Tuesday, December 30, 2003

its been a long time since we met on this lonely road. And many things have happened. First of all Anita Mui died. That was sad. Then Xiaxue had to close her blog. And I gained weight. So depressing right. Oh sadness.

But today shall be the New Years Edition of Bootifulsoup! Ok nuff of the depressing stuff! It time for new year cheer.

First I will be spending New Years Day on the beach! Wit my family! The beach! Family!

Ok now for my NEW Years Resolution Publication! It time for what I shall do for next hopefully.

1) To be Fitter. Ok it is kind of a long stretch but I will try. But do not ask me to run or play some stupid sport. I am a solitary exerciser.

2) To have less pimples. A hard task I must say but it is worth doing.

3) To not slack so much. I have been slacking too much.

4) To be a bitch. I feel I need to bitch more next year. so there.

5) To suck up to people more. You cannot get anything done in this world without sucking up to people.

6) Oh ok. Let see this is to save my eternal soul. It is to be a better person. Hahha. Its clich├ęd.

Ok lah 6 is enuff. The rest are my private resolutions.

Note: I never actually get to doing my resolutions. So worry not.

Saturday, December 27, 2003

you noe wat? due to the very little number in my arts class they are moving it to 3 - 5 pm? ok fine it doesn't really clash with my other IS. but now i have to meet the rush hour traffic which is like so bummer. i mean rush hour traffic ! and the bloody bus stop is like soo crowded.

sigh. wat to do. its fate.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

things I saw today:

while I was waiting for the bus at the interchange I saw this man. This man was no ordinary man. Oh no he was not handicapped. Instead he had really hairy fore arms. I mean really hairy. Can you believe really hairy fore arms! It was like a few cm long. Maybe I am exaggerating coz I did not really measure it but it was sure long.

This is another thing I saw. But first lemme ask you this question. If you went fishing what would you wear? For me it would be something comfortable like a old but still presentable T-shirt and Bermudas or track pants. Or even a old pair of jeans.

But have you seen people going fishing wearing clothes that look like they came from orchard? Well just now I got on the bus ( going to work ) and this bunch of guys got on. Ok lah they looked as though they were going to Orchard. With their mesh caps and adidas shoes and Bermudas. But then they were carrying fishing rods! For gods sake fishing rods! They looked out of place. Seriously. Weird looking.

Things I did today:

I only did 1 thing worth blogging.

I bought undies! Hahaha! I bought undies! No not the lacy kind. Boxer briefs. A weird miture of boxer shorts and briefs. Ok nuff of my lingerie habits.

Till next time.

Monday, December 22, 2003

there is one thing that I find particularly irritating about men who wear polo T-shirts. It is when they put up the bloody collar. I mean it looks terrible and it does not make you look cool. Instead it makes you look like the Count in Sesame Street, you noe the one that counts a lot and whenever he laughs lightning and thunder strike. Its idiotic. Please for the sake of all sane people in this freeking earth. DO NOT PUT UP THE POLO T-SHIRT COLLAR!

Saturday, December 20, 2003

have you ever had this feeling? It is when time slows down and your surroundings become fuzzy. And when your breath becomes shallow and your heart beats faster. Have you ever had that feeling? Well I did, yesterday. It was quite strange. It reminds me of the song Gorecki by Lamb.

Ok that day at work we had this training session and my boss gave this pep talk and I felt inspired to do a better job. But the very next day, she had this weird attitude and started to scold the staff. Scold is such a strong word. Ok not really scold but point out things to us. I realized that her expectations of us staff members has gone up a notch just because we had the training session. But people take time to change as all things in this world. Us staff cannot change so fast, we need time to adjust. I understand.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

oh oh.. my fren gave me candles. how sweet of her. no ordinary candles are they. these are french candles. yes they are. thanks SAmmy.

ok people have been asking me to write testicles for them. ok ok getting to it. i am a busy busy man.

ok gonna watch tv will blog tomolo ok. i have lotsa stuff.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

i wrote this yesterday but i was too lazy to post it so here.

things that Irritated Me Today

number 1. this kid at work. He was pretending to be dumb so I will give him the answers and it is quite irritating coz as a teacher I am inclined to help him but he is acting dumb. Sheesh.

Number 2. just now as I was going up the lift this lady came running up to the lift. I did not noe she wanted to get on the lift and when the doors closed she gave me this look. It just this look dat cannot be described. Before you ask the lift has those glass things on the door so I could see her. But the thing is right she did not even shout out to me to hold the lift for her. So if she didnot give me the signal how was I supposed to respond?

Number 3. this old man sitting beside me on the bus. It was like night time and he was sitting on the inside and I on the outside. He was constantly intruding on my personal space as he was trying to see where to stop. Like he was elbowing me. Turning his head left and right. Ok I get that he was trying to see where he was going and he is old but could ya at least ask for directions? Thats men for ya.

Number 4. oh oh this has to be the magnum opus. The highlight of my irritating encounters. I got on the bus home from work and lo and behold I was standing next to a bunch of minahs. And they were soo noisy and obnoxious. One of them was singing some malay songs. Not quietly but very loudly. The whole bus could hear her. And they were toking so loudly. I was hoping someone would kill right there. Or at least knock me out cold. I could not take it anymore coz we were stuck on the highway and there was no bus stop for a good five minutes. I got off at the next stop.

Things That Made My Day

Eating Kinder Bueno Chocolate. I Am Addicted to them right now.

Eating Ritter Sport Yogurt. This Chocolate has been eluding me for a long time. And I finally found it. A perfect blend of choc and yogurt.

Seeing Alan Tern in Popular at Compass Point. Well this did not actually made my day but it was a pleasant surprise to see an actor in Compass Point. maybe he lives in Sengkang? Oh you don’t noe who is Alan Tern? That guy who played Vernetta Lopez love interest in that doctor show. Oh nvm.

Ogling at hot people. Yup it seems there are plenty of those to go around.

Oh and signing up for my Understanding Arts class. But I could not actually get my time right. Meaning I have a 1 hour break between my Arts class and My PQS class. And the PQS class ah I do not know the lecturer. It some Indian lady. Lets hope that she is nice. I only recognized one name in the list of lecturer but I am guessing that his class is gonna full of girls who are gonna sit in class and ogle at him. Not that ogling is a bad thing ut you cannot get any learning done if your lecturer looks like dat. I noe I am being very vague but you will see wat I mean.

Monday, December 15, 2003

ok now I am quite free to blog.

There is this article in the Sunday times about how to handle difficult party guest and one of the difficult ones is the Kaypoh. And the article advises the people who come into contact with this Kaypoh to stay clear coz gossiping is not good for you.

Oh please. How can one say gossiping is not good for you? It is like the best thing in the world. And lets face the acts here. Almost every single person has indulged in gossip be it in the form of the people around you or gossip bout celebrities.

Let me get this clear, there is a clear line between gossip and rumours. Gossip contains truth in it. For example, if A and B are going out. And people start whispering about it. I find that there is nothing wrong with it coz it contains some truth in it. To speak the truth is ok rite? so what is so bad about gossiping?

It is stated somewhere that gossiping is good coz it establishes where you are in the social ladder. If you chance upon a piece of juicy news then you can use it to your advantage. And well climb the social ladder however trivial the news maybe. As they say knowledge is power.

Next on the agenda is Focus On Family ( that stoopid group promoting virginity ) and groups like it.

It has gone too far. It has come to my attention that Abercrombie and Fitch has stopped publishing it magazine. A&F is famous for its scantily clad models (male and female) in compromising positions in its catalogue.

The reason for this closure of the magazine/ catalogue is that these so called family groups have called a boycott on A&F products so long as the thing is in print. And this has somehow worked.

There are so many wrong things on sooo many levels.

First. We want to see scantily clad models. Beauty is a good thing. Its not that they are ugly. They are models for crying out loud. They have to be beautiful.

Many top models started out as A&F models in the catalogue. I can’t name any coz I lazy too research but there are a few.

It a matter of choice. If scantily clad models make you feel dirty then why the freaking first place did you look at the pictures?

If the boycott continues then wont a lot of people lose their jobs? All those people in china or somewhere that make the clothes. They will lose their jobs. What will they feed their families? So instead of working in the factories making clothes. Which is decent enuff. Now they have to work the streets as prostitutes, gigolo and drug runners coz some people can’t bear the sight of skin?

So called family groups do not think this far do they. If they wanted a pure way of life where teen learn and experience sex only on their first night and there is no crime and all is good and well. I have only this to say. go live with the Amish!

Oh but before I say any further. I don’t mean sex workers are a bad bunch. Instead I commend their work. I think being a sex worker means you are very brave. It takes a dedicated amount of courage and commitment. This is meant for those who choose the profession by choice. Not forced.

Enuff ranting.

That day this girl peed in her pants in my work place. Damn hilarious. But hey she was only 5 and new. But haha.

Oh oh and that day I saw a very funny sight on the bus. There were 2 guys. One had nice hair but a very wrong face. Whom I shall call BlueTint, you will noe later. The other guys had a nice face but oh so very wrong hair. He shall be called CurryPUff.

BlueTint had very nice hair. It was soft looking and styled in your usual japonese pop star hair and he tinted his fringe blue. I was like how kool is that. But then the face was another story. It was full of acne and booth his cheeks were like red. It is worse than mine. Darling, if you have such nice hair it will draw attention to you face. And you noe the rest.

CurryPuff on the other hand had nice skin and quite handsome lah by my standards. But the hair. Oh the hair. He had too much gel on and the he styled his hair in such a way that the fringe is looking much like a currypuff. It was high and eww. And the thing was he was sitting with this hot girl who I think should be his Gurlfren by the way they were acting. Like Hello hotgirl! Are you blind? Look at his hair! Well they say love is blind.

I will be working again so I doubt I will be blogging tomolo. But I doubt anyone will miss me.

Friday, December 12, 2003

i have much too much too blog now. being drained of my energy. work is stressing me out. more on that next time.

i tought of putting up a web counter but then i realised if i did then the result would shock me. so i decided to leave the number of people who read this to be a mystery.

time to sleep.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

oh yes I am back. Yes I am.

Did a little thinking ( I think a bit too much thinking coz I have a splitting headache now ) I came upon the realization that I have this one act that I regret very much doing. I had much control over it and yet I went a head and did it. No it is not some illegal sex act or drug stuff.

It is just one stupid thing I did that I regret very much. It was funny when I did it, it seemed fun even daring but now on after thought it seemed very stupid. Very very stupid.

I am not gonna tell you wat the thing is! If I did it would like open a Pandora’s Box and my secrets will be revealed.

Monday, December 08, 2003

Are you damned?
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You're coming back! And if you are a Hindu you are going to have very specific characteristics:

"The slayer of a woman and the destroyer of embryos becomes a savage full of diseases; who commits illicit intercourse, a eunuch; who goes with his teacher’s wife, disease-skinned. The eater of flesh becomes very red; the drinker of intoxicants, one with discolored teeth...." (Garuda Purana)

Which Evil Criminal are You?

Which Historical Lunatic Are You?
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You are Form 3, Unicorn: The Innocent.

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Some examples of the Unicorn Form are Eve
(Christian) and Pandora (Greek).
The Unicorn is associated with the concept of
innocence, the number 3, and the element of
Her sign is the twilight sun.

As a member of Form 3, you are a curious
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Which Mythological Form Are You?
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i'm depressed! i need my fren who listens to my problem fren:(

but she is in France:(

Saturday, December 06, 2003

Did a little visiting today and came upon a realization.

I am not close to any of my cousins! Gasp! The Horror!

I have two sets of cousins. Ok everyone has two sets of cousins, one from the mothers side and one from the fathers side. Well the cousins on my mothers side are all either too old and wih family or too young like in primary skool.

The cousins on my fathers side. And oh I have tons of cousins on my fathers side. Ok neways, most of my dads side cousins are too old and they have kids. The ones that are important are a few and they are in my age range. I should be quite chummy with them rite?

Well not! I dunno why but we all are not close. Maybe coz when we were young we didn’t really hang out wit each other. Weird rite. I have this sudden urge to be family oriented. But seriously I want to get to noe them better. Hey cousinz of Hakim I wanna get to noe u! find me on friendster ya.

back to more crappy matters.

I came up with this sentence which I find very very beautiful. Ok here goes.

Possessing a delicate whiteness bordering on pale

I dunno it just speaks to me. Thought of it on the bus on the way to work.

Speaking of work. I am now working five days out of seven. Tiring but I gonna be
R_ _ _!

No idea of what to add but will blog later.

Friday, December 05, 2003

oh joyous day! Calloh! Callay!

It such a joyous day. That is because today I ate the Mc Pepper burger. After like so long it has come back. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Management of McDonalds for Bringing back the Mc Pepper Burger. And if ur reading this please please do not take it off the menu. It is like the single most delicious burger ever. Just meat and pepper sauce and bread. What more can a man ask for. Sigh. I sing of praise for the Mc Pepper.


another joyous occasion! I have to report. I have gone down to my original weight. As it was the festive season, my weight ballooned. It went up a few kilos but now it has gone back down to what it was before.

Ok I shall leave you now with something I came across on the Internet.

“When a man has a high belly button. Mother Nature has been very kind to him.”

I find it quite interesting and amusing. Toodles.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

I got my exam results back!

And I am mighty surprised at them. my results I mean. I did not expect much and I even expected to fail a few. But to my surprise I got Bs. Every single subject is a B. except for Exploring Comtemporary Issues. For which I got and AD! Ok I had to brag. But I was quite shocked at getting an AD for Issues. I mean I was not even that good in creative thinking and I suck at public speaking. There were people in my class who talked more cock than me. Oh well.

I am surprised I got B for Plant Maintenance. I hated the lecturer. But I got a B.

I am surprised at Structural Drawing. I liked the lecturer and I thought my drawings sucked and after being treated unfairly for not being neat. I got a B.

I am surprised at Nursery Management. I slept through the whole thing. Well most of it. And I got a B.

I am surprised at Plant Biochemistry. I thought I was going to die during the exam. I got a B.

I was surprised at Financial Planning. I slept thru most of that too. And I didn’t noe shit during the final test. But I got a B.

I was surprised at Plant Pest and Entomology. I thought the paper was a killer. But I got a B.

It seems my new favorite letter is B. Congratulations! The exam results are finally known!

I am happie! Time to go shopping! Take that as a hint you guys. Wink wink
it seems the computer is acting up again. it loads so slowly. should i get broadband? one reason i should not get broadband is that i will use it to much and get addicted to the internet. a very good reason i should think.

so i think it is settled then i shall stick to dial up.


today is the last day of my freedom. ok the today i am toking bout is gone so let me rephrase that.

today is the begining of my work month. from thursday onwards i shall work 4 days a week. working with insanely annoying kids. i just noe my boss will put me with the insanely annoying kids. i just feel it in my bones. i love my job but don't put me with those anoying kids. stress the love and annoying just in case my boss reads this. :)

i have a suprise. but it will have to wait till school reopens and depends on certain other factors. but i will try to make the suprise. just wait.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

ok as of now i have 4 testi (cles) ok i had to make that joke. only friendster people will sorta get the joke.

and am i really that funny? i mean really i am asking you web surfers out there who noe me.

am i really funny if so wat is it about me that is soo funny?
ok I am back more determined than ever.

I just watched the movie Never Been Kissed. The one with Drew Barrymore being this geeky reporter and going back to school to do a story and in turn find the true path in life.

The message of the movie is good enough. Which is not to be a poser and be yourself but hey in reality it is not like that. Even in the movie Drew Barrymore becomes this beautiful babe as she stands at the baseball pitch. Notice that she is not the unfashionable geek that she was in the beginning of the movie. If the movie message was to say true to form then she would have reverted back to her old self.

I am sorry but it seems to me that the topic of Popularity has become one of my Pet Peeves. Because just like Drew in the movie, I too have Never Been Kissed. Take that in any direction you want. So I think this blog will be full of stuff like this.

Speaking of blogs.

A blogger has posted its last blog and now will blog no more. You will be greatly missed unnamed blog.