Saturday, September 27, 2008

Letter To Queensland Premier

well i did a silly thing today. i sent an email to Queensland Premier Anna Bligh... yes i did it!!
why u ask? well its a reponse to save my beloved West End Market... Its being threatened wit its very existence and it would be very sad to see it go... for those of u who dunno what the West End market is well den ur missing out on alot. and for those of you who do know wat the market is, then u know how much i love it...

thats why i shot an email to the Premier. it maybe in vain but hey i can't be standing around and doing nothing while they try and close or change my markets can i? my first act of political activism!! here's the email i wrote:

Dear Premier Anna Bligh,

thank you for your kind attention in reading my email. i am a student in Qld and have been here for quite some time. i love it here and found Brisbane to be a wonderful palce to study. it has come to my attention that the Brisbane City Council is making changes to Davies Park in the WestEnd and in effect this is affecting the Green Flea Market that takes place there every Saturday.

I do not know what the specific details are but all i know is the market is being threatened with its existance and that has spurred me to write to you to look into this matter. i may not be an Australian citizen nor a long term resident of Brisbane. my time here is only for a short while. but in my time here i have fallen in love with the Green Flea (West End) market. the ambience and the people makes it one, if not the best market in all of Queensland.

the magical (for lack of a better word) mix of characters that pass through the market is really unique. From the delicious although artery clogging Hungarian bread sold by the cheerful old man in his funny hat, thomas the hairdresser in his fabulous boudoir... the shouting salmon man selling his smoked salmon.. and the fudge man with his variety of handmade fudges and handbags. and many more wonderful characters of the market. and thats just the colorful stallholders. don't get me started on the regulars that frequent the market.

with the stallholders comes the wonderful mix of wares that they peddle. from fresh organic produce to fabulous vintage clothes and items and jewellry and acessories from budding designers. mom with babies in tow selling baby clothes alongside "Save Tibet" activists.
As u walk through the market you are transported through time and cultures. music from the lands of the gypsies fill the air and within a few steps you will be in medieval europe with harps and fluttering flute music.

basically i'm trying to say that Green Flea market is special. i don't know why but its special. maybe its due to the location and the way its structured. or maybe it could be due to the small size of the market, making it an intimate setting to get to know the community amd people from other cultures.

essentially i do not want to see the markets change its management nor do i want to see it dissappear from existance. doing so would make it lose its magic and charm.
the markets besides being a haven for alternative cultures and good ole fashion fun, is also supporting the farmers and independant artists that are making a living from the market. the market also supports the large student population that resides in St Lucia, Toowong and West End. Making a trip to the markets is a somewhat a weekly experience to get fresh vegetables at affoerdable prices.

i do not know what you are able to do but it would be great if u could help preserve this institution for the current generation and the future as a jewel in the monotony of life and the pride of Brisbane's market culture.

So Mdm Premier Bligh u are invited to spend a Saturday morning out of your busy schedule to feel for yourself the culture of the Green Flea Market. Before the Brisbane City Council changes it forever. i hope my email is not in vain and not to late.

thank you for your attention
Abdul Hakim

i hope it makes a difference.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm Beached As Bro...

Ok i've done my assignments and my technically i'm done for this week... ok i'm not actually done wit ALL my assignments and project but i'm just taking a break.... for 2 days maybe. ok maybe for the weekends aswell... oh and maybe the next week as well lol... hahhaha

so last weekend i was feeling baker-ish and it was strawberry season so.. I MADE STRAWBERRY CUPCAKES!!!!
they look so PRETTY rite? it so pretty and its so yummy... i amaze myself... lol.... i made like umm alot... and i made cupcake rounds... nothing exciting la... i just like to spread the love...
oh my god... last week i was sneered at by this asian chick... i was wearing my black cardigan and a black t-shirt and black fitted bermudas and my black Converse shoes.. yes i was feeling good.. i was walking by the library and this asian chick gave me the stink u know she sneered at me..
i was like wtf.. SHADDUP ASIAN CHICK... f.y.i. she was wearing a girls polo tee and ill fitting jeans and SPORTS SHOES... oh one thing i cannot stand is sports shoes wen ur not doing sports... in short she look normal and forgettable... and how dare she sneer at me... i was kinda pissed... that day la... now i'm alright...
so anyways here some farking funny youtube videos...
Beached As.. is about a whale who beached himself on a New Zealand beach.. its making fun of how people in NZ speak... its freaking funny...
another one is a classic..They're Taking the Hobbits to Isengard.. so funny....

well anyways i sudden dunno wat to blog anymore...hahahah ok... till next time... i'm beached is bro...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Lum Dee Daa Doo

This is an prelude to my proper blog post... but come to think of it.. most people would read the proper blog post coz the prelude blog post would be underneath the proper one... taht defeats the purpose no? lol.

so this shall be a proper blog post by itself, i have concluded...but.. wat do i write to make this not prelude prelude blog post a proper blo post? oh! woe is me! oh the conundrum!

ok i shall post a song!! since later i shall post some pictures... it shall be an.... arab song of course with subtitles la.. i wonder how many people listent the arab songs i post on my blog.. i mean if u don't give it a listen how do u know u like it or not?

this is Assala Nasry.. Amazing singer wit a unique voice...
the song is Arod Leih (Why Should I Answer)
Come on give it a listen... broaden ur horizons...

another post coming soon!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ode to Genomics... a poem

Genomics is Boring Sleepy
How do people Stay awake? How? How!!!??
Microarrays kool meh?
god its sooo boring
very Dry Super Super Dry
So sleepy..Farking sleeepy
Like seriously why Are people
I Shouldn't have Come God save me!!
its so hot. so freaking hot. next
one i'm not coming
i think people all pretend to listen but i think
all pretend only
is it rude wen people sleep wen u are
presenting? i don't think so. they are
being honest. at least u know the
presentation boring. boring on and on
Blah bLah
Thank God!
Who understands all this nonsense.
oK maybe not nonsense but i don't
i wrote this spattering of inspiration during a Genomics lecture. i don't wat the fuck was going on and i was falling asleep so i wrote down random thoughts that came into my mind... and also to pretend as though i was taking notes. which i can't be bothered to but u know just pretend la. and voila. i'm quite amused wit my writing. lol. maybe i should do more of it.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

So It Shall Be...

So here i sit in front of my lappytop..which in turn sits on a box which sits on the floor... and all of us are happily sitting in a corner of the room.. yay!

ok like seriously here i am on a friday night... i'm not out and about in the city or anywhere else for that matter and it being friday night, nobody is online because u know they have a life... unlike moi... that pic by the way is of "gumticks"..koolest shit ever, they are like sap sucking scale insects which look like shiny whitish pearls stuck to the branch... guarded by ants for their honeydew...damn kool la... i touched them... yes they are hard like real pearls!...

so i went on a walking rampage today which btw was not a good idea after last nights Pilates boot camp!!!.. so after class today i went to the City Botanic Gardens to go hunt for sick and diseased plants for my collection...not much luck there... like wat was i thinking? its the Botanic gardens for gods sake.. of course their plants are healthy and nice looking...

so went around the city, liek really i went round and my favourite Harry Potter bookstore (note: i should take pics of the Harry Potter bookstore) and went to Target and Woolies and Coles... and then i went home...

{my magical plant press for pressing all my plant specimens. crude but gets the work done}
so i got back home and oh boy...did my ass, thigh and legs feel super sore... from yesterday's pilates...terrible... so i hung out by myself for awhile... at home...alone... half heartedly wanting to run some sequencing to get phylogenetic trees for my discussion group and also half heartedly wanting to go sleep... so guess wat i did..
correcto!! i went to sleep... at 7.30pm... well wen u have nothign to do, sleep la... and i had a headache also... maybe not enuff water... but anyhooohaa.... so i had a lovely nap for a few hours... and brings us here... ok wait it doesn't..
i had a little gallivant on the World Wide Web.. blog reading and facebooking... and i did some crochet-ing... thats wen i decided to blog coz u know i had nothing to do...and now it brings us here... hhahaha...

ok that was a very random post and it looks very disjointed and random... which is the whole point innit? coz its a blog post of Randomness and Boredomness!!! ok la i stop already la... till next post....toodles dee syafidoodle...

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Its Been A Week!!

Been having this song stuck in my head for a few days.. yes it is very infectious.... and according to my sources (tomato, thai chilli and BBQ) this song is not played in Singapore for obvious reasons... so enjoy my frens! Aussie and Singapore ones alike!!!

Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It...

Note: i don't think its a lesbian song... maybe just a drunk sexual experimental song... but scandalous nonetheless...

moving on.. eversince the RiverFire i've UBER busy wit skool...non stop non stop....spending nights in the library doing work and umm..Facebook-ing... but very little la..i do more work...

den came friday... went to an Asian Club in Aussieland... well i msut say it was very diferent from a normal aussie club... one major thing is that they never cheer for a good song... liek wen a good song comes up the asian club doesn't go "WWWOOOOOO!!!!" they just keep on dancing...where's the energy! came back at 4am hahaha..then...

i woke up to go to the weekend markets!! crikey!!!! at 7.30!!! and only came back at about 2.30!! coz i had a chat wit my market frens... gosh... and wen i came back i cleaned my room coz it was filthy.ok not that filthy but messy enuff to warant me cleaning it.. den i took about a 2hr nap... which after i had to go to a...

pot luck dinner party.. had lots to eat and watched Red Cliff..some hongkong? china? movie about the 3 Kingdoms... very compli-the-cated and even after 3 hours it was only the first half of the movie!!!!! thats crazy... so went home at around 12 and went to bed at around 2 coz i an MSN addict!!

and i had to wake up again early in the morning to go gallivanting in the forests for my Project... which i got back at around 4 and did some assignment thing until 2am...gawd... non stop aye? but wait there's more... i had to wake up and be in skool at 7.30am for a project meeting for a presentation at 9am... yeah!!!!

and the aftermath of that was...

i was so freakign tired i feel asleep at all my lectures today and even wen i was in the library using the computer i feel asleep... the girl beside me must be think i'm crazy... but anyho ha... i'm refreshed now... had my dinner and took a 5hour nap... and i bring u this post now...

so yeah thats my eventful week... and thats all folks!!!