Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bad Kooky Bad....

the weekly post comes late today. well as if anyone cares but yeah its late. coz i had issue wit my internet connection (which i still have) and being distracted by books. more on that later but ok weekly recap. let see what did i do for the week besides umm stuff.... nothing much i guess. i dunno all i can remember about the past week is. rainbows and museums. which technically what it was all about. first up rainbows!!!

i forgot which day it was but i saw the most amazing rainbow. its was the most beautiful thing i've seen so far in my life. like so totally in awe at it. i almost let my meat burn on the stove. coz i was too busy snapping pictures. lol. it was like a complete rainbow, from one end to one end. like where it started and where in end. and after awhile there was a double rainbow. so magical. too bad i got no one to share it with. so i shared it on facebook lol.

well that made me think that the world is not so bad after all. i felt really happy seeing the rainbow. happy happy!! don't rainbows make u feel really happy? or at least feel good about urself?

well anyways. then the rest of the week happened. lol. i really can't remember much of what happened. like time and memories get abit hazy when u got nothign to do. its true. but i think friday i went out to Ipswich City. oh yes Ipswich. for those of you in the know, u know what i mean. went to the train museum and the art gallery. and i must say both were very good cultural institutions. but the city was very different from Brisbane city. it was more.... its just different la... dunno hwo t describe it. although i can say one thing. there were no freaking asians. none. ok. fine, there was maybe one out of 50 white ppl. very few lol.

anyho. its seems every week for the past weeks i have been buying something. ok fine somethingssss vintage or antique. well this week it came in the form of books. vintage books. the uni has a book fair that occurs once every 2 years. ONCE EVERY 2 YEARS GODDAMMIT!!! the Alumni Book Fair is a book lover's dream come true. i almost cummed in my pants. like most books go for just one dollar!!! JUST ONE DOLLAR!!!!!! like OMG LAAAAAAAAA can die or not. and they have such a good selection of books. wide range but u have to be focused.

like i mainly buy old botany and entomology texts. i'm starting a collection. i'm not gonna describe each and every book but mostly the books i bought were from the 1920s, 30s and 40s. there is one from 1890s i think. but nothing after 1960. i also picked books taht i though had interesting titles or looked good like this red velvet bound book. which looks so kool. and 2 Alice in Wonderland books. and some various trivia books. but my prized possesion is this. The Arabian Nights Entertainment printed in 1885.

the Arabian Nights Entertainment is also known as 1001 Arabian Nights. its where u get Sindbad and Aladdin. as told by Sheriazade(?) to the Sultan. u know taht book? the collection of stories? u know u know? yunho?

yeah u wish it was this u-know rite? fat chance!!!

anyhoooo... tomorrow which is wednesday is box day. where the books are really really cheap. i need to go and get more books!!! more books i tell you!!! its a very bad thing to do like spending moeny on all these books but the way i think of it is that by buying these books i actually can prolong their life. like really i'm sure these books will be thrown out eventually. so at least by me having them they can be enjoyed for a longer time? i could go on about soem cultural and intagible significance these books hold but i shan't... i'll leave that to my museum class lol.

anyways frens, countrymen, romans..... i shall leave thee here. coz i need to sleep early. too go to the book fair again lol.... taaaa...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


its tuesday again my frens. i'm still slightly sick. i might even have pneumonia! yes sadly taht thought flashed across my mind as i was having stabbing chest pains while walking back home from skool in the morning. and speaking of walking and skool. on my way to skool yesterday evening i met no less my frens, no less than 7 people. 7 people!! luckily i left early for class. anyho and ha. pretty picture time.

pretty rainbow that visits me every morning on my wall. so purty.

anyways watching Sex and the City always gets me in the mood to blog and to blog ala Carrie. which is to say lets jsut blog about things that ppl don't really talk about. u know singaporeans are such an uptight wound up bunch. so lets throw caution to the wind and my fingers and my heart do the talking.

i've been thinking about when our frens, our close frens get attached, do they change? or it is us, the single ppl that change?

i've been thru this alot. when ur frens get attached to someone some how i feel, personally that i've been kicked aside. the person whom u spent a considerable amount of time wit hanging out talking or wateva suddenly has no time for you anymore. thats all fair. i understand it completely. its love, who am i to get in the way. well just coz i understand it doesn't mean i can't feel abit hurt and dumped. it is safe to say that for one relationship to start, another has to somehow end or change?

its nice that people get together and i wish all of you well. but its human nature to get jealous and defensive. we might not want to admit it but to some extent, deep down inside the recesses of our hearts, we do. especially when ur a single 20 sumthing relationship virgin. ah yes it sad. now stop giving me that look. so we start to dislike (i wun use the word hate) the bf/gf, we give fake smiles when we hear about the awesome time u had at sumwhere sumwhere and how funny he/she is. not that i don't wanna hear about it but not too much. one can only take so much love talk.

maybe its all entirely me. feeling resentful to not be in a relationship but instead watching countless others unfold and end, right before my every eyes. its like looking into a garden but i'm being locked out. i need to find my key. and everybody keeps saying u'll find someone soon. i'm so over that phrase lol.

but back to my point or question or watever. which was do the ones getting attached change? well they most definitely do. u become ur partner, taking up their habits and nuances. u behave and talk like them and dress similiar to them. sometimes annoyingly so. and us the single people change as well. we change to accomodate the new dynamics of the relationship we once had wit you because if we don't change and adapt, we get left behind (thats from Greys i think).

its interesting once u think about it. most people don't. most people have a life. and i'm not most people. lol. but yeah part and parcel of life i guess. well since i dun have anyone to share my life with, i choose instead to share my life with shopping!

this week i didn't go to Paddington. thank god. if i did i would have spent alot of money again. but instead i went to the WestEnd Markets and still manage to pick up some vintage finds. so *drumrolls* introducing my collection of stuff to add to my already bulging collection of stuff.

a cute hand mirror, apparently from an old lady estate sale. which means she's dead. which is kool. most vintage stuff are from dead ppl. i don't think its weird. its like inheriting ur great grandmas diamond ring or sumthing. just that in this case. i dun know the person lol. and a feather brooch which i assume came from another lil old lady. i think it great that i have in my posession the mirror. its so sweet and pretty. at least another generation will cherish it as much she had i would imagine.

on a side note: some chick said that my man satchel (the big folder bag thing, see pastpost) looked hot. so by default i look hot? lol :)

so that sums up my weekly tuesday post. really wanna oppt shop shopping. maybe Annerly or somewhere? any takers? lol till next time. see ya.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tell me why....

it all started last night and it hit me like a ton of bricks or rather more like being hit by a train. i suddenly came down with the flu. its jsut came all snot and mucus and stuff. it was terrible. dripping dripping dripping down my face. and the sneezing. and the general feeling of crap. i took a pill but to no avail. i dunno how i manage to go to sleep but i guess it was the piriton pill lol.


especially when ur all alone in a foreign land. and by urself with nobody to take care of you. oh the perils of my life :P and i woke up this morning feelign shittier than i did last night. great!!! and a looked like i was run over by a train. it was worse than having a hangover. how can rite? one of the tubes in my throat was bone dry and no amount of water drinking could reach it. and my head felt so full of fucking mucus that i sure it would explode in a gooey mess. after a few more pills and copious amounts of water later, we've reached this point. blasting Kylie's can't Get You Out Of My Head. the mucus that is. still stuffed but feeling slightly better.

but the qn i wanted to ask is.. does being sick make u eat more?

i've went thru, in no particular order:
  1. a slice of carrot cake wit icing
  2. a steak with grilled mushrooms and tomatoes
  3. 5 rice crispies
  4. a cup of yogurt
  5. a slice of banana & pineapple cake with cream
  6. beef soup wit frozen veges and noodles
  7. a plum
  8. a springroll
  9. coffee
  10. 2 cups of green tea
  11. a cup of chamomile tea
  12. a couple of squares of chocolate.
  13. lots of water
all within a span of 8 hours. that alot for me actually. i dunno why i ate so much. is it coz my body was fighting the flu? and it needed energy to fight fight fight? its amazing. i fear for my waistline. i haven't been doing any excercise coz i hurt my shoulder and the rain jsut fucks everything up and now the flu. dammit.

its like life is soooo opposed to me excercising. it always happens. when i want to run or do some workout. i will get sick or injure myself or be suddenly finding myself really busy. is it really life thats against me trying to keep fit? or is it just my mind that subconciously against it and manifesting in terms of sickness but i'm not acually sick. ahah. but this time i am really sick. and the rain is really beyond my control. so i guess this time i would have to go wit the universe that is against me doing anything that would keep me fit.

oh the throat is hurting again.

but i hunger. i hunger godammit. i am not full!!!!!!! this is a very strange blog post. truly it is. its the flu talking i guess and the medication. ok i shall be off. and go find soem food.

*food monsters stomps off*

Monday, April 13, 2009

La Petit Mort

well its monday today. and tuesdays weekly blog post has moved to...well... monday... coz today is Easter Monday and i have no class and its a public holiday. whooppppeeee!! as if that mattered to me :P

oh guess wat my dear reader, its raining again in brissy. NO SHITTE. i woke up today to the gentle pitter patter of raindrops on my face. yes the window was open and yes it was raining that heavily. its been raining ever since with the same intensity for 2 hours now. i wonder if somewhere in the suburbs some man named Noah is building an ark. dammit. i can't get on the ark. u have to go 2 by 2 u know. blah. singledom.

oh gosh i need chocolate. its Easter!

strange purple building in the gabba + papa alden

ok so i'm back from a chocolate break. the rain is making like i said before many kinds of hungry and its also making me sleep like Sleeping Beauty. srsrly i could go on sleeping for 12hr straight coz its so nice just to cuddle in bed in the cool cool night and morning under the doona. although it would be better if there was someone there to cuddle with but i have to make do wit wat i have. lol. terrible this rain. can't get any work done.

i really should stop shopping, i should. but i can't help it. its just too good a bargain to pass up. especially when it comes to shopping at Paddy. i'm terrible. but in defense of myself and to validate my shopping, i have one thing to say. i didn't spend that much money. yeah i bought alot of things but it didn't exactly burned a great big hole in my wallet. so i shall have to restrain myself. just have too. but anyways this weeks buys from paddy!!

a man satchel for skool & another pair of vintage shorts zomg!

a leather belt & a faux fur scarf just coz i think its fun.lol.

and best buy!!! a leather wallet for 5 bucks!!! looks brand new and in good condition.

see so cheap rite? i love Paddington. love love love to death. i guess i should go to Paddy more and enjoy it while it lasts, since i only have around 3 months left an most prolly not coming back here for long time. yeah excuses excuses. but its Paddington!! oh my god. i'm in love.

so anyways i'm sure some of you are wondering wat does the title of my blog post means. well. go google it. but i know some of you are such lazy buggers so i'll give u a wiki link. i won't ruin the suprise for you. CLICK HERE. i love it how the french come out with such expressions. like menage a trois or c'est la vie. or even carpe diem. oh wait. thats latin. but ah the french so romantic & poetic.

as much as the rain is good for sleeping and stuff like that. my nose gets runny everytime the weather gets cold. ok not just the normal cold. its the rainy wet kinda cold. that terrible isn't it. there isn't anything pressing to blog or anything interesting to say. its been laa dee daa so far and lazy coz of the rain. i need me some action. lol

till next time. see ya!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

so today is Good Friday. which in Australia means nothing is open and nobody works. period. so everybody is forced to be stuck at home and basically do nothing. thank god today was a rainy day. i woke up after a massive night which ended early. so i dunno it is considered massive or not since it ended early. but anyways..... woke up at 2pm in the afternoon and spent the whole day till now, watching Sex and the City. how exciting.

which made me realise a few things. such as how much i like the sound of my fingers on a keyboard. the click clack of the keys as i type sumthing out. and to that extent the written word, or in this case the typed word. its just very calming and peaceful to write and make sentences in my head. in the sumwhat silence of my own room.

its wonderful. i'm feelign very Carrie bradshaw now. sorry i tend to be carried away in the shows that i watch. at one time i was feeling all Gilmore Girls, all giggly and witty and talkign really fast. but that didn't appeal to the masses. boo!

actually i dun know why i'm blogging, just for the fact that i wanted to hear the click clack of the keys as i type them out. but i had soem fantabulous ideas taht i wanted to type out lol. well maybe after i toy wit them after a few days. its like wine and men. its get better with age ;)

so anyways this blog post has no purpose watsoever besides the fact that! i just had to write sumthing. and sumthing i did write. lol. ok fien lets make it have a purpose. lets see. let throw caution to the wind.

ok actually the inspirration has left me lol. till next time then hhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Rain toooo Much Rain....

its been rainy here in Brissy.... its been raining for a week or so, i think maybe more... everyday.... like its just raining... too much way too much... i mean rain is good dun get me wrong...

good kind of Rain =P

but its just waaaay too much rain... its just damp and bogged down... and muddy...and wet... and rain makes me all kinds of hungry! not good... although its really good for sleeping. but.BUT i've been taking so many naps and sleep for so many hours that its screwing up my body clock. ok i lie. its not but i've been sleeping to much. waaaay to much. i can't even do that much laundry coz everything is gonna smell kinda damp. bleargh. is this how living in London is like?

the rainy weather is conducive for thinking. and i've been thinking alot as i often am prone to do. and had many an ahah! moment. you know the moments where u go ahah! and a little lightbulb lights up in ur head. well yeah i had a few of those.

but i guess what i've been thinking about most is the way i react to certain topics taht are sorta sensitive to me. yeah that. i know whenever it/they come up i totally get myself into a corner and shoot myself with a shotgun. its not good and always makes it weird and there is sort of always an awkward silence. and i get slightly upset about it. gotta change that. i have to be more concious about it. i know i'm worth it and i'm fine and all that but maybe i need support? encouragement? hah even maybe pity? maybe i just need some love =(

see what i'm doing? lol aaaaarrrrggghhhh.... need to change, need to change... slowly but surely. haiz. have to change! nobody wants a low self esteem, self depreciating whiner. even if i'm not thats what people see and its not good not good.


in the spirit of good vibes, i did some retail therapy. at my favourite shopping place as of now lol. Paddington! whoop dee doo. actually i just like a few of the shops there coz they have a good range of vintage and 2nd hand shops there. all conviniently place along one street. and i only have 3 months left here!! lol. so recent purchases!

top row: blue/grey vintage shorts and i mean shorts. lol. the pocket detail that i really liked.
bottom row: plain red checkered shirt (smells musty, needs to be washed). and the best one of all, mint condition vinyl mens zori for only $5!!!! yeah bebe.

anyways i'm loving Paddington and vintage/thrift store shopping. u spend very little and u get alot of stuff. like feels very good. lol. and its nice stuff. unlike singapore which always wants new new new. sometimes old can be good too. thus the lack of affordable vintage shops in SG. its just too way over priced sometimes.

anyways that ends my week tuesday blog post. its beggining to sound like a week column. oh how Carrie Bradshaw of me lol. i should blog more. till next time! sees ya.