Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mixed Feelings

i dunno.. for some people travelling to another country and seeing the world is exhilarating but for me its mixed feelings....

i love to go to another country and see see and enjoy the weather such and such but it also comes with th feeling of not wanting to leave my home and family and frens... maybe coz i'm travelling alone this time...

i'm excited slash not excited... can u feel that way?

well anyways... i'll not be blogging for a few days taht is until i can find an internet conection...

till then people....

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go....
I'm standin' here outside your door....
I hate to wake you up to say goodbye....
But the dawn is breakin', it's early morn....
The taxi's waitin', he's blowin' his horn....
Already I'm so lonesome I could die....

Here's the original version of the song by john Denver...
Wat he says in the beginning of the clip is exactly how i feel....

Monday, June 25, 2007

Leaving On a Jet Plane.... Again...

Ahah! As it is a prerequisite for all ORD personel to go on vacation... i have decided to go on one too... By myself... ok not really by myself but i'll be flying by myself... meeting Samantaht in Ozzie... Wee...

So i won't be updating my blog so regularly... i'll try and enter in a post or 2.... but thats not until weds... i'll still be around for the next 2 days...

i'm telling it now coz i dunno if i'll have the time to in the next few days....

see ya in july....

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Soulmate For Everyone.....

Soulmate By Natasha Bedingfield..... I heart heart the song....

But This is how i feel right now....

Saturday, June 23, 2007

To Make Myself Clear...

Ok let me try to clarify myself for one last time before I put this behind and continue on with my life.

Ok why am I pissed about the post…

First of all… it painted me in such a way that I’m a pathetic person who has no luck in any relationship whatsoever. By saying that u have it all while others are seeking. AND then putting my name and my blog next to it, makes people AUTOMATICALLY think its me who is searching and comparing me to you “who has it all” makes me look kinda pathetic and sad.

Granted that I write stuff that lamenting the fact that I have no relationship and that I have no life. But that’s how I feel at that particular moment in time. Don’t you get that feeling wen ur lonely? It DOES NOT mean that I really have no life, I do just that some parts are missing which is fine. Nobody can have everything can they?

And those are my words and only I have the authority to comment about my life.

And also I don’t like people telling me how to live my life. i'm a private person and this blog shows you things that i am willing to share.

And even though I am smiley and kooky most of the time… I do take offence to certain things… I don’t smile all the time… I am still human… cue dramatic music…. If you cut me do I not bleed?

Hahaha… wateva lah.. we are all entitled to our own interpretations and opinions… u can’t please everybody can you?... but that doesn't mean i'm ok wit it..

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Much Needed Relief

Ok I’ve finally have had the time to blog a response to the blog post about me…. Which in my freaking opinion did not put me in the best light…

I’ve thought about this a lot and really I could go on and on about how I TOO have frens and family who I have fun with and cherish and how i actually LIVE in the real world but I decided not for reason being it would just be a bladdy waste of time and energy. Also I will not engage in petty arguments and debate. But I have to say this.

  • By exploring and mingling u mean clubbing. That’s not my thing. Sorry.
  • I am not enclosed in my own world. It’s a world of knowledge and understanding and beauty and I like it just fine. I just do not like people sticking their nose into my world. I’m a private person really.
  • And that first sentence bladdy pisses me off. And yes I took in the wrong way and I bet many others did too.

Lastly U don't really know me.

One last thing… I realize that he has his blog and I have mine. He can put wateva he wants on his. I respect that… well, So can i….

But really… I’m slowly finding my real true self… it’s a constant process of self discovery. I rather wait for the right one than subject myself to constant disappointment and heartbreak. As I’ve said " Its something that I want but I don’t really need. There’s a BIG difference between WANT and NEED”

Nuff said and that’s the end of that…. I feel soo much better now.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Well if you came here by way of Isaac/Issac Blog… I Thank You For Your Kind Patronage…. Take Ur Time To Wander Around This Blog… And See How I Don’t Have It All…

A Well Thought Of Reply To Isaac/Issac’s Blog Post Will Soon Follow… But For Now I Have Other Better Things To Do…

Have A Pleasant Stay At BoOtiFul SouP…And Have a Nice Day!

Monday, June 18, 2007

To Keep From Dying....
Is Not The Same As Living....

I Want Love.. like that Elton John Song

Ok… I hav come to the conclusion that I’ll never ever fall in love…. EVER! Am I like trying too hard? am I? really… people always say that one day u will find love and be really happy… I’ve waited 22 years.. is that too short a time to wait? Maybe I should wait 22 more…

Maybe that’s what I’d do… next thing u know I’ll see dancing babies and singing theme songs….

Life has been kinda of blah these few weeks…after ord…. Except the one or two instances wen a bright light came and gone, it has been as we call it.. mendak…

I need to feel alive, I need to feel needed.. I need to laugh out loud…

I need to be loved….

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pasta Pasta Mama Mia

ok i have folded my laundry and i have tried out my new pasta recipe! oh my god i'm so happy.. its my own creation... there is something about warm spaghetti, butter, garlic and black pepper thats spells yum yum.... ok so here's the recipe...

1 table spoon of butter (yes one tablespoon)
abit of oil
3 to 4 cloves of garlic
Black pepper to taste (prefably lots)
a Squid
5 medium sized prawns
Of course a Handful of Spaghetti
  • first butterfly the prawns to remove the veins and cut the squid into bit sized pieces. drain them they need to be quite dry.
  • smash the garlic and smash the black pepper. note black not white.
  • start the boiling of ur spaghetti. serious if u dunno how to boil spaghetti den u need to hang urself and den google it.
  • So heat up the pan and add the oil and butter. let it get hot hot. make sure butter don't burn.
  • add the garlic and let it fry till it get a wee bit brown. in the meantime just inhale the heavenly smells of the garlic butter.
  • now add yer seafood and fry fry fyr. till they are cooked and brown around the edges. yum yum. the seafood will sweat quite abit of liquid, u just need to boil it off.
  • by now the spaghetti should be done and drain it off but keep a few teaspoons of the boiling water.
  • after much of the liquid has boiled off add a wee bit more butter and the crushed black pepper. toss here and there.
  • now add the boiling liquid and the pasta. stir stir stir.
  • plate and serve. i personally have the spaghetti with parmesan cheese. yum yum.

Just note that this serves one person or two anorexic models. have to have it hot hot. doesn't really taste nice wen its cold. go ahead and try. but i hold no resposibility if u get a stomachache. :)

All Hail the Domestic God(dess)!!!!

today i did a whole new load of laundry.... and i found it strangely satisfying that my clothes came out clean and smelling oho so fresh.... to think i actually sat down infront of the washing machine and watched the laundry spin. mines the front loading type. the whirring and spinning of the clothes in the machine is strangely calming and hynoptic. seriously it is.....

oh and i swept the house today... and i found that too very satisfying. i felt a sense of achivement as i sweep the floor with the kiwi clean floor wipes... all that dust... yucks....

also on other domestic news.....

if you have clothes that are too big for you, there is one thing u can do.... shrink them especially those cotton ones... today i shrank a cardigan, a long sleeve tee and a t-shirt.... how satisfying and they all fit me nicely now.... oh its simple.. u just put them in the washing machine and wash them hot... i mean use the hot water... after that u stick them in the dryer for a ur or so... after that voila!!!! shrunken clothes... its amazing darlings...

later i shall attempt to make a seafood spaghetti with like shrimp and squid... so watch out for the next blog postto see if my new recipe works out jaja? till next time... this is the new Domestic God(dess) KookyPlum.... Toodles Darlings.. don't forget to bring in ur laundry... after a really hot spell there is bound to be rain.... :)

KookyPlum The Desperate Housewife

ok yes finally my life has become that of a Desperate Housewife.

here are some of the stuff i do:
water the plants... make sure the fishes are ok and feed them... make breakfast... read the paper... do abit of cleaning around the house... watch abit of tv... cook... do dishes... do laundry... fold laundry.... watch Oprah and Ellen and not forgetting Martha Stewart...go out and shop for groceries... Groceries! not clothes, groceries!... Do my craft projects which includes knitting... so on and so forth...

an all the while maintaining my perfectly painted black nails... controling my pimples and having fabulous hair...and trying no to get fat....

and i haven't started my gossiping with the neighbours and having hot affairs... not just yet...

oh dear all this domestic things have gotten into my head... i feel like baking cakes and steaming egg how? arrgghhh.... next thing u know i'll start cross stitching and making homemade pasta...

Wat have i become....

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I Do Not Fall In Love
For I Fear Wat I Might Lose
As Much As I Want To, I Can't
Or Rather Won't

Monday, June 11, 2007

Serious Thinking

Post ORD days. Wat can I say, its just hit me that I have finished army. And its beginning to take its toll. And that is boredom. But I have been productive. I have taken to my art and started on a new canvas piece. And I am quite surprised at how well I can make DreamCatchers. And I have made like 3! I’m amused and they look so pretty. I have also started knitting another scarf coz I found this really beautiful yarn and I just had to knit it. Its so pretty, it rainbow coloured.

Ok I have a little nit to pick. I was browsing thru Frenster and realized that I don’t have many comments. Like serious I don’t have many comments. Do I have really boring frens? Or am I that boring? I would say that my frens are all quite interesting people, so I would say that I am boring. I have deduced that people hav really nothing to say about me at all. That’s sad.Come on lah. Am I that cold and boring?

And I also realized something about myself. I don’t connect with people easily. A person has to take a really long time to get to know me. I tend to hold back a lot. I like my secrets. Like how many of you really know me? Very few right. And also I have to admit I tend not to get to know people too. That’s my bad.

I tend not to make the first move. That’s why I seem stuck up or shy at first. Ok more on the stuck up less on the shy.

Haiz… Placed between a rock and a hard place. I always wanted to be one of those beautiful people who go clubbing and look haawt and have tons of equally pretty frens. But that’s not who I am. Sadly or not that, the way it is. But we all want to become popular right? But in the end we all just want to be loved…..

We always tend to view the grass on the other side as greener. Or is it?

Saturday, June 09, 2007

It Has Ended... Time To Move On....

Exactly 2 years ago, I embarked on a journey. A journey that every Singaporean male has to go thru. One that is called National Service. I remember that day very well, as though it was yesterday. The sense of dread and trepidation of what was to lie ahead. Wondering if all the horror stories about army were true. Thinking how would I survive in a world of machoism and high levels of tetosterone. Well I did survive and it wasn’t that hard. it feels weird to have finished. A sense of sadness coupled with happiness. One could say a bittersweet farewell.

I went thru so many things during the past 2 years and have created new frens and (hopefully) everlasting bonds. Its little wonder that even after so many years wenever army buddies come together they would reminisce about the times spent in the NS.

Doing time in the army changes a person. More often than not for the good. It has definitely changed me as person. Both physically and mentally. For starters being in the army forces you to be physical which in effect has made me lose a few kilos. Which is good, I’m not complaining but the more important changes that army brings is the changes that occur within. Changing the very person you are.

NS has made me grow up as a person. It has changed my perspective on many things, most importantly on how I view and handle people. These are little life lesson that we take into the next phase of our lives. It has also made me a little bit more confident in the things I do not much but a little bit more.

But the most important thing to me that army gives you is the frenships. I have met many a wonderful people during the past 2 years and also my fair share of those who irritates me to no end. I cherish all the people that I have met and hope that they will still keep in contact. Especially those guys in my unit. U guys are like my second family. I heart heart u guys a lot. Seeing people everyday for most of the week brings a sense of attachment to them. I will miss u guys a lot.

Thus my journey ends here and I will carry with me fond memories of my time spent in service. A new phase of my life has just started I begin it with the same feeling as I did 2 years ago. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Ok Babies.... I'm going back to camp for some ridiculous thing that i have to do. its ok by the time i come back i'll be free!!!
Free as a bird!!!
Free as the fish swimming in the sea!!!!
I finished my obligation to the country!!!
Await my return as a free man....

Random Thoughts

  • i soo soo sooo need to get my skin under control. i have pores the size of.... ok they are just big thats all. i hate genetics.

  • i soo soo do not like seeing cute guys. not that its them, its me. they irritate me to a certain degree. flawless skin and killer tans combine with sweet smile and toned bods.. arrgghhh!!!! get them out of my sight. jealousy much eh.

  • i have resigned myself to become the person that i am. why do i want to a be an uber hunk (which would be nice)? thats just not the way i was born and this was the way i was meant to be. so here i am world. slipper clad, cardigan wearing, black rimmed glasses, always in green, plant loving, nonsense crap spouting, fast food loving, bag toting, anti sports Kookiest KookyPlum. Not that many people will ask for my number but thats alright with me.

  • i realised how appaling people look like wen they walk down Orchard road. like hallo its Orchard Rd the place to see and be seen at least you can behave properly wen walking. si have come up with a few rules wen u walk down Orchard Rd.
  • Behave like ur Queen Elizabeth. Manners my dear and look regal.
  • Walk like ur Gisele or Naomi or Tyra. U gotta walk it girl!
  • you must Think that you own that sidewalk. u bought it and its urs.
  • U look like Angelina Jolie. Its all in the pout and sultry eyes.

  • i have a thing against naturally good looking ppl. those ppl who would still look smoking hot even wen they get out of bed or are sweaty after a game. i hate and really envy those ppl.

  • i look like crap. for your info.i have an image body issue.

  • i can't believe i just typed that down. but who cares. i just contradicted myself.

  • i have a cold now and its irritaing me coz my nose is dripping like a leaky faucet.

  • was talking to Fiq Fiq (whaha) the other day and realised that alot of ppl are reading my blog. random ppl, its creepy but i fell comforted aboutt he fact that i have readers

  • and i hate the fact that these readers don't bother to comment.

  • i realised i look better in person than in pictures. so next time u see my pics remember i look better in real life!!!

More of my random rants another time.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Interesting Conversations

one of the many things that the army has taught me is how to talk to taxi drivers. i've taken countless taxis during my stint in the army and i always if not most of the time have a little chat with them. i like chatting wtih cabbies, they often have very nice stories to tell and i always listen. sometimes just sometimes they give some words of wisdom tha resonates with truth.

like jsut now wen i was taking a cab home. and was chatting with the cabbie about his life, how he started working and ya da but one thing he said was so meaningful. he said: Sometimes Life Only Gives You One Chance.

isn't it soo true. its ture sometimes life just does give you only one chance but often we let the chance fly away. sigh.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

MaAd MarKet

I'm inspired! everytime i go to the MaaD Market i feel so inspired. the people there were so kool and friendly. especially Crazy Dog Lady, whose name is Candy... so sorry i didn't know ur name.. hehee...

Oh and the bunch of ppl at the O.I.C which means Organisation of Illustrators Council were nice too. they are a bunch of drawers, doodlers and artist. YEsterday they were gathererd at the MaAd Market. how wonderful was it to see art in progress. basically u just sit there and a bunch of them will draw you in 10 mins or so. then you choose which one u like and buy. wow isn't that fun. My fren on his first time there, drew this boy and got paid for it! and of course he was good at it lah.

i love MaAd... sigh... i love mAaD so much that i'm gonna join the August mAaD... yes i am... So watch out world or rather MaAd coz KookYPlum is coming.... wahaha...