Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Thinking Out Loud

I've thinking. oh yeah i always do alot of thinking. but soemtiems i like to blog about wat i'm thinking. ok nvm after thinking (hahha) the previous sentence doesn't really make sense. why? well i could explain to you the logic behind why it does not makes sense but then thats not the reason for this post.

the reason for this post is that i have realised and made some self discovery. i see the light. cue organ music and angelic harps.....

i realised... i'm not hot or cute or attractive. i'm jsut average. i'm grateful that i'm not... well lets just say i'm thankful i have all my body parts and they are all in the right place.

The beautiful thing about me. (ahem time to get abit egoistical here) the beauty of me is not my face or my body or my stunning charisma. the beauty of me is my mind. my brain. i dunno currently if that is a good thing or not. but thats wat is beautiful about me. Christina Aguilera and Tyra Banks must be proud. if u don't get it. den nvm.

i know i will nvr get noticed for my looks. come on. i'm sure all of you are like nodding in agreement in ur lil heads. hahaha. but then how will ppl like get to know me. i mean ppl talk to me to like me rite? so based on that assumption, alot of u are missing out on alot. hahaha.

ppl always see. they like a certain person coz of how they look and go after that person rite? so if that is the prevalent status quo den where do i fit in? u have to talk to me to get to know me and like me. but by that time, i'm JUST A FREN to you. rite. so there goes the relationship potential out the window. bye bye.

its all very confusing. i dunno why i blogged this. maybe jsut to show how emotionally unstable and a crackhead i am. actually.... ok nvm... maybe i'm just bored on a weds afternoon, waiting for the time for me to get ready to go to work. just regard this post as thinking out loud.
blah :P

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