Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Thinking Out Loud

I've thinking. oh yeah i always do alot of thinking. but soemtiems i like to blog about wat i'm thinking. ok nvm after thinking (hahha) the previous sentence doesn't really make sense. why? well i could explain to you the logic behind why it does not makes sense but then thats not the reason for this post.

the reason for this post is that i have realised and made some self discovery. i see the light. cue organ music and angelic harps.....

i realised... i'm not hot or cute or attractive. i'm jsut average. i'm grateful that i'm not... well lets just say i'm thankful i have all my body parts and they are all in the right place.

The beautiful thing about me. (ahem time to get abit egoistical here) the beauty of me is not my face or my body or my stunning charisma. the beauty of me is my mind. my brain. i dunno currently if that is a good thing or not. but thats wat is beautiful about me. Christina Aguilera and Tyra Banks must be proud. if u don't get it. den nvm.

i know i will nvr get noticed for my looks. come on. i'm sure all of you are like nodding in agreement in ur lil heads. hahaha. but then how will ppl like get to know me. i mean ppl talk to me to like me rite? so based on that assumption, alot of u are missing out on alot. hahaha.

ppl always see. they like a certain person coz of how they look and go after that person rite? so if that is the prevalent status quo den where do i fit in? u have to talk to me to get to know me and like me. but by that time, i'm JUST A FREN to you. rite. so there goes the relationship potential out the window. bye bye.

its all very confusing. i dunno why i blogged this. maybe jsut to show how emotionally unstable and a crackhead i am. actually.... ok nvm... maybe i'm just bored on a weds afternoon, waiting for the time for me to get ready to go to work. just regard this post as thinking out loud.
blah :P

Awesome Song

Rebecca - Maafkan Aku Mencintai Kekasihmu (Forgive Me For Loving Your Lover)

Gosh... i LOVE this song..... the title means "Forgive Me For Loving Your Lover"... its bout a fren asking for forgiveness from her fren for scandal-ing wit her frens bf... watch the video and u kinda get the story...
Did i say that i luv luv this song.....Especially the intro part which is my fav part... toy box/dancing ballerina/twinkly music box type thing... stunning...

Ok apparently its some Indonesian singer... i dunno maybe not so famous... She called Rebecca... ans she's quite hot too.. gives me that Rory Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) look... maybe its her jawline.. i dunno.... but anyways enjoy the song...

Sidenote: I wonder how many of you actually let the song load? maybe none... just wondering....Let it Load For gods sake! its a nice song!

Side Sidenote: For the past one hour i've been listening to song OVER and OVER again... thats how much i love this song... For now at least.. song of the moment... anybody got the mp3?

Monday, October 29, 2007

People Ignoring You On Msn Theory

ok this is has not become a proven scientific law thus its status as a theory.
i'm trying to figure out why people always ignore me on msn. is it just me? or maybe its happening to you too?

like u start a conversation on msn and den just midway thru the conversation just. stop. replying. like stop. so i'm left wondering wat happened to the person on the other side. did they die? or got eaten by a squirrel? like i dunno. no rhyme or reason just not reply.

first of all i'm not expecting a super fast reply but after 10 mins of waiting for a reply. its gets abit irritating and worrysome. i worry alot. and wonder why i do not get a reply back. maybe you computer is "hanged" den one couldn't reply can they and state the reason. maybe.

and also i can't just be talking to myself. like i could be typing sentence after sentence and yet no reply. no point going on msn just to talk to myself.

oh the best thing is sometimes ppl jsut go offline just like that. ur left waiting and waiting and they jsut go offline.

the least one could do is like tell me u have something to do or u can't really talk to me coz ur busy or there is a show going on that u would like to watch or even if u need to go hang urself from the ceiling. i would really understand. i would.

so please do not leave ppl, me in particular, hanging and waiting just like that. its a little bit irritating.

and this is sooooo gonna ruffle a few people's feathers but just stating my opinion. hope u (whoever you are) understand like how i understand ur subconcious need to leave ppl wondering and hanging in msn.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Time Dilation Law

I'm back. and i have decided to rise from the muck and mud to blog again. aren't you happy? i'm sure some of you are jumping up and down and planning for a parade. umm yay!?

anyways i have been away for yonk years hor? well there is nothing to blog about. or rather there is nothing that i would want to put on my blog. would you like to read about wat type bread i ate or wether i brush my teeth from right to left. well... one or two of you might but majority wouldn't. remember majority always win hor. well i have been thinking alot about the world and myself. and yes i know i laways think. thats just who i am. maybe i was meant to be a philosopher. but anyways i'm here to intro a new...ok not exactly new.. it has been in existance since the beggining of time so here it is......


The Time Dialtion Law states: Whenever 2 or more people plan to meet up the very essence of time tends to get stretched or in other words. Dilated.

in laymans terms. people tend to be late wen they want to met up.

this is an interesting phenomenon that occurs everyday. but it occurs more wen there is a leisure meeting of frens compared to a work related one. also wen there is more than 2 people meeting the "time dilation" is worse.

for example; i plan to meet a certain person at 2pm. i will reach at 2pm but the other person will reach at like 4pm. (this is jsut an example. do not take it to heart.)

interesting no? how time get stretched? its fascinating. i should be nominated for a Nobel Prize for Physics.

of course being late is ok. like 10-15 mins late is ok. but making people wait for an hour is abit too much. i'm just saying coz i hate waiting.

so thus the creation of this law. so if u know u are going to be late please invoke this law. and people will know taht u will be super uber late. like for example.

Me: eh wat time u wanna meet?
You: meet at 3 lah. are u invoking the Time Dilation Law?
Me: Umm... ok yes i'm invoking the T.D Law....
You: Ok i'll take my time den.

See? like the other party will know that u are gonna be super uber late. and he/she/they will not be so angry at you wen u come really late. coz u have been fore warned! so feel free to use this law.

Note: the Time Dilation Law can only be used for times wen u are really really late. If ur like 5-10 mins late. just say ur late. Invoking the Time Dilation Law is only for wen u are SUPER UBER LATE! remember.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hiatus... Still Ongoing

Its been a long time since i blogged. why? cause the spirit of blogging has left me. and there is nothing to blog about. oh well hiatus will continue till such time that i feel like ber-logging again

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

MAAD October

maad maad
Market of Artist And Designers
come and visit MAAD this weekend
6th & 7th Oct 11am-7pm
The RedDot Design Museum
Tanjong Pagar Near Maxwell