Monday, May 31, 2004

ok i dunno why the picture blogger does not work very well... oh i am hopeless at technology!

anyways i will be busy busy in june... i shall be working on most days but i shall be available after 5... that sorta thing... if anyone wants to plan any shopping expedition or anything ok....

other than taht nothing special happened... thats coz i stayed at home... bah..
nitez then...

Sunday, May 30, 2004


hey i am back... first of all... i just have to say i am big fan of the spice gurls. and i'm sure almost everyone is too! way back in the 90's. we all fell for the spice gurl! girl power and their campy outfits and their catchy songs and we must not forget the platform shoes! i shall do a tribute to the spice gurls! later lah not now. pic courtesy of

MAn on Bus

was on my way my grandma's house yesterday and the most shocking sight boarded the bus. at one stop this guy whom i shall call guy just because i have to other words to describe him came up wit this woman whom i shall call stupid woman for reasons later explained).

ok they came up and stupid woman was not that bad looking, pretty by my standards (and those standards are very high.. hee hee) but the guy oh my god! he is very thin and its like those wannabe Ah Bengs. like he was trying to be Beng but cannot make it that kind. he had that center parting hair and he was wearing a sleeves T shirt.

i would like to take this moment to warn all guys not to wear sleeveless unless you have at least have a pair of presentable arms. no no to flabby arms and stick thin arms. for 2 reasons: i cannot stand it and you might bring shame to the male species. well just putting my 2 cents worth.

alright back to the story.
so i have a very high tolerence level so i thought ok maybe he lives nearby thats why he wears such things. well than as he got closer....ok i can only describe it as such:
low slung jeans cut to look like bermudas.
so low that you could see the black under wear.
so so low that you could the whole underwear strap and part of his hip/thigh.

like please if you wanna show underwear please please show only a little... like me.. to tease is better than to flash!

and the reason the woman is stupid is coz is she like blind?? why would she date someone like him. come to think of it... i think they are married!! eww!
he must be filthy rich of posees some weird sexual attraction or he cast a spell on her!
that or she is just one of those girls.. ahem ahem

oklah wanna watch JApan HOur On CNA and must go eat!

just testing the photo blogger!!! kool huh? Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 29, 2004

hahaha.. ok i lied.. after i ate and all i just didn't feel like blogging at all...

and now still don'feel like blogging.. maybe coz i ate too much just now and feel soo full i had to the toilet teice! just to clear space for the other food.. eww! i noe... i feel like sleeping noe.. but watch out for the next post containing...

a very strange strange man i saw on the bus and spice gurls!!! yeah gurl power!

till next time...

Friday, May 28, 2004

at first i wanted to write sumthin but then i got hungry so i shall blog laterz.. after i eat that is.. or after i watch TV...

Thursday, May 27, 2004


ok time for the semester annual exam result review! ok that didn't make sense coz there are 2 semesters in a year so how could it be annual? ok nvm you got the drift..

first up... i did how i did... passed everything got a few As and the rest Bs...i alaways get that kind of results guess i can never be a top scorer. i'm just average..sigh..

LAndscape Design:B+
hmm.. B+... dunno wat to say bout this one... to tell you the truth actually quite suprising... didn't do my best for the last project but ok that i got B+.. yeah!

Plant Propagation & Tissue Culture:A+
this one wasn't such a suprise coz i actually found the PRopagation part Quite easy.. the tissue culture part was the killer one... chimeras and wat not... and got lots of free plants hee...

Soil Science:B
i'm quite ok wit my B... this one was very very hard ah... getting this B means that i didn't do any careless mistakes in my paper! whee! this class cannot sleep one... no fun.. but i got B!

Plant Genetics And Breeding:B
another hard subject... Dr Yam was nice.. but genetics was hard... maybe coz i slept thru the whole thing hee hee... hey at least i got a B..

Productivity and Quality Service (PQS):B
this was boring... it was soo boring i didn't even sleep in the class! at all! for the whole semester! the lecturer was quite nice.. i don't noe why every single person in the poly must take this subject..

Appreciating Artwork:AD
hhahaahahahahahahahaha! i got AD!!! whoo hoo! Art was fun!!! and see wat fun brings!! WOoT... but i noe i won't get the module prize its always like that... sad but happy. i dunno how that works though... sad happy sad happy...

and oh i brought back the tagboard if anybody cares...
ok later must go to work!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

it seems there is something worong wit blogger or my computer coz i cannot view my blog or other blogs that use blogspot... tis strange especially when i wanna blog todae! but anyways..

things i realised about myself

i realised a few things these few days about myself so read on will ya?

1) i am totally allergic to crabs: a year or so ago i ate some flower crabs. for those who dunno wat is a flower crab or worse wat is a crab then here's a link well wen i ate that my lips swelled so i suspected something. so from then onwards i stayed away from crabs for awhile. then on sunday my dad bought some mud crabs. so lalala we ate em. then lo and behold my allergies were confirmed. my hands were itchy and had red bumps. my tongue was itchy too. then it was very itchy in a place where the sun don't shine if you noe wat i mean. wink wink
moral of story: i am allergic to crabs so if you wanna kill me den you wat to feed me ok..

2)i look good in red: was looking at old pictures in a photo album and i saw this particular picture taken at last years hari raya.i was wearinga red baju kurung, or malay traditional wear. i look stunning in it. den i realised i looked good in red.
moral: i look hot in red. yeah baby.yes i noe you must think i must be out of my mind but more on that later.

3)my brother is sooo irritating: my brother is irritating me. i guess is teenage angst coz him being 14 and growing up and hormones and all but he is bloody irritating. i shan't go i details but ppl who have younger siblings should noe wat i mean. he is testing my waters, testing wat makes me angry like juz now he called me an asshole thinking i can't hear. idiot. but i don't pick a fight coz it is pointless to argue with him and very little things makes me angry. but now i just ignore him. i don't tok to him. i can't be bothered anyway.
moral: i have a very high tolerence level. i noe. i could be a monk or sumthing.


am watching smallville. and realise taht tis full of pretty pretty ppl. look at clark kent and that guy adam knight ( the one lana likes ) and of course lana. heck even chloe is pretty and lex and the rest of the cast. heck everyone on tv is pretty and shiny and happy except wen made intentionally ugly.
why you ask am i writing about this? for one thing it to show of my linking skill ;)
the other is to say that i am ugly. ok not so ugly but not as pretty and shiny. actually i am very shiny coz of all the oil on my face haha. wat i'm saying is i shall now proclaim that i shall not strive for perfection! and stop whining!

ok second thought maybe... i'll consider stopping to whine coz whining is fun! it seems i am rambling on and on.. thus i shall end this post before i tell any embarressing secrets..ah hahahaa..

nitez... toodles...

it been a long time since i blogged.. well nothing much to blog really... and i'm waiting for the day when i can write the world's most wonderful blog entry!!! hahahahhA!!! and den i will rule the world!! oh you get wat i mean...

Thursday, May 20, 2004

fever has subsided.. but still feelin crappy and did not eat much for the whole day.. i might be slimming down...heh..
the weather has been incredulously hot and i have been sweating buckets just by sitting is sooo warm!!
i think i might be over heating.. my throat is dry and i might have ulcers...i have heat rash all over my neck and its spreading to my shoulders.. it soo red and itchy...
damn... its good to be me... not!

i'm conflicted... on one hand i wanna blog but on the other i don't feel like blogging... basically i wanna blog bout this sumthing but i noe its gonna bite me in the ass if it gets out.. and before you think and speculate the thing is about me ok... hahahaha... ok lah... let me tell you..

i got pregnant again... don't tell anyone ok?

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

just to add... i just realised i am stalking sumone on the net.. i can't believe it.. i am a stalker!!
ok dats all...
all thru out the day i wanted to blog about many things... like buddhist monks who are eternally looking happy... and various other things that i now currently cannot remember becoz i have come down with some fever...

i must say it is just a slight fever but what sickness can i get staying at home? its very starnge.. so now i am weak and sick... and feeling crappy... dunno if i can go to work tomolo... most probably yeah coz it is never my luck to get an MC...

and the thing is, i always get sick during the holidays! it irritates me ever since pri 6... it sucks i noe...

well now i shall lie down on the sofa and watch american idol and CSI... hey i'm still a tv junkie ya noe..

nites and stay healthy...

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

i just realised after doing these quizzes that all of them are for gurls... welll i'm bored lah ok...

Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman

Inside you've got the passion and ideals of a teenager

And your intensity for life is what attracts most of the men you date

You also like to party - and quite often you're the life of the party

You've brought the best of your younger years with you... at least most of the time.

Are You a Girl or Woman? Take This Quiz :-)

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alas i am neither... but it good to noe that i am most like britney spears song....

You are Barefoot!

You're a total free spirit, go with the flow girl

You can't be restricted by shoes for very long

And unsuprisingly, the same goes for men

Your match is out there - and he's as carefree as you are

What Shoe Are You? Take This Quiz :-)

Find the Love of Your Life
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yes in fact i do like go barefoot sometimes...

Friday, May 14, 2004


it seems that now skool is over, i don't seem to have much material to blog.. blah...
but on a lighter note...

have you ever noticed how the ppl at mediacorp have tried to make Gurmit Singh look younger and dare i say "trendy" in the ads for Singapore Idol? i think they did sumthing to his eyebrows and made him really fair and shiny... strange... lokks more girly to me.. do look out for it the next time the ad comes on.. its true i swear!

ok toodles...

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Wah Seh

change template... nice or not? oh and now oso can post comments so don't need the tagboard anymore... heh....

Tuesday, May 11, 2004


wah seh!

never log in for a few days everything change ah! and ok ah all the changes are in html.. and being the gundu that i am, most of the new features are no use to me coz i dunno how to change stuff in html... so shall wait and see how...

Sunday, May 09, 2004


the tagboards are down for some reason... it seems to be the case for everyone that using or is it the insane curse of me? maybe whatever tagboard i use will be down...

that and the fact that i gained weight coz i practicallly stayed at home and pigged out... coz there is nothing to do besides stare at myself in the mirror (which i am finding to be a worthwhile way to spend ur time..hee) or watch tv or surf net.... i have no life... i need to go out peeps... but who wants to go out wit me? i noe one person who does..

which brings me to the next thought of the moment... one of my frens asked me if i wanted to go to bangkok wit her... and before you think otherwise... she has a BF and we were thinkin of going wit other peeps... should i go? coz the airfare is dirt cheap and shoppings good... should i go? should i? should i?

Saturday, May 08, 2004


ok first of all... how irritating is it to have gurmit singh as the host as singapore idol? its irritating... can't they have like other people... can't they havea woman host... can't they have anybody else other than gurmit? i dunno its just me maybe but aren't you sick of seeing gurmit everywhere? its the idol competition!!! is there no other talent?!

next ahh... how odd is wong lilin four months pregnant and now tada! she's married to alan wu! shot gun marriage? i let you decide...

next is... how absurd is the ruling for SIA to pay the children of some Wu family 15 million dollars!! i think the amount is a bit excessive... i think five million would be alright.... here why..

1) the damned children are like sooo old.. they are fully grown adults! capable of taking care of their own lives... i would be more comfortable with the ruling if the children were really young or teen or sumthing...

ok i can only come up with 1 reason... why would they need the 15 million dollars anyway...? to spend on what?

and they way they spoke on television didn't seat very well with me...
for example: they said they found closure after the ruling...
that just makes me think that after getting the money they are at peace that their parent passed away.

" no amount of money can ever replace their parents"
umm then why didn't they just take the money that SIA offered them earlier?

i noe i noe i might sound harsh but it is just the 15 million dollars that irks me... i'm sorry that people lost family and frens in the crash.. and condolences go out to them.... and yes they should get some monetery compensation.. and i'm not implying that the Wu's are money hungry its just that the money is soo incredibly high!

i blame the jurors


tha above is just my opinion and if you do not share my views or disagree then it is your choice if you want to read it or not. i am entitled to my own opinions.

Monday, May 03, 2004

ok i've decided

yes i want a career change.... after watching America's Next Top Model (ANTM) i would wish so much to be a model... like hallo!? all the stuff that they did on the show seems bloody easy... i am gonna ace them all.... pose nude? sure! stand on th roof in swimwear in freezing cold temperature? sure! i can live and breathe fashion...
yes i noe all of you are luffing your intestines out but hey a guy got to have his dream...

i would so be the top model, it is just that:
i don't have boobs or anything remotely resembling female parts
i don't have great hair but hey that didn't stop Ebony did it?
i don't have the model look
i don't have the height

alas i cannot be a model let alone be a top model let alone be a top male model... but wouldn't it be a riot if i actually became a top model? like juz on the runway on covers of magazines....

hope i don't give you nightmares... hahahaha....
in the stoned stupor that i am in now... i just left a really stupid tag on my frens tagboard...
i just can't believe i did that..... it was weird... it felt as thoguh you killed sumone accidentally or sumthin like that.... i must say one of the silliest things i did today...i would juz like to say...

dear noe who you are... you one of the few who has a blog... you may delete my post from your tagboard for it holds no relevance to your train of entries in ur tagboard... ahhh the horror!! you may post a similar silly tag on my tagboard...ok?

ok i am rambling....
i.... have.... to.... switch... offf..... the... com... now.... move... my ... hand... must... log... off.... now...
random thought before i go to sleep...

why do people like to type "wo0t" in their blogs or wherever but they don't really use it in when they talk? i'm guilty of it too...

dum dum dum... gotta go to work tomolo... bummer... and got to study for soil science... bummer...

dunno which one is worse... but for now i shall wallow in the fact that i get to sleep and dream wonderful dreams, dreams of ponies and cotton candy, dreams of forest and seas, dreams of love and lust, dreams of the flights of fantasies.....

ok nuff ranting... good night world!!! see ya tomolo!!!

ok stop it...

Sunday, May 02, 2004

Your sign of frustration is....Destruction!!! When
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seriously? me destructive...

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hhhmmm... chocolate... old soul.. ok quite true....

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ok purples a good colour....

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like duh!
bla blah ;djs;djpt jjd;smsd;fm sdjf sdtoirjetkd ssdmg 'so djf;d' osfj d/,fmgd;flroit[ti /,dmmsgmd'jrfdkdgfs'otirotie[rktd'f

early sunday morning post.... if you look real hard you could see some 4D numbers....