like the mesh cap guy. who i dunno his name. but then i have his baby how can i not noe his name. oh my. i must go and find him and tell him that i have his baby and that i was fat when i was young. but i'm not fat now. not so fat at least. like that bitch who called fat in the first place. hahah now look at her. she has hips the size of australia. dare call me fat. but then. oh my now i remember who the mesh cap man who the father of my child is. it that woman bf. hahaha. i stole your bf and have his baby. and i love roses. oh i will name the child rose if its a girl and rose if its a boy. or maybe ribbon. hmmm. i noe roses ribbon for gurl and ribbon rose for boy. now thats a kool name. or names. but what if i have triplets? en i will naem them after mesh cap boy person who is the father of my children. but i dunno his name. so i shall name them mesh cap boy who is the father of my child. yes i will coz i am a winner. yes i am. except that i'm not coz i got pregnant at the tender age of 4001. that young from where i come from. no i'm not an alien. i'm immortal. yes i live forever. so will my children live forever or will they die coz their father is a mortal? that is one thing i must find out. wether mesh cap boy person who is the father of my child/children is an immortal or not so then i will noe how long children'child will live. but then thats not the point is it coz i should cherish the children not care how long they live but i do need to noe how long they live coz then i now how long i will have to cheerish them. unlike the mesh cap boy person whom i will be forced to marry with rosees and ribbon. blue ribbon. and i will not be happy at all coz the girl woh called me fat will be chasing after me coz i have her man. well too bad he made me preggy noe he has to pay the price. but then he's not too bright either so he'll just be boring and i'll be bored but then i have my kid/s. won't i?

but then is this really necessary considering i'm a guy and i can't get pregnant or can i???

see ranting at it's best..

haha good nite.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

BAy BEats!!!

hallo! it seems that athere area lot of new stuff on blogger now like fonts and colours. on which i am too lazy now to explore.
oooohhh! purple!!
went to bay beats! 
honestly not my type of music. just went there to acompany my fren whose bf is performing. go chegg out their site. they are called Shoe Size Nine by the way ( shameless publicity. haha) but actually it was kinda nice but had to lepak alot coz you had to wait for some time for the next band. all in all ok but crowded but i felt kinda out of place with all the black T-shirts and mesh caps and skater shoe/boards. i left early. bah. but i went to bay beats!
moving on...
boo luu!!! ya lorz!!
oh i really tot i wonked my knees on thurs. i had a strange vision of me and Cacat walking together with our wonked knees. oh hi Amelia!!! if ur reading this. it was hurting all night coz i had to walk here and there and squat up and run here and there just to measure a site we were supposed to design.
oh yeah that was just some old news that i had to share. i have some interesting observations about men and armpit hair but i will keep that for another day. coz i wanna sleep. booyah!
and no i did not see LAst DAys Of April... sheesh...

ps: i dunno wat i did to the color, thus the half black and half white. i'm beginning to hate this new blogger.


Wednesday, July 14, 2004


oh ho.. its been a long time since ya....

so to balance the forces of nature i have to share tis little snippet. yeah i have tokked about boobs (see post below) so now i have to be fair and tok bout the male anatomy ya??

so.... was on the bus (can't say which bus lah if not he read this then how? but then again he won't but then i'm paranoid) it those buses that you have to seat face to face, parallel to the window. it's double decked. so sat on one of those seats and the bus was quite crowded. so there was this guy who happened to stand in front of me and he damn tall ( this is gonna be relevant later) like right in front of me. so i had no balddy choice but to stare at his crotch! he was like in front of! right in front of me! the bus wasn't that big. it those old buses.

and some ppl say that i should looka t his face. but he is like damn bloody tall so i have to look up to look at his face. so how? just stare lorz. ok first of all there was nothing to see. it was flat. hahha. maybe tahts coz he was wearing boxers (yeah i saw! hahaha) i shall stop myself here. and you can sit there and think about how perverted i am staring at ppls crotch. ya ok. thanks very much.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Spaghetti BooBS!!!

Introspective Intellectual
He can be sensitive and understanding at times, dark and distant at others. He loves to please you, but isn't going to forfeit his Saturday morning to be dragged around the shops looking at expensive lingerie. This bloke's a thinker who values the simple things in life… a real down-to-earth gem.

yes that is what i am! i took a test! from my frens blog! do it!

woo hoo!

had a really early day.. lemme explain...
so i don't usually work on sat morning. so i slept really late on friday night like 2am!!! like 2am!! then this morning like at 7.30 boss called and ask me to replace someone who has sorethroat. like ok lorz i went coz if i didn't then my frens would like die... well thats my story...

oh juz noe on the bus there was this lady who had the strangest top on... like it was pink and on her left boob there were these 3 buttons things. so from these button things sprang forth these ribbon things. like how strange is that. and no i wasn't staring at her boobs. remember i never stare, i only glance. many times. ;)

bye allz...

Friday, July 09, 2004

peanuts and lychees!!!

ho ho!

i'm back...
read this first i'm werry werry worried.. hahahaha

ok first of all i just realised that i just wasted a bunch sms-es for nothing. it for some excursion thing i have on monday and some person for whom i didn't noe the number ask me to spread around the msg. ok so i did to at least 15 people. so i just opened my mail and realised that the lecturer sent out mail to tell us that there is an excursion! like i wasted the sms! can use for a conversation one noe. haiyah.

today i ate so much lychee. like alot! thats coz i have soft spot for lychee. i luv lychee but there is season one leh. haiz. but at least if you eat a lot of lychee got no side effect one unlike peanuts...

i alos ate alot of peanuts. like lots. my grand aunt bought this peanuts and she gave it to us. the peanuts are in a big tin can and they are flour coated with a tom yam flovour. i tell you they are damn good man. you can't stop eating them. and so i didn't. i ate soo much that when i went to pee.....


i'm serious.. it smelled like peanuts. sheesh. and before you wonder how i smell my pee. it coz when you pee the smell just kind of "rises" up lah. aiyoh! you think i really go a put my head in the toilet bowl and smell my pee issit?

i wonder if my shit will smell of peanuts.
(ps: if you are disgusted then don't. i think you better realise that you, yes you, also shits and pees. everyone does it.)

Monday, July 05, 2004

Multiples Of 2

hey ho,

saw 2 most insane things todae.
first were these 2 girls who were for some absurd reason were trying to bring a bicycle up an overhead bridge. and the thing was, there was a road crossing like 50 meters away? hallo? and they were huffing and puffing trying to take the damned thing up the bridge.

then like moments after i saw the gurls these 4 guys were walking towards me. i realised they were carrying a bed. on the side of the road at 9.30pm at night! there was one guys who was staring at me. stare at me for wat i shld stare at you.

ok done for the day!

Saturday, July 03, 2004

a giant mekong catfish!

in the spirit of giant fish. here's a beluga sturgeon!!

Thursday, July 01, 2004

I noe i'm gorgeous!

woo hoo!

you noe wat a funny thing happened on the way back (it seems funny thing keep happening to me lately when i go home). iwas waiting for the bus at the interchange. and then this sec skool girl came up by the next lane. and maybe she was stunned by my beauty or she was staring at my pimple (which is damn big by the way). so she was walking and then.....

she fell face down like flat on her face in the lane next to me! i wanted to laugh. but i kept a straight face. and for those concerned she is ok coz she was wit her frens.

come to think of it maybe she lipped coz i touched the railings wit my well moisturized hands! yeah!

oh chun mei pics!
i'll just leave it as that. hhaa.

yeah yeah its the infamous hsu chun mei! isn,t she pretty? *vomits*

the boyfren. either the sex is good or she is paying him lotsa lotsa money. either way he is one damn stupid man! thanx to xL for pics.

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

in the still of the night...

hey did any of you got affected by the blackout on tuesday? hell i was. one moment watching tv. the next in total pitch darkness. hee hee, but i must in was good to have a blackout once in awhile. just like the good ole days.

in the spirit of bringing you strange fish (remember the giant stingray?) here's a link

changed a few things here and there if you are clever enuff to spot it. didn't do much today. coz I WOKE UP AT 3 IN THE AFTERNOON!!

yeah toodles

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

okly laa boohobaa

yeah i cannot come up with good titles anymore. i think the euphoria of skool is beginning to wear off. since i am dropped a few assignments an all. but i think they are fun assignments. so....

Event MAnagements!
yeah! its fun yes coz the lecturer is a bit out there. he'll tok tok then go on about some tv show or some other random stuff. which great. you go man!

World Issue a Singapore Perspective
i tot this was a crappy module but it turns out to be quite fun. nice lecturer altho she can't spell words properly. but nice. and i'm sure one of my guy classmates thinks i am crazy or weird. i'm sure. i got a vibe. we had to do this game on which we had to find people with a lipstick purse or a handbag or sumthing. and i asked him a question he juz glanced at me and said no. oh ho! weird. there were some nice peeps tho.

oh yeah there was this crazy man on the train the way to skool juz now. he looks like a normal guy maybe late 20 or 30. he was sitting diagonally across from me as i was sitting on the paired seats (which i found to be totally gross coz it has all this stains on it. thank god nothing came off) so, he started off by making thic crying face and looked as though he was about to cry. like really going to cry. i even thought of like giving him a tissue for all i noe he was really sad or sumthing. then he started to sing to himself. and he bagan to start having this conversation with his chest.
like he had his head bowed down and he was toking to his boobs or sumthing. that was when people started to move away. haha thank god i wasn't sitting near there. so then he sat on the floor of the train with a pole between his legs. and he crossed his arms like a mummy or that hsu chun mei cross arm posing ( i tried to find her photo but apparently she is too ugly to have one) and then i got off. so lucky me i didn't have to see wat happens next.

oh hoo no skool tomolo!

okly laa boohobaa

yeah i cannot come up with good titles anymore. i think the euphoria of skool is beginning to wear off. since i am dropped a few assignments an all. but i think they are fun assignments. so....

Event MAnagements!
yeah! its fun yes coz the lecturer is a bit out there. he'll tok tok then go on about some tv show or some other random stuff. which great. you go man!

World Issue a Singapore Perspective
i tot this was a crappy module but it turns out to be quite fun. nice lecturer altho she can't spell words properly. but nice. and i'm sure one of my guy classmates thinks i am crazy or weird. i'm sure. i got a vibe. we had to do this game on which we had to find people with a lipstick purse or a handbag or sumthing. and i asked him a question he juz glanced at me and said no. oh ho! weird. there were some nice peeps tho.

oh yeah there was this crazy man on the train the way to skool juz now. he looks like a normal guy maybe late 20 or 30. he was sitting diagonally across from me as i was sitting on the paired seats (which i found to be totally gross coz it has all this stains on it. thank god nothing came off) so, he started off by making thic crying face and looked as though he was about to cry. like really going to cry. i even thought of like giving him a tissue for all i noe he was really sad or sumthing. then he started to sing to himself. and he bagan to start having this conversation with his chest.
like he had his head bowed down and he was toking to his boobs or sumthing. that was when people started to move away. haha thank god i wasn't sitting near there. so then he sat on the floor of the train with a pole between his legs. and he crossed his arms like a mummy or that hsu chun mei cross arm posing ( i tried to find her photo but apparently she is too ugly to have one) and then i got off. so lucky me i didn't have to see wat happens next.

oh hoo no skool tomolo!

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Wee! Skool! Yeah!

yeah yeah... skool starting tomolo! i'm so excited. the food. prata and vegetarian. the eye candy and people i don't really wanna see. the library. the greenhouse. co-op! the hot bus stop which i hate but then without it the skool experience could not be happening! did i say the eye candy and food? oh my so excited. i'm not looking at my screen when i'm typing.i really like first day of skool. and for those who don't like the first day of skool den you should you noe coz skoool is the time to have fun before you go into the mundane routine of work. so i don't wanna hear any complaints about skool being boring and a prison or wat not.

ok. sees ya guys tomolo!

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

i have a dream! a song to sing! to help me cope! wit everything!

in case ur wondering the title is from an abba song, covered by westlife and various other peeps. but no one can beat ABBA!

moving on i had a dream! duh?

bout my dear fren aMeLie (if you happen to read this i'm doing you some publicity. some publicity is better than no publicity. who noes sumone might read this oh lets say a producer or publisher and they might make your blog into a movie or a book. or some one might hire you for your writing skill. oh heck you could even be a spokesperson for Wonky Knees International. if you don't want i can remove the link ya?)

so dream...(no nothing embaressing here)
there was a stage of sort or a really beeg room. dimly lit sorta dirty blue green. and there were lotsa people lying on the floor. like the aftermath of an *insert word here* fully clothed mind you. just lying about.(told ya nothing interesting here. sheesh) so so..
so then i panned down form above to below (my point of view, try to imagine) to this girl. no its not her. so she gets up and she's wearing this shirt see. wait for it, wait for it....

and on this shirt says... AMeLia (NOW)
no really it says: AMeLia (NOW)
and all the rest of the peeps got up and they were wearing tees wit: Amelia (now)

how would i noe wat it means... maybe coz i was blog surfing before i fell asleep...strange are dreams...
thats juz a small part of my strange dreams hahahaha. ok lame.

oh and i went to Jurong Bird Park.. which i shall tell all about it tomolo. ok.

Monday, June 21, 2004

another one. giant mekong stingray. amazing!

like isn't this the biggest stingray you haveever seen?!?

sAlteD Sumthing....

blah blah... boring day.. work work work lor.... i am not free yet like some ppl...

night was a different story altogether. beside waiting for the damned 27 bus for like half an hour coz:
1) it doesn't come along very often like once in 5-10 mins
2) every bus that comes will be filled to the brim.
3) not so related but the bus stop if very hot

so after boarding, if you call standing on the second steps of the front door boarding, i happened to notice a strange smell. it was a cros betweeen salted vegetables and salted fish. in general a salted kinda smell.

i realised that after awhile it came from this old man standing infront of me. he was holding this plastcic bag which i guess was containing food of some kind. most likely some salted thing. eww.

so i had to spend the next 20 minutes atanding on the steps of the bus inhaling a salted sumthing smell. it was ok if only it wasn't air conditioned! i was so mauseated and almost puked. hahaha. imagine if i puked in the bus! hee hee....


Saturday, June 19, 2004

A funnY thing hapPeNEd On thE Way tO WorK.....

yes my frens... i got into a litle acidnet on my way to work. i was on the bus and i was about to get of from the front coz the way to the back door was quite full of people.. so... as i was happily making my way to the door when the bus uncle slammed his brakes and i slide. in the process slamming my right foot into the wall of the bus. oh somewhere under the thing you put you coins in to pay the fare.

ya ok fine, i thought.i got off the bus and tried to walk and lo and behold there was a sharp pain coming from my toes. and the worse part was i had to walk to work which was a jolly good 10 mins walk. i was limping all the way. how cacat i looked. (sorry cacat!)

i still can't bend my last toe properly but its not swollen. i think i sprained it.

oh but on a lighter note!
there is buzz around of an outing to Jurong Bird PArk on this coming weds! anyone interested do tell me! only if you noe me and have my number ya. i don''t want any stranger unless your so so hot ;) then i'll consider ya.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Hold On tO Ur hUSBands! OH wAiT....

did that!

Yoo Hoo
hi hi... plum is backs from holidays In Genting.. too short... actually all holidays are to short. plum thinks it a psychological thing. plum didn't want to leave. plum left on sunday morning to take the bus on what maybe the longest bus ride ever! only that plum didn't knew coz plum was sleeping most of the time. plum thinks the ride was around * hours coz plum left at 9.30 and reached around 3 ish. ok plum realised it wasn't 8 hours but then plum took into account the queque for the cable car and walking to get to the hotel room. which brings plum to the cable car ride.

Cable car Ride
this i must say (i stop writing in third person too many things to type) was the best thing about the whole trip. it was the longest cable car in S.E.A and the fastest in the world or the other way round i can't remember. but it is 3.4 km long and it took 20 minutes. take that singapore cable car! but it was fun. the view was really really great and nice!

the weather was clear when we got there. it was nice and cool as Genting should be. but for the next day it was so misty and misty. you couldn't see anything out the hotel window. we (as in my family) walked outside and you couldn't see people in front of you. it was as though we were in a very foggy london looking for the JAck the Ripper.

it was so misty that most of the outdoor rides were closed for a good part of the day and when the mist did clear up there was a really really long queque at the ticket booths. so we decided to go bowling instead. which i must say is a very fun sport indeed. i like bowling. so from now on if anybody asks what sport do i play it shall be bowling! went on a bumper car ride for which i am ashamed to say i didn't know how to drive the damned car until the very end.

First World that is. the 1st World hotel is a budget hotel. the rooms are really small and they have weird toilets. no, the toilet door didn't fall on me ;) but instead of a room for the bathroom they had a small cubicle for the shower and another separate cubicle for the toilet bowl. how strange. and the sink was outside. which by the way makes a strange gurgling sound in the middle of the night and the damned faucet shakes as though it was going to burst. other than that the bed was comfy and cool. the cupboards had no doors though but that was cool wit me.

the rooms were meager but downstairs was a really cool shopping center and theme park! yeah! bought a few thing like a polo T!! yeah from Abercrombie And Fitch! which i totally love. and this shirt which i totally love also. and surf pants which were a tad to big for me but its ok i totally love it too. whoop dee doo!

you noe Malaysian Bengs are stuck in time i think. they still dress like Singapore bengs a few years back. you noe the bell bottoms and slippers. the mandatory small shirt unbutton to show off their ahem ahem "manly" ahem chests. and the hair was still the overly gelled hair with the center parting and sharp sideburns. i am pround to be singaporean!

ok tired part deux will come after i eat dinner ya?

Thursday, June 10, 2004

THe PEn IS Long.. the Pen IS straight...

only if you are really dirty minded or extremely horny then you will see the true meaning...

ok ok... so i have done my web enrolment and well i ended up wit class tht starts from 10 to 3.00... couldn't get back to back.... damn... how bout all of you? tag me ya...
took events management ( i was inspired by the Wedding Planner with jennifer Lopez and Matthew sumthing) and the singapore thing...

ok lah ok lah... gotta go! and sleep or sumthing.... tomolo muz work....

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Hold ON to YOur Husbands BAby! Coz THe PLum is BAck

yeah yeah..

i haven't been updating for awhile coz of work and a hectic weekend schedule.. more on that later...

first of... for BooN ChOOn.. of the top of my head. the sprouts.
mung/green bean
soya bean

ah ha! went to arab street at the request of my fren on sat. there was this arab heritage week going on and stuff. it was a kool place but i wouldn't go there all the time. i don't get why she likes it soo much. bought some incense and a fan. A GREEN FAN! DID YOU HEAR IT! a green fan. ahhahaa.. i love green...

oh went theer again on sunday. and please please remind me not to ever go out with a couple. makes me feel unloved.

oh and thanks for the pictures caCat!

ok i can see..
the purple round ones are some onion of garlic flowers. 1st pic.
the 3rd pic are some wild roses
4th are some yellow cyclamens
6th has some pansies
juz to brag a wee bit.. hee hee..

ok lah ok lah
go watch world idol and watch that irritating judge who is trying to hard to be simon.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

OF Mangoes and Moustaches

ok first of all today was my first day of work. long and gruelling work. i'm still working at the same place but i'm working more hours. its not that i don't want it, just the though of it makes me tired. i'm working on most days, heck i'm actually working everyday except for wednesday and sunday. and maybe i'm free on tuesday after 5. how to go out? it not that i don't want to go out and people watch and window shop. it just that no one wants to go out with me. sad. (this info was more for AhYI)

matters of mangoes

on tuesday i ate a ton of mangoes. honey mangoes to be exact, nice sweet juicy honey mangoes. quite lovely actually.
then on wednesday morning , after the drinking the mandatory cup of coffee, i went to the toilet 3 times! can you freaking believe it! and it was so painful.
i think my bod received a shock after being deprived of fruit for a few day.
kids do not try this at home.

matters of moustache

on the same day, went to celebrate my bro birtdae. went to BK and eat. (it was my brothers choice)
so was queing up to buy food. and in front of me was this chines lady. wahseh! she was wearing this really tight dress which was very short. yes sehsee i noe. but this was one of those that only look good from the back. when she turn around she had a moustache! serious she had a moustache! how disgusting is that. it was quite noticeable even from a distance. how sad.
still had a damn painful stomach ache.

RAndom actions

on the way home almost fell onto this indonesian maid coz the stupid bus driver cannot drive properly.

reached home. instead of taking out my house keys. i took out my EZ link card. ;P

toodles.. nitez..

ok it works! hhaha!

hope it works this time

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

this is a proclaimation from the king! (which is i dunno who but just for the sake of this entry)
the internet is thus far dead!there is no action!
most people are not updating their blgos and site too!

but alas! there is hope!
the GREAT SINGAPORE SALE!! is here!!
there is some solace.

update on the hair. after some thoguht and staring in the mirror, i think its abit too short though. i look armyish.
new hair!

i'm sitting here blogging, smelling the smell of some hugo boss perfume wafting thru the window. must be my downstairs neighbour. i noe his smell..

but anyway... went to go cut my hair just now. it has become long and i cannot stand long hair. so went to the malay barber coz i'm malay and men go to barber. sexist thing. and lo and beholdi got my fav barber.

coz you see the malay barber system is one that you cannot choose your "stylist". you just come in and see whose available. it a men thing.

so this barber i like has this mullet and is kinda rocker. and he's nice. he takes meticulous care of my head. even though its not the best style (hey wat style is. if you have hair like mine) and yeah i have new hair.

another lame update of my life. bah.

Monday, May 31, 2004

ok i dunno why the picture blogger does not work very well... oh i am hopeless at technology!

anyways i will be busy busy in june... i shall be working on most days but i shall be available after 5... that sorta thing... if anyone wants to plan any shopping expedition or anything ok....

other than taht nothing special happened... thats coz i stayed at home... bah..
nitez then...

Sunday, May 30, 2004


hey i am back... first of all... i just have to say i am big fan of the spice gurls. and i'm sure almost everyone is too! way back in the 90's. we all fell for the spice gurl! girl power and their campy outfits and their catchy songs and we must not forget the platform shoes! i shall do a tribute to the spice gurls! later lah not now. pic courtesy of

MAn on Bus

was on my way my grandma's house yesterday and the most shocking sight boarded the bus. at one stop this guy whom i shall call guy just because i have to other words to describe him came up wit this woman whom i shall call stupid woman for reasons later explained).

ok they came up and stupid woman was not that bad looking, pretty by my standards (and those standards are very high.. hee hee) but the guy oh my god! he is very thin and its like those wannabe Ah Bengs. like he was trying to be Beng but cannot make it that kind. he had that center parting hair and he was wearing a sleeves T shirt.

i would like to take this moment to warn all guys not to wear sleeveless unless you have at least have a pair of presentable arms. no no to flabby arms and stick thin arms. for 2 reasons: i cannot stand it and you might bring shame to the male species. well just putting my 2 cents worth.

alright back to the story.
so i have a very high tolerence level so i thought ok maybe he lives nearby thats why he wears such things. well than as he got closer....ok i can only describe it as such:
low slung jeans cut to look like bermudas.
so low that you could see the black under wear.
so so low that you could the whole underwear strap and part of his hip/thigh.

like please if you wanna show underwear please please show only a little... like me.. to tease is better than to flash!

and the reason the woman is stupid is coz is she like blind?? why would she date someone like him. come to think of it... i think they are married!! eww!
he must be filthy rich of posees some weird sexual attraction or he cast a spell on her!
that or she is just one of those girls.. ahem ahem

oklah wanna watch JApan HOur On CNA and must go eat!

just testing the photo blogger!!! kool huh? Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 29, 2004

hahaha.. ok i lied.. after i ate and all i just didn't feel like blogging at all...

and now still don'feel like blogging.. maybe coz i ate too much just now and feel soo full i had to the toilet teice! just to clear space for the other food.. eww! i noe... i feel like sleeping noe.. but watch out for the next post containing...

a very strange strange man i saw on the bus and spice gurls!!! yeah gurl power!

till next time...

Friday, May 28, 2004

at first i wanted to write sumthin but then i got hungry so i shall blog laterz.. after i eat that is.. or after i watch TV...

Thursday, May 27, 2004


ok time for the semester annual exam result review! ok that didn't make sense coz there are 2 semesters in a year so how could it be annual? ok nvm you got the drift..

first up... i did how i did... passed everything got a few As and the rest Bs...i alaways get that kind of results guess i can never be a top scorer. i'm just average..sigh..

LAndscape Design:B+
hmm.. B+... dunno wat to say bout this one... to tell you the truth actually quite suprising... didn't do my best for the last project but ok that i got B+.. yeah!

Plant Propagation & Tissue Culture:A+
this one wasn't such a suprise coz i actually found the PRopagation part Quite easy.. the tissue culture part was the killer one... chimeras and wat not... and got lots of free plants hee...

Soil Science:B
i'm quite ok wit my B... this one was very very hard ah... getting this B means that i didn't do any careless mistakes in my paper! whee! this class cannot sleep one... no fun.. but i got B!

Plant Genetics And Breeding:B
another hard subject... Dr Yam was nice.. but genetics was hard... maybe coz i slept thru the whole thing hee hee... hey at least i got a B..

Productivity and Quality Service (PQS):B
this was boring... it was soo boring i didn't even sleep in the class! at all! for the whole semester! the lecturer was quite nice.. i don't noe why every single person in the poly must take this subject..

Appreciating Artwork:AD
hhahaahahahahahahahaha! i got AD!!! whoo hoo! Art was fun!!! and see wat fun brings!! WOoT... but i noe i won't get the module prize its always like that... sad but happy. i dunno how that works though... sad happy sad happy...

and oh i brought back the tagboard if anybody cares...
ok later must go to work!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

it seems there is something worong wit blogger or my computer coz i cannot view my blog or other blogs that use blogspot... tis strange especially when i wanna blog todae! but anyways..

things i realised about myself

i realised a few things these few days about myself so read on will ya?

1) i am totally allergic to crabs: a year or so ago i ate some flower crabs. for those who dunno wat is a flower crab or worse wat is a crab then here's a link well wen i ate that my lips swelled so i suspected something. so from then onwards i stayed away from crabs for awhile. then on sunday my dad bought some mud crabs. so lalala we ate em. then lo and behold my allergies were confirmed. my hands were itchy and had red bumps. my tongue was itchy too. then it was very itchy in a place where the sun don't shine if you noe wat i mean. wink wink
moral of story: i am allergic to crabs so if you wanna kill me den you wat to feed me ok..

2)i look good in red: was looking at old pictures in a photo album and i saw this particular picture taken at last years hari raya.i was wearinga red baju kurung, or malay traditional wear. i look stunning in it. den i realised i looked good in red.
moral: i look hot in red. yeah baby.yes i noe you must think i must be out of my mind but more on that later.

3)my brother is sooo irritating: my brother is irritating me. i guess is teenage angst coz him being 14 and growing up and hormones and all but he is bloody irritating. i shan't go i details but ppl who have younger siblings should noe wat i mean. he is testing my waters, testing wat makes me angry like juz now he called me an asshole thinking i can't hear. idiot. but i don't pick a fight coz it is pointless to argue with him and very little things makes me angry. but now i just ignore him. i don't tok to him. i can't be bothered anyway.
moral: i have a very high tolerence level. i noe. i could be a monk or sumthing.


am watching smallville. and realise taht tis full of pretty pretty ppl. look at clark kent and that guy adam knight ( the one lana likes ) and of course lana. heck even chloe is pretty and lex and the rest of the cast. heck everyone on tv is pretty and shiny and happy except wen made intentionally ugly.
why you ask am i writing about this? for one thing it to show of my linking skill ;)
the other is to say that i am ugly. ok not so ugly but not as pretty and shiny. actually i am very shiny coz of all the oil on my face haha. wat i'm saying is i shall now proclaim that i shall not strive for perfection! and stop whining!

ok second thought maybe... i'll consider stopping to whine coz whining is fun! it seems i am rambling on and on.. thus i shall end this post before i tell any embarressing secrets..ah hahahaa..

nitez... toodles...

it been a long time since i blogged.. well nothing much to blog really... and i'm waiting for the day when i can write the world's most wonderful blog entry!!! hahahahhA!!! and den i will rule the world!! oh you get wat i mean...

Thursday, May 20, 2004

fever has subsided.. but still feelin crappy and did not eat much for the whole day.. i might be slimming down...heh..
the weather has been incredulously hot and i have been sweating buckets just by sitting is sooo warm!!
i think i might be over heating.. my throat is dry and i might have ulcers...i have heat rash all over my neck and its spreading to my shoulders.. it soo red and itchy...
damn... its good to be me... not!

i'm conflicted... on one hand i wanna blog but on the other i don't feel like blogging... basically i wanna blog bout this sumthing but i noe its gonna bite me in the ass if it gets out.. and before you think and speculate the thing is about me ok... hahahaha... ok lah... let me tell you..

i got pregnant again... don't tell anyone ok?

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

just to add... i just realised i am stalking sumone on the net.. i can't believe it.. i am a stalker!!
ok dats all...
all thru out the day i wanted to blog about many things... like buddhist monks who are eternally looking happy... and various other things that i now currently cannot remember becoz i have come down with some fever...

i must say it is just a slight fever but what sickness can i get staying at home? its very starnge.. so now i am weak and sick... and feeling crappy... dunno if i can go to work tomolo... most probably yeah coz it is never my luck to get an MC...

and the thing is, i always get sick during the holidays! it irritates me ever since pri 6... it sucks i noe...

well now i shall lie down on the sofa and watch american idol and CSI... hey i'm still a tv junkie ya noe..

nites and stay healthy...

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

i just realised after doing these quizzes that all of them are for gurls... welll i'm bored lah ok...

Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman

Inside you've got the passion and ideals of a teenager

And your intensity for life is what attracts most of the men you date

You also like to party - and quite often you're the life of the party

You've brought the best of your younger years with you... at least most of the time.

Are You a Girl or Woman? Take This Quiz :-)

Find the Love of Your Life
(and More Love Quizzes) at Your New Romance.

alas i am neither... but it good to noe that i am most like britney spears song....

You are Barefoot!

You're a total free spirit, go with the flow girl

You can't be restricted by shoes for very long

And unsuprisingly, the same goes for men

Your match is out there - and he's as carefree as you are

What Shoe Are You? Take This Quiz :-)

Find the Love of Your Life
(and More Love Quizzes) at Your New Romance.

yes in fact i do like go barefoot sometimes...

Friday, May 14, 2004


it seems that now skool is over, i don't seem to have much material to blog.. blah...
but on a lighter note...

have you ever noticed how the ppl at mediacorp have tried to make Gurmit Singh look younger and dare i say "trendy" in the ads for Singapore Idol? i think they did sumthing to his eyebrows and made him really fair and shiny... strange... lokks more girly to me.. do look out for it the next time the ad comes on.. its true i swear!

ok toodles...

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Wah Seh

change template... nice or not? oh and now oso can post comments so don't need the tagboard anymore... heh....

Tuesday, May 11, 2004


wah seh!

never log in for a few days everything change ah! and ok ah all the changes are in html.. and being the gundu that i am, most of the new features are no use to me coz i dunno how to change stuff in html... so shall wait and see how...

Sunday, May 09, 2004


the tagboards are down for some reason... it seems to be the case for everyone that using or is it the insane curse of me? maybe whatever tagboard i use will be down...

that and the fact that i gained weight coz i practicallly stayed at home and pigged out... coz there is nothing to do besides stare at myself in the mirror (which i am finding to be a worthwhile way to spend ur time..hee) or watch tv or surf net.... i have no life... i need to go out peeps... but who wants to go out wit me? i noe one person who does..

which brings me to the next thought of the moment... one of my frens asked me if i wanted to go to bangkok wit her... and before you think otherwise... she has a BF and we were thinkin of going wit other peeps... should i go? coz the airfare is dirt cheap and shoppings good... should i go? should i? should i?

Saturday, May 08, 2004


ok first of all... how irritating is it to have gurmit singh as the host as singapore idol? its irritating... can't they have like other people... can't they havea woman host... can't they have anybody else other than gurmit? i dunno its just me maybe but aren't you sick of seeing gurmit everywhere? its the idol competition!!! is there no other talent?!

next ahh... how odd is wong lilin four months pregnant and now tada! she's married to alan wu! shot gun marriage? i let you decide...

next is... how absurd is the ruling for SIA to pay the children of some Wu family 15 million dollars!! i think the amount is a bit excessive... i think five million would be alright.... here why..

1) the damned children are like sooo old.. they are fully grown adults! capable of taking care of their own lives... i would be more comfortable with the ruling if the children were really young or teen or sumthing...

ok i can only come up with 1 reason... why would they need the 15 million dollars anyway...? to spend on what?

and they way they spoke on television didn't seat very well with me...
for example: they said they found closure after the ruling...
that just makes me think that after getting the money they are at peace that their parent passed away.

" no amount of money can ever replace their parents"
umm then why didn't they just take the money that SIA offered them earlier?

i noe i noe i might sound harsh but it is just the 15 million dollars that irks me... i'm sorry that people lost family and frens in the crash.. and condolences go out to them.... and yes they should get some monetery compensation.. and i'm not implying that the Wu's are money hungry its just that the money is soo incredibly high!

i blame the jurors


tha above is just my opinion and if you do not share my views or disagree then it is your choice if you want to read it or not. i am entitled to my own opinions.

Monday, May 03, 2004

ok i've decided

yes i want a career change.... after watching America's Next Top Model (ANTM) i would wish so much to be a model... like hallo!? all the stuff that they did on the show seems bloody easy... i am gonna ace them all.... pose nude? sure! stand on th roof in swimwear in freezing cold temperature? sure! i can live and breathe fashion...
yes i noe all of you are luffing your intestines out but hey a guy got to have his dream...

i would so be the top model, it is just that:
i don't have boobs or anything remotely resembling female parts
i don't have great hair but hey that didn't stop Ebony did it?
i don't have the model look
i don't have the height

alas i cannot be a model let alone be a top model let alone be a top male model... but wouldn't it be a riot if i actually became a top model? like juz on the runway on covers of magazines....

hope i don't give you nightmares... hahahaha....
in the stoned stupor that i am in now... i just left a really stupid tag on my frens tagboard...
i just can't believe i did that..... it was weird... it felt as thoguh you killed sumone accidentally or sumthin like that.... i must say one of the silliest things i did today...i would juz like to say...

dear noe who you are... you one of the few who has a blog... you may delete my post from your tagboard for it holds no relevance to your train of entries in ur tagboard... ahhh the horror!! you may post a similar silly tag on my tagboard...ok?

ok i am rambling....
i.... have.... to.... switch... offf..... the... com... now.... move... my ... hand... must... log... off.... now...