Friday, April 30, 2004

hahahaha got a new tagboard......

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

oh oh... first of all...

juz watched the william hung music video... i must say it was a nice video good light and all except for 2 things...

1) william hung
2) william hung's singing

blah who is this guy kidding... he ain't no singer and i think he is wasting his time doing all this... does he have no shame?
i wonder what ricky martin has to say about this.....

oh and the exam are around the corner ie. friday. and was studying PPTC juz now on my bed and guess what i fell asleep... is that an omen? oh no... must study... oh i juz say that but i'll end up watching american idol and CSI....

hahahaha... good luck to yall... for the exams... if anybody is reading this i noe you guyz are studying very hard...

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

ok after a slew of lame surveys... i have something to say....

that day.... oh the horror! oh i am permanently scarred! ahh!

yesterday got on the bus to give my fren her birthday prezzie... it was 5pm... ok, most skools end in the afternoon and even if there are kids in the afternoon there aren't many right? wrong!

ok i went down to the bus stop and well was expecting no one at the bus stop... when i reached the busstop it was still ok, there was nobody... then out of the blue all these students came out from the skool, there were like at least 50 students! ok fine i tought the bus would be crowded but NOOOOO!!!! there was something else...

i got on the bus thankfully got a seat... then came the 'best' bit... these vollley ball players came on the bus and the most gut wrenching stench floated pst my nose! umm ok i must admit i didn't take a bus home during secondary skool times so i would have gotten used to the smell.... like give me a break... thank god it was only like 5 stops only!

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umm... ok i was bored... soo this is what i would be if i was a gurl... hmmm...
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Monday, April 26, 2004


out of Sheer Boredom i Surfed the Friendster website for An hour... how absurd is that... and the site doesn't even work properly....

Sunday, April 25, 2004

THe PAst 2 Days
whoa! i slept really early on saturday night! like at 9pm! trying to beat miss Lim! like Whoa! guess all those week with erractice sleep patterns fianlly caught up... i was soo sleepy on saturday i almost fell asleep at work... whoa!

that was saturday...
this is sunday...

this morning woke up at 8am! can you believe i woke up at 8am on a sunday?!? i was as though i was high from sumthing, i walked to my window and played with sunlight.... ok weird i noe but have anybody actually felt sunlight before? not when its 12 noon and its all fierce but when its gentler and soft like when its early in the morning... it was kinda strange, i juz put my hand out the window and felt the warm caress of the sun rays on my hand. it wasn't hot or anything juz really nice and warm and sorta went across my hand like running water... it felt strangely nice and peaceful....go try..

then went to bath and shower and then spent the reat of the morning listening to the radio...

bah... another bah and i'd be BaaBaa Hah

then my parents came back from johor and ate lunce then watched tv till 5... den went to fetch my bro from tuition and went to my grandma's house... then ate, came back home and then went to watch tv till now... and we're here!

The ORgasmic Food of the Day

i have decided to include this snippet to comemorate the great foods that makes me feel as though i have an orgasm.. WHOO!
well todays food is this curry puff or curry pok, whicheva you would like to call it from this indian minimart near my work place... it's one of those things in the heater, the ones with the flaky crust and the chilli comes in a coke bottle which you have to splatter on the thing which in turn makes it soggy but it's good coz it softens the thing....yah that curry puff...
ok anyways this one was the mutton one and it was the greatest thing i tasted... the mutton flavour was absolutely magnificent and the potatoes were soft and the crust was not too hard and not too flaky... excuse me while i think about it again... wow!

ok thats all.... i shall blog tomolo coz now is sleepy!

Friday, April 23, 2004

whoop dee doo!!!

done with soil science test! yeah! no skool next week!

oh.... wait.... next week is study week... den exam.... damn....

but then.... i never study anyway....haa! so it doesn't really matter... woo!

juz a little thought processing...
nitez yall

Thursday, April 22, 2004

hi hi,
after a long week or so of grueling projects and test i am here to insert a little snippet juz before another grueling week of exams. *sigh* how wonderful is life......

i am still a wee bit tired from as that strenous work last week... got sick and breakout of pimples, bowels went wonky... but who the hell cares about my well being...

but on a lighter note... i noticed something or rather some people as i go home from skool... i noticed for two days that i keep seeing the same type of people on the train... ok lemme explain...

on tues i saw this guy on he train, got on at the same stop and got off at the same stop as me. ur average punkish sorta fella wit black t-shirt and droppy pants and all... but the strange thing was that he was readinga book.. not like dats weird but he doesn't look like the one taht reads books an the thing was he was reading the damn book as he was going down the escalator, waiting for the train, in the train, when he got off the he can't put the damned book down. and the weirder thing was that he was wearing a brown rosary on his wrist....

for your info... only priest and religious ppl carry rosaries and well he didn't fit the bill.. sorry ah if your are reading this...

so i thought nothing much of it... but then just now i saw a different dude... similar dressing style as the first one but a totally different guy. and lo and behold he was wearing a similar type of rosary on his wrist.... and he got on the same stop and got off at the same stop as me...

coincidence? i think not... so why are these guys wearing rosaries? and they get off at the same stop?? is it some sorta new cult? group? church cell? i wonder out loud.....oh i take NEL... go figure... if anybody got any clue can tell me? don't use the tagboard it sucks... email me lah...

ok nightz all...

Sunday, April 11, 2004

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i did again!!!! god i have to start on my work...
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see i even have time to do a quizz!! god i am sooo dooomed....
i cannot believe it... wanted to do my pqs project then realised that i dunno how to do and there is no sample report or sample for me to see how to write.... so now i am sitting here not doing anything coz i dunno how to start...

there are sooooooo many things to do... like model making and soil science and french test and pptc test and lab book reports!!! it is the time when people commit suicide and end all their suffering. these people are the clever ones! i on the other hand shall be stupid and endure on and complain.... wah wah wah....

Saturday, April 10, 2004

juz to get this in....

I HATE MY TAG BOARD.. no offence boon but the taqgboard you recomended sucks... and you can't reply me on my tagboard becoz why....???.... it sucks...

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

ah ok... two down and at least 4 more to go...

don wan to blog much todae, tired tired and tomolo must wake up very early lorz...

i want to say so many thing but these things are not for those reading this to hear. damn. i need a bestest best fren in the whole wide world, dat or a psychiatrist...

bah.... toodles...
it seems to me that i have a split personality.... in the day i am this happie person laughing and joking... but at night i become this pissy angsty bitch... ya i think it a bit like dr jekyll and mr hyde sorta thing. maybe it my house or my family. maybe its the sun? who noes but i get very easily irritated at night. weird.

so it being night and all....

i shan't bore you.. hahahaha...

Monday, April 05, 2004

it is still depressing... oh maybe it is the night... i was ok in the day...

ok ok... maybe it becoz i am watching the new show Eye Fo rA guy!

it saddens my little heart at the state of our men now. i as a member of the sex with the banana, apologize at the stupidity of the male species. yes i said it. men are dumb. it is oo true. pls don't argue with me. only i kooky plum has the intelligence to rise above it all.

i mean how stupid can these men be to join this show? like most of them are attractive young men. the operative word here is most. haha. but i mean there are lotsa other girls and they can snag other girls besides that FHM lady. like i don't mean that she is ugly or anything but its a show and you would ridicule yourself in front people on national tv!!

oh i can't say anymore! toodles....

it's depressing... no one calls for a chat... no one asks me out... it little wonder that i don't have a girlfren or boyfren or animalfren or plantfren... it depressing...

yes i noe i am not kool. i have no personality. i am not goodlooking. heck i don't even have a pretty eyes or a nice smile. people don't come up and tok to me unless they want something. people always always stare at me. i am prone to pimple outbreaks and rashes. i sweat easily. i am not sporty. i am not that clever. i am fat. i am a big softie. i have bad hair.

yupz i realize i am not kool. so thats why i am here typing all this out becoz i have no life. i do not do the things that normal ppl do.

watching movies: i find it highly redundant becoz a good story cannot be told in 2 hrs. exceptions do apply.

eat healthy: a burger has the same amount of fat, cholestrol or wateva as a bowl of char kuey or laksa. everything has preservatives.

that is only the tip of the iceberg.

and another thing. wat is the big deal for me sleeping in class? alot of people sleep in class but when i sleep all eyes are on me! maybe its just me but i find that if i sleep in class it wrong but when others do it ppl don't give a shit. except for me maybe.

ok i tire easily ok. i sleep late at night. don't blame me if the lecture is boring. at least i don't whine or tok excessively. i just sleep quietly. and ya why do lecturers make a big fuss when ppl sleep in class when toking to sumone else and not paying atttention is far worse. they make noise and they do not pay attention. dammit. it insane.

i am soo angsty todae. maybe for the simple fact that things that were supposed to be snet to me are not here yet so i am here typing like a mad man a wee bit frustrated that i am not doing anything.

and the very fact that i am a very lame piece of shit that has no life and is not kool enuff for ppl to care about the very fact that i exist. i can imagine if i don't come to skool or to work one day no one is gonna sms me and ask me why i never come. i am just one of those unloved ppl . well diseases love me.

ish i am angsty. forgive me if i stepped on anyones tail.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

which groupmember are you?

ahahaha... yupz this is true at least the part about sarcasm bein my bitch... at least it sounds good...
the erratic behaviour of the tagboard is irritating the shit out of me... i am gonna change it... but in the letarghic state i am in god noes when i will change it...

oh and happie birthday to my fren who for reason of privacy i cannot name... i wanted to sms you but i can't seem to find my hp.... dat or i am just lazy to walk over to the living room table and get it. u choose. happie birtdae anyway.

its raining outside, good for me, so i don't have to be stcky and sweaty all day long. not dat being hot and bothered is a bad thing but hey today is not one of those days.

has anyone here watched the vagina monologue. oh great i am having a conversation with no one. damn.

is it just me or am i just rambling on on and on.

next up. im bored. i dunno should i go and watch a movie but then that would violate my no movie policy. unless i find a ..... nvm thats for me to noe and you to find out. i feel happie... maybe i am on drugs or sumthing... but everything feels right. just right.
ahh.. when you tought dat you can get things done... it sunday and i am blogging coz there is nothing to do.... ok not that, there are a gadzillion things to do and well don't feel like doing it... for example the PQS project.. and i am supposed to wait for ppl to email me their stuff so i can edit but apparently it aint happening...

such a sucky sunday... oh i juz remembered something! hey! lim xiu! did you go to skool to check the plants?

ok thats alll from me but rest assured that i will be back to bore you with details of my un interesting life which ppl still do read even though it is super boring. phew that was a long sentence and i need to get a life.

blogger whore out!

Saturday, April 03, 2004

yes yes... dear darlings! i am back and with a veangence... i ditched my dial up and now have broadband..i noe i noe i am kinda backdated to be still hanging on to my dial up but now got advanced a bit lah ok.

as i am still reveling in the excitement of getting back my internet and the dark shadow of project deadlines looming above my head i am not gonna say much...till next time dolls...