Friday, October 31, 2008

Life just Shit

Life, my frens, is truly shit.
just came back from the doctor regarding my shoulder and leg and basically i need rest. for a few weeks. and i asked him kind of excercise can i do in the meantime. and he said anything that doesn't involve the injured parts.


urgh. for those not in the know i injured my shoulder and pinched my nerve in sports related incidents. i hate it. every freakign time i decided to get up off my ass and excercise i get stupid injuries. previously it was my knee which went wonky and that silly pinched nerve again! which plagued me last semester. if its not an injury it will rain. or i sudden have the cold. LIKE WTF.

like its so freaking irritating that i cannot do anything and jsut laze around my house and get fat. like fucking hell. FUCK FUCK FUCK. FUCKING HELL. urgh.

and also besides being shit. life is also unfair. i do believe there is a god or a higher power. yes i do and he/she is havign a great big laugh at my expense. like i'm sure i have a greater purpose in my life that i will fulfil but in the meantime lets give me some injuries and stupid shit things so he can't be fit and healthy or attempt to have a nice body coz u know its funny. hardy har har!!!!!!! laugh all u want dudes upstairs!! so sick of it.

am i not a nice person? i don't steal, rape or murder. i might lie abit and gossip but thats jsut being human. i listen to my parents and i'm not rude. like i'm just a normal guy. i'm not a bad person. at least i think so. i'm sure somebody out there thinks i am. thats why my life is jsut unfair and shitty.

i'm just kinda sad and dissappointed at the not so enlightening diagnosis from the doctor. maybe i need to sleep. take my mind off things. i tend to think too much.

sleep. wake up to another shitty day.
happy fucking halloween.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Perfumed Path

i should be studying for my exams instead of blogging but need a break.. yes another one after the coffee break, toilet break, snack break, tv break, lunch break, tea break, shitting break, dinner break, facebook break... life's hard isn't it?

well on my way to library to study after dinner..yes study... i was amazed at the amount of perfume there was in the air.. no sadly there were ghostly ladies wanting to suck my blood and other bodily fluids..but instead the heavy perfume of the flowers permeating the night air...

its was almost magical and i dare say it was... the cool night air and the perfume air.. truly magical... i would include a pretty picture but my phone memory card is whacked... need a new phone it seems...

any ho ha.... its study break... SWAT VAC dum dum dum!!!!!! Happie Studying Ya'll... and GOOF LUCK fer yer exambiminations!!!

till the next time i need to ramble on about stuff.. toodles...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Its over...

So semester is finally over... like really finally over... i only have exams to do and most prolly and hopefully graduate...sighs how time flies.... lol... oh well.... time waits for no man.

time to rest...had a tiring last week of skool.... maybe i should do laundry lol...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Oh my how time flies

here i am sitting on the floor of my room wit my laptop infront of me... supposedly tryign to do my report... but i decided to blog.. lol... who cares rite?

thats the sight that greets me for the past few weeks when i come back home from the library at midnight... ah yes me being a hardworking boy... staying in the library till it closes. well i need to get things done and if i stay at home i'll do thigns this..blogging lol...
time flies this semester. my last semester here. i can remember it as though it was yesterday when i was walking to skool in the middle of winter. sighs. where does time go? oh well... no use regretting things that i didn't do... time to look forward and thinking about joining the workforce.. a grim prospect i msut say. seeing this day and age. sucky time to be graduating aye? lol....
oh well... back in singapore in 2 months time... i have the same feelings i had before i left to come here.. i guess u would feel that way after u sort of settled somewhere and made new connections. time to let go again and start anew.
well enuff ranting... time to continue my report. urgh. till next time.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Its Fridae

lol its friday... skool is gonna end in 2 and half weeks... lol...
i have nothing to blog la.. just bored i guess... so here another arab singer.. oh yes i love my arab pop lol!
i might have featured her on my blog before.. she is MIRYAM FARES...
sexy kitten she is... like to jiggle her body lol... and she has GORGEOUS CURLY HAIR...
she is so pretty... music is alright la... have listen lol...

Waheshni Eih (I Missed You)
nice car chase scenes. and with subtitles.

live version plus Hahglik Rahtak ( i'm gonna give u trouble)
this one got hot belly dancers lol

anyways widen ur horizons and watch and listen to the youtubes lol!!!
off to club... hee hehe heee

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Maybe i should blog.

i dunno i've been checking my blogs and blog hopping for a week now and i felt the need to blog. well i do. i do have alot of things to say. but i just can't bring myself to edit stuff and format things. i already am doing too many essays. but i woke up early today and decided what the who hay...
this is me being stupid with the wardrobe door. nasty. my left side hip/tummy is scarred!! and look at how white i am. lol. that makes me half hot apparently.

anyways. like that lor. doing and trying to finish up all the essays. and i'm going back soon. well seems like yesterday non? that i came here all sad and lonely. but now somehow leaving would be bittersweet. more on that some other time.

actually i dunno why i'm blogging. its seems that i'm full of random blogs that have no meaning except for me to say that i'm blogging about nothing in particular. geez. i'm sure there is a better way to spend my morning. well there are but urgh. nvm.

well one thing for sure. life is FRUSTRATING AND ANNOYING most of the time. really it is. maybe its the weather. like people have their individual thing. i seem to get annoyed easily at alot of things. and i don't care. lol.

LIFE IS TOO SHORT to bother about all these things. like that seems to be my motto recently. like i dunno i had an ehiphany somehow or rather during the past week or so. and well i realised that life is short to be worrying about little things. like i won't be sky diving anytime soon but its a different outlook to life. oh don't worry i'm still as pessimistic as ever. its just that i'm abit more daring. lol.

oh to skool toodles

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Updated 5 Truths of Life By KookypluM

ok so i wrote the truths of life way back in 2006!!! HERE!! lordy!! tahts a long time ago. hahaha. so back then it was 4 truths coz i didn't what to put for the last truth. so after 2 years have passed, gathering wrinkles and wisdom it shall be so.

note the use of MEN instead of MAN. of course a single man is charming and intelligent but when a group of guys get together they do silly things no?

pretty self explainatory. no need to say much.

also its true on so many levels. lust is easy to satisfy but finding that one true love is hard. heck even finding love is hard.

i think this actually came from Ally Mcbeal. but anyho its true. every single thing u do is somehow sexually related. think about it.

ok some of u might argue that its not all about the looks, its what on the inside that count. umm oooookay. that might be true but it sure hell gives u a big advantage if u do look hawt or the very least good.

well anyho how... i found this video while going blog hopping... it was on a certain someone's blog. and i think its just beautiful and ehchanting and powerful video. its AMZING!! YES AMZING!! without the A!!! must see/watch/listen.... trust me on this one...

1:55 >>> worry wen ur late... amazed wen ur early....
2:05 >>> be sorry when i'm wrong... and happy when u forgive me...
4:20 >>> i'll tell u the worst of me... and give u the best of me...
5:00 - 5:30 >>> THE BEST PART OF THE VIDEO.... makes my heartache and my eyes tear abit...

ok the whole video is wonderful... just have to watch it...

oh and should i put up a tag board again? lol.. i've been toying wit the idea for awhile now... but its very troublesome... so how? i shall meditate on this..

till next time..toodles...