Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Rain toooo Much Rain....

its been rainy here in Brissy.... its been raining for a week or so, i think maybe more... everyday.... like its just raining... too much way too much... i mean rain is good dun get me wrong...

good kind of Rain =P

but its just waaaay too much rain... its just damp and bogged down... and muddy...and wet... and rain makes me all kinds of hungry! not good... although its really good for sleeping. but.BUT i've been taking so many naps and sleep for so many hours that its screwing up my body clock. ok i lie. its not but i've been sleeping to much. waaaay to much. i can't even do that much laundry coz everything is gonna smell kinda damp. bleargh. is this how living in London is like?

the rainy weather is conducive for thinking. and i've been thinking alot as i often am prone to do. and had many an ahah! moment. you know the moments where u go ahah! and a little lightbulb lights up in ur head. well yeah i had a few of those.

but i guess what i've been thinking about most is the way i react to certain topics taht are sorta sensitive to me. yeah that. i know whenever it/they come up i totally get myself into a corner and shoot myself with a shotgun. its not good and always makes it weird and there is sort of always an awkward silence. and i get slightly upset about it. gotta change that. i have to be more concious about it. i know i'm worth it and i'm fine and all that but maybe i need support? encouragement? hah even maybe pity? maybe i just need some love =(

see what i'm doing? lol aaaaarrrrggghhhh.... need to change, need to change... slowly but surely. haiz. have to change! nobody wants a low self esteem, self depreciating whiner. even if i'm not thats what people see and its not good not good.


in the spirit of good vibes, i did some retail therapy. at my favourite shopping place as of now lol. Paddington! whoop dee doo. actually i just like a few of the shops there coz they have a good range of vintage and 2nd hand shops there. all conviniently place along one street. and i only have 3 months left here!! lol. so recent purchases!

top row: blue/grey vintage shorts and i mean shorts. lol. the pocket detail that i really liked.
bottom row: plain red checkered shirt (smells musty, needs to be washed). and the best one of all, mint condition vinyl mens zori for only $5!!!! yeah bebe.

anyways i'm loving Paddington and vintage/thrift store shopping. u spend very little and u get alot of stuff. like feels very good. lol. and its nice stuff. unlike singapore which always wants new new new. sometimes old can be good too. thus the lack of affordable vintage shops in SG. its just too way over priced sometimes.

anyways that ends my week tuesday blog post. its beggining to sound like a week column. oh how Carrie Bradshaw of me lol. i should blog more. till next time! sees ya.

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