Sunday, October 19, 2008

Oh my how time flies

here i am sitting on the floor of my room wit my laptop infront of me... supposedly tryign to do my report... but i decided to blog.. lol... who cares rite?

thats the sight that greets me for the past few weeks when i come back home from the library at midnight... ah yes me being a hardworking boy... staying in the library till it closes. well i need to get things done and if i stay at home i'll do thigns this..blogging lol...
time flies this semester. my last semester here. i can remember it as though it was yesterday when i was walking to skool in the middle of winter. sighs. where does time go? oh well... no use regretting things that i didn't do... time to look forward and thinking about joining the workforce.. a grim prospect i msut say. seeing this day and age. sucky time to be graduating aye? lol....
oh well... back in singapore in 2 months time... i have the same feelings i had before i left to come here.. i guess u would feel that way after u sort of settled somewhere and made new connections. time to let go again and start anew.
well enuff ranting... time to continue my report. urgh. till next time.

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KenZ said...

in 2 months times... wah! Die to meet you again.