Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ode to Genomics... a poem

Genomics is Boring blah..so Sleepy
How do people Stay awake? How? How!!!??
Microarrays kool meh?
god its sooo boring
very Dry Super Super Dry
So sleepy..Farking sleeepy
Like seriously why Are people
I Shouldn't have Come God save me!!
its so hot. so freaking hot. next
one i'm not coming
i think people all pretend to listen but i think
all pretend only
is it rude wen people sleep wen u are
presenting? i don't think so. they are
being honest. at least u know the
presentation boring. boring on and on
Blah bLah
Thank God!
Who understands all this nonsense.
oK maybe not nonsense but i don't
i wrote this spattering of inspiration during a Genomics lecture. i don't wat the fuck was going on and i was falling asleep so i wrote down random thoughts that came into my mind... and also to pretend as though i was taking notes. which i can't be bothered to but u know just pretend la. and voila. i'm quite amused wit my writing. lol. maybe i should do more of it.

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