Thursday, September 23, 2004

Shame Shame Shame

no tis not about Singapore Idolz today.

it more about people in todays society. it sad really when i see people who have such strong views about certain things. to them the world is split into 2. black and white good and evil.

it quite strange really to se how they behave.


the chances are if you think you are right then you are. nothing is really right or wrong. everyone is right to a certain extent. no one is ever reeally mean and no body is really that nice. not all plants are green. not everybody was born ith 10 fingers and toes. nature is beatiful yet dangerous at the same time. that kind of thing. it just taht people tend to put themselves into one track of mind coz it easier to work that way. not very complicated you see.

yeah yeah i noe wat ur thinking "i'm being all almighty and such." but please take a look around you and yourself and notice.

lemme leave you with this. if you are a religious person then don't rad the next section. but then again you will still read it anyway. i mean no offence just a pondering in my mind.

God = Good
SAtan/Lucifer = Evil

but if god made every single thing in this universe. then he had to make satan somehow right? so does that make God somewhat responsible for Satan being evil and such? since God
makes everything. does that mean that god has a dual nature? juz wondering.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

woo hoo....

got my NS notification juz now. it for some medical exam and documentation. the medical exam takes a bloody long 4 hours!!! so they say... wonder wat they will do to me... hmm... better wear nice undies for the exam. heehee.

kinda excited bout NS dunno why. strange.

Friday, September 17, 2004

"If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind"
Agnetha Falkstog
former ABBA singer
I would bring you flowers in the morning
Wild roses as the sun begins to shine
Sweet perfume in tiny jeweled caskets
If I thought you'd ever change your mind
I would take you where the music's sweetest
And feed you winter fruits and summer wine
Show you things you've only read in story books
If I thought you'd ever change your mind
I would bring you happiness
Wrapped up in a box and tied with a yellow bow
I would bring you summer rain and rainbow skies to make your garden grow
And in the winter snow my songs would keep you from the cold
But what use of flowers in the morning
When the garden they should grow in is not mine
And what use is sunshine if I'm crying
And my falling tears are mingled with the wine
I would bring you happiness
Wrapped up in a box and tied with a yellow bow
I would bring you rainbow skiesAnd summer rain to make your garden grow
And in the winter snow, my songs would keep you from the cold
I would bring you flowers in the morning
Wild roses when the sun begins to shine
Winter fruits and summer wine
Sweet perfume and columbineI
f I thought you'd ever change your mind
If I thought you'd ever change your mind
so totally digging this song. so sweet and simple.

Thursday, September 16, 2004


bloody fuck! singapore idol! seems i'll be not watching next week.


oh oh!!!!!!!!

wildcard! wildcard!

actually actually! everyone was good to a certain extent.. except maybe haizad and benjamin... wat telah happen? both of you look so dejected. i noe the judges can be mean. like haizad looks like he give up when the comments reached douglas O. so sad.. benjamin oso.. so sad.. sigh...

oh and ken lim poke fun at jerry ong when he told AJ lim the way to get in was to ask jerry ong... hahahaha. i like ken a bit better now.

of note:
Shirin is actually good!!!
Sylvester hor. so kawaii!!! everytime he smile i oso want to smile. note: nothing going on here. don't think anyhow hor.

i dunno who will get in. so exciting. but then again it could be fixed. my prediction is one guy one gurl. maybe beverly and Aj Lim. maybe. or Nana. maybe. my powers are abit low today.

anyway. laterz.

Monday, September 13, 2004

StiLL ReeLing....

heh.. i feel this is becoming like a Singapore idol page instead of a page about me. but hey it my blog right. i noe all the ppl who read this do not watch SI (at least the regular customers here don't with maybe one exception)

but anyway still reeling from the fact that Nana and Beverly did not get in!!!!!! like hallo!!! due to my nature not to intervene and let fate take its course i did not vote for anybody. damn did i regret it. instead Taufik and jerry got in.

taufik i can live with he was good but not as good as nana or bev. so its still ok that he got in. but hello jerry ong. i'm not gonna say he was bad but hey taufik is a 1000 times better than him. ok not that much you get my point. jerry ong puh leez. and that speech at the end? like yikes booring..... and that lord jesus christ thanking thing.... i didn't have to noe. i DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING AGAINST CHRISTIANS but it was just strange to thank jesus. plain cheesy. i hope he get out during the first round of the finals. its not that i hate jerry ong, i'm sure he is a really nice person but hey i think he noes that there are more talented ppl who deserve a place in the final more tahn he did. go read the singapore idol forums where jerry bashing abound!! haha damn farni...
moving on..

Wild card Choices

whoo! wildcards! lets run down the choices.

  • Andy Joshua LIm: hmm... better choose a better song this time hor... ok?
  • BEnjamin Eio: former boyband member. oledi chosne for boyband wat so that means got some talent right. put more oommphh in it boy.
  • Beverly lim morata: stop crying this time yah. it not miss universe noe. miss universe oso never cry like you.
  • MAia Lee: reluctant about this... stop toking bout your single mother status!! already!! without it she is simply another hopeful, nothing special.
  • HAizad Imram Wit the M: ohh didn't watch his performance due to work but caught a glimpse of it and can make it lah. most handsome of all the contestants, males that is. i tot i was the most ham sum.. hahaha
  • NElson tan: soo big brother, da ge can make it meh? i never watch. same reason as
  • NAna: Try ur best Gurl!!! yah like she read this like that.
  • Shirin: never watch coz once again work. but dunno lah get a Minah vibe from dis one. may be its the way she dress but i would noe coz i never meet her before but voice wise i wouldn't noe either coz i never watch!!
  • Sylvester Sim: umm oso never watch but he looks so beng leh. sorry hor. niche audience surely.

oi! that was fun wasn't it? i luv my blog!!! read my blog coz i tok about sex all the time. yeah as if i got any...


Thursday, September 09, 2004

i can't believe myself...!!!! or the damned producers!!!

i was wrong... the producers purposely fixed the votes coz i was on to them bout the way singapore idol was so predictable it bordered on being staged. huh think i don't noe issit? it so staged lah. frm who gets in to wat they say. i don't think the votes get countted anyways. bah at least there is a wild card!


its been a long time in a long while.....

i'm back... but it about to bithc bout singapore idol. ha ha.

first a run down of the contestants for grp 3:

  1. beverly ann. stop crying at everything the judges say. continue and most probably cannot make it.mantain sikit ah. skejap skejap nangis. ish...
  2. Nana. quite ok lah. ps not saying this becuase she is my fren cuzzin. she is actually good.
  3. taufik batisah. alright.
  4. serene koong. hey big spender. oso ok wat. i like the song. hey big spender! spend a little time with me!
  5. Cheyenne. pretty leh. oso i like the song. i feel the earth move under my feet. but singing cannot lah.
  6. jerry ong. uhh... i change the channel.
  7. nelson tum. sad to say reminds me of william hung.
  8. leandra. quite ok.
  9. MAlvin. i change channel again. heh.
  10. maia. i almost change channel. sure go in wan. pls pls stop palying the "ihave a child and i'm single card"


beverly, nana and maybe maybe nelson. just to play the clay aiken card. see i correct or not.

now must watch and to confirm my suspicions bout the judges. cannot make baseless accusations one.