Friday, February 27, 2004

i have been drained for the past few days. physically and emotionally. heh sorry for the pissyness. i felt truly tired. it maybe from the late nights i have been keeping and getting up really early. still pooped out.

ok and my tag board server company or watever. ok the people who brought the tag boras to me are moving server and apparently they are not done yet. under construction they say. BULLSHIT.

i noe better.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

i am blogging just to make sure that i am not dead. busy lah.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

whazzzzz Up!

Ok ok, watched Moulin Rogue and there are many lesson we can learn from Pretty Pretty Satine.

Lesson Number 1. maintain proper health care and hygiene. Like hallo? She was dying of TB and she did not even noe! Oh wow you cannot breathe and you keep coughing blood. Is that not a sign that you are at least a bit sick?

And eww! She is sick she still can kiss the guy and sleep with him. Thats hygiene for ya. Like it is little wonder that the guy did not die from TB also.

Lesson Number 2. like the fat guy said never fall in love. Nuff said.

Only 2 lessons coz well I could only think of 2 at the moment.

Next watched MTV asia awards.

Ok people keep toking bout Michelle Branch dress and how she showed her flabby abs. I personally like her flabby abs. Thank you very much. It looks cute. I could tok bout her boobs but well that’s another story that I shall keep to myself. Hee hee.

Oh oh! most importantly!

I think I have a rumour that is gonna go around about me. Juz wait and see. But before it gets to spread I shall give you a lesson 101 on gossip and rumour.

GOSSIP: is a piece of news that has some substantial truth to it. That means if I go around spreading GOSSIP it means that the gossip is somewhat true and it is jus that no one noes about it.

RUMOUR: is a piece of slanderous fiction! It is not true at all. It is just made up stories do not believe rumours!

So when I say I have a rumour going on about me. It is not true! At all. Do not believe anything you hear it is not true!

Sunday, February 15, 2004

u noe i hate it when Friendster testimonials have become a place to advertise you frens single hood. go get her guys or he a good catch. remember the site name is FRIENDSTER not DATESTER. sheesh

Saturday, February 14, 2004

hidee hoo

ok it valentines day! And love is in the air. It soo thick you can smell it. It’s sorta a musty old rose smell. The kind when you rub dried rose petals. Sorta like that. Even I was caught up in it. Can you imagine the mind boggling number of people doing the ahem ahem on this very day? This is the horniest day of the year!

So much love today. I saw lotsa couples. Boyfriends carrying obnoxious little bag and shyly trying to hid them by holding them indiscreetly so as not to look stupid with a little bag. Ah such things we do for love.

Ah such young love. I still remember when I saw young love. Way back in Egypt. When Cleopatra meet Mark Anthony. ( Hey I’m old ok ) Or that time Rose meet Jack. ( I noe James Cameron ) or even the time Romeo and Juliet first saw each other. ( I watched the movie ) such is love. It makes us do stooped thing but makes us feel good inside. Oh sigh.


Ok sorry. Its angst.

But I spent VD wit my grandma so thats kinda sweet.

But ah I am stuck here at home doing nothing while a few thousand hormonally charged teens are rocking the house at the MTV Asia Awards! And please stop thinking that I should go out coz THERE IS NO ONE TO GO OUT WIF, in the first place who wants go out wif me.

I think I am spiraling into a self centered ego shattering low self esteem depression.

Well thats freeking life for ya.

Friday, February 13, 2004


I am officially bored today. Did not have to go to school and I had soo many plans today. BUT I woke up at 11 plus and end up watching tv and eating a lot. Yes it is I the worlds greatest procrastinator. I got nothing done. I only watered my plants. Hah! Like that a is a great achievement.

Ok times to blog. ( hey at least I got that done )

Hey did any of you realize that today is Friday the 13th ? like the most unlucky day of the year. Did anything happen to you all?

And tomolo is the most romantic day of the year. Coincidence?

Time for the Valentines day blog segment!

I noticed ah some couples, when they are in public, hold their hand very awkwardly. And some even show some very weird Public Display of Affection. Like they do not feel comfortable doing it but some hoe they must holds hands of hug in public coz that’s wat couples do. I am beginning to think that there is somekind of couples guide book somewhere out there. Next time you see a couple look at the way they behave. Some of them look as though they are forced to hold hands.

Aiyah do not be shy just stare. Hahaha.

Eh you noe ah. My pimples are getting worse. It is not enough that I am no brad pitt or Orlando bloom! These pimple start to show up. I mean you have seen them rite? they are the size of an orange! Stress!

And I realized that when I am on the bus or train, nobody want to sit next to me. The seats next to me will be the last one taken on the whole bus/ train. People would rather sit with a smelly apek or crying whining hyperactive little children than sit wit me. Hell they would even sit with a mentally unstable pedophile serial killer. And when I stand in a crowd there will be a clear space around me. Like that day I was doing duty at the convention center.

I was standing in the crowd and there was like a magical force field around me and my fren. No one was standing near us and people were clearing their path around us. Okay fine.

Do I really look that bad? I do not smell do I? I have smelled people who smell and I do not smell like dat. Do I look like pervert? Why why why? That’s one more reason to my apparent unpopularity. Oh but what the hell! Here are some lyrics to Fame theme song. If any of you remember Fame in the first place.

I'm gonna live forever.
I'm gonna learn how to fly,
I feel it coming together,
People will see me and cry
I'm going to make it to heaven,
Light up the sky like a flame,

Thursday, February 12, 2004

hi hi,

have you heard? Hahaha sadly its not a piece of gossip.

One the way to work today I saw the most ridiculous valentines day product ever. Wanna noe wat it is?

HEArt ShapED BAKwa!

It was very amusing to say the least. Like ok imagine this Guy comes Up to Girl on valentines and says:

Guy: Happy Valentines Day! I brought you sumthing special today.

Girl: oh my! That’s soo sweet. ( in her mind: I wonder what it is? )

Guy: Here Darrrling! Presents her with a wrapped package.

Girl: rips open the package oh its heart shaped Bakwa!

Guy: do you like it?

Girl: Oh tats so sweet. Of course dear I love it thanks. But we all noe in her heart that she is cursing him head to toe and hopes he will be bitten by a rabid dog at his groin and never have children coz then he would spare the world by not producing more idiotic people like him.

Hahaha. Heart shaped bakwa!

Moving on. Oh todae got nothing diss poor St Valentines. I have run dry. I will think of sumthing. I am actually thinking ok. Serious.

Ok I noe! Some words of wisdom about love and sex! Caution explicit content. Read at your own risk!

Someone once told me that having good abdominal muscles is good for sex coz you can have more stamina and well more oommmph! For guys lah. So I was wondering is this true? Coz I am a virgin ( insert pure innocent twinkling music ) and I do not have a six pack. I would really like to noe. Does it really? Wah that means those guys wit six packs ahem ahem wink wink. Do email me ok?

Not sex related thing so safe to read. So just now my work fren said to me that she will be spending her sat thinking about her bitterness. Like is that not the most appropriate term to apply to us single peeps? My bitterness has such a nice ring to it. My bitterness.

I would like to end to day by singing a bit from a Madonna Song! Technically you cannot really hear me sing but try to imagine me singing in all my popstar glory ok? So here goes.

Like a virgin touched for the very first time
Yeah yeah
Lika virgin touched for the very first time
Lalalala dum dum forgot the rest of the words.
oh and before you jump to conclusions. it is not the one where the wind blows. no no no. to close for comfort. in the first place that story settle liao wat? so it is some other SKAterboi and SAmmi. ok?

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

hey hoo!

You noe ah. I have been pigging myself these few days. That day I bought cream cheese and Pringles pizza flavour. And I have been eating it non stop! You noe how fattening is cream cheese? Like each serving has 9 damn grams of fat! And I ate more than one serving. Oh but the heck rite. you only live once. But then again if you are Buddhist than dats another matter rite?

Speaking of matters. Hey hey. Was gossiping just now. Oh how I love to gossip. Sigh.

I would love to tell you all the juicy details. But I cannot. Oh I cannot tell you how much I wanna tell you! But I cannot coz to protect these innocent people’s identity and also ah they might kill me if they find out. Ok but I can tell you the backbone of the story.

Seems like these people lah. Of course boy and girl. Boy shall be named Skaterboi and girl shall be called Sammi. I would love to call her Avril L. but then she doesn’t look too Avril lah she look more sammi cheng. Don’t be sad. I could be worse by naming her Ella from S. H. E. Ok so don’t complain so much.

Being the excellent sleuth that I am. Heh. I sniffed out something suspicious bout Skaterboi. A few weeks ago. Den den den. Oh oh ho. Got sighting with Sammi . But not confirm yet leh. Den today gossip bout it. You noe who you are my gossip mates. Hehehe. So after the gossip my suspicion grows even more. I suspect they will make it official on valentines. Mark my words.

So speaking of people hooking up. Oh not for sex. Aiyoh so dirty minded. Hooking up for a relationship lah. Don’t you think that as we approach valentines day that more and more couples appear? don’tyou think or issit just me. Like correct rite as the days go by couples keep popping up. It is like a phenomenon! Like Hallo Kitty ( hi kitty if ur reading ) or the Tamagotchi thing. Couples couples couples! Aarrrggghhh! I am so jealous!

Fine. I am gonna eat my cream cheese and grow fat fat fat.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

first order of the day issss my email addy. So if you have a bone to pick wit moi then drop me a line at xfgdfg do write long long emails coz I love to read long emails.

Next is I have a prophecy! It will come true trust me. I am always right, eventually. So read on.

An exotic flower and a bee
Both are beautiful, I can see
Smells of attraction in the air
Oh they noe it is where
But when it comes time to pollinate
All ready for that lustful state
All will come crashing down
Leaving behind more than a frown

Hahaha do not take it literally

Ok next on my agenda is.

For the next week or so I will be a bit stranger than usual. That is coz this weeek is dum dum dum! Valentines day week! So I will be abit anti love and a bit pissy jus to warn you. J
So also this week I shall be posting thing bout love. Well since it valentines day and all, might as well get into the mood rite? this series will be called THE TROUBLE WITH LOVE IS.

Ok first ah lemme tell you this story. I overheard this conversation on the bus. Ok so how you wanna hear it? Ok I noe I shall use the literature book formula. So the people are boyfren ( BF ) and fren of boy fren ( FOBF )

BF: just noe ah my GF called me. She told me bout this guy that is always disturbing her in school.

FOBF: so then what happened?

BF: then I say pass the phone to this guy ah. She pass ah. I say why you keep disturbing my GF? Den you noe he say why wats ur problem and he got all fucked off with me.

FOBF: den you never shoot him back?

BF: got ah. I tell him to fuck off. I say you go disturb my GF den you come settle with me.

Ok ok. I cannot really remember the whole story but got sumthing bout settling stuff and bring people and ya da ya da. But the point of the story is that BF are only good for when the GF needs him to protect her. Like seriously she cannot even handle a guy who is disturbing her. I think the guy knows she got BF and there is a sacred rule among men. Never steal / disturb another mans gurl. Only and only if you really really like her.

Ok that was just made up but it is logical rite? but back to my point of girls having BF so that these guys can protect them. I have heard this words from people’s mouths! That the whole unadulterated truth! Like hallo? Get a boyfren to be ur Bodyguard. thats my new motto, ok not mine but you get my drift.

What happened to feminism? The independent woman? I don’t believe girl are that soft. Sheesh. I could go on and on about sexism and the unfairness of sexes but that’s not todays topic. Todays topic is love.

I mean love can’t be just about someone protecting you? And for guys love isn’t about getting sumone to cuddle and awkwardly hold hands with? I dunno I am not at liberty to say coz I have never experienced love. Or maybe I am just a romantic at heart.

One thing is for sure. It is the damned valentines day.

Saturday, February 07, 2004


Finally the open house is over. Quite tiring leh.

Ok so the tag board isn’t working that well. So I have a new solution! I got a new email addy! If I remember correctly it is urmil_adam or urmiladdam I can’t remember correctly I will get back to you on dat.

Ok I dunno why I am doing this really. I can count the number of people that read this blog and well it won’t go over the number of fingers I have on my left hand. My right has an extra finger.

I am pissy now a days. Dunno lah.

Ok I don’t why I am typing this.

Friday, February 06, 2004

ok ok i diecied not to post noe coz i have no substantial evidence to show. i noe i noe i am a spoil sports.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

oh and another thing. like ok. tag me on my tag borad.ok i noe it doesn't work properly but at least try. i don't care if people diss me. come to think of it i have nobody that is hating me. like no ones hates me. i have no enemies! or no one bother to hate me. i just hate myself. ah watever.
ok ok... been slacking bout blogging. there is basically nothing to write about coz whatever i blog you ( my frenz ) will noe coz i will tell you. me and my big mouth. and my other frenz refuse to read my blog, thinking it is a waste of time so there is no point for me to blog for them. rite.

on the other hand i could blog about my innermost dirty thoughts but then again no one would wanna read that. but then again if you do then mail ok. we will have a chat. haha.wink wink.

ok ok i shall promise to blog tomolo since i have all the free time with all the open house and all. i shall blog of many things. such as valentines day or the lack of. how i hate good looking people who noe they are good looking and use it to their advantage. phew that was a long thing to type. and lemme see what else can i blog about?

nope nothing right now. ok i must apologize to people who are actually goodlooking. i am sorry. i hate people like that. just like they say. those who can't do teach. in this case those who can't do critisize. thats coz i have a better brain than most people.

now that was funny. just to boost my ailing self esteem. nitez.