Thursday, October 09, 2008

Maybe i should blog.

i dunno i've been checking my blogs and blog hopping for a week now and i felt the need to blog. well i do. i do have alot of things to say. but i just can't bring myself to edit stuff and format things. i already am doing too many essays. but i woke up early today and decided what the who hay...
this is me being stupid with the wardrobe door. nasty. my left side hip/tummy is scarred!! and look at how white i am. lol. that makes me half hot apparently.

anyways. like that lor. doing and trying to finish up all the essays. and i'm going back soon. well seems like yesterday non? that i came here all sad and lonely. but now somehow leaving would be bittersweet. more on that some other time.

actually i dunno why i'm blogging. its seems that i'm full of random blogs that have no meaning except for me to say that i'm blogging about nothing in particular. geez. i'm sure there is a better way to spend my morning. well there are but urgh. nvm.

well one thing for sure. life is FRUSTRATING AND ANNOYING most of the time. really it is. maybe its the weather. like people have their individual thing. i seem to get annoyed easily at alot of things. and i don't care. lol.

LIFE IS TOO SHORT to bother about all these things. like that seems to be my motto recently. like i dunno i had an ehiphany somehow or rather during the past week or so. and well i realised that life is short to be worrying about little things. like i won't be sky diving anytime soon but its a different outlook to life. oh don't worry i'm still as pessimistic as ever. its just that i'm abit more daring. lol.

oh to skool toodles

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psyfig said...

ouch! so fresh!