Sunday, November 04, 2007

Not Gonna Happen

So it seems i will be blogging alot more these few weeks. for the very reason THERE IS NOTHING TO DO... ok there are things to do. ok today i spent the whole day or rather the whole aftertoon sewing my plush toy. which i must say, i am quite plesed wit the end result.

but other than that was just eating and and watching tv. my version of busy.

like everybody is busy. even on msn.... refer to my theory a few posts down. i dunno why i'm not busy. i work yes. but i don't take my work home. if i did den the police would catch me. so wen i reach home basically i'm free as a bird. also i don't work much so the amount of time i spent not working outweighs the time i spend working.

so u see i much free time. much. oodles and oodles of it. time which i tot would be spent wit my frens. u know before i dissappear from their lives for ONE FREAKING YEAR. but i didn't factor in the part where would work or be super uber tired. of work and of me.

so here i am. a victim of my own mis-planning. its ok. i shall use this time that i have to like. do my other work and create new stuff for my lil' art shoppe. so i shall be busy. in my own way.

how very frustrating.... a seriously pointless post just coz i got nothing to do.

there are many things i wanna do. mainly watch movies. but u know usual la whole busy busy agenda.

like i really really wanna watch Stardust. which almost happened but didn't and now its almost happening again but its pending.
i also really really wanna watch Beowulf. which is based on an epic poem.
and i really really wanna watch the Golden Compass. which is some fantasy shitz.

a very big part of watching a movie is who is sitting next to you. like i wouldn't watch movies wit jsut anyone. strange eh. its jsut as important as the subject of the movie itself. very very important.

i dunno why i jsut said that but who cares. like anybody cares. like seriously. if u did care you would like place a comment. but no ones does. ok one or 2 ppl. they care.

so all this blabbering....
i don't think i will watch the movies anyways. like fate has always a cruel suprise up her sleeve. the thigns i want soooo badly usually do not happen but things i do not want happens all the time.
for example. i wanna watch the abovementioned movies. by some cruel twist of fate. i will not watch these movies. like seriously. and also like tomolo there will soooooo be a traffic jam wen i do not want there to be a traffic jam. but it happens. fate. oh and don't get me started on love.

so anyways enuff ranting. toodles

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