Monday, October 29, 2007

People Ignoring You On Msn Theory

ok this is has not become a proven scientific law thus its status as a theory.
i'm trying to figure out why people always ignore me on msn. is it just me? or maybe its happening to you too?

like u start a conversation on msn and den just midway thru the conversation just. stop. replying. like stop. so i'm left wondering wat happened to the person on the other side. did they die? or got eaten by a squirrel? like i dunno. no rhyme or reason just not reply.

first of all i'm not expecting a super fast reply but after 10 mins of waiting for a reply. its gets abit irritating and worrysome. i worry alot. and wonder why i do not get a reply back. maybe you computer is "hanged" den one couldn't reply can they and state the reason. maybe.

and also i can't just be talking to myself. like i could be typing sentence after sentence and yet no reply. no point going on msn just to talk to myself.

oh the best thing is sometimes ppl jsut go offline just like that. ur left waiting and waiting and they jsut go offline.

the least one could do is like tell me u have something to do or u can't really talk to me coz ur busy or there is a show going on that u would like to watch or even if u need to go hang urself from the ceiling. i would really understand. i would.

so please do not leave ppl, me in particular, hanging and waiting just like that. its a little bit irritating.

and this is sooooo gonna ruffle a few people's feathers but just stating my opinion. hope u (whoever you are) understand like how i understand ur subconcious need to leave ppl wondering and hanging in msn.

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Kevin said...

That happens to me too! I also get blocked for no reason whatsoever. I think some people just get bored or have too many people to talk to and don't want to get bombarded by a bunch of people and block some, but forget to unblock. Who knows, it's a mystery to me as well.