Monday, September 22, 2008

Lum Dee Daa Doo

This is an prelude to my proper blog post... but come to think of it.. most people would read the proper blog post coz the prelude blog post would be underneath the proper one... taht defeats the purpose no? lol.

so this shall be a proper blog post by itself, i have concluded...but.. wat do i write to make this not prelude prelude blog post a proper blo post? oh! woe is me! oh the conundrum!

ok i shall post a song!! since later i shall post some pictures... it shall be an.... arab song of course with subtitles la.. i wonder how many people listent the arab songs i post on my blog.. i mean if u don't give it a listen how do u know u like it or not?

this is Assala Nasry.. Amazing singer wit a unique voice...
the song is Arod Leih (Why Should I Answer)
Come on give it a listen... broaden ur horizons...

another post coming soon!!!

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