Friday, October 31, 2008

Life just Shit

Life, my frens, is truly shit.
just came back from the doctor regarding my shoulder and leg and basically i need rest. for a few weeks. and i asked him kind of excercise can i do in the meantime. and he said anything that doesn't involve the injured parts.


urgh. for those not in the know i injured my shoulder and pinched my nerve in sports related incidents. i hate it. every freakign time i decided to get up off my ass and excercise i get stupid injuries. previously it was my knee which went wonky and that silly pinched nerve again! which plagued me last semester. if its not an injury it will rain. or i sudden have the cold. LIKE WTF.

like its so freaking irritating that i cannot do anything and jsut laze around my house and get fat. like fucking hell. FUCK FUCK FUCK. FUCKING HELL. urgh.

and also besides being shit. life is also unfair. i do believe there is a god or a higher power. yes i do and he/she is havign a great big laugh at my expense. like i'm sure i have a greater purpose in my life that i will fulfil but in the meantime lets give me some injuries and stupid shit things so he can't be fit and healthy or attempt to have a nice body coz u know its funny. hardy har har!!!!!!! laugh all u want dudes upstairs!! so sick of it.

am i not a nice person? i don't steal, rape or murder. i might lie abit and gossip but thats jsut being human. i listen to my parents and i'm not rude. like i'm just a normal guy. i'm not a bad person. at least i think so. i'm sure somebody out there thinks i am. thats why my life is jsut unfair and shitty.

i'm just kinda sad and dissappointed at the not so enlightening diagnosis from the doctor. maybe i need to sleep. take my mind off things. i tend to think too much.

sleep. wake up to another shitty day.
happy fucking halloween.