Saturday, November 03, 2007

Between 2 Worlds

So today 2 very different events were happening. First was Singapore Regatta 07 & secondly was November MaAd. these events were both as different as night and day like seriously u could see and feel the difference. ok u can't really see or feel coz u weren't there but u get wat i mean.

Singapore Regatta 07.
Not gonna blog about it much coz the blogosphere will be rife with ppl blogging about Regatta. how they lost, how they didn't row fast enuff. blah blah. so anyways.....
first of all i had to wake up early early to go and catch my fren whose race was supposed to start at 9.30. but u know things draaaaag and his particular race started at 10 ish. fine by me except for the fact taht it was super duper hot. like seriously the heat was like erm... hot. if he wasn't rowing i wouldn't be there i think.
Also the throngs of bronzed hunks and babes walking around in their tight tight singlets and short shorts didn't help either. i feel so small/inferior and ugly.not a good feeling i tell ya.
but i was amazed at the team spirit and energy of the whole thing. like wow! the energy and discipline of it all. amazed.
but somehow i felt kinda uncomfortable being there. it wasn't just coz of the inferiority complex but also i felt like this atheletic stuff wasn't me. like it felt kinda wrong being there. i didn't belong. i dunno felt weird.

So.... i said my goodbyes to fren... who was to busy (i hate that word) to entertain me... coz gotta concentrate on rowing and team spirit things.... so anyways... i ran to the place where i belonged...


This month i didn't set up a stall there. i decided i need a break. so no stall for KookyPlum. but no stall means more time to chit chat wit my MaaD frens. so i spent the afternoon like talking to ppl. i guess time well spent. made a few more new frens. i heart heart MaaD. Felt like home. hahaha. and got aircon hahaha.

So anyways i guess now i know where i belong. not among the pretty ppl but among the creative ppl.

Ok so i leave you tonight with Alanis Morissette - Ironic
Why? Coz i'm slightly pissed (ok wait i'm like always slightly pissed) but anyways...
i realised this most ironic of ironies. like on the day i DONOT hav a stall at MAAD... everyone of the people i usually hang out wit is not free. Like work la, study la, tired la.... so i was like left alone. wat an irony... enjoy....

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