Monday, April 13, 2009

La Petit Mort

well its monday today. and tuesdays weekly blog post has moved to...well... monday... coz today is Easter Monday and i have no class and its a public holiday. whooppppeeee!! as if that mattered to me :P

oh guess wat my dear reader, its raining again in brissy. NO SHITTE. i woke up today to the gentle pitter patter of raindrops on my face. yes the window was open and yes it was raining that heavily. its been raining ever since with the same intensity for 2 hours now. i wonder if somewhere in the suburbs some man named Noah is building an ark. dammit. i can't get on the ark. u have to go 2 by 2 u know. blah. singledom.

oh gosh i need chocolate. its Easter!

strange purple building in the gabba + papa alden

ok so i'm back from a chocolate break. the rain is making like i said before many kinds of hungry and its also making me sleep like Sleeping Beauty. srsrly i could go on sleeping for 12hr straight coz its so nice just to cuddle in bed in the cool cool night and morning under the doona. although it would be better if there was someone there to cuddle with but i have to make do wit wat i have. lol. terrible this rain. can't get any work done.

i really should stop shopping, i should. but i can't help it. its just too good a bargain to pass up. especially when it comes to shopping at Paddy. i'm terrible. but in defense of myself and to validate my shopping, i have one thing to say. i didn't spend that much money. yeah i bought alot of things but it didn't exactly burned a great big hole in my wallet. so i shall have to restrain myself. just have too. but anyways this weeks buys from paddy!!

a man satchel for skool & another pair of vintage shorts zomg!

a leather belt & a faux fur scarf just coz i think its

and best buy!!! a leather wallet for 5 bucks!!! looks brand new and in good condition.

see so cheap rite? i love Paddington. love love love to death. i guess i should go to Paddy more and enjoy it while it lasts, since i only have around 3 months left an most prolly not coming back here for long time. yeah excuses excuses. but its Paddington!! oh my god. i'm in love.

so anyways i'm sure some of you are wondering wat does the title of my blog post means. well. go google it. but i know some of you are such lazy buggers so i'll give u a wiki link. i won't ruin the suprise for you. CLICK HERE. i love it how the french come out with such expressions. like menage a trois or c'est la vie. or even carpe diem. oh wait. thats latin. but ah the french so romantic & poetic.

as much as the rain is good for sleeping and stuff like that. my nose gets runny everytime the weather gets cold. ok not just the normal cold. its the rainy wet kinda cold. that terrible isn't it. there isn't anything pressing to blog or anything interesting to say. its been laa dee daa so far and lazy coz of the rain. i need me some action. lol

till next time. see ya!

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