Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Theory.... Has Become Law

Just like my Law of Time Dilation, another thoery has officially been proved by me to become a Law of the universe unto itself.

Law Of Ignoring People On Msn.

this Law takes effect wen u want to irritate the hell out of me. U know just get me started on a really nice conversation and den just stop. Just mutha fucking stop. replying on msn.

evolved from Theory of People Ignoring You On Msn. this has the irritation factor of 100 million.

usually a msn conversation revolves around msgs being pased back and forth and only stops wen someones says he/she is logging off or he/she has to do work or his/her com is gonna be blown up. its only polite to say that not gonna reply or that u have work to do.

and pls use ur status properly if ur busy put busy if not den don't. i used to put a fake "busy" status but not anymore coz even if i don't have the status... ppl aren't really interested to talk to me anyways. i wonder why. must be coz i'm irritating.

but i nvr take a fucking half hour to reply on msn. thats just wrong.

if u got attacked by rabid bats while on ur com den i would understand but seriously ppl. ignoring ppl is just irritating....

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