Monday, April 30, 2007

The biggest Goddamn Burger I've Ever Eaten....

Well today is Dad's Birtdae and i don't even know how old he is.. i'm such a bad son.. so anywyas we went to Swenson to have dinner. how family is that to eat at Swensens? anyways i ordered the Mega burger or something like that. and oh my god was it huge! it around the same size as a Carl jr burger but it was twice the thickness. i had to eat it with a fork and knife cozi can't possibly put the goddamn thing in my mouth can it. its freaking thick. like i can put alot of things in my mouth but i couldn't fit it. actually i could but it would be rude at Swensens and all.. but trust me it was huge.

well that enuff about gigantic burgers. ok fine i've watched Ugly Betty and America's Next Top Model. and i have reached a conclusion.

not that i'm complaining. my skin is way better than it was a few years back. back den it was horrible. now its better but the odd pimple or rahter the odd pimpleS are rather irritating. how can i get better skin? i don't really know coz my genetic makeup is predispositioned for me to have odd and oily skin by which the oils clog up my pores allowing bacteria to feed and grow thus forming a pustule which irritates the fuck out of me. yes its true. i think water is best and facial cleansing regime that is bordering on obsessive behaviour could do the trick that and moving to a country that has lower humidity so as to make my skin dry. Australia does that.i have hot skin wen i'm in australia. i tell my skin rocks over there.
i guess good skin is alos adequate rest... wahahha goods night!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Do The Naomi Campbell Walk!!!!

Alas i spent the evening cleaning my cupboard. i amazed at the amount of memories i have in my cupboard. but after clearing and rearranging stuff i have like alot of space for new memories. yay! that was lame rite? why would u wanna know about how much space i have in my lovely cupboard?

but i have found wat the most precious treaure in my cupboard. which is 2 of my stories which i started way back in yonk years. on of it is 34 freaking pages long. imagine that and the other is about 20 odd pages long. i can't believe i wrote such things. i'm excited. i have to finish it. i dunno wen but i have to remember how the stories go and the characthers and all that jazz.. interesting rite? well look for it on the bookshelves in the not so near future.

oh just a side note. i fucking hate "the point to one side and pretend to look away" pose wen ur taking pictures. its fucking irritating. its ok if its a candid shot but its posed and its a stupid pose. so stop doing it.

why is there a side note. how can there be a side note if there wasn't a subject to be discussed in the first place? aren't i silly.

anyway here's a video. no its not arab. its Bootilicious Beyonce! I totally love the song especially the second part. in no particular order:

Pat ur weave ladies!
Do the Naomi Cambell walk!
Do the o oh o oh o oh!
Kool Off Kool Off!!
Tick tick tick!!
Do the old Skool DAnce!!!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Out of Place

Its Sat. Yay (for me at least i know some of u had to come back). Yesterday was the single most mother fucking stupid day that ever occured in the history of mankind. Please tell me if the there is another day such as yesterday. Basically we had to book in on thurs for a parade. following me on this? nobody know wat we were supposed to do in the parade or wether we were involved. thus ensued a whole day of waiting and waiting coz the parade starts at 5. I got off my ass at got shot an arrow to do cover for the parade. which i didn't mind doing but for the rest of the guys basically they did nothing for the day nothing except wait and wait. Seriously v v stupid.

Anyways. its sat. i'm at home at the computer singing out loud to Nawal, Oum Kulthum and Elissa (arab singers F.Y.I) just now i did abit of drilling (no not that kind of drilling, perverts) i drilled my bits of seedpods and gumnuts for my handicrafting project! yay! i was slightly pleased. i'm gonna continue with it later. but like its sat i should be out rite? out in town rite? but wat the fuck am i doing here at home. Aiyah. My best fren is in Australia. Other frenz are working and other ppl have their own agendas.

i feel strangely out of place. i mean i've always felt wrong and strange but today i realised i am out of place rather than out of sorts. i dunno it feels weird.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

I Don't Want To Go Back!!!!!

Wahahaha.. in a few hours i have to go back camp....on a thurs and den book out the next day.. isn't that the silliest thing ever? ah well soon it will end and another set of silly nonsense will come.

i can't type as fast i can now. that coz yesterday wen i was about to light a teacandle, i somehow managed to cut my right index finger right at the tip. i think it happened wen i was try to seprated to tealights and it slashed my finger. i dunno it all happened so fast!!! hah there was minimal blood if u must know. i clot very easily and my bloods kinda thick (woo!!) so there was no spurting or dripping. but now i type with my middle finger instead of my index. it stings abit. ok i dunno why i gave u that bunch of useless info.

and also my left side of my face slightly swollen coz i have an outbreak of fucking pimples coming. which i'm sure will be followed by the right side coz it has to balanced. silly body things. another set of useless info.

i'm so sorry my dears that i have nothing to blog about. ok its not that i have nothing to blog about, its just that i have nothing interesting to blog about. i don't want to be like this girl's blog i stumbled upon. every freaking post she list down her every freaking lesson. she was in sec skool u see. and she put how she felt about the lesson and wehter the teachers were interesting or not. like alomost every freaking post! how boring.

oh oh i know let me tell you about this thing coz i dunno wat to describe it as.

ok i was sitting in the Med Ctr in "the country i went to last month shush!" wen KL came in. thus general chit chat ensued. den he said to me: "insert name here", are you going into the fashion line? i was quite suprised by this comment. wat makes him think i would go into the fashion line? am i that fashionable? fashionista i am not. i can't name every model that walks the runway nor do i know every fashion label in the freaking streets of Milan. and the only word i use to describe nice clothes is pretty. hah! of course i said no, i wasn't going into the fashion line. how silly. i would like but nah. another useless factoid. hah!

Fashion Always Goes Out of Fashion, Style Doesn't
Some Random Quote by I Forgot Who

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What Have i Been Up Too...

I could stay cooped up in my house all week could i? so today i went out wit MamaSally to Holland V for some cake and random walking around. But before that i went to IDP to accept my offer at University of Queensland. Yay! one step closer to getting my degree! I'll be the coolest botanist in Singapore. Not that there aren't any cool botanist. just that i haven't met any yet.

So met we went around Holland V and Chip Bee Gardens looking for nothing and everything. but we ended up at BurgerKing. Den it started to rain. No worries we or rather i brought an umbrella. Yay. IT sounds rather boring to you as you read it but hey it was quite fun for me so nah nee naa poo poo.

it been quite boring these few days. but i have been doing alot of things that i have been wanting to do for ages. namely:
  • Writing stories. was never good at it just wanted to do it.
  • doing my crafts. like jewellry and such and such
  • read! read! to that extent study for uni
  • and ya apply for uni

Life pretty boring wen ur single eh? and wen ur attached u tend to want to be single. Idiosyncrosies (did i spell that right) of life.

Monday, April 23, 2007

So Here I Am...

So here i am.. couldn't really sleep yesterday... like i slept at 3 to 4 plus.... woke up at close to 2pm... to a vicious thunderstorm... which destroys my plan of running again today... its still raining abit... i'll see how... as sexy as running in the rain may be, i don't want to get sick or get struck by lightning...

Oh before i forget... HAPPIE EARTH DAY!!!!

as if it means anything to any of you... see how that previous sentence makes me sound so bitter and bitchy... maybe thats the way i am.. sigh...

On too happier things... i opened alot of my storage boxes and found alot of things... which i will make into stuff... i'm in sucha crafting mood... Handicraft, witchcraft... one of which i haven't done in a long while... life's pretty boring right now... but i'm busying myself...

UnGlam Me

The Queerest of queers! The strangest of strange! The weirdest of weird!
that my frens is the tagline of my life. It sad that i just realise that i'm UnGlam and unhappening. I already exist in the outer circles of society. i see myself as a social misfit. Its a very loud fact that i'm different from normal ppl. I'm not a social butterfly, i don't flutter from one group to the next. i'm rather like a social beetle.
i don't club and to that extent i don't drink. Maybe once in a blue moon. and that has to be the bluest of moon. I don't like it. its hot and crowded and really noisy. if u want me to go clubbing u have to get me drunk first. thus me not clubbing makes me unhappening. apparently thats the place to be seen and to see. but u see i don't want to conform, i don't want to go clubbing juz coz thats wat ppl of my age do. i want to be an individual.
yes thats true. Individuality that mid nineties moevement that started with shows like Freaks and Geeks, Popular and such. apparently its has all gone down the drain. now its hard to be urself doing the things u wanna do. u are compelled by ur peers to conform to wat the status quo is doing. its sad really. by doing ur own thing u get kinda ostracised by ppl. Its like everybody wants to watch 300 but u wanna watch epic movie kinda thing. its hard to stand by urself and be an individual.
i knit. who the fuck knits? unless she an 70 yr old grandma.
i rather go into the forest and explore the plants and creatures. who the fuck does that. No 22 yr old does that. if they do they call it hiking. i don't hike. i stroll.
i rather sit at home and strum my sitar. first of all who plays the sitar? everybody is to busy channeling Kurt Cobain or some emo guitar thing person.
And the list goes on......
all this social exclusion on my part has made me into a bitter bitch. all i need now is a few cats and i bambbo pole to chase people who come and disturb me. i feel like crap. i can't be myself. i can't be who i want to be. i'm a closet individual. the things i do are just part of who i am. imagine if i really let all my inhibitions go? would that make me more fulfilled? would it make me more accepted (coz i don't really feel accepted right now)? by i can't do that. i have a certain responsibility to uphold and image to protect. i can't. you know i tot the teenage years were over but then now and again the "i feel like shit" feeling comes and smacks you in the back of the head.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Its Friday....

Wah i went for a run yesterday around my neighbourhood... amazing right? for me that is... i think i ran around 3 to 4 km... very tired... and den i realised i look kinda hot wen i'm sweaty.. hee hee... i apologize for the rude visual image that i just gave you and i will not be responsible for the nightmares you will have regarding a sweaty me.

that said i did a really silly thing today.. i went to friendster and did a name search on my name.. no not KoOkyPluM but my real name... which is.. well something.. i can't say here.. coz i like to remain an enigma but den again nobody read this so wat the harm... but nah.. but anyways i did a search of my name on friendster... and there are around 1500+ people with the same name as me (on frenster that is)... amazing isn't it... ya the things you do wen you are bored....

ok i have to say this... balloon dresses and to that extent balloon skirt should be banned.. i think they look silly andd stupid. burn all balloon skirts / dresses... i have never seen a Singaporean girl pull off a balloon skirt well. It doesn't mean that if it works on a model who is 180cm, it will look good on you. sheesh ppl..... Ballon skirt/dresses are bad. end of story.

Currently listening to Beyonce & Shakira's Beautiful Liar and Timbaland, Justin and Nelly Furtado's song Give It To Me... i'm so loving those 2 songs....

anyways... umm.. ya goodbye... for now...

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Its Terribly Warm Isn't It?

here i am... i just bathed and sweating like a pig.... ok not a pig, actually i really don't know if pig sweat or not... has anybody tried to find out if pigs really sweat and if they do, is it really alot? just a thought...

anyways been bumming at hoe for the past few days after i got back... cleaned up alot of my room and realised i'm hoarder... i tend to keep alot of things... so i threw away quite abit.. ( this is beggining to become the most boring blog post ever, in the entire universe!) anyways i came across this song on youtube... i love it... you know the worst thing sometimes if loving somebody and them not loving you back... sigh...

Zamby Ana (Its My Fault)
zambi ana.. zambi behwak / Its my fault, My fault that i love you
o hammi ana.. ya 7abibi redak / And your happiness, my love, is my only concern
wenta wala.. tes'al 3a7ada / But you, you do not care about anyone
hayem bemada.. 3ayesh behawak / You roam alone, living in you own world
7azzi ana.. ba3iooni dareek / It is my fortune, to protect you with my own eyes
te'3fa wana.. es.har layalee / You fall asleep & i stay awake during the night
b'albi beki.. ba3iooni 7aki / In my heart there are tears, in my eyes there are words
wala 3am beshteki.. wala feyye jafeek / But i never complain & i can never be cold to you
mafi 3azab.. metlak ya '3aram / There is no pain like you , my love
temda ellayali wel'ayyam / The days & nights go by
na6er 3ababu.. rakeb 3azabu / I was at his door, content with the pain he brings me
wala 3am befeedu.. 3atab wmalam / & there is no amount of blame or guilt that could make any difference
Kind of over it but hey its nice to think about the past once in awhile.... enjoy the song!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Some Thoughts On Fashion....

Its time darlings for my Fashion RAnt!

First on my agenda....

Apparently cardigans for men have become quite the rage nowadays... Technically cardigans were worn by laydees, so the ones that men wear shall be christened: Mandigans... Cardigans for men are usually worn by grandpas but den it the vicious world of fashion, wat was old or rather wat is worn by the old is new and trendy. there is nothing wrong in wearing Mandigan by dear guys. just that PLEASE WEAR ONE THE FITS YOU PROPERLY! i mean for gods sake wear one that is fitting. Guys like to wear one size bigger for god knows wat reason. it might have worked for T shirts but not for Mandigans. Mandigans need to be fitting. and please if ur wearing a mandigan please remember to button them. thats wats so special about the mandigan. its the buttons down the front. if u don't button them den might as well get a nomal jacket right? button ur mandigan!
And also in my opinion, not taht it ever mattered that much, mandigans can be worn by those geeky types and those lean to skinny types... if you have a muscular body please don't wear a mandigan. it looks weird.

Skinny jeans
another kinda trendy thing going here. i can personally can't wear skinny jeans... i have big hips... so i'lll look like an ice cream if i wear skinny jeans. but for those who enjoy the luxury of having nice slim hips and legs. and u happen to have a pair of skinny jeans... please make sure its really skinny.. i means its weird to have a pair of jeans which look like they are straight cut but are actually skinny. weird.

Short Skirts And Fat Thighs
Ladies wit fat thighs should not wear short skirts. end of story.

Small men
ok i don't wann use the word short men. i'll use petite men. i'm one too u know. ok fine. i think petite or small build men should NOT tuck in their shirts. it chops up the silhouette (is that how u spell it?) making them look even shorter. and if ur small and u hav that oh so desirable V shaped body. please wear clothes that fitt properly. Yes a fitted tee shows off ur bod but then u wear a pair of pants which pinch u at the waist. it chops u up and makes u look even smaller.

And also its important to match colours! with ur skin tone or watever looks good on u!

thus ends my rant.... have a nice day...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ok Finally i'm Back....

Hi darlings,

ok i'm back from Taiwan... i dunno wat i did there for a month.. u see i can't really say much about wat i did there... Company policy u see... anyways i can only say one thing... i'll never climb another mountain again....

Besides that Taiwan has really beautiful scenery.... the views are really breath taking but really its only for looking.... i mean seriously.. don't try to climb it...

anyways it took me 2 days to blog.. thats coz i need time to settle down.. but hey nobody is waiting for me to blog so wats the rush... there's nothing to write about or rather there's nothing i can write about without incurring the wrath of Those Who Can't Be Named... I'll be good...

Anyways i'm Back!!!!