Saturday, November 17, 2007

All I Do Is Work And Laze Around In Bed...

today is sat. the weekend is here. how fun! NOT!

today i worked till 3pm. went to shop for a prezzie for my nephew and went to GrandAunt's house. well by the time i got there the cake was already cut and all the hoo hah was over and done with. haiz.

so went back home and i decided to clean my room up. coz my room is in a uber mess and i need to clean it up coz apparently thigns get lost in the mess. i lost my gold and silver markers. i know they are in there somewhere but i dunno where. thats why i have to clean up my room.

so i got back how changed and guess wat i did? i lazed around in bed and fell asleep! WOW! and wen i woke up an hour later. i LAZED around somemore and stared at the ceiling and my pillow for 2 freaking hours! i know! i amaze even myself.

so den i got thirsty and went to get myself a drink and ate a few grapes. and..... wait for it........ wait for it..... went back to ROLL around my bed some more. and den that brings me to here.... blogging....

serious i am that pathetic. imagine staring at the ceiling for 2 hrs. how can my life get that pathetic? i have no mood for anything. i've given up asking ppl to go out. coz i know very well wat the answer is. i've given up. on life. there is just no point. (just a side note. No i will not kill myself. thats just stupid.)

my life this past week has centered around my bed. wen i come back from work i laze around on my bed. even wen i do my art i do it on my bed. i like to roll around on my bed and fall asleep out of the sheer boredom. gosh i love my bed. my room is in a mess. who the hey cares. mom nags but thats about it. i can't be bothered. at least i still bathe. i have to observe some amount of public decency.

but then again i might just be lazy to do even that. give me a few more weeks we'll see how it goes.

Lets see the agenda for tomorrow would be wake up at 12noon or later. eat. laze around in bed for a few hours and draw or do wateva in bed. maybe i might jsut take a nap. watch tv. eat dinner and laze around in bed again. go online and talk to nobody. maybe blog and sleep.

wow i love my life alot really i do. AS IF....

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