Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tell me why....

it all started last night and it hit me like a ton of bricks or rather more like being hit by a train. i suddenly came down with the flu. its jsut came all snot and mucus and stuff. it was terrible. dripping dripping dripping down my face. and the sneezing. and the general feeling of crap. i took a pill but to no avail. i dunno how i manage to go to sleep but i guess it was the piriton pill lol.


especially when ur all alone in a foreign land. and by urself with nobody to take care of you. oh the perils of my life :P and i woke up this morning feelign shittier than i did last night. great!!! and a looked like i was run over by a train. it was worse than having a hangover. how can rite? one of the tubes in my throat was bone dry and no amount of water drinking could reach it. and my head felt so full of fucking mucus that i sure it would explode in a gooey mess. after a few more pills and copious amounts of water later, we've reached this point. blasting Kylie's can't Get You Out Of My Head. the mucus that is. still stuffed but feeling slightly better.

but the qn i wanted to ask is.. does being sick make u eat more?

i've went thru, in no particular order:
  1. a slice of carrot cake wit icing
  2. a steak with grilled mushrooms and tomatoes
  3. 5 rice crispies
  4. a cup of yogurt
  5. a slice of banana & pineapple cake with cream
  6. beef soup wit frozen veges and noodles
  7. a plum
  8. a springroll
  9. coffee
  10. 2 cups of green tea
  11. a cup of chamomile tea
  12. a couple of squares of chocolate.
  13. lots of water
all within a span of 8 hours. that alot for me actually. i dunno why i ate so much. is it coz my body was fighting the flu? and it needed energy to fight fight fight? its amazing. i fear for my waistline. i haven't been doing any excercise coz i hurt my shoulder and the rain jsut fucks everything up and now the flu. dammit.

its like life is soooo opposed to me excercising. it always happens. when i want to run or do some workout. i will get sick or injure myself or be suddenly finding myself really busy. is it really life thats against me trying to keep fit? or is it just my mind that subconciously against it and manifesting in terms of sickness but i'm not acually sick. ahah. but this time i am really sick. and the rain is really beyond my control. so i guess this time i would have to go wit the universe that is against me doing anything that would keep me fit.

oh the throat is hurting again.

but i hunger. i hunger godammit. i am not full!!!!!!! this is a very strange blog post. truly it is. its the flu talking i guess and the medication. ok i shall be off. and go find soem food.

*food monsters stomps off*


Noise said...

You are sick yet you still take junk food!!!!!

Hey, take care! drink more H2O...

kOoKy pLuM said...

lol thanks i will.

but i can't help it thats all i have at home lol XD

ivanny said...

get well soon. i think i cant agree more with u than the fact that everything works against u wen u finally decide to exercise. the exact same thing for me lah. LOL... i share ur sentiments. finally someone understands that these are all not excuses. wahahaha

Anonymous said...

i like how you ate one plum kims

my inaugural visit to your blog in 2009!

with baby!

Teaser said...

Get well soon!

kOoKy pLuM said...

lol i had to have my daily serving of fruit! hallo bebe!

and feeling much better thanks all!!