Tuesday, April 21, 2009


its tuesday again my frens. i'm still slightly sick. i might even have pneumonia! yes sadly taht thought flashed across my mind as i was having stabbing chest pains while walking back home from skool in the morning. and speaking of walking and skool. on my way to skool yesterday evening i met no less my frens, no less than 7 people. 7 people!! luckily i left early for class. anyho and ha. pretty picture time.

pretty rainbow that visits me every morning on my wall. so purty.

anyways watching Sex and the City always gets me in the mood to blog and to blog ala Carrie. which is to say lets jsut blog about things that ppl don't really talk about. u know singaporeans are such an uptight wound up bunch. so lets throw caution to the wind and my fingers and my heart do the talking.

i've been thinking about when our frens, our close frens get attached, do they change? or it is us, the single ppl that change?

i've been thru this alot. when ur frens get attached to someone some how i feel, personally that i've been kicked aside. the person whom u spent a considerable amount of time wit hanging out talking or wateva suddenly has no time for you anymore. thats all fair. i understand it completely. its love, who am i to get in the way. well just coz i understand it doesn't mean i can't feel abit hurt and dumped. it is safe to say that for one relationship to start, another has to somehow end or change?

its nice that people get together and i wish all of you well. but its human nature to get jealous and defensive. we might not want to admit it but to some extent, deep down inside the recesses of our hearts, we do. especially when ur a single 20 sumthing relationship virgin. ah yes it sad. now stop giving me that look. so we start to dislike (i wun use the word hate) the bf/gf, we give fake smiles when we hear about the awesome time u had at sumwhere sumwhere and how funny he/she is. not that i don't wanna hear about it but not too much. one can only take so much love talk.

maybe its all entirely me. feeling resentful to not be in a relationship but instead watching countless others unfold and end, right before my every eyes. its like looking into a garden but i'm being locked out. i need to find my key. and everybody keeps saying u'll find someone soon. i'm so over that phrase lol.

but back to my point or question or watever. which was do the ones getting attached change? well they most definitely do. u become ur partner, taking up their habits and nuances. u behave and talk like them and dress similiar to them. sometimes annoyingly so. and us the single people change as well. we change to accomodate the new dynamics of the relationship we once had wit you because if we don't change and adapt, we get left behind (thats from Greys i think).

its interesting once u think about it. most people don't. most people have a life. and i'm not most people. lol. but yeah part and parcel of life i guess. well since i dun have anyone to share my life with, i choose instead to share my life with shopping!

this week i didn't go to Paddington. thank god. if i did i would have spent alot of money again. but instead i went to the WestEnd Markets and still manage to pick up some vintage finds. so *drumrolls* introducing my collection of stuff to add to my already bulging collection of stuff.

a cute hand mirror, apparently from an old lady estate sale. which means she's dead. which is kool. most vintage stuff are from dead ppl. i don't think its weird. its like inheriting ur great grandmas diamond ring or sumthing. just that in this case. i dun know the person lol. and a feather brooch which i assume came from another lil old lady. i think it great that i have in my posession the mirror. its so sweet and pretty. at least another generation will cherish it as much she had i would imagine.

on a side note: some chick said that my man satchel (the big folder bag thing, see pastpost) looked hot. so by default i look hot? lol :)

so that sums up my weekly tuesday post. really wanna oppt shop shopping. maybe Annerly or somewhere? any takers? lol till next time. see ya.

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