Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bad Kooky Bad....

the weekly post comes late today. well as if anyone cares but yeah its late. coz i had issue wit my internet connection (which i still have) and being distracted by books. more on that later but ok weekly recap. let see what did i do for the week besides umm stuff.... nothing much i guess. i dunno all i can remember about the past week is. rainbows and museums. which technically what it was all about. first up rainbows!!!

i forgot which day it was but i saw the most amazing rainbow. its was the most beautiful thing i've seen so far in my life. like so totally in awe at it. i almost let my meat burn on the stove. coz i was too busy snapping pictures. lol. it was like a complete rainbow, from one end to one end. like where it started and where in end. and after awhile there was a double rainbow. so magical. too bad i got no one to share it with. so i shared it on facebook lol.

well that made me think that the world is not so bad after all. i felt really happy seeing the rainbow. happy happy!! don't rainbows make u feel really happy? or at least feel good about urself?

well anyways. then the rest of the week happened. lol. i really can't remember much of what happened. like time and memories get abit hazy when u got nothign to do. its true. but i think friday i went out to Ipswich City. oh yes Ipswich. for those of you in the know, u know what i mean. went to the train museum and the art gallery. and i must say both were very good cultural institutions. but the city was very different from Brisbane city. it was more.... its just different la... dunno hwo t describe it. although i can say one thing. there were no freaking asians. none. ok. fine, there was maybe one out of 50 white ppl. very few lol.

anyho. its seems every week for the past weeks i have been buying something. ok fine somethingssss vintage or antique. well this week it came in the form of books. vintage books. the uni has a book fair that occurs once every 2 years. ONCE EVERY 2 YEARS GODDAMMIT!!! the Alumni Book Fair is a book lover's dream come true. i almost cummed in my pants. like most books go for just one dollar!!! JUST ONE DOLLAR!!!!!! like OMG LAAAAAAAAA can die or not. and they have such a good selection of books. wide range but u have to be focused.

like i mainly buy old botany and entomology texts. i'm starting a collection. i'm not gonna describe each and every book but mostly the books i bought were from the 1920s, 30s and 40s. there is one from 1890s i think. but nothing after 1960. i also picked books taht i though had interesting titles or looked good like this red velvet bound book. which looks so kool. and 2 Alice in Wonderland books. and some various trivia books. but my prized possesion is this. The Arabian Nights Entertainment printed in 1885.

the Arabian Nights Entertainment is also known as 1001 Arabian Nights. its where u get Sindbad and Aladdin. as told by Sheriazade(?) to the Sultan. u know taht book? the collection of stories? u know u know? yunho?

yeah u wish it was this u-know rite? fat chance!!!

anyhoooo... tomorrow which is wednesday is box day. where the books are really really cheap. i need to go and get more books!!! more books i tell you!!! its a very bad thing to do like spending moeny on all these books but the way i think of it is that by buying these books i actually can prolong their life. like really i'm sure these books will be thrown out eventually. so at least by me having them they can be enjoyed for a longer time? i could go on about soem cultural and intagible significance these books hold but i shan't... i'll leave that to my museum class lol.

anyways frens, countrymen, romans..... i shall leave thee here. coz i need to sleep early. too go to the book fair again lol.... taaaa...

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Ju said...

Oooh that's the rainbow! pretty!

And yes, Arabian Nights! Omg, I've wanted that book for a while now too... if i remember correctly, she told the prince stories every night to avoid being killed, lol. So good!