Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Random Thoughts

  • i soo soo sooo need to get my skin under control. i have pores the size of.... ok they are just big thats all. i hate genetics.

  • i soo soo do not like seeing cute guys. not that its them, its me. they irritate me to a certain degree. flawless skin and killer tans combine with sweet smile and toned bods.. arrgghhh!!!! get them out of my sight. jealousy much eh.

  • i have resigned myself to become the person that i am. why do i want to a be an uber hunk (which would be nice)? thats just not the way i was born and this was the way i was meant to be. so here i am world. slipper clad, cardigan wearing, black rimmed glasses, always in green, plant loving, nonsense crap spouting, fast food loving, bag toting, anti sports Kookiest KookyPlum. Not that many people will ask for my number but thats alright with me.

  • i realised how appaling people look like wen they walk down Orchard road. like hallo its Orchard Rd the place to see and be seen at least you can behave properly wen walking. si have come up with a few rules wen u walk down Orchard Rd.
  • Behave like ur Queen Elizabeth. Manners my dear and look regal.
  • Walk like ur Gisele or Naomi or Tyra. U gotta walk it girl!
  • you must Think that you own that sidewalk. u bought it and its urs.
  • U look like Angelina Jolie. Its all in the pout and sultry eyes.

  • i have a thing against naturally good looking ppl. those ppl who would still look smoking hot even wen they get out of bed or are sweaty after a game. i hate and really envy those ppl.

  • i look like crap. for your info.i have an image body issue.

  • i can't believe i just typed that down. but who cares. i just contradicted myself.

  • i have a cold now and its irritaing me coz my nose is dripping like a leaky faucet.

  • was talking to Fiq Fiq (whaha) the other day and realised that alot of ppl are reading my blog. random ppl, its creepy but i fell comforted aboutt he fact that i have readers

  • and i hate the fact that these readers don't bother to comment.

  • i realised i look better in person than in pictures. so next time u see my pics remember i look better in real life!!!

More of my random rants another time.

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